The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae in Kona, Hawaii

Sun Myung Moon
March 20, 2007
Kona, Hawaii

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Mrs. Won-ju Mc Devitt reads messages from the spirit world:

1) Tertullian (c. 160 c. 225, African Church Father, a representative of Montanism) "I'd like to make a peace movement for humankind. It is urgent to practice Divine Principle in everyday life."

Thank you for the chance to participate in such emotional lectures and to express my impressions of it. In the stream of history there are many people who are born and die without knowing the purpose of life or much anything else. But those who are alive in the present time have the opportunity and circumstances to learn truth like this. What happy people they are! Many times I envied them. Divine Principle is the message from God. If it were not, it would not move people's hearts like this. All parts of Divine Principle are very moving and stimulating, but especially the theory of Give and Take Action. The theory of Give and Take Action is a universal Principle that can be applied to all beings in common. I think if all humankind live by this theory, there would be no conflict, friction nor struggles in society.
This theory has no mistake and is very detailed and systematic, which makes me admire it. If we are armed with the theory of Give and Take Action, I'm sure that we will have remarkable success in gaining the salvation of humankind. I just regret the fact that they couldn't have known this Divine Principle. Also it is very regretful that Reverend Moon, who discovered this Principle, is very old. Who would disagree with Divine Principle? If there were such a person, s/he would proof him/herself to have no feeling and be very foolish. How could this truth emerge from a human brain? If I could return to earth, there is a thing I want to do by all means. I'd like to actively pursue a peace movement campaign on the basis of this truth. Only the theory of Give and Take Action explains God's love for humankind exactly. Hell would naturally disappear if Divine Principle were applied to the lives of all the humankind. There is not enough time for me to share my impression, so I can't say everything I want to. Reverend Moon, who is on the earth, came as True Parents of Heaven and earth! This fact is worthy of our eternal celebration. How we are blessed now that the way of human salvation is opened widely! I think that if we spread Divine Principle from the earth to the cosmic then the unification of earth and spirit world will take place. I will make my best effort to spread Divine Principle as I wish that the day will come as soon as possible. Today, people on earth must realize the existence of spirit world by throwing away old concepts and researching God's providence rightly. There are many religious sects, even though God is One. Is it God's will? I think the true believer is the one who understands the focus of God's providence and follows it. The nation of God is not far off. The place humankind must settle at last is only one place. It is God's will that humankind live with God in his house, our eternal residence. If so, we must think over where and how we are now standing. True Parents of humankind! How hard you have worked to restore us! You had such difficult times. We pray for all humankind to have one direction of life centering on Divine Principle.
Tertullian --2001. 9. 19--

Benedict (c. 480 c. 550, the patriarch of western monasticism)

"Even as I accept that Divine Principle is truth, I couldn't have a heartistic experience of it." I think that Divine Principle shows us the original direction of life. There may be no theology from the Middle Ages to present that traces the relationship between God and humankind as abstractly as Divine Principle. I cannot imagine how a human being can discover the real existence of God. But Divine Principle explains the existence of God systematically and logically. Also it explains that God is the Parents of humankind with clear logic. How amazing it is! All the logic in it is new and brilliant. It seems as if God's original will is to be found in Divine Principle. What more could we want to find? Many Christians here had a question about the Lord who came at the end of the Old Testament era (Jesus). Their question has to do with how one who was selected as Son of God could fall short in fulfilling the Messiah's task? How could God send a person who would not succeed in his responsibility? Some people left while hearing the answer to these questions. But almost everyone who heard the lecture until the end became humble. They know if you keep studying, you are sure to get the answer to your questions. There is so much in the Divine Principle. I'd like to study and analyze Divine Principle systematically. I have no doubt that the Divine Principle is the truth. It is very accurate and clear. It shows what humankind truly long to know. I first doubted the assertion that Reverend Moon is fulfilling the Second Advent, who came to complete the work of Jesus. But after I heard about Time Identity, the Providence of Restoration and Unification Thought, my doubt disappeared and I could understand the circumstances and heart of God and the course of each age very well. I cannot attend or believe Reverend Moon as True Parents from the bottom of heart yet. But at least I realize that it is natural that I will do so eventually. And I have concrete belief that Divine Principle and Unification Thought is truth that shows us the direction of salvation for humankind. I thank Reverend Moon for his hard effort to discover such truth. Still it is a fact that I cannot give my whole mind toward it, even though it is 100% logically correct. I ask myself the reason for this, and realize it is the persistence of myself and my arrogance.

Benedict--2001. 9. 23--

Father speaks:

So, did you understand? So far I never ordered you to do things you like. Here in Hawaii we have to open the Pacific Rim Era. Who will do it? People from other countries will not do it. Those present here should do it. You have to develop your environment, because all descendants of the Fall should start from the bottom of hell. You all have certain central goal in your lives, but you were just spending time whirling round and round in the "midway world", waiting for eternity for the time when you can rise to your original value. You were handing out somewhere in the midway position without any way for salvation, because you had no Parents who could teach you.

There is only one best way. It can be shown only by the person who was sent by Heaven. This person represents Korea, holds a name of a "Parent of the world", and overcomes the barrier between heavenly and earthly worlds. There is no second way. Can you become one with the standard of your mind? Can you persevere on this way even for 10 years, going over all mountains and crossing plains? How close did you become to the heavenly world, your destination? These things are the key, the measurement of your life of faith. You cannot be saved just because you know these things; you actually must walk this way. I'm also walking this way, do you understand what I'm taking about? In this world I was persecuted by both the USA and the Communist Party, so what? What Satan envies the most now is the Blessing! You should know how difficult the way of the Blessing is. If you think that this is a funny matter, you'll die.

You don't know how difficult it is in the spirit world. The environment there will not accept you; conditions in the spirit world are such that people living there will not be able to accept you. Every individual's position there is determined by the state of his or her heart. That's why conditions there may be not welcoming. Without going through the realm of 3 generations, you won't be able to go to Heaven. In this case you won't have an environment where you can always live with your grandparents, parents, your spouse and children, because level of heart of every person in your family will be different. We can liken the situation with a balloon. Whether it flies high or low depends on the amount of hydrogen you pumped into it.

All people there will have different color, and there will be no way for you to supplement your situation with something. Even God will not be able to do it. So you all have to follow Rev. Moon. It's a must-do thing for you. I gave instructions to bring into order all these big heads in the Communist Party. I won't let them alone. Until now they were mixing up with this world, but from now on we have to separate them. The word of the Principle is meant to open a way to life, but to actually do so, you have to fulfill your responsibility. You absolutely have to. You cannot change parents who gave birth to you, you cannot change your lineage by yourself.

People born in Satan's lineage have no relation whatsoever with the Heavenly world belonging to God's lineage. If you just come to Hawaii and spend few days with me, this neighborhood will not like us. Start preparing from the dawn, or even from the midnight. Be aboveboard and attend God. To do so you must be able to shine and maintain relationship with God, hold on to Him and never let Him go, even at midnight when lights go out and the world is shrouded in darkness. Only when there is electric current, lights will continuously shine. It's the same with you. Life of faith is something you do every day, round the clock. You never forget to breathe or stop breathing; you also never stop drinking water or receiving sunlight. If you do, you're going to have problems. Life is more precious than water, air, light or land. We die without water, without life or without air. If there is no substance you can eat in the spirit world, you're going to die. You won't be able to eat there; there will be nothing except for the earth.

Adam and Eve didn't know that their grief will last for millennia. They didn't understand what an awful thing would happen. If you misuse your genitals one day, you'll screw up millions of years. So, do you understand what a scary thing you're carrying around with you? Do you, young men and women folk, think that you can fulfill your intentions if you love each other the way you please? You'll end up like little birds completely tangled up in a spider's cobweb, with you eyes, nose, and mouth blocked, and your neck, arms and legs stuck, so that you won't be able to make a single step. That's what is going to happen. The more you try to move, the more stuck you will be.

You quarreled with your parents and family members every day, but God cannot dwell together with you in the world of fight. It's Satan who makes you fight; myriads of devils are attacking you every day. It's difficult for you to carry on by yourselves. Therefore you learn the Principle which teaches, what being Satan is, what road in the human world you should take, and how to stop Satan with true principles. I opened the way because my thinking is focused on Principle; I came to God and stood in the vanguard of people. Do you understand me? Whenever I come to Hawaii I want to live in the King Garden. Why is that? It's because now is the Kingship Era of Peaceful Civilization of the Pacific Rim! It's not kingdom, it's Kingship Era. There's no kingdom yet. I have to restore kingship and build kingdom.

I have only 7 years left. I should not rest to cross over the bridge. To get to the Promised Land I should either build a bridge, or take a boat, or helicopter. However not just anybody can pass over the bridge I have passed over. To do so you have to do what I have done. That's why you must know the Principle. Finally spirit world and physical world will disappear for the people who received Blessing. When I go to the spirit world I can do everything in 40 or even in 20-30 days. That's an amazing fact. Millions of people can revive and return back to life. So far there has been no nation on the earth, no God's fatherland or homeland. Even my country Korea is not actually mine. That's because the blood lineage which has been passed down through the ancestors of Korean people is different.

So, numerous peoples are all different from each other; they are different like 5 fingers on a hand. Without becoming one we cannot rule the universe. I have to go back; I'll go the day after tomorrow. I wanted to go to America, but Heaven doesn't want it. I feel most convenient in Cheon Jeong Palace. Now no one in this complicated world has a weapon against me. I'm not a person who stays for a while and then disappears. I achieved this through my own efforts. So, do you think you can follow my words when you like them, and discard them when you dislike them? Of course, that's possible because every man has freedom, but the way to Heaven which was open to every one before the Fall, became reversed after the Fall. I may talk about this for a long time, but I didn't gather you here today for this purpose. Why did I call you to Hawaii? Not just because of the rally.

Whether you came or not, I would have held the rally event with 10 persons in attendance. That would be much easier. Why make it complicated? We are close to the universal destination, to the final rally. We organize rallies in an instant. One week or 8 days was enough for us to make this event. In the world they wouldn't have make it happen even in 8 or 10 years. But we have program or model of official meetings, so once we start we go up at a 90 degree angle. When you cry, worry, have sleepless nights like you did this time, your spirit grows. The more time you invest, the brighter your inner light shines. It becomes like a fluorescent lamp. That's correct comparison.

So, people who neglect official rallies! You all know what fluorescent lamp is, right? The higher voltage you connect to it, the brighter it shines. If you look at it, you will know (Bird chirping is heard.) There are really many birds here. We can hear their voices. Mother: Isn't it nice? It's nice to hear birds chirping. Even birds like morning, so do the people from the Unification Church: they wake up, greet the sun, see the light of new life and enjoy sunshine, air, and water. You drink the air which you can really like. Chang-shik Yang, when are you going? - After you finish. Why, it actually doesn't matter whether we leave or not! Wouldn't it be great if you could follow Parents around? Huh? When I had something to do in this world, I was taking you around with me, but now I have no business that would require me to take you with me. Now it is like this. We have crossed over the ridge. It's the Era of Pacific Rim Civilization's Realm.

I proclaimed this. The perfect peace is coming, but you are not owners of it. To become new owners you have to gather around me, reconstruct people, and give them new birth. If you are not making efforts in this direction, there's no point for you to come here. Only if you invest your utmost sincerity, as well as all things that you have, all things you like and treasure, only if you follow God's example of self-investment, you can be owners here. Only then your work on the earth will be worthwhile and will bring result. If you keep your present unseemly lifestyle, if you live just the way you please without any relation to me, nothing will remain after you. You don't understand why I told you to hold this rally, but the background behind this event is tremendous, so the question is how much devotion you showed to organize it.

If you just came here to have some fun, even your ancestors in the spirit world will be in trouble. Even in the secular world, each company has its rules which employees are supposed to follow. If you act the way it's most convenient for you, viewing these rules from your own position, then you'll become an enemy to the company. Such a person will become Satan's number-one weapon. So when I call you to go somewhere on official trip, it's a fearful thing.

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