The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

European people didn't know about bloodline

Sun Myung Moon
March 18, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Kona, Hawaii

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han December 2011

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Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt reads messages from the spirit world.

Confession by Judas

"The Teaching of Jesus is that the Lord at the Second Coming is True Parents of humankind."

It is unbelievable that Judas was allowed to make a confession. In fact, however, he was allowed to do so because Jesus and other brothers gathered together here in spirit world when Jesus joined in the seminar on the Unification Principle. He loved his disciples even more than he did on the earth. Such grace of Jesus is indescribable.

Today, in particular, Jesus asked us 12 disciples to gather together and take part in the education program, the seminar on Unification teachings. The long-term schedule of the seminar was hard for us, but we were truly well educated just as we were taught by Jesus. Listening to the detailed and enthusiastic lectures, our minds were awakened.

Through multiple themes in the lectures presented under the main title, "God is Parent of Humankind," we came to realize an enormous but concrete truth. Those lecturers explain the essence of human life, as if wanting to clarify each point in the textbook of human life. With so much touching material with which we are unacquainted, we are going through many changes every day.

In particular, Jesus took in the entirety of the lectures with serious attention, and so we also strongly endeavored to sit straight the entire time. An appearance of such efforts could be plainly seen. In the middle of the lecture on the Messiah, Jesus cried so much and we also loudly wailed, and the lecturer also cried while giving his lecture. As soon as the lecture on the Messiah came to an end, Jesus stood up and called us twelve disciples together and exchanged friendly talk with us, reflecting Jesus' love toward his disciples in the past. And before giving us his conclusive remarks at the end, Jesus made us pledge as follows.

First of all, Jesus asked us exactly the purpose of "the Advent and Second Coming of Messiah." Furthermore, Jesus asked us, "Will you believe and follow me?" ascertaining our faith. Lastly, Jesus said the following with a very emphatic tone of voice and with utmost seriousness: "I, Jesus, am resolved to attend the Messiah who has already descended on to the earth as my teacher. And I, Jesus, have formed a conjugal tie with one woman living on the earth, in front of the Lord at the Second Coming, that is, the Messiah. Now I will follow the true teacher who had revealed new truth. This is none other than the Messiah at the Second Coming, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Reverend Moon came as the Parents of humanity, so you must attend him as your Parents." After this, Jesus offered an intensely emotional prayer to God.

"Heavenly Father, I didn't even imagine that the mission of mine, Jesus, caused your heart to bemoan to such an extent. How deeply painful and sorrowful your heart would be when you had to restart your providence by sending another Messiah. And what a painstaking efforts of the Messiah, who had to reorganize that remorseful history! Now here, the twelve disciples and I, Jesus, have made determinations and pledges before God. We all determine and pledge that we will attend the Messiah working on the earth, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, as our eternal True Parent. Thus, I pray that God will bless our gathering here and God may be glorified."

Looking at this desperate prayer of Jesus, some disciples were choked with tears, and others cried stamping their feet or hitting their own bosoms. I also found myself crying, hitting myself on the head. We really created a sea of tears.

All of us knew that. We understood the suffering at the time of our Lord Jesus better than anyone else. We all knew well that in those times, Jesus was confronted with circumstances too difficult for Jesus himself alone to walk the way of the Lord. In this educational seminar, we came to know and realize more deeply the providential reasons the Messiah at the Second Coming should come to the world and the path that the Lord at the Second Coming would walk on the earth. We all are ready to follow the road of the True Teacher whom our Lord attends.

Now Judas made resolutions again and again not to become an unfaithful son, saying, "I would like to return to the true original self of Judas."

Judas -- 2001. 8. 27

Apostle Paul (d. c. A.D. 65, "Apostle of the Gentiles")

"I recognize the importance of human responsibility."

The Apostle Paul is the most blessed one. It's because Paul met Jesus and received his love, furthermore received the direction and mission from the Messiah, and finally listened to the new truth under the devoted love of God. Before seeing Jesus on the road to Damascus, the Apostle Paul kept firm faith in the traditional view of God. In fact, if I hadn't had the experience of seeing the resurrected Jesus, that way of my thinking would not have changed in the least. Faith is truly a mysterious and inexplicable thing. Just after seeing and experiencing the resurrected Jesus on my own, I finally could discard everything that I had theretofore believed. I gave up everything and I wrapped myself in the resurrected Jesus. Now after learning the Principle, I became even more confident that the Apostle Paul's traditional view of God was very mistaken.

We necessarily should have attended God, the resurrected Jesus and the Messiah. Whenever people frustrated God's Will, they prolonged the history of the Dispensation for Restoration, requiring a new central figure.

The Apostle Paul's ideas were very limited. Paul didn't realize the fact that while God's will is unchanging and eternal, if a central figure in the providence failed to fulfill his responsibility, then God's providence would be prolonged and another new central figure would be needed in order to fulfill that mission. In other words, I became well aware of the importance of human responsibility. I had just relied upon the omnipotence of God, not taking into consideration human responsibility. Small though the responsibility of each individual may seem in comparison to God's great will of predestination, that responsibility is of 100% significance to the individual. Therefore, that individual responsibility of 100% significance is of tremendous importance for God's providence, even though compared to God's will, each individual's responsibility is extremely small. Paul didn't even think of this fact.

The strict doctrine of predestination in modern Christianity is nothing other than a big mistake that stemmed from Paul's wrong ideas. Paul feels extremely sorry about this to True Parents, who clarified the Principle.

Another part of the Principle that so much impressed Paul was the theory of Give and Take Action. In fact, it is a too obvious truth that religious believers should love one another. Then, why couldn't we realize this simple truth, and chose instead to fill this world with struggle, strife, envy, and jealousy? Paul didn't know that the theory of Give and Take Action is an actual presence in the world. Paul knows that no normal person could possibly discover this theory. Then, how can Paul pay restitution for his mistaken ideas that influenced the whole field of Christianity? Can Paul redeem his mistakes if he continues to make effort and contributions to Christianity until the end?

True Parents! The partial ideas Paul planted into Christianity have acted as obstacles to the providence of the Messiah, haven't they? Now in spirit world I will never repeat my mistakes. I promise to study the Principle and lead Christian believers here in the right direction. I have been making thorough preparation for accomplishing my assigned mission.

Paul -- 9. 11. 2001

Father speaks

The dream of humankind was to have Parents come to this earth and live with them, attending them closely. Once such a person comes to the earth people should think of him as of the origin of everything and conclusion of everything. That is what Parents are. Why should Parents be like that? Children must necessarily be connected to Parents' lineage. Say it once, "lineage". (Lineage.)

[Father speaks in English:] European people didn't know about bloodline, how important it is.

They must know this. Otherwise they are foolish. Do they know about the lineage? If there is lineage, if there are parents and brothers and sisters, how can there be individualism or selfish freedom? You'll have problems once you go to the spirit world. You'll immediately get into trouble. When I discovered this truth, I felt this suffering. I had to feel everything that people experience in their lives. So human beings are to go to one place. I searched and searched and found that this place is only one. It is called Heavenly Kingdom, but what exactly is Heaven? This is our original homeland, where our original Parents live. Once we go there everything will be solved. Source of peace and happiness is found there. A person can talk big about liberation of personality only when he lives with the love of Parents. Without love liberation is impossible.

People from many countries have come. People from how many countries are here? (From 56 nations.) Where are these 56 nations going? Each country has its master, its president, and constitution which is considered absolute. People can even lose their lives if they violate the constitution. But from the viewpoint of the Unification Church these nations do not match Heavenly Constitution. When you listen to God's word, you come to understand that you must deny even your parents. There are false things everywhere. They were supposed to be like this, but everything got upside down. These twisted things must disappear for good. They don't have partners. Beings that don't have partners disappear automatically.

56 nations, it's a big number. You have gathered here as representatives of 56 nations, but what are you going to do? It would be good, if you could act as I'm telling you. Wouldn't it?

How can we dismantle the existing system? People were keeping national boundaries for millennia regarding each other as enemies, so do you think it is going to be easy for your 56 nations to abolish the borders?

Will the nations stand a person who tries to dismantle the borders, or will they try to expel or kill him? They will try to get rid of him. However they won't be able to do it, because God won't allow this to happen.

All beings know that there is a Being, which is a Source of everything, a King of all laws. People in the spirit world understand that God exists. Everything is resolved through God. Thinking of this we understand that we cannot do something, which He does not approve.

Would it be good or bad, if the man like Rev. Moon had not appeared? What do you answer? Would it be good? Then you're in a better position than God. In such an environment you need to deny everything first, starting from your parents, brothers and sister, your friends and the neighborhood. But finally we must impress them¡¦ How? How can we guide them and assimilate them? By force? Military power will not work. You cannot do it with the power of a nation either. Then with what power can you do it? With the power of love. Even if 65 or few thousands of nations unite their power, you can win them over to your side one by one, once you are connected to the power of love. What love should it be? What is true love? Who knows about true love? Does true love have 2 eyes or one? What color is true love? Is it black? Does it shine with yellow or white color?

People of each race think that their race is superior. That's the problem. We must know where God, the Master comes from. There is only one Master in this universe, not two. Do you understand God in this way? If He is the One who created the universe what abilities does He have? People cannot fathom this. You can simply say that the universe is hundreds of billions times greater than the Solar System.

There is an observatory in Hawaii with a telescope which is 5.3 meters long. Do you know how long it takes for light from some stars to reach the earth? According to the measurements of this observatory in some cases it takes 4.5-4.7 billion years.

Do you know how fast the light is? It travels 300 thousand kilometers per second, that's seven and half times bigger than the Earth's equator. Light travels this distance in 1 second, not in 1 minute.

So they calculated that in some cases light traveled to the Earth for 4.7 billion years. And they don't know – maybe there is light traveling for tens of billions of years. To measure this kind of things they will need to build a telescope that would be not 5.8 meters, but 58 meters long.

The universe is unlimited, there's no end to it. In astronomy they call the distance covered by light in one year, a light-year. And now, are we saying that human beings are the center of the universe?

Here, in Hawaii you have ebb and flow twice a day. It doesn't happen at random. Everything follows the law. Without following this law you will perish. Vast universe is hanging in the space and moving. And this movement has a purpose. It does not change every single moment. It doesn't change for thousands of years. Why did so many people gathered here in Hawaii, in King Garden? This place is packed. What did you come here for? If you think about it, it's a laughing matter.

Some people are glad to come here, some are not. Someone couldn't even have enough sleep and is dozing off somewhere in the corner. Someone says he came here to sleep. When you meet people you like you want to talk to them or sing and dance together. What about the people who don't like this? They finally die or get expelled. If you leave them the way they are they'll destroy your environment.

All sorts of people have lived throughout history, but what people were the best of all? Those who collected lots of money? Or those who possessed huge land? What kind of people were they? What people are happy people?

If you look closely, to become the master of oneself, you need to unite mind and body; there are no other concerns. There are "inner man" and "outer man" who are always fighting. Can there be happiness in the midst of struggle? These 2 persons live all the time together -- forehead to forehead, the question is, did they become one with each other. If 65 persons with their minds and bodies disunited gather together and claim that they became one, aren't they crazy? Or do you think they're normal? That's a riddle.

Don't your minds and bodies struggle? Why God so far could not make people the way He wanted them to be? God's mind and body don't struggle with one another. What shall the Master whose mind and body are not in conflict deal with the beings whose minds and bodies are constantly fighting? He can't fight. If He becomes like people who fight, then He and people will be split. Then the original essence will be dispersed. It will be split. Therefore there cannot be any unity or peace among humankind, unless we find the power to finish the fight between mind and body.

Now all these people in the spirit world recognize Rev. Moon as Messiah and the Lord at Second Advent; now they are saying they're grateful. They've heard lectures just few days ago and now they are testifying about me. How much closer they would have been to me, if they had known the truth thousands years ago! Did they suffer for my sake? They should have had a desire to cling to Rev. Moon, become one with him, and never part from him for eternity.

How big is your vessel? The water filling your cup is your enemy. You are limited, but you should stretch yourselves beyond any boundaries. Can the air from America and air from Korea kiss each other? Can polar bear, black bear and brown bear marry each other? You, white people, answer me! Are you saying that whites should marry to whites! If you go on like this you will all disappear.

Why are people fighting like this? White people think they are the best. But what do they have that makes them the best? What about you? Do you think you're the best? Black people think that black people are the most beautiful. History doesn't solve the problem of blacks and whites. Then what shall we do? We can solve it through marriages.

Who did you come here to meet? One yellow guy? Uh? Isn't Rev. Moon just a person? That's a riddle. Mind is like that. Once I leave Korea, it feels like Korea is empty. When I leave the United States, it seems that America becomes empty. Something strange happens, when Father is not there.

When a boy comes home from school and his beloved mother is not there, he feels that no one is at home even though his father and his aunt may be there. Why does he say, that no one is at home? Why does the scoundrel say this? No matter how hard he tried he couldn't find his mother, so for him no one is there. In this sense he is right.

Who wants to live with his, eyes, nose, mouth and ears plugged? Why all these things are stuck on our face? Because they are most precious. What is precious: eyes, nose, mouth, or forehead? When you wash up in the morning what do you start with: with your ears or with your eyes? Some people begin with washing eyes, and some with the nose. Some people who do sports take in some water with their nose and then spit it out through the mouth, so that water comes out even from their ears and eyes. Everything is connected. It's even better than morning exercises. Do you do this? Try to block your nose like this. Air is coming out from all wholes, from here and from here – even from ears and eyes. Do this as an exercise. That's the best exercise.

So, what did these people from 56 nations come here to do? Didn't you come here to make America and Hawaii better? I hope that you can make even the nature here better. Rev. Moon did not come here to tear this place apart. Rich people, or heads of states want to have America's money, but I was never like that. I never made a debt to America.

Shall I give you some lunch money before leaving? (Mother, didn't we prepare lunch for everyone here?) Anyway if I give money you will be even more happy. Chung-hwan Kwak, did you understand what I was talking about? Prepare necessary documents and start negotiations, so that America and United Nations could support the Pacific Rim. If they don't, I will start demonstrations. I will investigate all details. Now I have the media. So far, I kept silent, but the time has come and I must act. I am the king of media. I know everything about CIA and KGB.

When are you going back? (Tomorrow.) I need to take many photos while I'm here. We need family pictures, right? (Only Father's family will take pictures.) We will have something to remember. We'll take a boat, and then go to a ranch. They also say there is a waterfall here and a volcano. It would be great to do some sightseeing. 

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