The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Witnessing is engrafting

Sun Myung Moon
March 10, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Kona, Hawaii

Sun Myung Moon and Haj Ja Han June 2, 2011

Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt read Peace Message number 11.

Adam, the forefather of humankind has fallen, therefore in order to restore this I had to reveal all secrets of heaven and earth. The key points of this truth plaited together are the guidance showing to the world the way to go.

Second message was given by Mother. Second and third messages correspond to the way my family had to go. Fourth message lays out a model for all 193 member-nations of the UN to enter Abel-type UN, so that the God's Will can be realized in the world. When this happens the world will return to its original sinless form. Following the model that allows to enter such an age, nations can walk on the worldwide foundation made by Heaven, enter (Abel-type UN) and return to Heaven. It doesn't matter how great America is. The question is what place it will take in the Abel-type UN; whether or not 300 Million Americans can unite and how soon the US enters the UN. Every person must regard his calling and responsibility as very important. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Why is this word made like this? Who made it so?

(Father speaks in English)

You must know it clearly. People don't know who God is, what is heaven and why the earth is collapsing. I'm 88 now. The day is close when I leave this world, so I have to make an overall conclusion and make a final proclamation to the humankind. That is what I have done with the 10 Peace Messages. You have to memorize them. You won't go to Heaven without practicing them. Whether you are a Pope, or a US President, one day you lose all your perks. Die and you will see whether Rev. Moon was lying to you or not. It is a serious matter. Man, father committed the Fall; man and woman have fallen therefore the man could not supervise the woman. That is why all mothers, all women must be recreated as new sinless women. And this cannot happen until the perfect Father comes about. World peace cannot be achieved before that. The woman has fallen, so how can one believe women? They all are like filthy dogs, so disgraceful! You must know this. Free sex, homosexuality?

After I raised Mother, I had to have her become one with Adam. Now that she's united with me, she must step forward graft our sprouts to the world. You must know that witnessing is engrafting. Responsibility of religions is to bring fallen people to the Heavenly Kingdom as its citizens. Religious people were called to go the way of moral training and attend Heaven, that's their responsibility. To receive a calling means to be called by Heaven. Responsibility means that in the world which has not fallen, people go to Heaven naturally. Before the Fall there was neither religion, nor nations. Were there religions or nations? That would be the world where people relate to God as children to their Father, where the whole universe attends God as Father and all people are connected to each other with bonds of brotherly love. Heavenly Kingdom is the world where people are able to harvest the ideal fruit of the extended family. It's simple.

Well, let's go over to the second message. Mother is in charge of the second message. There is an important part in Mother's calling. These are important things regarding man, woman and children.

Whether it is Moon clan or the United States. What doctrine does America follow? They are Anglo-Saxon. How did America manage to assimilate various nationalities that's the question. There is a problem of blacks and whites, problem of free sex, problem of homosexuality. 32 of the American states recognize homosexuality. With the knowledge of the Principle we can wipe everything clean in a week. The Principle has the power greater that the power of nuclear or hydrogen bomb. The person who knows the truth will not fall, he will be like God, so he will not fail.

The world employed all kinds of trick to destroy Rev. Moon, but I didn't fail and am still standing tall. In the future I will also have to deal with Hawaii.

Do you understand what I'm saying? There's no perfection in ignorance.

(Father speaks in English)

You must know this. Those who are ignorant have to follow, have to obey, or otherwise have to perish. How are you going to win over Satan if you don't know anything about him?

(Father speaks in English)

Young folks also don't know how much I suffered. At the age of 16 I was a number-one person in the world in terms of prayer. You should know how serious I was. You should know me. You don't know me, do you? Rev. Moon was assisted by America and later came to America from the country that is more like a dependency for you to give you a warning. Now you can see it. If you listened to Rev. Moon even 15 years ago, you could understand that America cannot but perish, if it continues on its present path.

The UN also collapses. Do you know what's going to happen to the UN? You don't know this.

In ignorance there is no perfection and no God.

(Father speaks in English)

Many people eat a lot and become so fat, that they have to keep a diet. It is going to collapse. 20 million people die in Africa every year. 60 thousand die every day. Rev. Moon is fighting to save them.

Do you think you are going to be happy if only you eat well? You are kidding. God is in even more serious situation. Once you liberate Him, everything will be solved in an instant. Therefore you have so many questions. You cannot find answers without the Unification Principle.

Harvard, Yale -- our Hyung-jin also graduated from Harvard School of Divinity, but people are burying God. Are there many believers in those 8 universities of the Ivy League? They are on the very bottom. School proprietors engage themselves in free sex and do all sorts of things.

Youths are going back to collapsing Eden, but the time has come for things like that to disappear. Therefore you must know the Principle. You must love your country and bring your parents to the church even by force if necessary. You must feel resentful for the fact that you didn't know your grandparents.

This nation that had won victory in World War II has become like this in 61 years. Why? Because these people didn't know the significance of the World War II. At that time Rev. Moon has started on the way of persecution that lasted for 61 years. Now I have overcome everything and the time has come when I can guide the whole world from the highest position. America must also come to me now. Do you understand? Is there an English translation? Who is translating? Translation is not perfect.

I am teaching Mother about her responsibility. She has to do well in my stead.

(Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt reads Peace Message 2) 

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