The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Spirit world knows all details about you

Sun Myung Moon
March 10, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace prior to True Parents' departure

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt read messages from spirit world from Dr. Sang-hun Lee's book.


All these people in the spirit world know all details about each one of you, members of the Unification Church. Spirit world transcends time and space, so it actually doesn't take much time to change things. Now there are no more secrets on this Earth. Changes won't take centuries. World will change in a matter of hours or even minutes.

Our goal will not be fulfilled if you act the way you please. You only have to follow public way. Ten, twenty or even one hundred twenty spirits can come down to you to help you. When this happens, the place where you are, starts emanating the light. When plus and minus meet there's a flash of light, right? In the same way, where there is a truth, there is grace, so spirit world and physical word unite and the place of their union starts shining.

People from the spirit world want to come to the places covered with light. So your numerous ancestors come done to you and act in accord with you as one body. This is true, if though you may not believe in this. That's why I'm telling you this. I have to teach you before I die. But if you don't have a certain standard to reciprocate with these spirits, there grows a barrier between you and the spirit world. I must leave soon. I was supposed to leave but my departure got delayed. Actually it is a blessing for Korea. But if I leave Korea and go to other countries, it's a blessing for the world, for many people living in the world. Nature can be a great teacher for us. Some people worship nature, but don't just think they are idol-worshipers. There is a meaning behind this. In this way people learn to bow their head in front of something greater.


What do you call me? Peace King? Actually I don't like the word King? If you look at Chinese character King? It consists of 3 horizontal lines representing 3 stages: heaven, earth and human beings -- and 1 vertical line crossing them right in the center. It should tilt neither to the right, nor to the left. So people who don't go the straight way will not be able to stand in the presence of the king. Koreans should not be too proud of themselves, or think they are great. How can they be great if they made their country the way it is now. Don't expect to be treated well just becomes you are professors.


Peace Messages are a conclusion of everything. You have to ask yourself while reading them, is my conscience clear when I compare myself to what is written here? You must be like a crystal. Some Peace Ambassadors may think, we wish Rev. Moon treated us better. But should I treat you just for your abilities? Abilities are good if they can be used for some good purposes, so you have to take certain responsibility. Do something for public good. God also thinks this way. I am organizing all these rallies not because I have a lot of money. I need to teach miserable people. So those who teach must be humble, should teach with parental heart. The one who teaches should know the world of heart.


Good persons understand the spirit world without much explanation once they get there. They understand the world of culture. Korean word culture moonhwa is written with 2 Chinese characters moon means letter and hwa means change or transform. So the cultured word is actually a world transformed according to a letter or God's Word. Even the original name of Korean phonetic alphabet was Moon Min Jeong Eum, which literally means Corrects Sounds for the Instruction of People. There are billions sounds in this world created by God. The person able to understand God's voice can act on God's behalf. So the people who listen to correct sounds will not perish.


The universe has a round shape because it is formed by the rotating movement of horizontal and vertical axes. So, when there is a rotation there is no end to existence, there is harmony. Everything should return to its original source. When a person gets a hundred years old he loses his hair and teeth and becomes like an infant. Since we all originated from God we must come back to Him.


God is omniscient, omnipotent and absolute, but there is only one requisite that determines His goodness. If there was more than once such requisite would be a vagabond God, God without clear position. So what can be this requisite? His absolute knowledge or absolute power? What is God going to do with these things? What's the standard for defining something as good or bad? This is none other than true unchanging love. So the philosophy of Rev. Moon started from analyzing the structure of the universe from this perspective. You can check for yourselves, if it is true or not; whether God is dead or alive. Where is the source of love? It is a womb. The owner of a womb is woman, not a man. So, we can conclude that in history there must come the age of women. This is the age of return to the original state. It was a woman who committed mistake in the beginning, so woman should be corrected. Heaven is impossible without this. So the person qualified to open the door to woman's womb is a king.


After Peace Message 10 I have nothing more to give. I have revealed everything to fallen people.


It is not the nation that enables God to settle on the earth. God settles on earth through human mind that reaches unity with body.


People who were not able to experience true father-son relationships get scattered in the spirit world, split into groups according to everyone's spiritual level. They don't have partners there. Jesus never experienced family life, he was like an orphan. Confucius had bad wife, others. Buddha and Mohammed were married. So Jesus was most miserable.

The Ideal of Heavenly Kingdom is far from people. How can I build peace if even my mind and body are struggling? All the saints until now couldn't teach people how to put an end to this fight between mind and body. Even God cannot teach this. God cannot deal as He pleases with fallen people whose minds and bodies are struggling with each other. Until we find unity between mind and body there can't be any peace forever.

God could not achieve peace for millions of year not because He is stupid. He must realize the ideal of relationship. If God were able to build world peace alone, that world would be a dictatorship. Heavenly Kingdom has not yet been established. People don't know that the gate of heaven and hell are closed. Can you live in the spirit world not knowing that God is our Father? That's nonsense. Greatness of the Unification Church lies in the fact that it teaches clearly that God is the Father.


I can't forget those times when I was looking for God. I would just say, Abonim (Father) and cry like crazy. He is really a Father. I discovered that this is a true way, neither God nor Satan could deny this.


Mrs. Nan-yeong Moon, President of WFWP Korean continued to read messages from the spirit world and offered a closing prayer. 

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