The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Do Unification Church members believe or know about the spirit world?

Sun Myung Moon
March 10, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon February 8, 2011

Summary of Father's Words

The messages from the spirit world! Do the Unification Church members believe or know about the spirit world? You should know about the final destination to which you are heading. Otherwise you end up living your life recklessly. The same can be said about people's course in life.

The time has come to overcome the realm of time. The world will be transformed in a matter of minutes. Once the UN is established, I will officially announce a forty day mobilization for you all. I will see how well you follow these words during those forty days. The people who are here have lived their lives unrestrained. They led their lives recklessly thinking that their goals would be achieved whatever they did. But that is not the case; their goals do not come chasing after them.

People didn't know that God was a personal God. People were created by God but didn't know that they were a result of God's creation. That is why they led a very dull life and got blessed in a tedious way. You must be clear on what I teach you for it is my responsibility to teach you. If I don't you have to strongly ask me why I'm not teaching you these things. The spirit world is getting closer. The time during which I can teach you will pass.

All the people in the other world, whether they are Confucians or Buddhist, know all about the Unification Church. Those who do not are called stupid. If you are called stupid you should strive to learn. After you are learned you should become people who can be attended as teachers by people wherever you go in this world. Fallen people ran even lower than all of creation. You have to serve creation as if you were serving God. There was a reason that idol worship came about. If something is greater than yourself you bow your head in deference. In the animal world, the creatures that move about either submit, follow or are eaten by creatures that are larger than itself. Since they are placed in that kind of situation they do not need any explanation. The same can be said of the spirit world. The hierarchy there is clearly defined.

I am easily moved and impressed by the words of a three-year old. Founder of a religion are a sorry lot. They have to be affectionate. What would happen if you told someone who thought he was great that he was very loving? He would disparage you. They disparage anyone who they think is inferior than themselves.

Hoonminjeongeum, the proper sound taught to the people. How many different sounds are created in this universe created by God? God knows all those sounds. How many different sounds are there? There is no way to understand the sounds that God comprehends and makes Himself until someone teaches the people those sounds on behalf of God. The race that invented the Hoonminjeongeum shall not perish. They will never perish.

I was surprised when I went to South America. The fish in North America do not make any sounds but the fish in South America all make a distinct sound.

You have to always make the proper sound, the right sound, the right word. If there are three people there needs to be four directions: front, back, left, right. Without knowing this you cannot set your locations. The Unification Church should utter the proper sounds. The people of this world feast, dance and enjoy themselves. They meet people and do all sorts of things. What will the people who utter the proper sounds do? Where should they go? Should they go to hell or to heaven? They don't need a teacher. They are all teachers themselves. That is what I discovered. That is why I couldn't say this. You have to teach the people the proper sounds. You can do so with this language.

The Chinese characters for Cheon Jeong Gung (天正宮), consist of two () persons (), and a lid on the character ji () meaning 'to reside.' In the character gung () the character meaning 'hat' is placed above the character meaning 'law.' It can be a palace only if it is a place in which the laws of both worlds can peacefully reside. It should illuminate the world through two sets of laws. Doesn't your mind and body have two sets of laws? All the laws and principles of Heaven, Earth and Humankind can be found there. Why is the Chinese character gung () spelled that way? Why wasn't it spelled like the Chinese character an () meaning 'to be at ease'? This character has the word 'woman' ()underneath the character meaning 'hat.' Men would have objected. In the Chinese character an (), the women () are already sitting in that character. Without women, life cannot be connected.

What is the prerequisite? The concept 'bottom' must be designated before 'top' can begin. Can you deny that? Can you say that the concept 'top' emerged without the concept 'bottom'? 'Top' emerged as a prerequisite for 'bottom'. What was the cause or prerequisite for the universe to emerge? What is knowledge? Authority? Power? Competency? What was the prerequisite? What was the prerequisite for the absolute being of all things?

If there were many, the absolute being would have never found his place. He would have been a wanderer. There must be only one prerequisite. Was it absolute knowledge? Absolute power? Absolute authority? What was it? It was true love. Do you understand? The prerequisite for history to emerge was eternal, unchanging true love. Everlasting true love brings happiness. There is no grievances and no destruction. The starting point of Rev. Moon's philosophy began by the re-evaluation of the creation of universe centering on that logical conclusion that was reached. Do you understand? 

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