The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

True Parents must become one to solve the problems of Cain-Abel, the lineage and rights of ownership

Sun Myung Moon
March 8, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
heon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon circa 1970

Hoon Dok Hae this morning began at 4:30 to commemorate the "Day to declare and commemorate their completion: 4:42 a.m., January 8, 2007, at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace."

Summary of Father's Words

In order for me to confer the source of all the principles to Mother, the True Parents must become as one to pioneer a solution to the problems of Cain-Abel, the lineage and rights of ownership. The root base that we must seek can be found -- out of all the places in the world -- in Korea. From Korea, the first three chapters of the peace messages deals with what the True Parents must do.

The third chapter also talks about making the Mongolian people into a single lineage and to unite heaven and earth. The mother and father must restore the lineage, and bring an end to the course of restoring Cain and Abel. What this means is that the gates to the blessing for Cain and Abel must be opened wide for all people on earth and in the heavenly world. The True Parents should say "Mongolian peoples" and open the gates to the blessing. Then the gates to the blessing in the heavenly world and physical world will be wide open.

The True Parents were working on creating a point from which a nation could begin; a single point that could open up the fatherland for opening the gates to heaven and earth throughout the world. Chapter 4 was about this: There are 286 family clans in Korea. These clans must become one. True Parents must compete the blessing by June 13 by laying the platform of victory within that realm. You must bless the Mongolian peoples centering on the Father and the Mother.

The desire of religion was creating the standard of the nation that goes beyond five stages from the time of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. That is what the religious circles have done until now. Korea must perfect this in a standard nation and go beyond that standard to: first restore God and True Parents, then, restore the era of the children and finally restore everything that went to Satan.

One has to stand upright centering on God. All the human beings in heaven and earth create a foundation for God, True Father, True Mother and the True Children to be linked together. What was accomplished that allowed the 300 billion spirits in the spirit world to be blessed? The nations of the world and each of the 286 family clans in Korea laid a foundation, united with True Parents, expanded the blessing to the Mongolian people and offered the coronation of the kingship centering on God, the True Parents and the True Children.

Chapter 6; the helicopter must be connected to the realm of aviation technology. By doing so, we must recover the technology of the satanic world. The most representative is the space industry. This must be re-organized. The standard will be the helicopter aviation technology industrial complex we are making in Gimpo and Incheon. Through this we recover the number 5 and by recovering what we lost in the satanic world we should recover the number 6 and connect these two numbers.

Chapter 7 is about the world tour of three generations from my family to 120 nations in order to connect the foundations in Korea to all 120 nations centering on True Parents. It was laying the bridge connecting True Parents' foundation to the world. This came to an end on August 21. I gave the order for this tour to 120 nations with these words centering on the 1.2 million ambassadors for peace and after uniting America centering on Korea. There is no need for Christianity. You have to engraft them to the foundation I laid.

Jesus should have brought together 120 nations centering on Rome. I have to indemnify his failure to bring 120 nations. During the seventh tour it was decided to hold 1,200 and 13,000 rallies centering on the victorious Cain realm until April 17 which is Easter Sunday. It must be completed by then.

After the ministers are done speaking in the 7th and 8th tour, we will have the last two tours -- the 9th and 10th tour. The first six were to prevent the satanic world from opposing us, and to spread the message to the spirit world and physical world centering on God, and true lineage centering on True Father and True Mother. Since this was completed, in Chapter 7 we held a 30,000 rally representing 120 and 1.3 million. That's Chapter 7. The rally was held in Korea the providential center of the world.

Everything accomplished by the True Parents should be connected to the nations of the world. I had to take responsibility for each nation. In each city, borough, ward of those 120 nations we had to bring the religious circles under that banner. On that foundation we had to bring 12 times, 10 times that many people to connect the nations. After connecting 1,200 we must complete everything by April 17.

The providence centering on Korea began from Father, went on to Mother and in Chapter 3 went to the people with Mongolian birthmark. They were blessed and I recovered on a global level what was lost to the satanic world. Through that realm of victory centering on the Mongolian people, the kingship could be established in June. We still need to recover the world of creation even if we have a kingship, God, Adam, Eve and the children in place.

In Chapter 10, it talks about absolute sexual ethics. The Fall began from sex. Chapters 9 and 10 complement each other and deals with absolute sexual ethics. That is why I proclaimed the completion of the peace messages at Geomun Island. Geomun Island is a place for laying the foundations for Cain and Abel -- between nations, between a nation and religion, between politics and religious circles. Israel which is embroiled in religious conflict should have set the standard by ruling over 120 nations centering on Rome. Yet, it failed to create 12,000 locations for governing heaven and earth.

During the past two years -- actually 21 months -- I had to take care of this failure. As the True Parent I discovered the truth hidden on the earth. I attained victory on the individual level and found a True Mother and children whom I blessed. The Mongolian people are the fruit representing all humanity centering on Korea.

Chapter 4 is about the clans or tribes. 286 family clans of Korea should connect the world together on a worldwide foundation through the blessing centering on God, Adam and Eve, and the children. By doing so the gates to the ideal and restored realm can be opened. Once this is done, we are done re-organizing the organization.

Chapter 7 was delivered at the ambassadors for peace rally. Ambassadors for peace do not have rights of possession. Their blessing pertains to the time before the Fall -- before [Adam and Eve were] sixteen. They were not at the original level permitted to receive the blessing. With the end of this rally, there were 1.31 million. When we held the 1.2 million rally at KINTEX, 30,000 were ambassadors for peace.

That is why it is organized in that way. The True Parents were perfected and Cain was perfected. Because of this and because of the Mongolian people the satanic world could not oppose the construction of the palace. It could not oppose my endeavors for the Abel UN. Did I create the flag of the Abel UN or not? We must hurry. I have to create that flag before April 17 and create flags in each nation. Those who have that flag can be admitted into the Abel UN. That flag has to be made well. They should model a flag after their own country and distribute it. I have to settle everything by April 17.

Christianity should have created a nation centering on Rome. This should be done now through 120 nations, 1200 nations. There were indeed so many nations in history! Even if the warring clans are brought together as one, and the religious circles are united as one, the religious realm and political realm must be united as one. The political realm and religious realm must be brought together as one; 12,000 must be brought together as one by April 17. April 17 (March 1 on the lunar calendar) was the day I proclaimed the resurrection of substance.

Chapters 1, 2, 3 were about going beyond the boundaries of the blessing centering on True Parents. In Korea we completed the Holy Wine Ceremony for 40 million people. With Chapter 3 and 4 the people must become one. All 286 family clans must become one. Then, I could give the blessing worldwide because I went beyond the five stages: the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation.

I have to create a foundation for restoring through indemnity the border lines that were occupied by Satan. I'm trying to create a world centered on the UN. The struggle within the religious spheres, the struggle between God and Satan, was brought to an end centering on the 1,200 ministers. There were 12,000 in the spirit world and physical world. Multiply these two numbers together and you get 144,000. This was the first resurrection.

You should know that what I completed this time are written in the peace messages. You have to ask yourself whether you completed the things I said in Chapter 4. Through the head of your clan you should gather all the clan heads and bless them. Once the blessing for creating a lineage out of the Mongolian people of the world is done, there will no longer be a need for an election system. The Unification Church would have entered into an era of God's all-embracing, all-encompassing, full authority. You must understand that this is structured logically.

05:55 a.m.

Father prays.

Mrs. Wonju McDevitt reads the messages from the spirit world.

Father then asks has a couple sing. He also asks Rev. Pyung Rae Moon and Japanese sisters who completed the ocean workshop in Yeosu to sing "Boat Song."

07:30 a.m.

Rev. Sun Jo Hwang prays to conclude the morning Hoon Dok Hae. 

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