The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

The Fall Is related to sex

Sun Myung Moon
March 6, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 8, 2011

A farewell meeting for True Parents leaving Korea for Hawaii, USA, started at 5 a. m. on March 6 in Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. The farewell meeting combined with Hoon Dok Hae was attended by some 130 people including Hyung-jin nim, Lee Yeon-ah nim, Rev. Jung-hwan Kwak, Rev. Sun-jo Hwang, Rev. Yeong-ho Ha, Mrs. Hyo-nam Kim (Hoon Mo nim), senior church members, True Parents' relatives, 17 national messiahs, regional leaders and directors of affiliated organizations from Seoul area, staff of Family Federation headquarters, Rev. Sung-jae Wi – regional leader of Kwangju city, leaders and staff of Cheongshim Group.

True Father entered the Hoon Dok Hae hall accompanied by Hyung-jin nim's couple. Participants offered True Father a bow, after which he said that peace mission should be sent to USA. Father asked to read reports of religious leaders about the seminar on the Unification Principle in the spirit world recorded in Dr. Sang-hun Lee's messages – two reports representing each religious denomination.

Mr. Peter Kim read messages of Philipp Melanchthon and Erasmus of Rotterdam representing Christianity, Sato Naokata and Otsuka Daino representing Confucianism, Bai Po representing Buddhism, Al-Mahli and Al-Misaburi representing Islam, Uradis and Lange representing communist realm.

Father's Words

You must study these words carefully to be able to live with this content.

Human beings were created to be perfect, but went off the track. That's the Fall. It's related to sex.

All the world's treasures are not somewhere out there; they are all in your body. You must know how great the value of a human being is.

Do you understand everything we have just read? You and your beloved wife must unite under one blanket and create such a world.

A person is born with carnal desires; therefore he cannot overcome them by himself. They can be overcome, when one holds on to the Word.

It didn't just fall from some distant world, it's rooted in our life, but these roots were damaged.

Without roots you cannot be connected to Heaven. Had there been no Fall, people would have understood it naturally. Having learned the Principle you can know and feel all these things. Therefore no matter how complicated your path may be, you are going forward drawn by your mind. If you follow the way your mind likes, you'll be able to overcome everything. On the path that your mind absolutely likes, only God will be your guide, Satan cannot touch it or deal with it.

So, when you think about how difficult it is to overcome the desires of flesh, you realize that Satan's power is frightening. Even God could not deal with the world of that power, so He had to lead a life of a prisoner for millennia.

What is today's topic? "God's model for absoluteness, peace and the ideal is the family and global kingdom upholding absolute sexual morality." If you only build the model family it will expand automatically.

When a good season comes, women are the fastest to adapt themselves to the changing environment. They wear clothes of different colors according to the time of the year.

God is absolute and secure. Our topic is "Model of God's absoluteness, peace and ideal." That's where roots of God's absolute creation are.

I already conveyed all of Heaven's secrets. Probably collection of my speeches will reach 1000 volumes in the future.

Do you know what "the way of God's Will" is? It is a rugged way a person goes following his faith.

God's absoluteness, His peaceful nature, ideal nature are not functioning in worldly people.

Old Testament Age was a time of establishing a family, New Testament Age – time of establishing a nation, and Completed Testament Age is a time to establish the world. You cannot be all by yourself in the world of heart.

Blood produced as a result of an absolute sexual morality is father's and mother's blood, but it cannot be Satan's; it belongs to God.

People call me True Parent, Messiah, Savior, but they must also follow me.

The words I say are theoretical, but in fact I don't say them by myself; I say them in the process of my relationship with God, He and I like dual characteristics. So, when I keep quiet I hear His voice.

Will to receive love and will to give love are fundamental. Even infants have them, they want to receive love. When Shin-joon receives love he calls his elder sister, because he wants to receive love together with her.

Once you are married, you cannot change it. Two lineages become one, and you should know how scary it is when another lineage interferes with this union.

If you don't straighten the way of carnal desires, there won't be peace for eternity.

Depending on personality one of spouses may like spring, and another one may like summer. Upper and lower hemispheres always match each other and so do left and right spheres.

You have to listen to the voice of your mind. You won't find the right thing outside. Conscience is the standard.

Make fundamental solutions after listening to the voice of your mind. When praying you should enter the realm of resonance, but if you are dozing off you cannot do it. Once you enter the realm of resonance you'll be immediately caught up in a whirl.

Rev. Moon may look dull, but actually he is a keen person. Therefore I am very compassionate. The more younger siblings you have the more you share, so it's the same thing with me.

Where will you go without me? Go forward upholding this (Peace Messages).

We are talking about the model of God's absoluteness, peace and ideal. All three of these -- absoluteness, peace and ideal – have to go through this model. What is this model? It is sex.

Things of creation do not change. Granite, for example, doesn't change even after thousand years, but human mind changes. If you only want to receive or only want to give you cannot be eternal. People worry when they cannot receive money. But have you spent a sleepless night because you weren't able to give money?

Babies need love in order to grow. That's why I'm telling you to love children.

Now Unification Church members know everything I talk about, right? Once you learn my words by heart and practice them, result will surely come about. Just pray and invest your true heart.

The best teacher is your original mind.

Shin-joon nim came in, greeted True Parents and shared some cookies with the participants. Mr. Peter Kim read the remaining part of Peace Message 10 and offered a prayer.

On finishing Hoon Dok Hae True Father said, "Be healthy and happy until we meet again," and left the hall.

True Parents came to the VIP-lounge without even having breakfast. Shin-joon nim wearing sports shoes came before them. True Parents started walking first and Shin-joon nim thinking that they are leaving him shouted loudly, "Appa" (Dad). True Parents hearing that laughed.

True Parents went to Gimpo Airport intending to leave the country in a private jet, but due to technical reasons their departure was delayed, so they went to Central City (hotel in Seoul) and then to Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. 

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