The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Our members must guide the spirit world

Sun Myung Moon
March 2, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, and Hyung Jin Moon January 22, 2011

Summary of Father's Words

The time has come for our members in the Unification Church to guide and lead the spirit world. Consequently, you must know the spirit world. You must set your goals knowing where you are going. You must make the peace messages your own. Your mind and body can be united only when you polish it so that it becomes transparent and clear like a mirror.

What is the core of faith? It is eternal life. If you have God, you have eternal life.

It is common state of mind of any parent to want their children to be better than themselves. Even a great president would want to have his child become greater than him.

What was the prerequisite condition that existed when God created human beings? He created Adam with Eve in mind.

Religion needs the concept of absolute obedience. Did God, the Absolute Being, need freedom? Absolute is single; there cannot be two Gods.

In the ideal family of God's desire, the son and grandson must be absolute to the parent. This is only possible through true love.

God was unable to love His grandchildren and wife. That is why religion has emphasized celibacy until now.

You have to become a central person. There must be four directions -- north, south, east and west. It must be four. You must go the long distance. You must go from the east to the west. To go a long distance you must serve. If you can create equilibrium between all four directions they can become one.

You live your life in ease. But I have come a long way with thousands of years of history under my belt. I've went from a prospering nation to a declining nation, and I am now going towards the nation of the rising sun.

I've thought about going to the places in the world that I do not know of. Wherever I go, whether it is foreign land, I always felt that I could not remain in one place; that I had to complete this path even if it meant doing so through my descendants if I couldn't do it myself. The Unification Church has grown in this way.

[True Father then asks one male participants (age 83, former school principal)] Didn't you oppose the Unification Church in the past? [No. I met the church five years ago. I have never opposed the church.] In order to pay indemnity for not having followed this path until now, you should gather your students and disciples and convey the Word to them. Only then can you be forgiven. This is the law of indemnity.

I am educating the Japanese wives in Yeosu. About 80% of them have licenses for operating boats.

[Father then calls up the Japanese wives who participated in the 40-day ocean workshop and tells them to sing 'Boat Song.' Rev. Peter Kim then recites the poem 'Crown of Glory' explaining that Father wrote this poem sometime in 1935 to express his deep anguish about suffering in life.] 

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