The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Create Peace Police and Peace Corps

Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 2007
Pledge Service for the First Day of the Month and Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han (unknown date)

Summary of Father's Words

We need to create a peace police and peace corps. We need to have a peace police and peace corps for defending the ocean. We need to have a peace police and peace corps for defending the peninsulas. We need to have a peace police and peace corps for defending the continents. We need to have a peace police and peace corps for defending the heaven and earth. The time has come to create a headquarters that can oversee this task. This headquarters can be found here in Korea -- not America. Everything that was lost can be returned thanks to the True Parents. The time has come to form a new system in which we can move forward in a unified way.

Not all the nations are organized into tribes. We have to create an eight-lane beltway and ultimately a sixteen-lane beltway centering on this earth and on the ocean and continents. That is why when the time comes we must gradually increase the beltway into four-lanes, five-lanes, six-lanes, etc. Didn't I assign a person to be responsible for each of the twelve tribes? Tell me there names.

How many zones would you get if you divide each tribe by twelve? How many nations would it be? [We equally divided the area for building the international highway by twelve and you had each of the twelve tribes pulls lots to designate the area that the tribe should be responsible to build.]

I know we did that but my children will be directly responsible for that. I'm telling you to give me the names of the person for each tribe.

If there are many personnel it should be adjusted according to a certain ratio. The twelve tribes have been created to become a single blood line. This should not be twelve separate groups but organized under a single system. There should be twelve siblings. All of my sons and daughters have been put in charge within my lifetime. Even if there are sixteen nations, I arranged it so that the people and environment would be appropriately arranged according to that single system. The people should be quickly assigned. Haven't all twelve been assigned? Call out their names. You all know them, right? You have to buy a machine for each tribe to be used for education. These tribes must take off now.

How much is this? (Father is referring to the a leather covered book containing the twelve peace messages) I too must pay money for this book. Even today, I read chapter 9, 10, 11 before coming here this morning. How much is this (the peace messages_? Mother, I have to pay.

Peter Kim stand up. Yesterday was your sixtieth birthday. Who was there at the duck restaurant? Thank you for the nice meal. What kind of meat tastes the best? People enjoy eating the breast of the duck. I enjoy eating the meat on its wings and legs. Another part that is not so bad is the flesh (skin). The flesh (skin) is the most tastiest part of a living animal.

If you go to Kodiak, the bears first eat the flesh of the salmon.

The meat beneath the bones

Two people should go together. How can you go alone? From now on you have to bring your spouses with you wherever you go. If a man gives a sermon twice a woman should give a sermon once.

So didn't I instruct Mother to speak? Didn't she do well on the last day (of the leaders' assembly)? That was absolutely necessary. Didn't you all applaud that time? [Yes.]

I am a difficult person. (When I was young) Nobody at my house, including my grandfather, could treat me with ease.

07:15 AM

(Rev. Sun Jo Hwang gives a report on the 12,000 rallies and the special Peace Speaking Tour to commemorate True Father's 88th birthday that were currently being carried out in Korea. He emphasized the significance of the publications that were made on the occasion of True Parents' birthday and True Father's 88th birthday. The circumstances of Jesus' time are not clear because all the records that exist were compiled by his disciples after his death. Yet, all of True Parents' achievements and history are being recorded everyday. The value of these records is timeless.)

(Rev. Hwang and Rev. Yong Chul Song presents a large framed picture that was offered to True Parents to commemorate True Father's 88th birthday.)

08:58 AM

(Mr. Sang Kwon Pak apologizes for not being able to participate in True Father's 88th birthday celebration. He explains that he offered a gift at the World Peace Center in Pyongyang on that day. Mr. Pak met Hyo Sun Moon, Father's younger sister, who is now 84 years old. She really wanted to come but was unable. Instead they held a feast at Jungjoo, Father's hometown, for Father's birthday. Pyunghwa Motors was admitted as a member of the Federation of Korean Industries. Mr. Pak had the opportunity to introduce True Father's projects including the projects in North Korea in front of the representatives of the chaebols (Korean conglomerates) in Korea. 

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