The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

We should go back to Cheon Il Guk and the ideal world

Sun Myung Moon
February 25, 2007
Notes: Mike Lamson

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon November 30, 2011

The Sabbath is the time to rest the slaves. We should go back to Cheon Il Guk and the ideal world. We are already in great success.

You all look good East and West. The lineage problem, you cannot solve yourselves. Cain and Abel problem, you cannot solve easily. Cain is not the elder son. We transform the lineage in our church by the Blessing. You have to have absolute obedience. You should not fight with each other. In this time of Cheon Il Guk if you fight with each other all will be lost. If I see you fighting I will cut you off. How can you be absolute and unique. For individual brothers to be unique they have to unite together with True Parents. The lineage God cannot be touched. It can only be touched by True Parents, only they can fix it. Satan can't do it. God can't do it.

To unite Cain and Abel we need absolute love. With unity there is no older brother and younger brother. True Parents have absolute authority. Father is 88 and Mother 65. We are united. With Absolute love God and True Parents living for sake of others we can all be united.

Older brother must be respected. Respect younger brother. They should be united as one. Unified condition. All the world leaders should be united as one. 1st 2nd and 3rd generation, we need an age of united culture of heart with True Parents from the beginning of time everything can be turned back to God. 6.5 Billion people, can receive blessings from humanity. Satan's lineage will disappear. It will be like 12 o'clock noon. Absolute ideal oneness will come. That is God's way. You need to unite absolutely. We need to become Individual heaven and earth and families. Everything Satan covered, True Parents have eliminated.

Rev. Hwang Sun Jo, Are you united with Tongil Communications. Tongil Corp. will become the representative media. Anything that blocks the path of the Peace King will perish at this time.

Absolute sex you should proclaim about it. The fallen nations cannot talk about it. Peace message talks about absolute sexual morality. It came from God and True Parents not from you guys. As True Parents I see your indemnity conditions. You did not do it God and True Parents created this path. You have to unite with whole world and become absolute. If God says die you should do it. If God sends you to hell you should go there. You have to understand Jesus started his path from 30-33. He was not received by Jewish people. Jesus had to meet with prostitutes. To escape wraps of fallen world he had to be offered. You need to understand the great amount of indemnity that has been paid. You should realize you don't have the freedom. You should be able to give everything back to Heavenly Father.

I was not supposed to come here today, Hyo-Jin and Hyun-Jin you need to understand Kings heart. Kook-Jin and Hyung Jin you are Cain. You should be united with True Parents. We should do 12,000 tours so you can understand heart of True Parents. Make your own children stand in front of God. Hyo Jin is opposition and Sun Jin is opposition, now is the time for you to say "forgive me". Now you are responsible to go to heaven by yourself.

You have to be with Heavens law. If you don't I can't be in sync with you. Everything needs to be cleared to establish the culture of heart. The dirty covers need to be cleaned. World War I and World War II - the results of thousands of years. The failure of Adams family caused this. In one generation the True Parents have to cleanse everything.

You have to follow my direction. Even if you leave you should be able to receive True Parents blessing. People who complain about Sun Jin or Hyo Jin might fall into ocean. You could just fall in the ocean. You have to be saints. You need to be king and queen and live together in harmony.

My kinship over three generations -- we can sing Eog Mansei. It kills me, all the difficulties. It is like a porcupine when you see the enemy. Even if your brothers can achieve it you should do it anyway. Your heart should be burning.

Even God didn't touch me, I touch you. Even God says True Parents achieved something I could never do. You should leave a legacy. You need to build a foundation of ocean and universal and cosmic providence. We should be able to offer the whole world to heavenly Father. Even 10,000 hearts are clear they should be united. They should produce the fruit. From that time we will be able to have settlement.

Absolute sexual morality. You have to have absolute sexual morality. Any connection to the fallen world should be cut off. Even in bed you have to kiss and love. Even more than love you must be burning toward God. If you have anger, or complaints in your heart you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to synchronize with Gods path. The providential path of restoration if you don't fulfill you will dissipate.

You have to complete absolute sexual morality. You should become the fruit. You should be different from outside people. The place of Kingship is absolute sexual morality. You should be able to represent God. Husband and wife should have absolute sexual morality. You should have absolute freedom.

(Father holds up the small book with the Peace Speeches) This book is the way to connect the world to us. All 6.5 billion people on the earth should understand this speech.

Rev. Kwak you don't need True Parents. My work is done. I have given you everything.

My words and speeches are knowledge. Satan has tried everything to block the words.

We have to bless the whole world. 144,000 in the age of resurrection. We are far beyond that. We should see the result of that from Gods providence.

You should be proud you are a Unificationist. You should be using all your 10 senses. You should inherit Gods providence. You can create your descendants and world of the future if you are sincere as True Parents are, if you are united, sincere as husband and wife, brothers and sisters.

The Old Testament, New Testament, Old Testament and the Realm of 4th Adam all should be united. The formation, growth and perfection should all be united. Tens of thousands of ancestors should be united and you become the true owners.

Be victorious and become the owner. 

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