The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly

Sun Myung Moon
February 24, 2007
Chung Pyung, Korea

Your faces all look alike. Whether you are a Westerner, an Oriental, or a man of Heaven, you all wish to resemble True Parents. The body follows where the mind wants to go, so you should be thankful to be told you all look alike. Raise your hands it you think you resemble me. Then everything is okay.

There are three problems to be dealt with -- the problem of Cain and Abel, the problem of lineage and the problem of ownership. You cannot take responsibility for the problem of lineage. Only True Parents can shoulder that responsibility.

With regard to the Cain-Abel problem, if it was up to you to solve, all you would he able to do is shed blood, that is, kill the other side or be killed by them. In order that you not shed blood, centering on the lineage, Cain, who was born on Satan's side, should not be in the position of the elder son; rather, for you who have received the blessing and become one with True Parents through the connection of lineage, it should be Abel who stands in the position of the elder brother. To eradicate hell in the spirit world and hell on earth, which were caused by Cain, what True Parents say while on earth must be obeyed absolutely. That is why fights to the death between brothers and the spilling of blood continue even now.

How could the two brothers, the elder and the younger, bond as brothers absolutely? What is absolute is one-of-a-kind; there cannot be more than one. In other words, the elder brother Cain and the younger brother Abel separately cannot both be absolute. For them to become absolute centering on all the connections of the bloodline restored from the Fall, True Parents established a victorious supremacy that holds sway over everything, from the individual to the world and even the heavenly world. You need to realize this.

The triumph brought about through this bloodline cannot be touched by Satan. Not even God can touch it. Thus, neither God nor Satan can unite them into one. What caused the Fall? It was love. Whose love? It was the enemy's love that separated them.

End Cain-Abel conflict by living for others

To bring them into oneness, the origin centered upon absolute love must be determined, and with this origin of unity thus determined by Heaven, the elder and younger sons should become absolute representatives and absolute heirs. And before anyone else, they should practice living for the sake of others. This is how the Cain-Abel conflict can come to an end.

Next, when the positions of the elder and younger brothers are brought into oneness absolutely before absolute love, there will be neither elder brothers nor younger brothers. There will instead be True Parents, and since True Parents have found and established the absolute realm, the time has now come for True Parents to become one in the absolute realm and bring the history of indemnity to a close.

I turned eighty-eight this year. My birthday is the same as Mother's, though of course, the actual day we were born is different. We are one! Centered on whom?

Through fallen Eve, Adam was drawn over to the other side. But now, centering on Adam, Eve too has practiced absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience completely and has thus separated herself from Satan. Now, on this absolute foundation, God and True Parents have established absolute love that is for the sake of others. It is the root of love and the fruit of love, and it could not have come into being without love.

It came into being through the absolute love existing between the two. God, the Creator of the universe, and the True Parents, who came into being as His creation, must become one there, centering on true love. The upper and the lower [Father holds up his thumb and forefinger] cannot be like this. They must not fight. [Father holds up only his fore-finger.] In this manner, the older brother must first attain his position, and the younger brother should voluntarily lay the foundation whereon he can obey and live for the sake of his older brother. When nearly all members have assumed such a position, the condition set by the unity of so many members will more than compensate for the disunity of a small number of members.

The absolute standard of unity that True Parents must achieve will be established when the major leaders from throughout the world, who are here, become one centering on the children of Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, who are in the position of the elder in relation to the members -- Hyo-jin, Hyun-jin, Kook-jin and Hyung-jin.

The three generations have ended the fight. In light of this, you should cover and overcome the first, second and third eras (represented by the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages) and bring them to a settlement in the age of the unity of heart in the realm of the Fourth Adam. It is only then that you, as well as God, my family and I, can achieve perfection.

Though time has passed, to find and establish the lost bloodline centering on True Parents with an exact moment of time in focus, all 6.5 billion people of the world must be of a unified lineage, without there being Cain or Abel. Everyone should be united as one, as was meant to be at the beginning, so that if water were to be poured from the top, the water would fall directly onto the horizontal plane. In other words, it would fall to the place where God can settle down, the pillar upon which He can stand. From there it would spread out in all directions. Satan and his tribe would vanish, and all entities with form would lose their shadows. Thus the liberated age of the peace and prosperity of the settlement of noon, the era of noon, which casts no shadows, will come to pass.

In this way; the peace and eternal prosperity of the absolute realm, the liberated and internally free kingdom of heaven without any limits, should he brought about. This is the providence in a nutshell.

Free from complaints and discontent

Who are those people sitting up there? Are they second-generation members? [They sat up there because the hall is full.] Full? Do you feel bad because it's full? Should you feel good, or bad, that it has been crammed with people since early morning? Which? You should feel good! It's all about unity! You must be united. You must become one. Individuals, families, tribes, peoples and heaven and earth, as well as God Himself and Satan must enter into that one, absolute place. And True Parents must remove the shell that covers them. Neither God nor Satan can remove that shell...

Someone must uncover them. Through True Parents

Uncovering them, all that was high or low will all come up or down to the same level horizontally and vertically and reveal their true shape as a sphere. All who are a part of this will clearly know their place, and the unified era liberated and completely freed from complaints and discontent will inevitably come. Aju!

I thought this admiring crowd would become a group of fighters, but instead you will become owners. Because the admiring owners of unity are now here, everything is "Aju" -- God is laughing "Hahaha," True Parents are laughing "Hahaha," and their children are also laughing "Hahaha." The realm of the blessed second-generation members who stand in the position of Cain as the restored second generation are also laughing "Hahaha." And when Satan, too, says that all is good and laughs "Hahaha," everything will be concluded. Everything should come to an end in laughter, not in fighting. From now on, if I see fighting, I'll make changes. Is that clear? [Yes.]

Pak Koo-bae! [Yes] So you came, did you? Where have you been, and what have you been doing? I thought you would run away with that sack full of money I gave you, but you came. [Laughter] The Cain ones, even when they are given a chance to run away; should come of their own accord. Who wouldn't commiserate with Pak Koo-bae, especially those who are close to him? Rev. Moon must be crazy. How can he act the way he is when we are in such a difficult situation?

A developing business model

Pyongil Communications [which includes iPeace TV] is the representative Korean media-related business, though it does not deal with the press. I don't intend that it function like the Washington Times or the Unification Movement. Since I made it with my own hands, on the foundation on which we have become one, I will use it unceasingly. More than any other media organization in the world, I will use it to the maximum. Now we should go on the offensive.

The Peace Messages and absolute sexual morality

An environment that puts the brakes on the realization of peace -- that which defies the absolute authority of the king of peace -- cannot exist. Do you understand that all such things must vanish with the coming of night? [Yes] If you understand this, raise your hands and hold on to God tightly.. Clutch hold of Him and swear that you are without doubt blessed families, His sons and daughters, who will obey Him forever, from the beginning to the end, as He desires.

Since all those who swear this have raised their hands, hold your hands together, take hold of God, and turn around in a circle in your joy. Now move your hands down and up. [Applause] I am not playing. This is the culmination of the meeting. Turn right and then turn left -- the right side signifies the horizontal and the other the vertical. In such a manner, everything, even heaven and earth, is ready to start turning around, and that is why the liberated era of the settlement of peace, prosperity and eternal tranquility on earth and in heaven cannot help but come. Aju! [Aju]

Yesterday I talked about the absoluteness of the conjugal relationship "absolute sex". Absolute sex is something that you cannot talk about. Do you understand? The term "absolute sex" cannot be discussed among the people of fallen clans and nations. You should know that the term can only be used by True Parents, whose task it is to purify everything to do with sexual relations. Do you practice absoluteness in your conjugal relationship? Do you, or don't you?

That is why the Peace Messages are for the liberation of absolute sexual purity and fidelity. Through whom? It would be through God and True Parents; it cannot be done through you. However, after becoming the True Father, I felt that True Parents' sons, daughters and the descendants for thousands and tens of thousands of generations would have to go the way of restoration through indemnity. I did not make them bear that responsibility, but instead I worked with a set purpose, paving the way and working to bring about the settlement of noon, until I could resolve it all. Not one of you could have done this. At this time, you need to realize that this responsibility is the foundation of complete authority that only True Parents and God can achieve.

No one other than True Parents can express opinions about whether parts of the Peace Messages are good or bad. Why? It should be I, the vessel holding the combination of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute authority. I stand in the position of having to bring this about with the world united around me, but if I set up an absolute authority centering on me, everything would run away from me, and I would be standing in the place of Satan.

You must obey absolutely all that Heaven instructs you to do; if you are asked to die, you have to say that if it is your time to die, you will. If you are asked to go to China from Korea where you are living, you will, and if you are told to go to hell, you will. Might all this he asked of you to make Communist China into the Republic of China, or to create it into the kingdom of God? The reason you might be asked to go to hell would be to save it, to make it heaven.

The terrible path of restoration

Just as Jesus himself went to hell for three days, enduring suffering. all of you who have been blessed must realize that on the basis of thirty years -- ten years of the Old Testament Age, ten years of the New Testament Age and ten years of the Completed Testament Age -- Jesus began his work when he was thirty-one years old.

The same is true for me; I am in the same position. On the basis of the first thirty years of my life, I was exiled by the people at the age of thirty-three on account of the Jesus Church. "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head." With these words, Jesus went to Samaria and sought a Samarian woman who was known for her lewdness and gave her the water of life. You know what this means? To you, the children of the bridegroom, the reason Jesus had to go looking for such a lewd woman, an outcast of society; is obscured under the veil of the fallen, defiled bloodline. To get away from that, you would have had to die for Jesus, and if Jesus had made any mistakes, Eve was in the position to take responsibility for them, to die for them; that's how I went through that. You need to realize this.

Faced with such a terrible path of restoration through indemnity people do not know anything, and until now they have been criticized, insulted, and have been on a winding path of their own accord, just as Pak Koo-bae has been. Freedom of movement is not a right you possess when you are on that crooked path. If you have entrusted your body to that course, you should also pour in your wealth and even your life there, and centering on the historical origin that can achieve anything, you should sever what links you to the origin of the Fall, for in the Last Days everything will disappear. Reclaim yourselves and become people who, fulfilling your duties as public figures, can dedicate everything you have to Him, and believe that all you give and sacrifice today will be re-created for you by True Parents and God. Have absolute faith in these Peace Messages, which deal with re-creation.

True Parents' responsibility

Right to the end of this conference, I was not scheduled to appear today. Yes, it was the headquarters that asked me to come here today as a special addition to the schedule. For me to come and participate in this way I had to come with Mother. I could not appear alone. I'm attending with Mother, but even that is not enough for this conference. She and I also had to have our sons and daughters come...

Though I have shouldered all this responsibility; standing above the cross, and demonstrated my determination to walk the second and third path of suffering to put all this right, it is your role to let this be known. Before Mother visits 120 places around the world, I must set an example, and centering upon our couple, we must set an example by progressing through ten times as many places as the 180 nations of the world.

Now, with your families, Mother, and I all united, you have attended 12,000 rallies, ten times the number held before. Through that experience, you have learned how difficult True Parents' lives have been.

You children have gone and seen struggling families and seen more than Shin-gil had. I am thankful that Hyo-jin talked about him at Belvedere. How many days will you take to begin? How soon will you go? If you have the desire to set your sons and daughters before God on your behalf and be endowed with the right of ownership of everything, you should sacrifice all that and get rid of that desire.

Are Hyo-jin, Sung-jin and Dong-sook here? Haven't they come? All you daughters should unite and bring your older brother Sung-jin here. His dad fulfilled his responsibility...

The era has passed wherein all the conditions of indemnity will work; you can no longer cling to me and ask to be saved. I'm speaking of liberation and complete inner freedom. Though you were doomed to hell, through your finding this inner freedom I have placed you on an expressway that will take you to heaven; and if you make effort, you will reach that final destination, though you may struggle. Therefore, no one is in a position to complain about me. You need to understand this clearly, okay? [Yes]

The unification of the universe

It there is fighting and bickering around me it will be dealt with it right away. One mistake causing Adam and Eve to be instantly stuck in hell indicates the absolute nature of the Principle of Creation. I, too, cannot accept what is not in accord with heavenly law, nor can I deal with it, because I am in a position to establish the kingdom of God together with Him without dealing with such matters. Since I am in a solemn position of having to fulfill the task I am called to do, which is to perfect that kingdom in accordance with the law, I cannot do or think as I please. I have come here today not thinking of myself as the founder of the Unification Church, the Messiah or the Lord at his second coming.

I should peel off the layers of indemnity. The layers covering the world of form spirits, the Old Testament Age, must be uncovered and removed, as must the layers over the world of the life spirits and those covering the world of divine spirits. If three people stepped forward to remove the three layers, they could not achieve that without uniting.

Centering on one person, Jesus, the resurrected being of substance who is in charge of the New Testament Age (on behalf of the person in charge of the Old Testament Age and with the Lord at his second advent), must bring about the unification of the universe through a world course, which requires four years to complete and involves removing and doing away with the layers covering the three eras, which hitherto could not be dedicated to Heaven.

To create the world of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam, all the dirty, defiled layers resulting from the Fall of Adam's family must cease to exist; and so must such layers resulting from the lack of oneness between Jesus and his people, the nation of Israel. The returning Lord cannot he caught in such a net; and after World War II, he should have made oneness with Rome -- not East Roman Christianity, but West Roman Christianity. East Rome gave birth to the Greek Orthodox Church, which the Soviet Union is the fruit of, while the fruit of Christianity that West Rome gave birth to is the Vatican.

The Messiah, who should come to a unified universe, should have appeared at the time of World War II. If the three people [representing the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages] had become one person, Eve and Adam in Adam's family would have established themselves.

Next, that which went wrong between Cain and Abel, the wrong that was done regarding the right of ownership, would have been resolved when the True Parents of the completely unified world came and resolved the failures of Adam's family and laid the foundation for kinship of blood on the family and national levels (and even on the world level in Rome), and united those levels with the foundation for kinship on the world level. This one person should clear away, all at once, all that has come from the false parent. Completion of restoration through indemnity occurs in such a way that only one-third, and not the total, can be achieved in one generation. At this point, with two-thirds remaining, I have inherited the entire satanic world and triumphed over it.

The remaining two-thirds are up to you. The time has come when -- in following the path according to what I have taught you -- even though you may be in the lead, if you no longer wish to be, you can fall out and someone else can come and receive the grace of the blessing instead and have the right of ownership given to him instead. So whether you are someone blessed among the thirty-six couples or even one of my sons or daughters, those who have complained about whomever, may no longer he able to follow me. For I will go stealthily, in such a way that no one will know where I have gone, and no one will be able to discern whether I went underwater by sea, climbed over the top of the Himalayas or drilled my way through the rocky earth to enter the kingdom. It is up to you. Your attitude will determine whether you can follow me or not.

A devoted son should go to the house of another devoted son and take on the role of his father; a national patriot should go to the house of another patriot and become his father figure. On behalf of divine sons and daughters, you must receive the blessings of their families, enter the house-hold of a prince from the Cain-type world and be able to live there with the authority of the king. This is what the three people can do.

Because the end had to be brought about through one person, I gathered in the victorious supremacy of the three ages and turned it into joy; ecstatic joy, before Heaven, and all of heaven and earth have cheered their victorious True Parents, their victorious Messiah, Savior and Lord at his second coming. I do not need the title "Lord at his second coming." The mere thought is terrible. I do not need to be called the Messiah. When I think of the religious orders, I get goose bumps. I feel like a hedgehog, which arches its back when meeting an enemy.

I have nothing to do with Adam's family or your blessed families. You must all have the original mind to reach over fences and pass liberation to everyone, so that even after I die and True Parents are no longer here, and if your elders have failed to achieve it, you have the single-mindedness, a heart red-hot with determination and a steadfast resolve to achieve it yourself. If there aren't any more people who can voice the fire burning in their hearts like volcanoes, the human race will perish and God's ideal, as it has been from the time of the first Creation, will have to disappear completely.

The second Creation

Since God Himself is incorporeal, and this substantial world may disappear, in order to manifest the real authority of the second Creation, which will remain, I, too, must seize the position of a victor. God and I must combine forces to overturn the land under the sea where the islands of old have sunk beneath the waves, and build nations in that substantial realm. Therefore, you need to understand that we are crossing over this summit with the standard that we can settle even in the most unimaginable places. You understand what I'm trying to say, don't you?

Don't ask where I have gone. Don't ask what I will do. I've taught you everything. As a proxy, I have taught you even things God did not teach me about the world. True Parents were established as God's proxies and have achieved even what He did not tell them to. A proxy can only be established when the owner is of the mind that He can hand over everything, so that they can have it on His behalf, and when the proxy is better than He that position is filled by the True Parents.

The ocean project, the land project, and the outer space project are not separate, but are included in my master program; even what was not planned or ordered done by God, such as the foundation in the oceanic realm, the foundation in outer space and technology for the future, have all been made ready. Because we know that now is the time when God can accept them with gratitude, the preparations for the three worlds should be completed and dedicated to Heaven, and when we offer the foundation built with our sweat and blood in the external world with the words, "We offer this to Heaven. We offer it on Your behalf. In return, we offer ourselves to our Heavenly Father as His heirs," He will answer, "All right." God is sitting on a throne on heaven's third level. When we dedicate this to Him from the third basement, God will answer, "All right, Rev. Moon' I know the name Sun Myung Moon. I know what he has done." The moment He becomes aware of the fact that I have perfected the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, and, centering on the foundation of that settlement, have come to God to settle in the position of the owner of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam in heaven and on earth in the liberated era, with Him, He will rise from his throne on heaven's third floor and will descend the staircase, come to me and embrace me, saving. "You have come!"

He will thank me for making it possible from Him to receive the liberated realm where He can freely own the three floors of heaven, the world of hell, the formative Old Testament Age, and His family, for which He has waited for tens of thousands of years. Because of what is connected to it, the realm of liberation and freedom in the substantial world naturally belongs to me. He will bequeath everything to me and have everyone installed on royal thrones. In order for Him to put absolutely everything in the history of indemnity and re-creation to rights throughout this great universe, He will have to take me with Him at all times, and I will not complain. Whenever I look behind me, I will see how wonderfully God has made all the preparations. And saying, "Let's do it," all will hold on to God's hands and, from underground, climb to the thrones in the first, second, and third floors of heaven.

There God will be pleased and proclaim, "My wish, which I have harbored from the time of the Creation, tens of thousands of years ago, has been fulfilled, and the day of liberation, on which I can assume the kingship of victorious supremacy (something better than I hoped for at the beginning) has come. So, let the entire cosmos belong to the liberated kingdom." Say it together with God, Aju! Okay!

Pure, united minds

Because the path has been opened for you even into the secret chambers of the kingdom of heaven, the liberated and freed kingdom of heaven, where there will be nothing you cannot do or understand, will now come. Aju. Okay...

Even if you have the purest mind, you must become one. Even if the ten thousand elements within that pure mind are also pure, that mind still has to have internal unity. That single-mindedness representing the kingship of the world of the perfect noon, where there are neither shadows nor the Fall, can be formed in you and can blossom and bear fruit. Even it the fruit borne is thousands of times more plentiful than the one seed first planted, they will each have the same value when harvested, and wherever that fruit is sown the kingdom of heaven will automatically become established and be perfected. With this thought, liberation will be an inevitable fact, and finally we will all be able to settle down and sleep, really eat and sleep, and then what? We will go here and there. To make it happen this morning, I have come here especially to talk to you.

Everything centered on Rev. Moon ended yesterday. Yesterday [True Parents' Birthday], I had Kim Hyo-yul [Peter Kim] come out and read the speech given by Mother on her 180-nation tour. It contains very precious words, because it conclusively explains the structure of the heavenly world, the internal world, and is the speech Mother gave as she toured around 180 nations. After that, the tenth Peace Message connects with the twelfth Peace Message. What I talked about yesterday was absolute sexual purity.

For the sake of others, Mother upholds absoluteness in the conjugal bond. And Cain, Abel and the mind of the Parents form a trinity On behalf of the Father, and the sons and daughters of the satanic world, yesterday Hyo-yul read the speech before Father at the place where the family lost in the Garden of Eden was remembered and honored by heaven and earth and the world. To bring it to an end, he read it on their behalf as a special grace. He also read the second Peace Message. Today we are dealing with the tenth Peace Message which is about absolute sexual purity. You do know what absolute sexual purity is, don't you? Don't you? You don't?

Absolute sexual purity is something you must embrace and take with you wherever you go, and which should not be darkened at all by shadows from fallen history. The time has come for everyone, starting with me, to pluck out his eyes or cut off his hands mercilessly if that is what it takes to practice it.

That is why blessed couples should become as one body and not sleep on separate beds but together, with their foreheads touching and with kisses and nuzzling of breasts; with a heart overflowing with love for everything. A blessed family should form a bloodline in which the blood of the original lineage can boil up and flow, causing their bodies to boil with even greater energy. They should be determined to put their education on filial piety and patriotism into practice with hearts united. Otherwise, they will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven and will have to wait for thousands of years.

A person with a rebellious mind it could even be Jesus' wife, Confucius' wife, Saint Augustine's wife or anyone else -- if she were to assert herself and always complain, her husband, even if he were Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, or Mohammed, would be stuck on the path and would have to stay there for thousands of years until the matter was settled on earth. She would come to know they have this fate and would have to recognize what she had done wrong.

She would come to understand that the pulse in her body and mind is abnormal. For those who do things without understanding, what they do is forgiven and they are saved, but once they have come to understand, if they continue on, they cannot be saved. Those who are on fire will serve as kindling wood to build a fire; those who are wet will he first dried out and then they too can be on fire. Such is the way of indemnity that these people had lost their God-given value as beings of substance. This situation will disappear in the end. I am working toward a momentous conclusion at this time.

Therefore, it is Mother's task; so yesterday Hyo-yul stood in Mother's stead. There are a thousand Chinese characters in the book Cheorr Ja Maur [Book of a Thousand Characters]. The Ja here means "character." Which Chinese character can he found within the character for fur? It's also pronounced "ja" and is the character meaning "son". Is that character one that forms the roots of other characters, i.e., a radical? It isn't? If the Chinese character for this word were the radical, what would happen? The principles of heaven and earth could all be explained. Thus, it can be inferred that if one learned the characters in Cheorr Ja Maur by heart, he could step over the bones, that is, exceed the essence of the Four Books and Three Classics [the basis of Confucianism].

In light of this, you can understand what I am saving, can't you? [Yes.] So, as a special grace, 1 am giving you the speech given by Mother yesterday. Next, you should pass on the tenth Peace Message to others on Mother's behalf, and you should always carry with you that message, which was given by the proxy and by the other, who is the heir. I hope you lead a life of protecting and perfecting absolute sexual purity and the conjugal bond, and may this becomes the tradition of the unified universe and the unified kingdom of heaven. Clap your hands if you would say Amen. Aju. [Applause]

When Mother comes forward to read the tenth Peace Message, listen closely and know that the second and tenth Peace Messages are related. This speech lasted so long that it didn't end even five or ten minutes after the allotted time. I had said it had to be read to the end regardless of how long it took, so when we got here I found we were more than five minutes late. You will forgive me for that, won't you? [Yes.] Gratitude will be added to the forgiving mind, so that after True Parents won the place of victory yesterday, the additional blessing of forgiveness will he added to it, so that you will not be thrust down the eternal and unchanging bottommost pit, in which you will urinate on yourselves and have water poured on you to clean with. Instead, you will say, "World, you might stay here, but I am going," and with that you should return to the heavenly world. Do you understand? [Yes]

The model of peace

In completely fulfilling my wish, you must not forget that your individual families are recognized as families that represent the whole. That is why the families of all nations should reach a victorious position on behalf of Adam's family; the position of heir has been bestowed on each of them. You should understand that this is the time when that position, with an additional value added by them is being conferred upon you. With hearts full of solemnity, you must have the seeds of the fruit within you.

The seeds of an apple are black, aren't they? The seeds of a pumpkin are also a different color from its skin. My wish is that you will become the owners of seeds of a different color, with a new color blossoming from deep within you, so that seed can bear fruit. As a part of that wish, I have given this introduction; those of you who welcome it, do so with applause.

Mother will come up and read about absolute sexual purity and fidelity, and the Creation, and absolute sexual purity and fidelity as the ideal model, which is ideal peace. Where is that peace? Look for it. Have you all been given the tenth Peace Message, "The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, which is the Model for God's Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom"? The model of creation is the family born based on the absoluteness of the conjugal bond (absolute sexual fidelity) and the model of peace is something that can come only on the same basis.

Next, the absolute conjugal bond is the ideal model, and since sexual relations are the origin of the family; absoluteness in the conjugal relationship is the royal ground of love, the royal ground of life and the royal ground of lineage, so you must not use such a precious thing on your own or manage it anyway you like. Solemnly, on behalf of God, you should bow a thousand or even three thousand times every day to have all that you possess based on absolute authority. You should bow and serve, not only for what you possess but also for what your husband possesses, to be based on the absoluteness of this conjugal bond. Without showing such an unchanging loyalty and fidelity, it is the decisive law that the world of perfection, liberation and freedom cannot come to you. So, I hope you will abide by this law. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Mother will come up and read this to you, the Peace Message on absolute sexual ethics, which completes ten of the peace messages. Mother if you will, please read.

[Mother reads the tenth Peace Message.]
[Father resumes]

Everyone sit down. Is your stomach full? Are you hungry? Are you full? What should you do if your stomach is full? You should sleep. You should rest. People eat and then sleep or rest. Then what do they do? They go and come. Good and evil. It is simple. When the morning of the day of the liberation of the homeland arrives, everything will be resolved. You must understand this point. That has been our wish throughout history. You must understand that is how our outlook on the history of the providence is formed.

Come to think of it, this book [of the twelve Peace Messages] is priceless. Everything is included in it. I have talked extensively about everything, and I am an expert when it comes to the word. I wrote down the essence, which has become ten or even twelve speeches. When you cry because a certain chapter of this book touches your heart, and if you are thinking of how you can connect with other people with the tracks made by your tears, you should mark that chapter, take the book and read it to people. When you do, the realm of heart you have experienced will be engrafted to heaven and earth. Please bear in mind that your life will now be one in which your heart is filled with joy and delight at the thought that a liberated realm will follow you and be realized in your footsteps. Do you understand? [Yes]

Everything Mother and I should do has been completed. Isn't that so? Kwak Chung-hwan, what will you do now? You don't need True Parents anymore, right? I've given you the word and the right of inheritance. Through this meeting you should come to a conclusion regarding the question of how to completely fulfill the responsibility that you are called to do. The conclusion is simple.

The ancestors of the 6.5 billion people of this world are the Mongolian peoples -- the Mongolian race. The Mongolian peoples gathered in the numerous southern nations and formed a group that is connected to a single bloodline extending around the world, they formed a group. Satan had tried so hard to prevent them from returning to heaven by keeping them in his bosom forever. During five-thousand years of history, nets were spread out, fortresses and lakes were made into national borders by the actions of Cain-type people. Yet, the time for all this has passed.

To us, the word is knowledge. I understand it completely. In the blueprint or design of things, you can find all the details -- the material used for the building, what its walls are made of, the description of the environment, and the process for selecting material that can absorb the effects of the natural environment, instead of the other way around so that the building can be protected.

All this is tied together and can be applied to the purpose that was established based on one's convictions. When people compose such things, the ideal God envisioned at the Creation will automatically be brought to fruition. It is good that we have such a foundation of knowledge.

When you think about the words in relation to history, what are they saying? They are the Peace Messages -- God's ideal family and the peaceful, ideal world, God's ideal family and palace are to come about. The phrase, "peaceful, ideal world" came about due to the Fall. Everything that had been prepared was brought to naught and was lost. Therefore, True Parents suffered to illuminate and globalize that which was lost on the individual family level. Among the 6.5 billion people of the world, the blessed families are the ones who are watching True Parents.

How many families were like Adam's family? How many people are to participate in the first resurrection at the time of the Lord at his second advent? [144,000] 144,000, it is a multiple of the number twelve. It must be done centering on this number. That is why the multitudes beyond this number are all included. You should be proud of the Unification Church for it is a group of happy people who can go forward with their gaze set on the results stemming from that victorious goal. You have to be proud now. Yet, you are still ashamed, aren't you? You have to be proud of the Unification Church.

Your eyes failed to be so; your nose, mouth, ears and forehead -- all five sensory organs failed to be proud. Your ten organs should agonize in consideration of that task. Your eyes should do it on behalf of God, and you should become God's representative, qualifying for the right of inheritance that is the blossom of victory. That right of inheritance should be made the eternal fruit of Heaven's eternal possessions and be placed in the storehouse of God's kingdom. You should take pride in your hearts in the fact that the world of your descendants and future generations will be in your hands. I hope that you can make a new beginning at this time, in liberation and inner freedom.

You must have the determination to do that from now.

You need to have the single-mindedness of the mother and father, of the son, of the husband and wife, of the children, of the siblings of your grandfather, of the siblings of your mother and father, and of your own siblings. When all siblings achieve oneness, the unity of the four great realms of heart can begin.

There are four figures -- one from the Old Testament Age, one from the New Testament Age, one from the Completed Testament Age, and one from the era of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam. The age of the right of inheritance has begun. In this age, the prince and kingship of liberation and complete freedom that unites heaven and earth with the tens of thousands of religions in the realms of the form spirits, life spirits, divine spirits, and the resurrected world of the realm of heart can be extolled for eternity. Please do not forget this. A true owner is determined to become a child of the True Parents and has the heart of a victor, which can overcome and be victorious over any difficulty. Stand up and pledge all this before Heaven! [This I pledge!] All this I pledge! Pledge to do this and be praised for eternity! Aju! Applaud! [Applause]

It is because of the word. The way of God's will can be found in the word. Those who do not know this path will not understand the will. Find that path and seek again the origin of history. There you will find the Exposition of the Divine Principle. There you will find the Principle and everything that appears in Cheon Song Geong. Don't even spare your ancestors; take with you the tears of sacrifice and the altar of sacrifice. That altar must come from me.

The Moon clan is an altar. On this altar, absolute faith, absolute love and all existing things should be laid. The creation of the universe occurred for the purpose of supplying the nutrients for creating a substantial entity that God could relate to in love. Thus, on this altar even God must have absolute faith. Even the tiniest grain of sand is necessary for the creation of the heavenly kingdom. Thus, you need to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience on that altar. With absolute love at the center, absolute faith is on the right and absolute obedience on the other side. These must unite and create a trinity.

In chapter eleven of the book of Hebrews, we find the verse, "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for." Faith is a concept. It is not concrete. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

The Bible also has a passage that states that among faith, hope and love, the greatest is love. Even if you have faith, you must sacrifice your faith for love. Faith, hope, love and sacrifice must uphold God's will. Then a realm can emerge in which you are liberated and free to travel to any place in the universe. Although we are small, know that we are comrades that accompany the universe. Please appreciate the fact that your lives are short, and take with you the fact that you are no less than me if you invest ten times and even a hundred times more than me. Offer everything you have to Heaven as an offering.

God is working and stands with me. Now it is easy for people to follow what we say. It is easy to follow the True Parents. The era of the Four Great Realms of Heart has come to this completed altar. God has become the owner of all things. Be proud that you are part of the royal family of the heavenly kingdom of inner freedom and liberation and that you are surely free to go anywhere in the kingdom of heaven in Father and Mother's footsteps, even if your path takes millions of years to travel down. When you boldly return the right of victory and everything you gained in victory through the True Parents back to God, to glorify Him, all the sorrow and pain from that single family of the fallen Adam shall be lifted and that family shall receive more praise than anything in heaven or on earth. I will keep my promise to take you with me to the liberated kingdom of heaven, in the nation of the sacred reign of peace, and live there with you there. Please clap your hands in welcoming this! [Applause]

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