The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Do you have confidence to judge the spirit world?

Sun Myung Moon
January 23, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon November 22, 2011

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

The people who are here today, do you have the confidence to judge them (referring to the representatives of the spirit world)? You can't because you don't know. The people in the spirit world know the places which they lived on earth and that the place they reside now is different from where they lived on earth. There is no way to fix that even in death. The only way is through the Unification Principle.

What you decide will not all come to pass. Don't think that all Unificationists will be in the same position. Depending on the different background of each person's life, you will all end up in different positions in the spirit world. Then how can we make this into one? A single principle must emerge. That is the Unification Principle. The Unification Principle is a principle that unites.

Originally, there were no nations or religions in the Garden of Eden. The path they were to take lead to a house in which they could live together with God. They were not going to live with God to do His errands. They were to live as His son and daughter under a parent-child relationship. The lineage is an eternal bond. You must know that without lineage, eternity is impossible.

Actually, they could never reveal (such facts) in their positions as saints or their place of worship. I began this task to align the standards of the heavenly world and earthly world. Through this the spirit world too was able to enter the gates of liberation.

You denied the saints; denied historical heroes and denied me! Did you ever believe in me? If you had absolute faith in me your standard of faith would have been higher.

You have to survive in that position of overcoming the worldly environment after digesting all four seasons.

Should you should live and become of some use to the earth or should you shave off a piece of the earth for your own?

Who could bear fruit after joining the Unification Church?

Do you know about Geomundo? Did you know that Geomundo is where the (peace) messages were completed? On January 8, 2007, 4:42 AM, it was a day of commemorating the declaration of the perfection and completion (of the messages). Did you know that? The spirit world immediately knew even if you did not. All the existing beings in the spirit world knew of this.

What is Family Pledge number five? It talks about the heavenly world in the subject position and the earthly world in the object position. The spirit world is the subject. It knows everything. The people on the earth, the Unificationists, know that they must witness and restore the nation. Yet, who has actually done this? I have to complete this in my life.

I can just bequeath this booklet and leave. The twelfth peace message will come out this time. I extracted everything from this book.

Six years remain now until the twelfth year of Cheon Il Guk. Time keeps on dwindling away. Without knowing the spirit world, life cannot emerge. You cannot go to the world of light. You will end up in the world of shadows, unable to see yourself.

It's a pity that I should reminisce my younger days now that I am old but it would be even more pitiable if I could not recall any joy from those memories.

I see that the people from east Seoul have come today wearing white clothes. It is beautiful for women to have the mindset to transform and become like the morning sun to illuminate the dark world. Their beauty will shine out upon all humanity. Those who are illuminated by this light shall reflect the sunlight to the entire cosmos and chase away the darkness from its roots. Aju!

Such facts can be found abundantly in my prayers. How many volumes of my prayers have been published? (12 volumes.)

The Unification Church did not just emerge out of nothing. It has been seventy-one years since the time that I was sixteen. During those times, I faced many difficulties and hardships yet I persevered until now. You should not think lightly of the Unification Church. It has weight and depth that is beyond words. Its depth can be complicated and of extreme value. That is why it is difficult for the ordinary person to find it and not easy for them to embrace it and add it to their possessions.

I should bequeath the peace messages in the end before I go. What are the things you used to deceive or lie to your own mind in light of these contents? A representative and heir must appear for this world, which now has received this book, to prosper.

If I can go to these people and make a request, (this world) would become a garden of happiness in the eternal kingdom of heaven. If you think about this without much thought, your mind would automatically fall to a position that would not allow for this. Those who oppose this will decline while those who support this will increase.

Isn't this indeed the reason why True Parents came to the earth? Isn't this the calling and responsibility of the messiah, lord at his second coming and savior? In order to complete my responsibility and leave this world, I extracted the essentials from the vast library of words to make this booklet.

The title of Chapter Ten is 'God's Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality.' 'Model' refers to the substance which is the family and kingdom upholding absolute sexual morality. An absolute family, peaceful family and ideal family refers to a family upholding absolute sexual morality of God's desire. The family and kingdom upholding absolute sexual morality is a place that fulfills God's will and providence.

Mind and body! Absolute sexual morality of the mind and absolute sexual morality of the body! That is the family in which God can reside, and kingdom in which His people can live. That is the absolute kingdom, peaceful kingdom and ideal kingdom. It becomes the royal realm of utopia which is more than what anybody can want.

How can you explain Utopia? The source in which God's absoluteness, peacefulness, and ideal are combined and revealed would be the model place. That refers to your sexual organs.

God's model for absoluteness, peace and ideal is absolute sexual morality. From there the family and kingdom can emerge.

Absolute sexual morality is the father and mother -- the parent -- of an absolute family, peaceful, family and ideal family. It is our home. This is where everybody goes. The established place from where God's ideal of creation can begin will indeed become the standard. A man's sexuality and a woman's sexuality constitute a family. People should complete the four realms (of heart) within three generations. If people are not born from this institution, God's family and kingdom cannot exist.

'God's Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality.' What does absolute sexual morality refer to? The sexual organ! The model can be found within the harmony between a woman and a man's sexual organs. When a harmonized person is born a harmonious absoluteness and peace can emerge! It depicts an ideal world and thus is called Utopia.

In John chapter fourteen, Jesus' talks about leaving (this world) and states that he is in the Father and that he was our brother and that we were his bride. This is amazing. Christianity was the only religion that presented a complete picture of a family unit. Such concepts cannot be found in Confucianism or Buddhism.

Something that is complete reciprocates for a long time with something it can relate with.

Once three generations are established, the fourth generation naturally comes into existence. The fourth generation is the fruit. God's standard is conveyed to the heart of the grandfather. That emerges from the mind and body of the father and mother as a unified entity. The fruit of this process are the children. 

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