The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Christianity is the religion that supervises the root of all religions

Sun Myung Moon
January 22, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae and the 125th Ahn Shi Il
Cheon Jeong Gung
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon November 22, 2011

The morning began with the Ahn Shi Il pledge service.

After the pledge service Father asked Mrs. Wonju McDevitt to read from the messages from the spirit world.

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

They (the people in spirit world) have testified that the completion of God's will must be carried out centering on the True Parents. Religions must be brought to order, nations must be re-organized and your families must be brought to order. The Cain-type world and Abel-type world should be brought to order to create the original model family of God's desire. It will become the start of an era in which the new kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be firmly established in True Parents' name. What they are testifying is all the same. The representatives of the four great religions are not saying four different things; they are saying the same thing. You should consider this an unavoidable final shake-up to realign the world into one.

(Referring to the representatives of each religion reading the messages together from the spirit world) Through this denominations can gather together as one. We have to read this through in this way for a while. This must be repeated until the world affairs are straightened out. Don't you get a different feeling hearing it from three different people? They are representative figures. Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed represents the whole.

The lineage is different. Not everything can be revealed until it obtains a certain form. It has to go through such a course if the entirety of its contents which can cover everything can be understood. That is what we must know.

What we need now is children connected to God through the lineage. All will be done only after you complete the marriage ceremony after becoming internally and externally one with God.

Everybody should be connected and taught. Through this, we can eliminate the concept of enmity between and within religions. People have thought that each religion was going on a different path. Yet, they can now become one and enter the kingdom of heaven together through the same gate.

In order to create a single tradition and culture, people must follow a single ancestor. The path taken by the True Parents is the eternal path.

The central religion is Christianity. It is a family centered on God. An emphasis on family can be found in John chapter fourteen. It explains that Jesus and his disciples are in the position of a groom and his bride. It talks about the parent-child relationship and relationship among siblings. Christianity began centering on familial relationships.

Christianity is the religion that supervises the root of all religions.

It talks about an ideal family around that which can become the bone or mainstream. Other religions do not have the concept of an ideal family. The laws in Buddhism are relative concepts. Christianity developed centering on the family. Thus, the bone, flesh, blood and skin emerged from Christianity.

Three people from each religion must be read forty times. It takes forty days. They are lamenting the fact that they could not hear these words in their lifetime. Who is this Rev. Moon and what kind of truth did he reveal? Has he brought order to the New and Old Testament and glued together that which was splintered? This could not be revealed until a certain form was created; until a lineage emerged after marriage.

You do not know how dreadful the fall was. It is not being partial to teach everything about God's providence centering on the True Parents. His will must be achieved centering on True Parents. Religion and nations must be eliminated.

I have untied everything that was entangled and representative of indemnity and history.

Absolute value cannot emerge from a single point. Two must combine and grow and escalate; that is where value can be found.

120 representatives from each religion are praising me as the savior, the lord at his second coming, the messiah and True Parent. Why are we reading this again and again? It still hasn't become yours. You have to make the Confucians, Buddhists, communists your brothers. They all say that they love True Parents. If they can become one centering on True Parents there would be nobody to despise them.

You can go to heaven only if you resemble True Parents. If you don't you cannot go.

The Islamic people or Jews who study the principle and join (the church) after you may end up leading you.

The most difficult matter in the Unification Church was the blessing. Now, however, we can perform the Holy Wine Ceremony, Holy Fire Ceremony and Blessing Ceremony in all six continents and five oceans. 

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