The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Heaven has answered and everything is done

Sun Myung Moon
January 21, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon November 22, 2011

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

I must finish it now. There is no need to debate forever about those words. You would know whether those words are true just by listening to it. You will know that over 80% of it is true. There is nothing else you need to ask Heaven about. Heaven has answered and everything is done.

Do all of you work at Sun Moon University? Raise your hand if you are a professor. It looks like we have 150 professors. (There are 210.) All of this (the messages from the spirit world) will be revealed in broad daylight. Once you are in the spirit world these people will ask you. You who work in an organization affiliated to the Unification Church, how will you answer them? It will become your problem not mine. Nobody else can solve this for you.

As a counter-measure to this, I have resolve over ninety percent of the reality of the spirit world. There is no need to know more than that in fulfilling your mission and responsibility.

The biggest problem is that the communist are also included in the 120 messages. There are messages from 120 Confucians, 120 Buddhists, 120 Christians, 120 Muslims, philosophers and 120 communists in the spirit world.

There is no way to deny this. We have entered into a time where we can call these people and have them reveal the details of books they wrote but were never revealed.

Did you bring this book? I celebrate my birthday on the lunar calendar. By the solar calendar it will be February 23 this year. Everything will be done by then. So don't ask me anymore. You don't need to meet the smart people or ask questions. Just go to the library and study. Many professors and the so-called smart people have requested a meeting with me, even when I went to America, but I do not feel any responsibility to meet them.

You have come here today because you are a professor but who among you ever welcomed me? Now it is too late. I am already 88 years old. I am an old man of eighty-eight years. I'm sure there are not that many people among your grandfathers who lived longer than me. You thought I was a bad and rotten person or somebody that should not exist in this world. You have to repent for that. When you go to the other world, what you did will be marked on the threshold.

What is the name of this temple? (Cheon Jeong Gung.) Who is here for the first time? (Kim Ok-hee, a nun, raises her hand.) She is someone I know. The Catholic Church is the problem. The Protestant Church is the problem and religion is the problem. Satan is the problem and God Himself is the problem. Who is going to resolve this? The false parent has made it this way thus the True Parent must resolve it.

There is no other way for God and Satan to come together in harmony. It is buried deep within the depth of True Parents' heart. It is now time for this to be done.

This world does not have an owner. To discover the owner you can only do so through the Rev. Moon. Have you become owners of your family? Have you become the owner of Sun Moon University? That is why I am not visiting Sun Moon University. It should be turned upside down.

Nobody can lay a finger on the Unification Church Principle. I will no longer sit still. It has become a time when I cannot stay still. If I do, Heaven will have me accountable. The person with the responsibility must take responsibility. Otherwise, he should be demolished, uprooted or reconstructed.

While I sacrificed on my own until own, billions have gone to hell. Do you think they will be tolerant of the heads of their religion and nation?

Today is January 21 in the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk. The blessing must be carried out by the 24th (of February). The gates must be opened for the children of ambassadors for peace. They say that they sent their children abroad to study and become a decent person. Yet, at best, they are only decent people within the satanic world.

I'm sorry to be saying this to you who are seeing me for the first time. I am the master of this place and you are my guest. A hill can be found within the factors in welcoming a guest -- the factors from the past, present and future. In regards to this hill, there are people who have to go over this hill; those who have already gone over it should turn around and pull them over the hill.

What was the purpose of God's creation? Why did He create a man and a woman? So that they may quarrel and divorce? Can people marry on their own? Was Adam and Eve allowed to marry as they wished in the Garden of Eden? Could they divorce? There are so many obvious questions that though asked cannot be answered.

When the Abel-type UN is established in the future, will Rev. Moon be remembered as a good man or as an evil man or as a very evil man? Think about that. 

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