The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

I was alone without anybody to guide me

Sun Myung Moon
January 19, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon November 17, 2011

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

(After asking the average age of the STF members who participated in Hoon Dok Hae) You are all quite young. Think about what I was doing when I was your age. I was dead serious about the problems in life. I was alone without anybody to protect me or guide me.

Raise your hands if you have been blessed. That's a lot of hands. People who received the blessing should not remain in Korea. You have to go to at least four or seven nations to shed your tears, sweat and blood throughout the world. Only then can you become the citizen of your homeland. If not you won't be able to follow me.

Think about how strong my desire was when I was your age. I abandoned it all and faced a dark world without light. I was struggling alone in darkness, gazing at the earth and pioneering this path.

I took pains to make this book. It is 168 pages. You can memorize all this in a week. Footnotes should be added here so that you can refer to my sermons. I do not have to say anything more.

Children who know their father and who are from their father's lineage resemble their father and mother. All you need to do is know where your original home and parents whom you resemble are, follow the path to it, and arrive there.

The problems in life are in fact not so complicated. All you need to do is be able to call God your real father.

Do not waste time in your youth. When you go to the other world, your history would be manifest as plain as day. Everything you did at a certain age would be shown; what you did in your juvenile years, what you did as a young man, what you did in your prime of life, and what you did in your senior years.

How complicated it is the problems that must be resolved as we approach the last days! It was complicated when I was pioneering and extremely difficult to reach my destination but such difficulties were not the problem. I must now put all of history in order during the next seven years before I go. If I leave it unfinished it would be troublesome for you.

I will be busy in these coming years. Once I go to the spirit world, the time will come when I will hold up the signboard of the past history when relating with you. I have taught you clearly the laws, the principles and way of heaven and earth. Where would you go if you were to deny this?

My birthday will be on February 23. That would mark the end of the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk both in the lunar and solar calendars.

I have practiced all the contents in this book. How many times did I read it?

I was a little late today because I was finish reading chapters nine, ten and eleven.

I go to bed after ten and wake up at one in the morning. There are times when I do not even sleep for an hour. That kind of life I lived will not evaporate into the air. It must become nutrients for your bones and the root essence of your flesh and blood. That is Heaven's will and the reason I have gone through such hardships. Yet, does that seed remain in your minds? Is there anything remaining that can become your flesh and bone?

120 Christians, 120 Confucians, 120 Buddhists, 120 Muslims, 120 Communists! This single book promises the conditions for liberation. There are many words that I must leave behind but I extracted the essence of it (into this book.) You must connect yourselves to it and put it into practice.

You should read it tens of thousands of times and find your answers so that later when you go to the spirit world you can say, 'Thank you Father, there is nothing more to ask.'

Numerous ancestors are working much harder than you. The spirit world has become one. The gates to hell have been opened and destroyed. Satan has been liberated and is ready to help you. It is amazing.

My belief is to leave not a single blemish in my life. While I am in this nation, I will leave a record of three generations -- my time with my son and grandson -- before I go.

Unificationists! How many times did I allow for a special forgiveness? I gave a special grace to allow even a new-born baby to enter the kingdom of heaven beyond the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, Completed Testament Age, and even the era of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam.

The young people know the Will but are intent on living their own way.

All the people who appeared in history are in the other world studying the Principle. They are lamenting the fact that they could not be born in the same age as me. You should know, however, that God's lamentation is much more greater than of those people.

There are still many groups who oppose and do demonstrations against me. I am surmounting that environment covered with layers all by myself.

What day is it today? It is the day Yu Jeong-og relinquishes his position in Japan and Lym Dow-soon takes over.

How will you fill up the differences? I will. I believe that we must make more effort.

The time has come to tie up all loose ends.

You must enter a life in which you can attend God. Forget about the world. The Father imprisoned has yet to be liberated. How desperately he longs to be feed. The saints didn't know that God was in a miserable position because of their failure to fulfill their responsibilities. You must attend God. The great universe must become like one planet to attend God.

I have no attachments to the world. That is why I seek nature. I must return to the era of the past when I searched for the path of truth by myself.

Other people may sleep in comfort but if I wake up in my sleep I cannot fall asleep again. The people in the spirit world are concerned. They want to quickly go to the earth and create a revolution.

I was not able to love my children. They though that the 36 couples were their mothers and fathers. They didn't regard their own parents as their real parents. That is why I love Shin-jun for them. I did everything I could to embrace you who were to be made an offering in the place of death. Such holes must be filled up.

Actually, God was a much more pitiable person than I. God had come this far with the future True Parents of humanity in His grasp.

The providential outlook on history and history itself is correct. There were transitions in history as it developed through the parallel ages.

There is restoration in the providential outlook on history. I have been doing that. That is indicated in this book.

Have you (STF members) ever experienced opposition? Your parents did. You are having it easy. My children, however, grew up as if they were adopted children. That was the path they had to go until we find the nation. You, too, must become the owners of that nation. Otherwise you will not be allowed to love your children. You must love the nation more than your children. Only then will the Cain-type world become a protective fence.

As I put the three generations in order this time, my children have found their places. Heaven can find its place only after we find a nation.

True Parents will sacrifice for their children until the day of their own death. A True Teacher must leave something behind for the disciple he loves most. A True King should leave behind his nation.

Those blessed in exchange marriage will be successful in life. The descendants of people blessed in exchange marriage can be married with my descendants. All others will not be able to be married with my descendants.

If you do not keep your purity you will end up in a dark world beyond the clouds of history.

The people in the spirit world do not lie. They are in regret for not fulfilling their responsibilities as ancestors and are advising you to do better. You should not just listen to what is being read you should memorize it so that you can fluently recite it. If you can do that the people in the other world will come to the earth and attend you.

(At 7:15 AM True Father asks Hyung-jin nim to say something to the STF members. Hyung-jin nim gives a testimony about the ascension of Young-jin nim and its impact on his life.)

Now my responsibility will end. From now on you should memorize these messages and make it your own. Remember a person does not wish his successor or heir to be less than him. In order for you to become True Parents' representative or heir you should become the best of all successors.

Your house should become representative of God's first family. Only then will you inherit the heavenly nation, the tradition of the children of the heavenly nation will begin from you and you will become the new ancestors of the nation and world. Aju! 

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