The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

A record of your life on earth

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae Cheon Jeong Gung
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon November 17, 2011

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

Do not just listen to this message; you should listen to it as if it you're your own and that it is representative of yourself. If has something to do with you, you would take interest in it. If you think it belongs to someone else, it would feel distant to you. Once you go to the spirit world you will immediately meet the people who gave witness (in these messages.)

There will be a record of your life on earth. Every single detail in your life will be recorded in the spirit world.

If you take these words wherever you go, you will automatically be elevated to the highest position. If you ask the so-called learned men or experts in their own field who God is and what kind of person He is, they do not know.

God is absolute but He does not need to be in a position of absoluteness. Absoluteness does not allow for a partner. A relationship cannot be made.

If all the relationships within the human world had a certain framework, it would be different depending on the age and era in history. What is important is what kind of relationships you have with the mainstream.

God is the subject partner. Yet, why did the world, which stands as His object partner, become the way it is today? Who was responsible for this? We who live in the present are not responsible for this. It is the responsibility of the leaders who have bonded historical relationships.

If you wish to know difficulties, you should go to a town and take charge of the difficult things. Who is it that would make that decision and set the direction? That is the problem. Is there anyone in this chaotic world today who can give us direction? Where is the owner of the nation and owner of the heaven and earth? Have you become the owners of your own family? There is no time to discuss your situation and grievances. That is your situation; the circumstances of the universe and history are different. How are you going to create a relationship with God, who created the vast universe? That is the question.

How horrified you would be when you find out that what you thought to be the truth was not when you go to the spirit world?

Your faces resemble your parents. But it does not just resemble your parents but also your ancestors of thousands of generations. Their form is built-in the lineage. A person who has many cells from a lineage of good is related to many good ancestors.

It does not end in a single generation. History goes on for eternity. The question is what connects that eternal bond together?

You can go anywhere with this single book. I am an expert with words. I extracted the core messages of all that I said and made ten speeches. 120 Christian ministers, 1,200 ambassadors for peace and 12,000 ambassadors for peace were assembled with these scripts.

Even this morning, I came to this room after reading chapter nine and ten. I think about how to connect this world with the world that actually feel every day. God's ideal family and the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world! You can take out the words 'peaceful and ideal' from this title. An ideal family leads to the kingdom. The reason I added the words, 'peaceful, ideal world' is because peace is not made, the ideal is not made, and a world is not made. That is why I connected these words together.

Don't you think the people who went to the spirit world would have done research for thousands of years after going there? Brilliant people who left the earth would be supervising a team of thousands of scholars, and comparing notes.

I have done everything that I need to do. You have to know what your responsibility is.

I have taught you but it wasn't enough. It was only now after passing my 80 year, after days, years, and decades later, that I have reached a conclusion and announced it. I have read this thousands of times. During the world tours I read it at least ten times a day. With what in mind did I read it? I read it filled with the zeitgeist of the nation that I was visiting. Without verifying and resolving this I would always be in distress.

I have leave for Geomundo once it is 8 o'clock. Geomundo is a historical base in the ocean. It is a place of scenic beauty.

God is the only person who can make the best partner for me.

Anyone who ever thinks that he is the center is crazy.

What is the origin of the universe? What is God's origin?

You are in unending debt within an infinite realm of protection yet you do not know how to be grateful. God has created the things we need. What is God to us that He would create such an environment?

I have now completed my responsibility for this nation. I have laid the bridge that leads to the world.

Recently 120 Christian ministers and ambassadors for peace were mobilized en masse.

They were revived by proclaiming these words. People are touched and inspired by these words. The people who were mobilized were quite famous in their own nations. Do you think they would just die? Do you think that they would send their children to the Unification Church?

Are you educating the ambassadors for peace on the exchange marriage? Individuals take part in this exchange marriage but everyone should be included.

The children of the heads of ruling or opposition parties, or any ambassador for peace involved in the political realm should be married through the exchange blessing. I have been building that tradition. Nobody in the world can deny this. I have established it.

The reason I tell you to listen attentively to those words (the messages from the spirit world) is because it is the hope of all hopes, the wish of all wishes of these people. You must digest these words and make preparations to teach them. I am the only one who can bring order to all denominations. 

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