The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Mobilize good ancestors

Sun Myung Moon and Hyun Jin Moon
January 16, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung Museum and True Parents Visit to Blue Sea Garden and Geomundo
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Hyun Jin Moon circa 2011

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

From now, the time has come for the good ancestors in the spirit world to be mobilized. Today is the 16th; the 16th day in the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk make yesterday and today as one, day and night as one. (Quoting the Bible) 'There was evening and there was morning.' In the same way the providential era is moving over to an era of great transition.

Any claims to one's religion, whether on the earth or in the spirit world, will be swept away. The historical figures and well-know people who appeared in human history should be brought together centering on the saints and go over to a new world that is organized anew centering on God's will.

Therefore, now is the most difficult times centering on the UN. Korea and all other nations are in a difficult situation. I should help them find their positions. You must understand how amazing and fearful is the mission of True Parents who comes with the kingship of peace. The time has come in which you should no longer observe things from human eyes.

I have to decide whether Korea can become the center of the cosmic kingship and center of heaven and earth. That is why I have to quickly commission this task. Please understand that there are such inevitable circumstances of enabling Korea to find its place. You should not criticize or refute my making haste. You must know that a time is coming that is in need of new determinations.

God wishes in His heart to unearth the difficult elements of Christianity and bring harmony. We should understand His heart and wish for that with even greater intensity.

The spirit world is already unified but the earth is still divided. How will the Unification Church fill up this gorge created by the religious spheres in which they are fighting among themselves?

The spirit world can be perfected on earth and this principle cannot be changed. That is why, the entire spirit world including all the spirit people from different levels should return to the earth and quickly have the people in their nation and tribe be blessed and offered to Heaven.

Though the currents, waves and storms of the world may come crashing to the Unification Church, we will not disappear. Knowing this ahead of time, I continued with my work. The world cannot obstruct us anymore. Everything has been announced to the world. God's will shall come to pass.

Be aware that those who are alive that oppose us shall become miserable. You should make effort to prevent this. Then the spirit world will not be able to accuse you.

The time has come. Hence I will give advice and say everything. The Word has already been declared throughout the world. Those who have a true mind to guide the world will certainly come to study the Unification Principle.

A substance that can bring Satan to natural submission must remain. It will not end until they surrender naturally on their own volition. That is why they must be educated. I have been to every single valley, gorge and dangerous place in the world.

The 1,200 who took part in the world tour would know. People thought that the Unification Church would disappear but now there is not a single person who does not know the Rev. Moon in this world. They are trying to understand my philosophy. They will find out that the Unification Church is rooted in Asia and in Korea and come here.

They should know that I speak on behalf of their ancestors and nation, and that they should align themselves in the right direction and follow me. That is how they can connect with Heaven.

The True Parent is saying these words in a place representing the world; thus you must obey these words and strengthen your resolve.

Who would have known that I had the authority to give orders to the saints in the spirit world? How could I not come forth when the five great saints had already made a resolution and declared it? If I didn't I would be violating the heavenly law. I have prayed for the Unification Church thousands of years from now.

Hyun-jin will leave tomorrow. He is going to hold a rally with the inter-religious ministers. First generation members should not prevent the second generation members from doing their job. You must support them. If the people here can unite with me we can save this nation.

What palace is this? It is the Cheon Il Guk palace. Could I have made this without knowing about Cheon Il Guk? There is a seed. God is not dead.

Do you know how much hardships I went through in order to build that peace foundation? I had to do all sorts of things. I worked my way up, from the position of servants of servants. That is why nobody can oppose me.

How many volumes of that book do we have? (We are printing out 3,000) Don't give them out for free. Sell it. Later one it will cost ten times the initial price. If there is anyone in the Unification Church who does not have this book, he should not be treated as a member.

The following is a summary of what Hyun-jin nim said that day:

True Parents have been victorious throughout the years leading up to 2006. On that foundation, God's providence has begun anew in the year 2007. What is most important is in aligning ourselves to God's providence and to His will.

Like True Parents, who lived solely for the purpose of fulfilling God's will, blessed families must become the owners of Heaven's providence. Blessed families should, in particular, become the owners of the Family Pledges which encapsulates God's will.

How will you proceed from now?

We must lead our lives centering on God's providence. To do so we must understand how True Parents led providence until now, and think about what kind of world they are trying to create.

The Abel UN providence plays a crucial role in moving this world. I have called together the Christian ministers who had taken True Parents' peace message in the recent world tours. I will be leaving for America tomorrow to meet them. Heaven has prepared everything. True Parents live according to the program set by Heaven. Many people are concerned whether peace can come to the Middle East, and long for inter-religious conflict to end. That is exactly what True Parents is doing now. Their efforts have deeply touched the hearts of many Christians and Islamic leaders. 

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