The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Be responsible for building a palace

Sun Myung Moon and Hyun Jin Moon
January 10, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae and the 41st Anniversary of the Founding of World CARP
Cheon Jeong Gung Museum
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Hyun Jin Moon May 23, 2011

True Parents entered the room a little before 5:00 AM with Hyun-jin nim, Hyung-jin nim, Jun-sook nim, Yeon-ah nim. Immediately after entering the room, True Parents and Hyun-jin nim lighted the candles on the celebration cake for the 41st anniversary of the founding of World CARP. The participants sang a congratulatory song as True Parents and Hyun-jin nim cut the cake.

Flowers were presented to True Parents by CARP representatives and W-CARP Korea President Yoo Kyung-deuk offered a gift to True Parents.

Father asked what the average age was of the Hoon Dok Hae participants. President Yoo answered that it was 30, and that most of the participants were CARP leaders and STF members.

Here is a summary of what Father said that day:

We are at an opportune moment. You should be responsible for building a palace. There isn't any need for me to help. Jesus was something of a fugitive during his thirties. I suppose you all are not fugitives, is this correct?

Have you all received the blessing?

(Indicating the participants) These people must be placed at the head. If 1/5 of the human population can consist of children of ambassadors for peace then it will be all over. The father shall become the son; the grandfather the grandchild; and the elder brother the young brother. The world must be turned upside-down.

Once you are in the spirit world, do you think you will all go to one place or to different places? (All participants answer: to one place.) If you wish to go to the same place, you must have a common something that will enable you all to go to the same place. Heaven is vast; there is no knowing where you will end up.

Your body must follow and live according to your conscience's command.

(Referring to the significance and rituals of the Blessing) It is the fragrance of the Unification Church. Without it (the Blessing) the world will perish. What do I get from going through all this hardship? The fruit of my labors continues to grow and get better. Where did the palace come from? Did we do it because we had money and a budget?

Wouldn't you be busy if you had to travel across national borders? You would be busy for sure. I've done things in an instant what would usually take thousands of years. I held 113 rallies in Washington in a year.

We should have faith in Heaven and create the heavenly kingdom. We must naturally sacrifice, invest our time and effort.

What will you do with these people (referring to the CARP leaders and STF members)?

How great would it be if I were about your age? I would have gone to ten nations in a single day.

At 7:20 AM Father instructs Hyun-jin nim to say some words of encouragement to the CARP leaders and to sing for them.

Here is a summary of what Hyun-jin nim said that day:

CARP leaders should be grateful to be here in Cheon Jeong Gung and meet True Parents. They should resolve to make a new beginning and work hard to restore the nation. Now is the time of harvest, to reap the fruits of True Parents' labors. If we fail to harvest the good crops at this time we would ruin our farming work in the next year as well.

True Parents have blessed the young leaders of YFWP and CARP and the second generation members. As Father has said, we should find and appoint even children in kindergarten as ambassadors for peace and expand this initiative. The first, second, third and even fourth generation members of the Unification Church should follow the tradition shown by the three generations of the True Family who went on the world tour centering on True Parents. You should become as one centering on God's will, and on true love, true life, and true lineage to create on great family.

To this Father added:

The ambassador for peace concept which I initiated is very important. You must understand the fact that the invisible God has been working centering on such an idea. If we have text material we should educate babies and children in kindergarten. If we can do that, this tradition will go on for eternity. We must expel Satan from babies. We must eliminate Satan's shadow and have noon-time settlement. You are like an army.

If the Unification Church can become a protective fence for all four generations of a family, wouldn't a baby ambassador for peace grow up to become a kindergarten ambassador for peace, and after going through elementary school, middle and high school, college, obtain his masters and doctorate degree, ultimately become a king of peace? This must be brought together beyond religions and nations. It must continue for three, four and even seven generations. Then anything will be possible in this world. You must come together as one in this way.

Then you will naturally become a victor.

Hyun-jin nim sings "If I can dream" saying:

God's will must unfold centering on the true lineage. This dream is important. 

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