The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

I brought completion to everything

Sun Myung Moon
January 8, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung Museum
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Myung Moon (circa 1973)

The January 8 Hoon Dok Hae took place on the 3rd floor of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum with Father and Mother Moon and about 80 participants.

Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt began the Hoon Dok Hae reading from the messages from the spirit world. She began reading from the message from "Daniel," one of the Biblical figures from the Old Testament Age.

At 5:30 AM, Father suddenly asked for a pen, saying that he needed it to write something down. He then wrote on the booklet before him: "4:42 AM, January 8, 2007 – the commemoration day of the declaration of the perfection and completion at Cheon Jeong Gung."

The following is a summary of what Father said after writing this down:

This incident should be recorded as it is a historical event. I came to this room after praying during which I reached a conclusion and brought completion to everything. This time cannot be lost. The results will soon be evident.

How many have you done? Those who heard the Principle in the spirit world -- whether they are a thousand or ten thousand -- must testify or will be placed in a difficult situation. They will be judged by the heavenly law, the constitution in the heavenly nation. What about the earth? Soon the constitution of the heavenly nation will emerge. The constitution of the heavenly nation will emerge centering on Cheon Jeong Gung. Its laws will be effective the moment it is decided. The Republic of Korea announced its constitution after it was founded. Even if you were not aware of it, if you violate the law you are accountable. Those who are not prepared will be excluded.

The Korean word 'jeondo' (witnessing, evangelism) means the path ('do') that is open wide. Jeolla-do was created by combining Jeon-ju with Na-ju.

Can the Jeolla provinces and Gyeongsang provinces become as one? Can North Jeolla province and South Jeolla province become one? Brothers can become one. But this is not possible. Why? Because of the struggle between mind and body.

The irresolvable problem is that the mind and body within fallen man is in constant struggle. That struggle has begun and continued from the time of the Fall. Who had planted its root? It was not God; it was Satan the devil. That is why the lineage can be fearsome.

Gyeongsang-do was created by combining Gyeong-ju with Sang-ju. Is it easy or difficult to unite Jeolla-do with Gyeongsang-do? Who will remove that wall? The heavenly secrets of the heavenly nation must be revealed. For thousands of years now people have passed away into the spirit world and will continue to do so thousands of years later. Once you go to the spirit world you can recognize your ancestors; yet you will not be able to enter the leadership level of the spirit world. The spirit world is not united. You have to know about its leadership level but what happens to those who do not? They must be educated!

The spirit world was united in an instant. Why is this not happening on the earth?

The Unification Church has the Family Pledge. What is this Family Pledge for? It is an overview of the details of the heavenly way. The central points within the relationship with the earth were linked together thus producing the tenth chapter of the Peace Messages. During the year after the founding of the Universal Peace Federation, I revealed the overall details of world history and linked together the central points to create this booklet. I am the only one who could extract the essence. You only need two hours to read all of this.

Whether they are religious or not, there is nobody who does not know Rev. Moon. The world is what it is because that is how it is in the spirit world.

This morning, I predicted the perfection of the Peace Messages. There is nothing more to do with it. I have completed this task. After I declare the completion of this task, you are linked to the unavoidable, creative, natural, and providential responsibilities that come from this providential outlook from heaven. God is connected; those who have become His children are connected; and God's family, clan, people, nation and world are connected.

To believe is a concept. It is not a reality. It can conform to the real world only if it is aligned in all directions, 360 degrees, centering on something real. These words are not a concept but are real because I have been practicing it until now. God and the spirit world must give testimony to this reality; the providential outlook and history of this world which I illuminated must be correct.

These things should not be said freely. The principles and laws I established must be the one and the same collectively from God's point of view.

Without having a connection, it cannot remain in history. People did not know that the lineage enables things to remain in history.

Those who have come here; what kind of relationship is there between people from Jeolla-do and me? What relation is there between your ancestors and me? They are all different and that is why people are called "individual truth bodies" to distinguish each other.

I proclaimed the Ssang Hab Shib Il number, but this word cannot be found anywhere else. We must create a new encyclopedia called the "Unification Church Principle." It comes from a different cultural tradition. It is a unification culture! What kind of culture can unify the universe? Can it be done with money, knowledge or authority? No, it cannot.

There must be heart -- the heart of a parent, the love between husband and wife, the affection between siblings, and the bond between all nations! There cannot be settlement without the culture based on the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam.

Once you are touched by my words you will never leave (the church) no matter how hard people may tell you not to believe in the Unification Church or tempt you to leave using money, knowledge or fame.

At 7:40 AM, Rev. Hwang went to the front of the room and gave a brief report on the "International Marathon" that took place in Yeosu the other day. The first marathon was held the year before on January 8 and the second one was held yesterday, on January 7. Although it was a local event, it was able to draw the attention of the entire nation to Yeosu which is focused on attracting the 2012 Marine Expo. There were more than 4,000 participants in the event with about 800 challengers who ran the full course of 42.195 km.

After the report, Father said that our mission has now reached a climax worldwide and that if we are successful we could turn the world upside-down. He emphasized that we should be prepared and that the Unification Church would become famous from now. Father also emphasized the need to teach Korean to those who received the blessing. 

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