The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Quickly complete the Blessing in Korea

Sun Myung Moon
January 5, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung Museum and Visit to Blue Sea Garden
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon (unknown date)

The Hoon Dok Hae for this day began with a reading by Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt from the Peace Messages.

True Father spoke intermittently between the readings to explain or emphasize certain points in the message.

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

You must know that it is your unavoidable mission and calling to move the Abel-type UN with the United Nations at the forefront. You must quickly complete the blessing within Korea. The rights of ownership are public property belonging to the heavenly nation; it does not belong to the church.

It was said that Heaven would come from the skies with all its glory and power. For that reason, all possessions must be assembled and concentrated within Heaven's glory and power.

It will be the Last Days when the member states and departments of the United Nations become as one centering on God and take the lead in guiding the world.

True Parents must completely set right the lineage and bring an end to the blood-shed and conflict between Cain and Abel. Such blood-shed will not be allowed under True Parents' authority.

The public road (Peace Highway) will be a sixteen-lane road with eight-lanes on each side. If it is difficult to make this from the start we should plan it so that it will be an eight-lane road with four on each side.

Once that is done, there will be no need for airports or helipads in areas connected to this public road. Airplanes will be able to take-off from this road whether it is from the dead-center or from the side. This road should be of the standard that would allow the overhaul and reorganization of all means of traffic. If it is at that kind of standard, war would be rendered impossible. It should be made so that the religious spheres take a major part in its building.

The Cain-type UN and Abel-type UN must become one and multiply that single ideal family to the world. Once it is united with that peaceful, ideal nation, nothing will be impossible.

You must live centered on this public road. From this public road a second public road must be built. The headquarters of public facilities, stadiums and other facilities, and the center of culture will spread out from this road.

The most difficult task is the blessing. I can bless the United Nations in a single day. We have entered a time in which the UN can be registered and blessed in the heavenly nation.

The door to that time has been opened. Therefore, we have what it takes to become like a locomotive that can go forth heaving all of this, once we are determined. The ideological aspect, the lineage, the Abel-type standard are connected to the Cain-type world and spirit world. It has become a time in which God is leading the way in consolidating the rights of ownership. Therefore, you have to create an environment that allows you to take-off just by making an announcement.

That sums it all up.

You have to go out on an education spree. You must educate the leadership levels.

Presidents, vice-presidents, speakers of the house should be drawn into the realm of the ambassadors for peace.

Ambassadors for peace are in the position of the elder brother to the archangel, and thus can control everything. Therefore, the Abel-type UN nations will lay the legal security measures for organizing structural matters. Who would oppose this? Even Satan would be compelled to assist in this task.

You must attain that liberated world of freedom in which God can guide humanity like He did in the Garden of Eden. God would lead the way. Parents must go forth in attendance to Heaven. It must become a genuine family and nation of filial piety. The Republic of Korea must become the land of the hometown of the True Parents who are filial sons and daughters to God. That tradition would be carried on forever and the era of the peace kingdom would continue on the earth.

The (Abel-type) UN should be quickly established; it must follow all legal procedures. It will become a new Garden of Eden, a restored kingdom of heaven centered on God. This is not a theory; it is an explanation of irrefutable principles and laws.

America must be rebuilt centering on the Abel-type UN. The UN should unite with the command of the king of peace and supervise the nuclear weapons. But before that a highway circling planet earth must be made to allow Heaven to freely go about as it wishes.

Weapons of war must never be transported on this road. Weapon factories must be placed under the supervision of the religious spheres. What was chapter 6 of the Peace Messages? We must connect the realm of science and technology.

Liberation must be proclaimed in God's name. The universe must be managed in God's name. The parents of heaven and earth, the parents of heaven, earth and humankind! True Parents' family shall connect the light inside and out. Your families must be positioned to plant the seeds on behalf of True Parents' family and grow together with heaven.

You will not be able to remain as a family of the heavenly nation without becoming a lineage or three-generational realm that can move in synch with True Parents.

The blessed seed from the realm of the fourth heart must be planted. The messages from the spirit world… You must know the spirit world. Examinations must be conducted now. You have to know about the spirit world in order to enter the peace kingdom belonging to the world of the Unification Church. You have to take a test. If I hadn't known about the spirit world I would have died in prison. That was where I took my test.

(True Father asks Rev. Kwak to pray. After Rev. Kwak's prayer, Father sings "Our Hope" with all the participants.)

(Father talks about the Bering Strait Project and gives instructions to the leaders.)

(Before leaving the room) You must quickly distribute throughout the earth (booklets) regarding the reality of the spirit world. As this (booklet) is already the law in the spirit world, you must have people follow it. There are no national boundaries in God's eyes. You must think of building a single nation that transcends nations. You must deal with the lineage problem and the Cain-Abel problem. 

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