The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

What are the most precious things in the Unification Church?

Sun Myung Moon
January 4, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung Museum
Translation by Kunduk Koh of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han (unknown date)

The first Hoon Dok Hae for the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk took place on the 3rd floor of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum with Father and Mother and about 120 participants including Rev. Chung-hwan Kwak, Rev. Sun-jo Hwang, Rev. Jeong-og Yu, the regional presidents, heads of providential organizations, district leaders of the Korean church, church leaders from southern Seoul, and local staff.

The following is a summary of what Father said that day:

I was hoping to have the meeting continue until today. (It had ended the day before.) There are still many matters that are left undone.

What are the most precious things in the Unification Church? First, there is the Family Pledge. The True Parents must perfect the Family Pledge. Then, there are the peace messages; they are a conclusive yet general outline of what I have said until now. If there is anything in you that does not conform with the messages, your entire clan from your ancestors will face difficulty; all the religions today will face difficulty. The peace messages will liberate your ancestors, the nation, the tribes and family. You should know how precious they are. That is why I was in a hurry to make the booklets. You can teach the details of the peace messages only after reading and understanding the contents yourself.

You all know the Family Pledge but interpret it in the way you please. I have done over 95 percent of the work in the providence until now. You have been following me but are more like my shadow. Without me, nothing can be done.

(Father talked about the providential details which he had envisioned and put into action from the early years of the church, and about the failures of leaders with important roles in providence to fulfill their responsibilities.)

The most priceless thing in the Unification Church is the Pledge! Pledge number 8 talks about the ideal of God and human beings united in love through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. The conclusion: to perfect the realm of liberation and complete freedom in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Who is fulfilling the Completed Testament Age? The Marriage Blessing is given during the time of the "Completed Testament." Would a nation be created just by blessing people?

(At 5:30 AM, Father rose from his seat and instructed Rev. Kwak to read the introduction part of the first Peace Message.)

(Referring to the preface of the booklet) What does the preface say? I've said it all. In chapter 1, 2, and 3, parents must fulfill their responsibility of restoring the realm of three generations. We have entered within the borderline. Did that ever occur to you? That has been the theme for my entire life.

(At 5:35, after Rev. Kwak finished reading the introduction, Father asked him to read from 'Our Mission,' the last part of chapter 10.)

I proclaimed this conclusion knowing that I could evaluate the outlook on world history.

(Referring to the end of the struggle between Cain and Abel) This must be turned upside-down.

It was not the first time I was talking about the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam. I had already prayed about this from when I was in my twenties and thirties. The Lord at his second advent must open the secret storehouse of God's internal world, go into it and understand the ideal world of heaven that spreads out endlessly. Without knowing this he cannot stop the satanic world.

God held a public hearing and there I, in the position of a father above even the saints, explained the principles of creation and principles of restoration, which were something beyond the dreams of the saints.

(Father then recalled his students years, some of which he spent in the Heukseok-dong area of Seoul. Father talked about how he had met Young-hui Kim; how he had led a life mirroring the verses in the poem "Crown of Glory" and with that heart, how he decided not to return to his hometown during his first vacation; how he could not bring himself to take the train from Noryang-jin to Hwa-shin and walked the distance after seeing people begging on the streets during the difficult times under the Japanese imperialist rule.)

Satan made servants out of humanity on the national level. They suffered until the time after the coming of heaven because religion did not fulfill its responsibility.

(Referring to the three-generational ideal family) God had prepared for thousands of years but did not even have one family. In that sense, how the path of the second advent of the Lord was filled with suffering!

I completed the peace messages on November 15 (2006) at Geomun-do (a small island off the south coast of Korea). Geomun-do is important.

You cannot let go of these messages. I have already read them thousands of times.

You must not overlook the contents of these messages as you go about your daily life.

It is about God's ideal family and kingdom. These would have been realized were it not for the Fall. Yet, humanity fell and thus we must do this bothersome Hoon Dok Hae and tongban gyeokpa (breaking through in our local community) centering on our Hoon Dok churches. Have you done this or not?

You must know how precious this is. You must understand that it is more valuable than Father himself. When I went to Geomun-do I felt that the time had come and thus proclaimed the completion of the peace messages in order for them to remain, so that the 'moment' would not just pass by."

The general introduction can be found in the first three chapters. There it describes the things Parents must do. Seventy-four percent of the world's population belongs to the Mongolian peoples. We must complete the blessing of these people.

I have designated the twelve tribes. In the end, the bridging of the Bering Strait remains an unavoidable task we are destined to fulfill. I organized the twelve tribes yesterday for the Bering Strait project. We must span the Bering Strait, fill in the divide between Russia and the United States to promote their unity.

This project transcends ethnicity, nation and the world. Your homeland and the land of your hometowns in history have been registered within the satanic world. Yet, at this time with the emergence of a nation centering on Cheon Il Guk, you must return your hometown -- the mountains and rivers surrounding your hometown -- to Heaven.

That is why the (Korean) missionaries who had gone to the U.S. have returned. Are they here? Why have they not come? Why did you exclude them? They are the center. They must be the first to come here. It is a global era! They are responsible to carry the UN on their backs when returning to Korea. Are you thinking of doing this on your own, excluding them? I'm also something like a guest who just came back after 34 years abroad. When I held the assembly after founding the Family Party what did I do? I did not make a political declaration. I talked about registering the parents' marriage and birth; was that a lie? It was not a lie. The Family Party must stand on that foundation."

In chapter 1, I analyzed everything and explained the providential history, saying that I had to resolve Jesus' bitter sorrow by going to 120 nations. Didn't I perform the coronation ceremony for Jesus' kingship? I had called Rev. Kwak and instructed him to do that. What would have happened if this had not been done? Israel would not have gone over to the realm of heart of the fourth Adam. That is why there was the Jerusalem Declaration, Washington Declaration and the other declaration in Korea. A link to that coronation ceremony had to be made.

Didn't we do the Holy Burning Ceremony at Sun Moon University? That was on August 20. The number twenty centering on the number eight represents one set of two new tens. It should enable the organization to make a fresh start.

Today is the fourth day (of January) in the eighty-eighth year of my life; I must end this by the eighth.

I must step back and make sure I leave no debts behind for the second-generation members.

The new tribal leaders must complete their responsibilities centering on the twelve tribes. The church will be gone; politics will disappear, and the substance will remain. What is that substance? Russia and the United States have been enemies. The historical confrontation between theism and materialism has not been resolved.

The twelve tribes were formed yesterday, but this does not mean that those chosen to be responsible for the tribes will relieve those who were responsible before; you must understand that this is a new organization for the sake of the Bering Strait project.

The most difficult aspect of the Bering Strait project is the national borders. It is the most complicated boundary line among territorial borders and also ideological ones. Once the two nations unite, hell and heaven can become one. That is why all the people of the world and even the spirits must complete this task centering on the Bering Strait in the name of their hometowns and homelands.

It has already been two years since I announced this project. The construction should have already begun.

The responsibilities that we should fulfill are matters dealing with lineage and the Cain–Abel problem. The matter of the lineage which failed to materialize in Adam's family is what entangles everybody both in the spiritual and physical worlds, though those people may number in the billions.

Has there been even a single person who has been free from the grips of the satanic lineage? The lineage originated from a single point but has spread out to cover the history of heaven and earth. That is why it is a problem.

That single day spent centering on Satan spread instantly, bearing the fruit of that seed. For tens of thousands of years, it has spread to wherever human beings dwell. You cannot escape from the satanic lineage. That is why the spirit world and even the earth is under the influence of satanic forces. The Lord in his second advent has had to suffer even after coming to earth.

How can people free themselves from the world? Among enemies there is no greater enemy than the one who takes away by force what belongs to you. Everything, such as the rights of ownership that belonged to God, were taken away.

Chapter 1, 2, and 3 deals with how True Parents had to understand the principles and laws of heaven and earth and thereby re-create true mother. Mother must stand on that foundation of victory, bring the children to natural submission thereby uniting Cain and Abel as one and attend Father. Only then can people return to the source of the legitimate linage. This is a description of the history of re-creation."

"What is this year's motto? 'Eog Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace.' [Cheonju Pyeonghwa Cheon Il Guk Taepyeong Seongdae Eog-mansei]

'Cheonju' is an adjective. 'Cheon Il Guk' is the subject and 'Taepyeong Seongdae Eog Mansei' elaborates that.

In other words, 'Cheonju Pyeonghwa Cheon Il Guk' is the subject over 'Taepyeong Seongdae' and 'Eog Mansei.'

Cheon Il Guk means the sacred reign of peace! It is about living in happiness, dancing and singing in joy.

Eog Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace! Everything is included in this motto. Cheon Il Guk is subject over the sacred reign of peace; of eog mansei; and of cosmic peace."

The lord in his second advent has appeared and perfected himself in order to re-create the True Mother and children. Through this, the time has come when Jesus' age, the age of religion and the age of the union between religion and the government can be united. By establishing a model of the True Parents centering on the family at this time, 120 nations can be made one and religions can be made one. This must be expanded from 120 to 1,200 and to 12,000. Now I can publicly transfer the lineage. Indemnity has been paid and completed for the era before the coming of heaven. We are now entering into a new heaven and earth, the time after the coming of heaven, the time of a liberated and completely freed kingdom of God of the fourth Adam. This brings us to a general conclusion regarding providential history. Satan will flee and therefore the concept of indemnity will disappear.

We had to pray when we were paying indemnity. Two people were needed to pray; the mind and body had to be united. Unity had to be made centering on the mind and body. That is why I began saying that people must complete their dominion over the self before they wished for dominion of the universe. If you move forward with the Principle, the universe will resonate with you. You must be able to feel that.

'Eog Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace.' The sub-title for this is 'Pyunghwa-Tongill-Anchak-Ihhwa-Taepyeong-Seongdae-Haebang-Seokbang-Mansa-Hyeongtong'! [Peace, unity, complete settlement, one harmony, the sacred reign of peace, liberation, complete freedom, and everything turns out as one wishes] That's ten words. Without unity there cannot be complete settlement. Even if you are completely settled, without harmony the sacred reign of peace cannot come about. The sacred reign of peace is where we live eternally with God, completely free and liberated and where everything turns out as we wish.

If you don't quite understand that, there is also another phrase, 'Ilshim-Ilchae-Ilnyu-Ilhaek-Ilhwa-Tongil-Anchak.' [one mind, one body, one mindset, one core, one harmony, unity, complete settlement] This is needed both internally and externally. Take out God from this and everything would split up.

What we have to do know is how to rectify the lineage and complete the blessing. Once we complete the tours (on April 17) by 120 Christian leaders, 1,200 religious leaders, and 12,000 leaders, all done for the purpose of ending the conflict between religion and politics, it will all be over. I'm telling you to finish it all before April."

(Father then talked about the mission of ambassadors for peace. He also spoke briefly about raising second-generation ambassadors for peace, including children in kindergarten, elementary school, middle and high school as well as young adults in university and graduate school.)

Father then asked a number of people to come up and sing. The Hoon Dok Hae for this day ended in a joyous atmosphere of song. 

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