The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

God's Day Midnight Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2007
Cheon Jeong Palace, Chung Pyung, Korea

Eternal Lord, the source of the cosmos, heaven, earth and humankind! The sixth year of Cheon Il Guk, in which You exercised Your subjective authority as the victorious and glorious king, has past. On this morning of January 1, the first day of the seventh year of Cheon 11 Guk, we have ushered in an era through which God's blessings can spread throughout all of heaven and earth and God can relate with the earth as He would have originally and with the authority of the original owner.

All the numbers centering on the numbers from Sang Hab Shib Sung that were under the influence of Satan have been returned and restored to Heaven by designating Sang Hab Shib Sung Il... God, the absolute being, could relate with everything centering on Himself; He is the absolute being, alone in a world without a partner; in the presence of all creation, He enjoyed absolute freedom and had a heart of love that was absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, constituting His main attributes. Still, as He did not have a world that could be His object, God was by Himself and lonely. Father, we learned about these things through the Principle.

God is an incorporeal being in whom the dual characteristics of inner nature and external form are in harmony. In order for God to stand in the position of the owner that can represent Adam and be more than just the center of the physical world, He needs to have within Himself a reciprocal relationship that could represent male and female. Without this relationship, He could not initiate, exist, and be in motion as the source of life in the existent world of the entire universe.

Harmony cannot be created at all on a straight line; it is inevitable that both ends would be placed at a distance. Yet, after centering on four points, five points, eight points and ten points after the three points, God could bring into existence a physical world that can relate to the new created beings. We are aware that this was the great universe that was the hope of our Father's creation.

In the meantime, there was a providential course of raising the True Parent of Heaven. Earth and Humankind as the true subject, as the owner and object on the earth. Yet, in the Garden of Eden, Heaven did not leave behind the words for arranging the preservation of public security, for uniting the red blood cells with the white blood cells and thereby creating a secured realm that could have given protection to the entire course until Adam and Eve were blessed and perfected.\

Adam and Eve were given the commandment to not eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but a security measure ensuring the consequences was never made and thus they fell through an unthinkable process. From the day of the Fall, Heaven and all of the universe began to be disconnected.

The harmonious united realm of God's dual characteristics was to materialize through Origin-Division-Union action. In that substantial form, God was to become the core of the relationship and affinities from the realm of the subject and object partners of all existing beings of creation centering on the main attributes of true love used during creation.

Through the unity of the subject-object, top-bottom, front-back relationships that are absolute as well as unique; unique as well as unchanging and eternal, You assumed a physical form centering on Your incorporeal dual characteristics for the sake of adjusting the ecological environment for all creating beings centering on that single central core. Through this, the separated substantial realms of the father and mother could become as one centering on Your new ideal love.

Consequently, through the course of history of re-creation, whenever a generation among the countless of generations from the first generation was past, [history] would return to a single standard that could be returned to and united [with Heaven]. By developing and completely settling itself at that core which can be connected as far as the limit line, the ideal starting point emerges bringing harmony and unity to the entire created world within that realm of God's love, life, and lineage.

After the completion of the Blessing of our human ancestors the true separate entities of truth can function in harmony and in partnership, representing the historical elements cultivated by God, representing the entire world to which God could relate to, representing everything -- the historical source from God to the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who are God's physical manifestation -- and every being of creation, at that point of emergence.

The great universe moves like one living entity and is like a single branch or tree from a shoot centered on the true love root and origin. In this universe God can reside in the position of the great king which has dominion over the autonomous heaven and earth of one mind and one body, and the position of the lord of glory.

The fact is we lost that Father. Within the history and realm of heart of God who had to go through a course of bitter resentment called "restoration through indemnity," God had designated all beings of creation on top of the standard of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, and our human ancestors as the subject and center representing all things so that He may embrace and forgive the world He was relating to.

From the day that when everything, which longed for that ideal realm, failed to become as one, the history of re-creation was repeated until now. God's incredible endeavors for re-creation, from one to tens of billions of such effort had to be connected together. Ten should have led to eleven, to twenty-one, to a hundred and one, to a thousand and one, and to a hundred million and one.

By doing so, we could become one with that unified realm covering those comprehensive details along with the original, formative source of creation. We thank You for Your grace of persevering until the time when that history of the endeavors for allowing that unity to be made could be restored through indemnity, and that unified realm could be perfected and returned to Heaven through the True Parents.

God's heart was filled with grief and a history of bitter sorrow ensued as God had to deal with an environment in which Satan was independently asserting his authority by separating, dividing and severing the ties between God and humanity; parent and child, husband and wife, the older brother and younger brother, and all the realms of the ancestors, present and future.

God completely experienced, understood and was aware of the history of failure spanning thousands of years from the first family, to the failure of the attempt to restore the nation through Moses, to the repeated failure in Jesus' time -- from the source of these mistakes to the ultimate result of these mistakes.

He sent the True Parents in the truest form to the earth so that the grace of liberation and complete freedom allowing us to aim for a world that can be of one heart, one body, one mindset with God and established at His center in unity and harmony, and the light of life from the God of glory could cover everything from beginning to end thereby allowing use to enter a time of welcoming a new realm of resurrection for all life forms. My thank You for this grace.

There has never been a hometown, a homeland, parent, husband and wife, siblings, a true nation, or true people on this earth. Indemnity was paid for all this, establishing a shining physical realm to represent the hundreds of millions of families of the world beyond the individual family that feel in the past and bless countless families in light of all such situations of sorrow greater than that of Adam.

By doing so, You bequeathed to us the realm of resurrection of the family of an independent and individual realm of truth so that the beginning of the new ancestor could be designated. Through this, we inherited the authority of Heaven's glory and at the same time ushered in anew the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk in which the authority of the owner could be exercised upon the central heaven and earth above the realm of unity that can cover and make use of everything including the authority of the great universe in which the form of the world and everything included in the realm of re-creation, re-production and re-perfection.

Let all the responsibilities of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind until the year 2006 that were not fulfilled be completed, perfected and fulfilled. Furthermore, let the things that Heaven could not reveal be developed and illuminated on its own so that everything can be neatly arranged and on its way of being settled completely.

Let the position of the owner of this era who can bring this all about stand at the summit of the victorious realm of the unity between the cosmos, heaven, earth and humankind. Today we enter the seventh year -- number 7 -- of Cheon Il Guk. We thank the Father for the grace of allowing us to be immersed in the grace of liberation, the realm of freedom, liberation and release which allows us to exist in tune with God's respiration and pulse of life along with the numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and the numbers from Ssang Hab Shib Sung, the 360 plus days centering on the four seasons.

God's sovereignty has now been established on the earth. Cheon Il Guk, which can become the peace kingdom of heaven and earth and cosmic peace, has manifested itself. This was possible based on the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience upon with all existence was created from beginning to end.

Everything that was distorted by the false parents will he swept away and with the authority of life of True Parents' true love resurrected anew, each and every layer will be stripped away, each and every kernel and core coming from that inner single point, the focus of the pulse that can breathe in the deep pulse of the universe, will be expanded from the source of the rotational movement to the great motions of the universe. We have entered a time when all of heaven and earth can independently move or remain still together in synch with the pulse of love.

In the meantime, God worked through the providence so that the lineage of God's life could be connected. On that foundation, He planted and nurtured the seed. The entire life of the True Parents was set in accord to the standard of indemnity over five stages -- indemnity from the era of the individual, to the era of the family; tribe, people and nation so that everything that was planted by the false parents throughout the historical eras until now could be indemnified.

Everything planted by Satan's lineage bore fruit on the national level and began from an imperfect state. In terms of the realm of eggs, it is similar to the case of an unfertilized egg which could not become a fertilized egg. The injection of the sperm that was nurtured from the core of love that resides in God and encompasses tens of billions of years, which could have become the core of the fertilized egg, began but did not reach the egg into which it could completely settled down and produce the fruit that would allow True parents' lineage to be established.

The Cosmic Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have perfected the authority of the physical True Parents in this world. On the foundation of love of their blessings, they could have many children and to them hand over the twelve tribes, rallying them together toward the ideal authority that connects each group, clan and nation in the Blessed world of 72 people and over 120 people within the third generation.

In that position representing the world, the protected authority of God's victory has been received as we send-off the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk under that realm of liberation and complete freedom of making a new beginning under privileged rights which allows heaven and earth to be revived and grow, and to stand in a position that encompasses the realm of the object that is above and below and capable of bringing together the numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 which can perfect Cheon Il Guk.

In that position of the owner, the rights of existence of everything within the realm of heaven and earth can establish its original form that has been repatriated before that single standard even if it goes beyond 10 to 100 million to 100 million-and-1 and to eternity. All the senses which breathed within the united realm in which one mind, one body and one mindset is established follows the circuit of the original standard which flows like the veins and arteries of our pulse so that we may be mobilized toward the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth.

The motto for this year and today is: 'Cheonju,' say 'Cheonju,' 'Cheonjul,Pyunghwa' [Pyunghwa]. There is something that must be left in the universe. In the reciprocal relationship centered on true love -- within the left-right, front-back relationships -- harmony and unity is created through the harmony through give and take with one's partner. Through this, a world of one harmony, completely settled centering on the physical realm of your original ideal, will be created on the earth and carried beyond the realm of liberation and complete freedom.

As the nation at the Canter and core of the Cheon Il Guk federation of the cosmos, this will lead to the liberation of the homeland that will enable us to declare the complete liberation of al nations and the complete release of the entire universe. Furthermore, we can now designate and proclaim the day of declaration enabling the liberation of the cosmos and surrender of the realm of heart of the world of the 4th Adam to be brought together from this point on and mobilized again.

The perfection of the earth must now be fulfilled on the earth; it cannot be perfected in the spirit world. Consequently, all the ancestors who have gone to the spirit world, who were connected to the flesh of Lucifer, the elder brother, Lucifer, the father in the place of the physical body that Adam lost, can be engrafted to the realm of True Parents' heart and Blessed.

Through this, all the ancestors in the spirit world who now are in the position of the elder brother and father to the archangels have become the sons and children of the True Parents. All 300 billion ancestors in the heavenly world who were Blessed should from this day on become as one in harmony with their ancestors above, horizontally with the world horizontally and vertically with the descendants centering on these ancestors, who were in the position of the servant like the archangels that were attendance to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

The spirits in the spirit world should become as one in harmony with the families Blessed centering on the physical Adam on earth. Through this, the positions of the elder brother and younger brother, child and father, grandfather and grandson shall he reversed.

On the foundation allowing for this new 360 degree transition, a new history, rotating clock-wise from the right to the left, shall begin from the first day of the first month on behalf of all things. Through the link connecting the core to the world of the core of the cosmos, all this has been carried into the age in which all blessings can be governed, where God can exercise and assert His autonomous authority based on one mind, one body, one mindset and one core.

In True Parents' name I allow the restoration of this new heaven and earth which enables this transfer so that history can make a new beginning centering on the united realm based on the solidarity of all things.

Let the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind become as one. Let everything from the beginning of creation, which has been the desire of the mind and body, to the world of the end of restoration be turned around.

The kingdom of the peaceful reign and liberation can begin and advance within the countless days of eternity returned to heaven from the single day of the beginning of eternity beyond morning and evening, year after year, and the world.

In the new morning of the New Year today, this we proclaim to the entire universe and all the realms on earth and in heaven in the presence of the Parents of Heaven and Earth who had made this possible.

All existing beings of creation could manifest as a single being united as one as an entity of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in according to True Parents desire. Let all this be brought in including everything that was taken away from Heaven and returned by 2013.

Until this day, let us pour all our efforts and devotion to urge and press for the liberation arising from the fulfillment of the goals proclaimed on this day. Let us advance into the time of the autonomous realm of freedom in which the fulfillment of the goals is completely realized. This I report fervently, earnestly in True Parents' name! Aju Aju! Aju! Aju! Aju! Aju!

Let the owner of the living room in which the father and son can live together emerge! In gratitude, I pray that Heaven's blessings be with you forever. All this I pray in the name of the True Parents. Aju! [Aju!] Let everything be freed!

All then offer a bow to True Parents, then to the members of the True Family. Father writes the motto for this gear: "Eog Mansei for the Sacred Reign of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace."

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