Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2007

Midnight Prayer at the Original Palace and Museum

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2007 - 12:00 Midnight
Chung Pyung, Korea

Father entered with an orange colored men's Han Bok (Korean Traditional Clothing) and True Mother wore a beautiful pink Chima Chogori. True Parents came in with True Family at 11:54 and briefly sat in the central chairs while the congregation gave a traditional Korean greeting. Then at 11:59 True Parents stood facing each other and holding hands - ready to bring in the New Year with prayer. 1200 gathered at the Original Peace Palace and Museum. 10,000 gathered at Chung Pyung's main hall and watched by closed circuit TV.
This is a rough simultaneous translation and can only give the "spirit" of the prayer.

Dearest Heavenly Father,

You are the God of harmonious unity of subject and object. You set up a special security around your ideal in the Garden of Eden through your word. However, after the fall there was no security and immediately all aspects of the universe drifted apart and out of harmony.

As a being of the Origin, Division and Union action your core attributes are absolute, unchanging, unique and eternal. All aspects of the creation however did not completely inherit and establish these core attributes because of the fall.

Through the substantial being of man and woman in unity you were going to create the substantial realm of True Love. After the fall you went through the long sad history of countless generations in which you suffered in deepest pain searching for that substantial being who could fulfill your divine ideal.

Now through the completion of True Parents and three generations of True Family, we have returned to the ideal and because of that your substantial dwelling on earth is created. Now the light shines to all the creation and all things are coming back into harmony. Now all beings are able to draw together in harmony as individual truth bodies because your love and light shine through to all creation through the fulfillment of your ideal family. Now the trunk, the branches and the leaves can grow. If the original ancestors could have stood with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience they could have unified heaven, earth and mankind. Because of the fall all the relationships were severed and broken.

However Heavenly Father, you never wavered from your original purpose that must be fulfilled -- to create the true family as your dwelling place of True Love. Now we rejoice in that we have reached the stage in which your ideal has been completed and your light can now shine out and all creation is being revived and unified. There was no hometown, no tribe, no nation, no lineage, no ideal family. At the stage we are at all of that is reversed and restored through indemnity and now the realm of resurrection is touching every part of creation. This is created through the harmony of the True Parents of heaven, earth and mankind.

It is now 2007 the 7th Year of Cheon Il Guk , we have 6 years until we reach 2013. We must complete all of the central providence and realize perfected True Love on a global scale. Let grace, liberation and freedom shine throughout all creation and humanity. Now God's Sovereignty on earth is forever established. Let everything that resulted from the false parents be erased so that only a realm of goodness emerges. The internal truth will be revealed. Let the victorious lineage of heaven be planted -- everywhere in each and every family.

True Parents life course was to eradicate all evil and establish goodness. Let the 72 Tribes rise up and may all bear fruit. All that belong to you must bear fruit. Let all come together in one mind and one heart. Let us march forward to the one ideal of the Cheon Ju Pyung Hwa. The realm of heavenly tranquility and peace.

Let Heaven now touch everything in all directions up, down, right, left, front and back. Let us now create the world of liberation and freedom. Let it bring liberation of the homeland. Now the time is at hand.

Thank you heavenly Father for your victorious realm of love and fulfillment of the ideal.

AJU !!
AJU !!
AJU !!

Then True Parents wrote the motto for the year in beautiful calligraphy.
MOTTO FOR THE YEAR - Unofficial !!! Rough Translation - just for your understanding - not for distribution -- Official version coming out in a couple of hours.

Dr. Peter Kim announced a rough translation - Ok Mansei for the era of sacred tranquility for the Cheon Il Guk realm of Cosmic Peace. NOTE - still unofficial - please wait for the official translation.

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