The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Happy God's Day - Morning Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2007
Cheon Jeong Palace

It's a happy New Year's Day. Is my face beaming or gloomy? [You look happy.] You would he quite aware of that. An audience can be fearsome. There are all sorts of people in the crowd looking at you!

Six-thousand years have passed. The number six has passed. The sixth year of Cheon Il Guk was a year of hardships. Just because it was Cheon Il Guk does not mean that it would be a year God could enjoy. Through the six thousand fallen years, the enemy has endured through the lineage...

You must be aware of a thing called collective responsibility. What is personal responsibility? You may have a parent directly related to you who can protect you. You may have siblings who can protect you, but they cannot protect you from your collective responsibility...

Which would you like better, a person who does not express joy at the coming of a new age or a person who likes the coming of a new age? [We rejoice at the coming of a new age!] The person who can rejoice at the coming of a new age would never shirk his collective responsibility. If things changed ten times, he would be there in his place all ten times.

If, for example, you go to elementary school, which has six grades, and pass through first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades, the name of the school would follow you around. Do you understand? ...

If something goes wrong, he should be able to say, "It was my fault. It happened because I failed to set a good example." A person should take incidental and collective responsibility. How great would it be if people had that kind of guts? But they don't!

I have been opposed by the entire world. There was not a nation or religion or school or ideology that did not persecute me. In the Republic of Korea alone, eight political administrations opposed me.

To take up the collective responsibility of the Unification Church faith, you must become of the same clan, a member and of the same blood. You must become like my twin embryo. The desire of parents, siblings and kings lies in having you seek this out, take collective responsibility, become a guide, open the door for those who pioneer, remove obstacles and make the path comfortable for those who come later, even if that allowed you to overtake them in getting closer to Heaven. The conclusion is feasible...

What I said fifty years ago is now being realized. There are some among the people that I meet who say that they had already met me -- even before I was born. Do the young people even know about such mystical facts? You good-for-nothings! Don't you think God would have made such preparations?

He prepared for tour thousand years to send Jesus. That is how the Messiah came to deliver you from death and create the nation of the Lord among all the nations through joyful restoration. Just thinking about this should make your stomach full and give you strength in your activities...

How old am I as of today? Mother! [Laughter] Mother! [Yes?) How old am I? ['Thu will be eighty-eight on your next birthday] When you say eighty-eight, it connects to ninety. Once you reach eighty-one, you enter the realm of ninety rather than that of eighty...

If we are called into action, would Mother be at the head or Father? Women! Would Father be the one fighting and Mother the one being gentle? Answer! I see that there are a lot of women here today. Those who love Mother raise your hands! Then you should answer me first.

Does what I'm saving seem like what would come from an old man, eighty-eight years old, who may die the next day and be lying in the bottom of a coffin, or from a young darling boy of hope just born and who might live for tens of thousands of years? [A young toy] [Applause]. Well, I should be the one applauding! ...

Song Yong-chul! Come here with your wife. What she says about the activities in Europe is reliable. What he says is a little bit unreliable. [Laughter] I would like to hear a report from your wife.

Mrs. Song:
Whenever True Parents give instructions to us, our leaders and members (in Europe) would wonder "Can we really do this? Isn't this impossible?" In the beginning, they all have these thoughts. But in our hearts we believe because it comes from Father..

If you have faith and take action, everything will turn out as you wish! [Applause] It's easy, very easy.

Mrs. Song:
When we acted with faith, we have seen miracles happen everywhere... For example, Father could not visit England for twenty-seven years and Germany for twelve years, and because of this some European members somewhat lost their fighting spirit. We had thought, "No matter how hard we pray True Parents are not able to come. What hope do we have?" However, to attend True Parents in person is the goal of our faith. In 2006, we must surely...]

Surely! Say it. [Surely] Wow, you're so loud, the roof might blow away. [Laughter]

Mrs. Song:
The goal of our faith is in recovering Father's name and reputation in Europe. With that standard, we worked so hard. Then True Parents did come and bless us, and stayed in Switzerland to bless anew the European providence. As a result, we were able to obtain victory in the court, in England and also in Germany's Supreme Court. Their final verdict was that there is no legal reason that Father cannot visit Germany; and the government had no basis to stop him coming. [Applause)

Okay; the verdict has been made. You can stop speaking now. Be happy and sing a good song for us. [Laughter] Your husband doesn't need to sing. [Laughter] You should inspire him, so that he will start dancing to your song, without his realizing it.

She's a fascinating lady. You don't know how interesting she can be. [Laughter] Sing loudly! [Rev. Song and Mrs. Song sing a song.]

Shin-joon! Where is Shin-joon, my grandson? [He has gone upstairs.] Aigo! If there are a lot of people when Shin-joon is here, he gets very excited. Then he butts people and sees if they like it or not. He claps his hands so hard and winks, but how many people really enjoy it? Are their mouths opened or closed? I'm saying those whose mouths are closed should he punished. [Laughter] Do you understand? When Shin-joon is here and claps his hands and winks, if you open your mouth and stick out your tongue even if you dislike it, he will be quite happy. Then he will bring a box or pack of goodies I bought for him and give them all away. He really resembles his grandfather -- so much so that I feel sorry. [Laughter]. It's true.

If you go to the Wonjeon, isn't there a grave for my great uncle Yoon-gook? [Yes] He was an important figure in the March 1 Independence Movement. He was well versed in the books of prophecies. He was more learned in Confucianism than anybody else, and he was well educated in Chinese history. He knew about all the prophecies ever recorded... I was quite fond of that old man. He was very handsome -- more handsome than I am. He was tall. He would tell my grandfather, his older brother, not to make me study; that I shouldn't be studying. He said this despite the fact that he knew what Confucius and Mencius had said, about the affairs of the world, how to judge people from a Chinese outlook on history and about the strengths and weaknesses of the prophets. He said that out of concern that our household would perish. He didn't want to die within his limited life span during Japanese rule. He was that kind of person.

He spent two years and eight months in prison -- the same length of time that I did later -- and was branded a criminal. He would have been eliminated from this world. Yet he was given a suspended sentence for I don't know how many years. He was driven out and was on the run for thirty years without knowledge of his children or relatives. After Korea was liberated, he returned to his hometown, which he had not been to in thirty years, when he heard that I was in town. That's the kind of person he was.

That grandfather cannot be excluded from the list of patriots who offered their lives for their homeland and nation. There's no knowing how many patriotic acts he performed. I will not speak of it. I will not forget the things he taught me about the orders that were quietly given to move the independence army about raising funds for the provisional government in Shanghai. I am telling you these things for the first time.

So, his sentence was suspended, but he could not return to his hometown for thirty-two years... How much he yearned for his hometown though he was unable to go there! Yet he was aware of the people he'd left behind, his elder brother, his friends, his clan, his wife and children...

How many days shall we stay here? You will have to stay here for at least three to four days, whether you like it or not. If you leave, it will be as if "My lord who has left me..." [Laughter] Your legs will feel broken before you go ten, even five, kilometers. [Laughter] It's true! Such a time has come. Your ancestors will not leave you alone. The time has come for me to offer such prayers.

I will send Jesus now and gather representative teachers centering on the hundreds of Christian denominations, and educate them more than I have the 120 Christian leaders I called recently. If needed, I will call three times that number, 360 leaders of denominations, and give the command for the entire spirit world to follow. If I tell them to take down their church sign, resign from their positions, give up their titles, and put up the Unification Church sign instead, under my name, would they do that, or not? Is it possible, or not? [It is possible.]

All you need to do is mobilize them. Now you can mobilize even your ancestors. You have something that enables you to do that. So even if you do not know where your grandfather died, you can ask in prayer. Where is the location? This can be revealed to the earth.

The patriotism displayed by such people who have such deep emotions on earth is similar to the patriotic mind of Heaven, which works for the liberation of the fatherland. Such people who are buried in the ground, unknown to others, in the end will be revealed through history. That is why they will reveal to you the location. It's the same for me, too. I've suffered a lot in order to establish Cheon Il Guk, right?

Through thousands of generations of history using historical people, God has tried to turn around and restore everything in one generation that which was perpetrated because of the failure of false parents. Just as everything was corrupted in a single moment, so everything is being restored in a single moment, in my one lifetime. Even so, if it takes a number of years, it is a very shameful process. It's really a pity that it has to take a whole lifetime...

Jesus prepared from the age of twenty-seven. Three times nine is twenty-seven, right? In order to indemnity the number nine for each of three ages, Jesus took up the challenge at the age of twenty-seven and then -- twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three -- over seven years, he intended to achieve victory. The problem is that it all collapsed in the end. That has to be indemnified, right? You understand that, right? [Yes. we understand.]...

With old people, their minds and bodies don't fit together exactly; so they lose energy and become inactive and slack. Young people, however, have explosive minds, and their bodies reflect that. If they die, they cannot give up and something happens. Whether they are going to live or die they simply have to take up the matter and decide. I am a rather impatient and hot-tempered person. I don't have the character to just entrust a job to someone and wait for the result. I have to get out and do it myself...

There was really no other way except that the Garden of Eden be there, in one place, where there was a flat plain. There would have been ponds, and there would have been saltwater as well; it would have been a green area, like a greenbelt, because there would have been water, and there also would have been forests, etc. Everything would have lived in that single garden. God would have wanted to live close to the things that He had created out of the love He felt.

If Adam asked God, "Why did you create this in this way?" Do you think God would have told him or not? Would Adam have asked, "Why do the females follow after all the male creatures we see here?" You women, answer me! Would he have asked that, or not? [He would have asked.]

As Eve gradually matured, rather than asking God and having Him explain everything, she would have turned to Adam, asking, "Hey, the archangel really likes me. Don't you like me more than the archangel does?" She would have said that to Adam. That was really rather thoughtless. Up until that point, Adam didn't worry at all, thinking that God was protecting them. He wasn't anxious. At that time, did he make some kind of contingency plan? Did he take some kind of security measures to protect the situation, use some kind of secret organization? No, he simply trusted that things would go well.

In fact, he naively trusted too much! There were three archangels, he could have had each one look after Eve for four months at a time, over a year. Why did he just entrust Eve to that archangel completely in that way? You see? That's what I'm asking. He didn't take any security measures at all. In the Unification Church, up to now, I haven't established any kind of security measures. We need to have people involved in this.

To this day, you Unification Church members have just had to put up with all the insults and slander thrown at you, right? Moon Lan-young also had to go through a lot of tribulations...

You have to believe in your daughters. If you were to believe in me alone until you die, what use would that be? Wherever you go, no matter what happens, come to me and tell me about it, about all those difficulties and challenges. Do you think I would tell you to stay away?

Have I ever said that? Hey, Pak No-hi is here! You didn't like Moon Lan-young, did you? You thought she was too short, right? [No, I liked her.] You're only saying that because you don't have much choice now, right? Would you just kill off your own children? Aren't you going to open your heart to her now? [Laughter.]

[I liked her from the start.] Let's ask. Hey, Lan-young! Did he really like you? You had to negotiate, didn't you? Didn't he say he wouldn't bribe his own bride? Moon Lan-young, well, she has Moon blood, so she is a pretty tough customer... If she puts her mind to catching something, she just won't let go, even if she has to cut off her own legs. Right? I mean, over the years, you've seen that, right? [Yes] She can be difficult sometimes, right? [Ah, yes, sure.] [Laughter.]

In the Unification Church, I'm just like the dad, so I know all the defects, all the cracks and crannies. I know exactly how that rascal acted, and what he said when he got married. I'm aware of his relationship with me, too. I cannot forget that he is connected to me. That's what it's like for a parent, for a teacher. It's the same thing for a king, too.

You poor Unification Church men! You don't get treated well by your women, do you? What's it like for you? You, here? Does she take good care of you? Your wife is very smart, and she doesn't really try to take much care of you, does she? [No, she treats me pretty well.] How does she take care of you? [Laughter] Does she press her lips to yours? Lips -- hers and his -- have to press together everyday right? What could he better than that? Besides that, though, does she feed you okay? Does she pick you up and carry you on her back if you are drunk? She doesn't really do much to take care of you, really, right? [Laughter]...

[Father says the motto, phrase by phrase, in Korean] Cosmic Peace! [Cosmic] Cheon Il Guk! [Cheon Il Guk!] A sacred reign! [A sacred reign] Eog Mansei! [Eog mansei!] [Applause.]

What does it mean? If we work with the Universal Peace Federation, this will become the main theme underlying the work we Unificationists do from now on. The name Cbeonju Pueong-buy Yeorrimp [The Universal Peace Federation] refers to the land and house that God can live in. People have not risen to that standard yet. The name means the house, the earth, the land (with the creatures) that God can dwell in. All of these have a collective responsibility toward the house that God created...

So who would you like better? Someone who is really proud of himself, or someone who receives a lot of praise from others? Most people don't like to praise someone who is always bragging about himself. Everyone else tells people who are not meek and humble, who think of everything as being centered on themselves, to get out of the way. And everyone tells people who go outside of themselves, give to the whole and increasingly invest for the public good, to go higher, and higher, and higher, and receive the greatest blessing that the world has to give. You should remember that even God likes that kind of person! Aju! [Aju!] Will you become that kind of person? [Yes!]

Is the term "cosmic peace" an adjective? Which part is the subject? We can say "the sacred reign of peace in Cheon Il Guk, the realm of cosmic peace." What sacred, glorious reign are we talking about? [That of Cheon Il Guk!] Even if we have Cheon Il Guk, if we do not have the ideal God originally had in mind for the creation, an environment where we can live together with God. Cheon Il Guk doesn't help us at all, Because we don't have what we need in the environment.

It is just as if someone became a beauty, but instead of having natural beauty, she has to make great effort to decorate herself like a beauty. It doesn't matter how good any Cheon Il Guk is if it doesn't include all that should be in the kind of house that God wants to live in, that is, the ideal He envisioned at the Creation.

It has to be the kind of place that anyone would want to visit and see once he had heard about it. He would want to live there, have his sons and daughters live there for eternity and have his friends live there. It has to be the kind of place where no one could help wanting to live, where people's hearts are drawn to find a home.

We have to fix this point firmly in our memories: Giving this heart and making love shine is actually the ideal environment of God's creation, the ideal of cosmic, universal, peace and of the creation! All the beautiful reality of that country all of that is the full and complete ideal, such that anyone who sees it cannot help longing to be part of it. That kind of ideal place, that is the sacred, glorious reign of cosmic peace in Cheon Il Guk!

What is taePyung [Literally: Great Peace]? The source and beginning of the reign of peace, of a great unifying, that is what we call taePyung. TaePyung means that if you want to become one, for all of you to become one, first you have to make peace. You have to create harmony. If you cannot make peace and achieve a flat, even, horizontal plane, or if the horizontal plane does not exist, the vertical plane cannot come into being. In other words, peace and unity are a pair, a single set. Do you see?

Which part then is the center? Is unity the center or is harmony the center? Is the vertical the center, or is the horizontal the center? [The vertical is the center.] Yes, the vertical is the center. If you ask, where does that vertical come from, the origin of peace comes from the home where people live with and attend God, who is the source and origin of universal peace. If you think about it in this way, it feels pretty good, don't you think? [Yes.]

In this sense, what we mean by tarpycong seongdae [the glorious reign of peace] is a truly wonderful age, a truly wonderful world, in which happiness can continue forever and ever, without end. [Tarpycong seongdae is translatable in various ways, often as "glorious reign of peace"; in the 2007 motto, it was determined to translate the word literally as "sacred."] The sacred reign of cosmic peace!

And that's not all. What's next? Eog mansei! Because we love that sacred, glorious reign of cosmic peace, we say, "Eog mansei!" [May it last forever!] Over and over again. We can live together for a hundred million years, proud in the authority of joyful liberation! Eog mansei! That's what it means.

So, everyone, what is the main thing that we are teaching in the Unification Church nowadays? In the one universe, there was one true origin. What is that origin? It is heart or mind. If there is one heart, if there is one mind, there has to be one body, one object. In a world without subjects and objects, there cannot he any joy, freedom or happiness.

When the Israelites moved to Egypt, how many of them were there? Seventy- two! Jacob's relatives numbered seventy- two. Of course, that included his twelve sons, but the question is, why wasn't Esau included when they went to Egypt? All of the twelve sons went, but Jacob's own brother, Esau, was left at home. When Jacob's offspring saw this, do you think they would have asked their elders about it? Would they have just kept quiet? What do you think? It is certain they would have asked about this.

All twelve brothers [Jacob's sons] were together, including Joseph and Benjamin. But Esau was actually Jacob's twin brother, wasn't he? When Esau didn't show up, is there any chance that Joseph's father [Jacob] didn't know? Would people have asked about it, or not? If Joseph asked his mother or father about this, would he have been asking because he would have wanted him to come, or because he really felt, "He didn't come. That's great!"? He would have asked with the heart of wanting him to be there.

How hard Joseph must have worked as the prime minister of Egypt, the representative of the Pharaoh! After seven years passed, there were seven years of famine -- Joseph had prophesied about that. By preparing for all of that, he became someone who could be respected, whom the whole nation could welcome. And together with his brothers, he could enjoy that environment of welcome, mingled with all the hopes that his parents would have had, and with the kind of foundation all his ancestors would have hoped for. How wonderful it must have been! How truly wonderful! The question then is, why (after having come all the way to Egypt) did the Israelites have to leave again? Why?

It wasn't their own homeland. In your homeland, there should be brothers and parents and also your ancestral graves. That's a homeland...

Kang Hyun-shil, what country are you from? [I'm from Korea.] What year is this? [It's the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk.] Well, then, what nation are you from? [I'm from Cheon Il Guk.] Why did you say you are from Korea? (Laughing.) [Korea is the fatherland of my faith, though.] When you think about the homeland of your faith and Saint Augustine, even though there are many Kangs living in Cheon Il Guk, we still need Kang Hyun-shil. You've focused on Korea up until now. I never think very much of having lived in Korea; I don't take much pride in that.

[Sorry. I'll think that I'm from Cheon Il Guk now.] [Laughter] You are going to? Well, whatever! What do you need to change for? It's up to you. Is there something wrong with doing what you want to? It's up to you.

Well, anyway, that's what a homeland is. During their life, we can see that each person has a nation, a homeland. After growing up, you start to realize that even before you were concerned about these things, your life included a myriad of relationships based on all the connections made by your ancestors. We should think that such collective relationships are truly amazing and precious. We should understand them as a kind of event, something that enables us to overcome significant historical eras.

Okay. Today we should think a bit about the past. [To Kang Hyun-shil] Briefly tell the story of how you were witnessed to. Tell a bit about your life as a wanderer, like Kim Sakat. [Sakat is the name of the traditional, wide-brimmed hat worn by Korean men. The name Kim Sakat comes from a song about a historical man who cursed someone he later found to be his grandfather. For that reason, he always wore the wide-brimmed hat, preventing him from seeing heaven. Father is comparing only his wandering life with that of Mrs. Kang.] Then sing the song "Kang Sakat." [Yes, Father.] How many precious memories arise from the historic era in which we lived; how many difficulties and tribulations we have overcome! Yet, I am still around. Because you always overcame, holding on to your connection with me, the more time passes, the better and more interesting all those memories become.

If you think about it, we have been waiting for that kind of historic quality in our lives. Every year, every day, we have that connection of heart from those experiences. Don't think lightly about those past days. Be grateful that you could be introduced to things you would never have otherwise heard about. Listen to these stories with the heart that it would also have been good if you had had similar experiences. Okay! Tell your story now, Mrs. Kang, for a short time. You are speaking instead of me. [Yes, Father.] I'm going to take a minute's rest...

Excerpts of Mrs. King's testimony:
...Father didn't use money for himself, for his own situation, but for God's will; he invested it in places that would accomplish the will. Do you see? He started with the paintings that Mr. Kim Won-pit painted. He did that for a while...

Wasn't that Won-pil I saw a moment ago? [Yes, he is just over there.] Won-pil, stand up please. Here he is the painter from those old days. [He's really been through many hardships, actually. I'm always thinking about him...] [Applause]

Mrs. Kang
... In those days, Mr. Kim always wore a uniform from the American base, rather smartly. In the mornings, he never spoke at all. Nothing. Even though he didn't say anything, he still has a lot to teach you. He is the kind of person who can move other people's minds even without words. I don't know about everyone else, but I really respect Mr. Kim.

I respect him, too. [Applause]

It looks as if it's about 12 o'clock now. Why don't you stop here; and I'll say a few words. Listen well, everyone. Even to this day, Unification Church members have focused on me, looked at me, and have dropped everything to come to this movement. There are many events and behind-the-scenes activities and situations that people do not understand the Principle just cannot fathom. Amazing, incredible things have occurred. I'm just one person, and I have been living all this time, and so many people have joined this work because of me. Imagine what would have happened if I had never been here. What do you think?

Now, I am eighty-eight years old. Pretty much, I've lived a reasonable life. Wanting to live longer than this is somewhat greedy. So now, what has to be done by me on earth ... I have gone over the border, as it were, and moved beyond that. If we take our message, the Principle, out to the world, it really won't take much time; it's inevitable that the world follow behind us and take up the path we have been following.

Why? Because whether we are talking about logic, or ideology, or systems, the depth of the content is too great for the world to reject it. Furthermore, there are many experiences we have all undergone in our lives of faith that people simply cannot take away. This doesn't mean I am retreating. Rather, all the preparations are in place for us to move to a bigger stage, where we can do even more activity. Therefore, even if you stir up even greater problems, the spirit world will be able to digest and manage them. That's how I see it.

By way of conclusion, simply because of me, one person, so many people have come here. That's true of the Japanese too, isn't it? To come and see your teacher, you have traveled all this way. You don't know how long your old, gray teacher will remain on earth, so you want to see him at least a few times more and create your own memories. There are some people here, many people, who have come with that thought in mind.

From now on, what is it that you have to do? What is the revolution you have to bring about? What is the transformation that you have to accomplish? The fact that you have believed in me and followed me, means that if you testify to this, become historical witnesses to the facts, at any time, the historical manifestations can happen again. The problem is, when I am gone, what will you do? What are you going to do with all the experiences that you have had, these concrete facts, all that you are hearing now and seeing now?

You mustn't forget the fact that there is a palace here where God can dwell and you have a homeland, a hometown. That homeland was unable to become the kind of homeland I wanted to see. This hometown was unable to rise to the standard that I wanted. Nevertheless, I want to ask that even if I leave the path, please work so that the establishment of the homeland is even better, so that you can leave behind a hometown that fulfills the ideal and that is even more beautiful. You have to do this. That is what I am asking.

Once I go over there to the spirit world, I will initiate a huge revolution beginning with the five great saints, whom I will send down to the earthly realms. They will have billions of spirit people with them. It seems like something out of a dream, but it's a fact.

If you look for a key to all of life's problems, to the problem of life and death, you won't find one anywhere else. It is as if I have a patent on it. The situation is just the same as having a patent. And just as if I were the patent owner, I can forgive transgressions. Even if I leave the patent behind, it has something behind it that prevents it from ever running out.

If you happen to witness to a nation's president, that nation can belong to God in a very short time. That kind of foundation, which can bring about instantaneous change, exists. The era of witnessing to individuals has already passed.

Now, once I leave with you my last will and testament and pass on, it will be all you have. Once I go to the spirit world, I will turn everything upside down within a few years for sure. At that time, where will you be able to stand? What kind of reality will you have to stand on? You should prepare for that now, starting from now. That is what I'm telling you.

God is alive. He exists. He created the entire universe. Think about it. How big is the solar system? Centering on a single star, nine planets move around to form our single solar system. Think about how big it is. Think about all the people who have lived and died on earth -- all the spirit people, numbering hundreds of billions. In the whole universe, there are about a thousand billion solar systems, one thousand billion. Even if there were only a thousand, that would be huge, but there are a thousand billion.

The question is, when will God be able to exercise his unique and liberated authority in this universe? The universe was designed so that God, who can calculate even the world beyond time and space without even worrying about distances, could freely reign over and control it. When will this happen? Aligning myself to that standard, I have poured out all my sincere effort, toiled with all my heart, running, running, going again tomorrow, and going on, and on, and going ahead. After all of this, here I am. Now that I look around me, I've come to the end of all that work.

Cheongju Pyunghwa [cosmic or universal peace] is peace that can fill up all of heaven and earth. There is no way to go ahead except for the path of cosmic, universal peace, centering on Cheon Il Guk. This small country; the very small circumference we have already carved out...

The question is, where is all that peace going to go -- all the peace in the universe, the peace in Cheon Il Guk? If and when Cheon Il Guk is realized, we can receive all that peace. If we prepare that, taepueong seongdae [the sacred, glorious reign of peace] will be no problem at all.

Even beyond the sacred, glorious reign of peace, the era of the sacred, glorious reign of peace is coming. The era is coming when victories even a thousand times greater can be won. So, Eog Mansei will be no problem either. An era of 100 million trillion is coming.

I, a person you respect with affection, will soon go to the spirit world. I will soon go to the spirit world. How many years remain until January 13, 2013? It is the seventh year, so in a little bit more than six years, that will have passed. After that time passes, will I still be here? Four of my children went to the spirit world and have been going through many difficulties there.

They have now become a sturdy group that can take charge of that place. If I give the order, you must bring all the saints and sages that come under your charge and have them all assigned to the local areas.

That is why I divided the six continents into twelve regions. Instructions for a great migration might he given even tomorrow. Don't even dream that the hometown you live in is the best. You should be able to fly free. What would a flying bird do with heavy baggage? What will you do with worldly things?

That is why a crane or a wild goose has to make the structure of its body fit to fly high. Do you understand? [Yes] There has to be adaptation...

What if all your ancestors have been called, and a pile of blessings could be distributed to them all, even if they did not wish for it? If you were placed in such a world, would you hesitate? Well! If I had money, say billions and even quadrillions of dollars, I could use it all in an instant. If I could, I would call tens of thousands of the world's poor people and distribute it. There are still many ways for the world to go through sudden change. Do you under-stand? [Yes.]

You have been following me, but what should you follow from now? You should look upon the palace under God's protection and in which He can reside and realize the greatness of His power and the source of His abundant blessings. You should muster the confidence to become such sons or daughters-in-law, or children who can relate to that palace. To live with such confidence is the single path that you should follow and have faith in.

That would lead to the liberation of the fatherland, which we could finally offer to God. In God's nation, everybody from the third world who has gone to hell will be liberated. People who from thousands and tens of thousands of generations ago would be able to forget those years and receive the same victorious authority as you have, in your time, thereby being restored to a position before the Fall. They would have a generous heart, a generous attitude, as Adam and the brothers Cain and Abel did in the past. Only then can the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven be completed! Aju! [Aju!]

This is reflected in this year's motto. Look at the words of the motto. What does it say? It talks about cosmic peace. [Cheon Il Guk!] Forget about Cheon Il Guk for now. Cosmic peace, who does that belong to? It is not mine, Rev. Moon's; it is God's. It is God's cosmos; it is His house. What is peace? Harmony is needed to bring everything together as one. Everything should come together in harmony! Today, I called you here and had you sing and dance. But you should not forget about the past.

You must never forget about the reality of the spirit world. There are many mysteries in that world. The dream lives on in that world...

If you need money or something to prepare household goods after spreading God's abundant blessings on earth, the time has come in which a free environment will be given to us through liberating grace. Thus, lest you bring shame to such an era, what you have to do from now is to defend these royal grounds and create another palace with your own strength!

Do not forget this era in which you can bequeath what you have to future generations and also receive blessings greater than those that I have given you. Like the motto for this year: Cosmic peace! [Cheon Il Guk!] Cheon Il Guk! [Sacred reign of peace] Sacred reign of peace! [Eog mansei!]

The motto is about a nation. A sacred reign of peace is needed in a nation. You should present this nation with the gift of cosmic peace. The sacred reign of peace is not transient; it lasts for eternity. We are assuredly in such an age when this can be made possible. Thus, you should be amazed by today's motto.

You should be deeply immersed, tens of thousands of times over, in God's will. You should be able to go forward, in the same direction as Heaven, as you push aside the rain or other difficulties from your face.

I went through my own course to establish this motto, so that you may take this time to become determined to live in this way, even if you were to perish and disappear for having faith in this. It is the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk. Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve -- that's six numbers. You have to go beyond the twelfth hurdle. Once you reach the thirteenth, that is January 13, 2013.

What is the significance of the number thirteen? Jesus could not stand in the position of an owner. People from the West dread the number thirteen. This is because it has no center. We should drive a stake in the center and tie an anchor cable to history that goes from the past to the eternal future, so that it may be coordinated from the spirit world.

Isn't it the cherished desire of God, the Lord of Creation, to live in joy as He gazes upon a world filled with individual embodiments of truth who can return glory to Heaven while they live in their respective fields with their respective anchors? To fulfill that dream, we should offer all that we have and continue to advance from now on! [Aju!] [Applause]

(MC: Let us all rise.]

It's almost twelve noon. It is five minutes to twelve. If you go down to eat now, by the time you get there it will be past twelve. Enjoy the new day of this New Year. From now, draw together your cumulative efforts -- from tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the rest of the 360 some days and beyond -- to the next ten years, so that you may offer it to Heaven. I pray that you become such princes and princesses who can exert that kind of effort. With this, I would like to close this hour. Have you understood my message? [Yes]

[Eog mansei!] May you all receive many blessings in the coming year.

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