Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Six - Our Life And The Spiritual Realm
Chapter One - The Path of Life
Section 3. The Value of Our Earthly Life

3.1. Earth is the place of harvesting the fruits of love

Earthly life is absolutely important. You have to know how important this earth is. Christians think they can all go to heaven by abandoning this world, don't they? This belief is a delusion. You should perfect yourself while on earth. You have to know the value of earthly life. Open your eyes to the importance of earthly life and never forget it. Your earthly life will be reflected in the eternal spirit world at all times. Everything you do is a seed. The seeds you plant here will bear fruit in the spirit world. Thus, you have to sow perfect seeds. Once again: you have to realize the importance of earthly life. (232-322, 1992.7.10)

People on earth have a body, and everything in their lives is limited. Spirits do not have a physical body and live in the infinite world. People on this earth have a body but it is not their eternal dwelling place. Spirits do not have a physical body hut they are positioned in their eternal dwelling place. In this way, an infinite number of points of contrast can be found in comparing earthly people and spirits.

When we observe the corresponding aspects of earthly people and spirits, we see that life on earth and the life of those in the spirit world each represent one half of the whole reality. Thus, each side can only fulfill that half. Then, how can the body and spirit each bear fully ripe fruit? Ripe fruit can be produced by successfully concluding life on earth before the physical and spiritual selves separate. Problems arise when a spirit self comes to the spirit world without being fully mature. (293-256, 1998.6.1)

The seeds of a fruit should assimilate and condense all the aspects of time and space connected with its growth. The seed, root, branch and fruit can all be found in the seed. The flower and fruit are also included. Thus, we should become people who can begin life in this way. Only then can we say that God is ours centering on love. No one could object to this. (137-330, 1986.1.5)

What is the purpose of life? It is to bear the fruit of love. When the fruits of someone's love go into the warehouse of the Kingdom of Heaven, should God say, "No, I don't like this!"? Wherever it goes, the fruit of love says, "Oh, it is okay to place me anywhere in this universe." How valuable it is to know that this fruit of love can stand in the center of everything around it, even if' it is placed in the secret warehouse of the Kingdom of Heaven! Since it was sown in love, shouldn't it be harvested in love? (139-219, 1986.1.31)

Why are you valuable? You are valuable because you inherited the tradition of love. Love is precious, and you are valuable because you stand at the core of the universe in a position to inherit the tradition of the core of all the ideal forces in this universe. You are valuable because you were born through and connected to that love, and because you can bear the fruit that expands from that love. Do you know why you have to respect your parents, and why you have to be devoted to your parents? Your roots should be deep. I am talking about the vertical roots. (166-217, 1987.6.7)

The mind and body of a man and woman centering on God's love should meet the vertical at a ninety-degree angle, in a balanced way. When a man and woman emerge and polarize to the east and west as living beings rooted in God's love, it stimulates the original nature of the universe to ignite, spawning thunder and lightning. When that happens, God, man and woman are brought together in complete oneness. Who will break them apart? Can the man break them apart? Can the woman break them apart? Even God cannot extract Himself from this.

This love, which is the love that becomes the root of the mind of man and woman, is the standard of the original nature of humanity. The flower blooms and bears fruit through love. Through the ideal of the laws of spherical circulation, love develops in the shape of a spiral and extends to the world. Amen! Try studying to discover what all this means. (173-109, 1988.2.7)

How do you transmit life? Is it through a living body or through blood? We know of the term "lineage," but there is no such thing as a "life lineage" or "love lineage." There is only "lineage." Through combining the blood, life emerges. By bringing together the blood of a man and a woman, two lives are combined. Then, when each life is invested, it bears fruit as the substance of love.

Then what happens? The blood and life of your mother and the blood and life of your father bear fruit through love, which manifests as you. I ask you here, are the blood of your parents inside you or not? The life of your mother and father is inside you. The love of your parents is inside you. Therefore, you can assert nothing about yourself that is separate from your mother and father. (225-52, 1992.1.2)

You are the fruit of love. All the characteristic elements of the central root, trunk, branch, flower and bud that have evolved throughout a thousand-year history are embodied within you, who are its fruit. When you as that fruit go forward, it is as if you were carrying history with you. Wherever you plant that fruit, history can continue to develop. What makes this possible? This is possible through love. It is connected through the love between man and woman, the love between the subject partner and object partner. Consequently, he who violates this love should go to hell, as he is the most licentious person, the person who destroys the order of the universe. (226-53, 1992.2.1)

The love in the relationship between parent and child ripens the fruit of the mother's love toward her son and the son's love toward his mother. When these two types of love ripen, God will want to pick this fruit. The owner of love is God, and He, therefore, works to see the fruit of the mother's love for her child and the child's love for her mother fully ripen.

Does God pick that perfected fruit just to eat it? Or does He gather it in order to perfect love further? After God created Adam and Eve, then as a Parent, He wanted to obtain the fruit of love that is children and at the same time let His children obtain the fruit of love that is the Parent. God wanted to perfect both of those fruits. Therefore, we can say that God wanted to harvest and enjoy both fruits through this process. (222.309, 1991.11.6)

We are born and live in God's love, give birth to children, thus arriving at the destination of love, and then return to God to live with Him for eternity. In other words, our life begins in love, ripens in love and is harvested as the fruit of love. Our passing away signifies the harvesting of this fruit of love.

Because we receive parental love, share the love of husband and wife, and love our children, everything that God's love has sown in the internal realm of heart can bear fruit in our lifetime and be harvested as we pass into the spirit world. Therefore, when people completely unite in love they come to resemble God. When a couple unites and completely fulfills these three stages and goes to the spirit world, they become an eternal object in front of God, who is the eternal Subject. This is achieved when a couple passes into the spirit world after practicing true love. Thus, we begin our life with God and end our life with God. (298-511, 1999.1.17)

If the fruit of love had been harvested and stored in a warehouse, heaven would have been established. A family, nation and people of heaven would have emerged. Yet midway, this fruit was invaded, fell to the ground and became completely bad; thus was created a family of hell and people of hell. This incident is called the Fall. Human beings fell and now live in hell. Though they hate to admit it, they should acknowledge these two facts. People were supposed to bear the fruit of love and go to the warehouse of the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, however, they are rotting in the warehouse of hell because of the Fall. (252-15, 1997.2.16)

Children, siblings, couples and parents all come together at one point and bear fruit. The fulfillment of this is determined on the basis of true love. The hearts of the child, sibling, husband, wife and parent are connected through true love. True love is the focal point. The spirit and body can be perfected by uniting with God in love. From here, parents come forth and give birth to children. God gave us children as a gift so that we could feel what He felt at the time of creation. (241-310, 1995.3.1)

The spirit world is a warehouse in which the fruits of true love are to be stored. These fruits have never been produced to this day. I am talking about the term true love and its fruit for the first time, so they cannot be found in the spirit world yet. How great each one of you is! (245-172, 1993.3.7)

The woman, not the man, touches every nook and cranny in the home. Men stand at the center and do not touch anything. But women touch everything. What does this mean? It means loving the earth and loving the universe. The more she lays her hands on things, the more love permeates these things and the more they become the focal point of the core essence of the universe. The husband then replenishes the woman's strength by showing her absolute love. Only such a family can enter into God's warehouse in heaven. What is the warehouse of heaven? Heaven is the warehouse where God stores the fully ripened fruit. (244-120, 1995.2.1)

There is a seasonal cycle with love. There can only be proper balance if there are four seasons. If the heat is extended, the cold is also extended. Consequently, when living together as a couple in love, there is autumn, summer, spring, and what else? There would be a winter season. Only when you digest all these can you lift up your face when you go to the spirit world. (223-110, 1991.11.10)

The father should not be ashamed to call the grandfather "father." The father should not be ashamed of calling to his child, "Hey, so-and-so!" And the son should not be ashamed of calling his father and grandfather. What should they be focused on to be beyond shame? Just because the father is unable to make money and is dependant on the grandfather doesn't mean he has failed his responsibility.

You cannot reproach the father for not making money or not having knowledge. Why not? The reason is because blood relations, love, and life are not transmitted through knowledge, money or power. Through what are they transmitted then? They are transmitted through love! The fruit is produced through love. The fruit of life is produced through that love and the lineage is connected through that love. It is not through money. (213-190, 1991.1.20)

Why did God create heaven and earth? When we think about the central focus of the relationships among God, humankind, and the created world, we can see that the motivation was not to obtain knowledge, power or money. These relationships were established for the sake of the bonds of love.

Consequently, all of you were born for the sake of love. You were born because of love, you live centering on love, and you go on to the world in which love bears fruit -- the world of the fruit of love. What kind of place is the world of the fruits of love? It is the spirit world. That is the place where we are all destined to dwell -- the place where the fruits of love are harvested. The spirit world is a place where you are evaluated based on the results of love from your life. Then, who is the owner who evaluates this? That owner is God. (11-44, 1991.2.1)

You have to become the seeds of love. That is the conclusion. When you become the seeds of true love, then through religion you can enter the realm of oneness in the future historical age. Do you understand? Seeds. Do seeds have a root or not? Do they have a trunk? Do they have a branch? Do they have a flower? Do they have a fragrance? Do they have nectar? Do they have fruit? Do they have life? They have everything.

So, have you all become seeds? Look at the present day. In terms of climate, the ancient times belonged to the tropical regions and the medieval times belonged to the civilizations within the temperate zone. At one time, the north wind from Siberia... When this phenomenon is applied to human life, it takes one rotation through the four seasons that lasts for sixty to seventy years. This present period is a time for enriching the world. (182-90, 1988.10.14)

How great are human beings? They conduct an orchestra of love. The fact that human beings eat from the animal and plant worlds, where love sustains the entire universe through the vitality of life, means that they live off the fruit of love. They live off the fruit. Even if there is just one piece of bread remaining in the cafeteria when you eat, you should think, “This bread went through countless hands throughout the world, many means of transportation, and prevailed over great hardships to get here. This bread has been made and given to me as the fruit of the efforts of many people, as the fruit of their love. As the owner of love, I shall eat it thinking of the value of my partners."

However, those who are in discord with this are bound to fall ill. Those who are peaceful with it will be sure to resist any illness. Those spiritual masters who eat the fruit of the world that is filled with love are just human beings! What do you think? Those who can love with the idea of digesting and eating the fruit of love, and do so with gratitude in unity with God's essential love, will not fall ill. This is our logical conclusion. (217-307, 1991.6.12)

3.2. The people of heaven are created on the earth

Planet earth is the production line for creating the people of the Kingdom of Heaven. People are not produced in the spirit world. They come from the earth. God created the earth that we live on as the factory to produce His people. Then why did God divide Adam and Eve into male and female form only to see this followed by the Fall that degenerated to our present form and circumstances? The basis for reproduction cannot be found in God alone for He is vertically positioned and without physical form. (201-44, 1990.2.28)

Why did God create human beings? He needed a horizontal base in dimensional space. Countless cells can divide and emerge from this dimensional and spherical space. Therefore, God needed space because He wanted to produce the people of the Kingdom of Heaven through the bodies of Adam and Eve in the human world. Our married life becomes the factory for producing those people. People have been talking loudly without knowing these things. What kind of pretence is that? They are completely blind, yet still boast and brag about themselves. In the spirit world, such things will be exposed at once. The teachings I have given will unfold in the spirit world as a reality. (233-89, 1992.7.30)

Why did God create Adam and Eve as physical beings? The spirit world is a world of vertical relationships. It does not have horizontal dimensional space. There is no reproduction in the spirit world.

Heaven is a boundless place. After creating heaven, God planned to have Adam and Eve's family and the families of their descendants serve as the base for producing the people of heaven. The reason God needed Adam and Eve to have physical bodies is because God's direct sons and daughters occupy only one point on the vertical axis and thus have no dimensions in space. There is no base to reproduce. However, when all creation is divided and rotates centering on the vertical axis in relation to east and west and front and back, it then assumes a spherical shape and becomes the infinite universe with infinite space.

God created Adam and Eve as the factory for creating people to fill the Kingdom of Heaven based on the families that are descended from Adam and Eve. Your families are the branch factories for creating the people of the Kingdom of Heaven. Adam and Eve are the main factory. The product is still the same whether it is from the main factory or the branch factory. Its value is the same. (262-229, 1994.7.23)

The spirit world is the vast Kingdom of Heaven. It is the original homeland and the original palace in which we shall live. God created a vast world, but He does not give birth to His children there.

The rotation of front-back and left-right around the vertical axis forms a spherical shape that is infinitely large. The space of the universe was created in this way. Because this space is enormous, countless people can be produced and move on to the spirit world. The branch factories producing the people of the Kingdom of Heaven are your families. (261-220, 1991.6.19)

People cannot be produced in the spirit world. Because God cannot reproduce from a vertical position, the earth is the production center for the people of heaven. This is why God needs to have dimensional space. God created Adam and Eve as physical entities in order to multiply people of His nation. They are the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven. When the third and fourth sons belonging to the peripheral ancestry of the second son follow him, they become the people of the Kingdom of Heaven. The descendants of the first son in each generation, the direct lineage, will inherit the kingship of the earthly and heavenly worlds. (229-349, 1992.4.13)

This universe is a museum of love. Human beings must become the owners of this museum. The mineral world and plant world multiply centering on relationships of love. Without love, history would end. History can continue because there is reproduction. Consequently, man and woman should marry and give birth to children. Without doing so, they cannot find their place in the spirit world. When a baby is born, you should come before God and offer that baby as a gift to Him. Without this gift, you cannot hold your head up proudly.

When you go back to your hometown, what is it you will be most proud of and want to show your parents? You will take pride in how well you raised your children. It is the same in the spirit world. When you go before God, there is no greater gift than bringing God's children, the people of heaven, whom you have raised on this earth. Money, power, and knowledge are not important. (229-15, 1992.1.9)

This earth is the endless producer of the people of heaven. No one has known this. The life course of the original couple living on the earth is one in which they give birth to children as the people of the Kingdom of Heaven, and raise them to become perfected people. Therefore, when a baby is born, you offer the gift to God when you go to Him. Without this gift, you cannot be proud.

When you go back to your hometown, what is it you will be most proud of and want to show your parents? You will take pride in how well you raised your children. It is the same in the spirit world. When you go before God, there is no greater gift than bringing God's children, the people of heaven, whom you have raised on this earth. Money, power, and knowledge are not important. (229-15, 1992.4.9)

The earth is a production center where the royal descendants, the people of the Kingdom of Heaven, are created. "The heavenly kingdom is an infinite world. Those who give birth to many children on earth, who are trained to love in an environment filled with diversity, and who have digested and united through love with people of all types of character -- symbolizing north, south, east, west, front, back, left, right, top, and bottom will have a wider scope of activity in the spirit world. (209-99, 1990.11.27)

Why did God create human beings? You will not find a production center in the spirit world. God created human beings because there is no reproduction of His image from the vertical dimension alone. The vertical position stands only on a single point. As God loves from one point, from a vertical position, He cannot multiply. There is no multiplication in the spirit world. Therefore, God needs to have the 360 degrees afforded by a position in the horizontal world. There are plenty of places to reproduce in the horizontal world, in the north, south, east, and west.

Therefore, when women and men go to the spirit world, they become one body and come to resemble God. Later on, they become God-like. You should resemble God. We say that God has dual characteristics. God's dual characteristics began from love. Through love coming to fruition, we resemble the original God and go back to Him. This is all due to the fact that even God is lonely when He is all alone by Himself. (206-137, 1990.10.3)

Can we give birth to babies in the spirit world? The answer is "No." Why can we not give birth to babies there? The spirit world is a vertical world. It is a world in the form of a circle, with God as its center. Therefore, there is no need to give birth to children there. God created the physical body of human beings because He needed a horizontal base.

Then why do people practice birth control? They do so based on a command from Heaven that states that the evil lineage should no longer be multiplied. Think about it. I am sure there are many people these days who do not know who the father of their baby is. Everyday, every week, women are meeting different men. When I think about it, I cannot even begin to describe how confused this is. Think about the consequences of those people having children. For this reason, those people practice birth control. (205-97, 1990.2.7)

What is the unique value of this earth? There is no multiplication in the spirit world. Go and see for yourself. You will find no multiplication. If you go to the spirit world without children, you cannot have any children there either. You have to bear children on earth first, and then go to the spirit world. Only then, can you join the realm of heart which represents the ideal of creation based on God's heart and live experiencing the stimulation of love. This is why you must have children before going to the spirit world. You must also love your spouse before passing on to the spirit world. Marriage is absolute and the mandate to produce children is an absolute rule. (264-150, 1994.10.9)

What is important for us to know about the spirit world? You cannot reproduce in the spirit world. The earth produces the people who will live in the spirit world. Why is this so? God exists as a vertical being. Anything vertical gathers only to one point. It does not create a plane. In order to manifest the value of its vertical existence, it must connect to the horizontal. The vertical needs the horizontal. The horizontal needs the vertical. This is also based on the principle of living for the sake of others.

Why does the vertical exist? It exists for the sake of the horizontal. From the outset, this was the ideal of creation. The vertical was created for the sake of the horizontal partner. Only by establishing this logic can we avoid logical contradictions within the system of relationships. (252.114, 1993.11.14)

Human reproduction is not possible in the spirit world. Reproduction can occur only on a horizontal base. Consequently, the numerous horizontal physical bases are being expanded to form various tribes, races, and nations in order to fill the vast, infinite spirit world. It cannot be considered full with just one or two people. Therefore, the countless people produced from the expansion of the worldwide horizontal foundation of families must be perfected on the earth. Heaven is the hometown to which we return after life on earth. Those who have achieved perfection as an individual and have established a perfected family, tribe, nation, and world of God's desire -- those who have lived as God's kin from all over the world -- create Heaven. Since they came from God, they return to His side. That is the how the spirit world is. (245-188, 1993.3.7)

3.3. Ownership in the spirit-world is decided on earth

Why did God create? His purpose in creation was to have His living children on earth. If you leave such children behind on earth, you can stand in the same position as God when you go before Him in the spirit world. This indeed is the meaning of the biblical passage. "Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth." What are you trying to leave behind? Nothing else remains besides living with your spouse in joy and having children. (146-223, 1986.7.1)

What have you done since you joined the Unification Church? This is a serious question. Now that you are past the age of fifty, how many years have you worked for the Unification Church? How many people have you witnessed to? How many did you witness to in a year? This is a serious matter. When you go to the spirit world, your realm of ownership will be set according to how many people you have brought to God's Kingdom. They will be your eternal fortune. The time has come to inquire into these things. The time will surely come when millions of people will be witnessed to in a day.

The Unification Church has tremendous substance. Look at the world. How many people are restlessly wandering around half-crazy, agonizing over whether to live or die, questioning life, and committing suicide? (215-227, 1991.8.19)

Once a person goes into the spirit world, the bigger his bosom of love is, the more people will line up to enter it. This person will be respected in the spirit world. If thousands and tens of thousands of people surround this person, saying, "Oh, I would like to live with this person," he will be wealthy and will have much more territory. Therefore, while on earth, when you reach the gates of someone's house you should not just pass by without paying a visit. A person who has nurtured many hearts with love cannot simply pass by, but instead is compelled to stop. This person becomes the model standard for human character in the spirit world. The realm within which this person relates based on love will become the realm of his ownership in the next world. (205-347, 1990.10.2)

There is nothing peculiar about wealthy people in the next world. Those who invested greatly for love are rich. In Seoul, there are twelve million people waiting to receive blessings from you. What would stop you from associating with them? You have to visit them, saying that you will pray for them to receive blessings. When dogs bark at you, you should think, "You are dogs who do not know how to receive blessings. I carry a bag of blessings for your house. I am a magnet. I am a perfect plus that attracts all the blessings. I will pull away all the minus elements and leave behind only the plus elements of Satan -- those truly on Satan's side." Since these plus elements belong only to the satanic sphere, they will fall away to hell. This is how you should look at it. You are going around collecting blessings. (205-30, 1990.10.2)

In order to pass through the twelve gates in the spirit world, you will be asked how many people on this earth have you restored and retrieved from the satanic dominion to become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to shed tears, sweat, and blood to do this. Based on a heart of true love for re-creation, you have to invest yourself more than parents do in the satanic world -- more than husband, wife, and children -- and go through the course where your tears, sweat, and blood intersect. Without doing so, you cannot claim your people in the Kingdom of Heaven. You should be aware that your position of glory in the spirit world and the degree to which you will be close to God will be determined in proportion to this result. (211-352, 1991.1.1)

When you go to the spirit world in the future, you will not be going there with money. You do not go there in the name of the Unification Church either. Even your position as a regional director does not matter. What you should do from now on is to see how many sons and daughters loved by God you can create before you go there.

People can give birth to a limited number of babies. Everyone can do this. What do you have to accomplish in the process of restoration at this time? If you create many sons and daughters whom God can love in the satanic world, this accomplishment connects with your ancestors and opens the way to liberate them. This is the greatest gift you can receive in the course of restoration. Do you understand what I am telling you? It is a gift. (230-25, 1992.4.15)

Just eating, living, and raising sons and daughters does not count for much once you are in the spirit world. We have to find the people of the Kingdom of Heaven. They will come into your possession in that kingdom.

We quickly have to assimilate the five billion people of this world. If we can do this, all the spirits in the spirit world will be restored through returning resurrection. If the right of the firstborn son, which became the satanic foundation, is restored and Adam gains that birthright, the archangel will listen to Adam and follow him. Is this not so? If the archangel stands in the position to obey absolutely, he will come into the realm of God's love and Adam's love. Then, he naturally will follow Adam into heaven. This is the way of the Principle. (230-25, 1992.4.15)

You should not be proud of how many years you have been in the church. What matters is how many regional directors you raised, how many people you blessed, how many people you connected to Father's tribe and lineage. This is a serious problem. Pak Bo-hi, Kwak Chung-hwan, and Yoo Jung-ok became my in-laws, but this does not mean they fulfilled this criterion. As a foundation for everything else, they have to expand the realm of the tribal messiah thousands of times, and quickly raise people of the Kingdom of Heaven who are shameless in the historic age to come. (230-27, 1992.4.15)

Do not spend your months and years aimlessly. You can leave behind a foundation to be proud of before your descendants only after you have given birth to and raised up children of God during your younger years. Likewise, only when those children become great people can you be proud before history. If you do not have results that you can be proud of, you may be able to join the group of your family and town, but not of the nation. To reach the national level, you need results that can remain in the historical record and tradition. This is why everyone desires to leave something recognized by the nation, by the world, and by heaven and earth. It is the same principle on every level.

You have to have the clear concept that your lifelong purpose comes down to the issue of how you establish your territory of ownership. This is why, on the way of God's will, you cannot give up even if you do not like it. (230-27, 1992.4.35)

What is God doing? He is saving the world. Once you go to the spirit world, you will find that the works of all the highly placed people in that world are works done on earth. What is the critical characteristic of the earth? It is its ability to produce the citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Heaven is broad and vast. It is infinite! It is so huge! People have come and gone in the last hundred million years, but the spirit world is so vast that you do not know where they all are. Even if each person were to give birth to a hundred children, the Kingdom of Heaven is so huge that there would never be overpopulation. The other world can accommodate any number of people. Therefore, should you use birth control, or not? Once you go to the spirit world, the question becomes how many citizens of the heavenly kingdom you have created and brought there.

You have to know that it is your privilege to raise and lead many sons and daughters of the true heavenly kingdom. It is the distinction by which you will be honored in the heavenly world. (202-10, 1990.5.3)

It is more important to harvest the people for God's Kingdom than to eat. Members do not have this concept clearly in their minds. Think about it. This is our original profession. This is the main occupation of the members who live on the earth. Amongst the things you should do in your lifetime, there is nothing more important than this. All your achievements after joining a company and advancing in your position, or collecting money in this world, will pass away. No matter how much money you amass, it will be of no use in the other world. Material things are not necessary in the next world. There is no need for knowledge for things. Even if you are not learned externally, you will understand everything in your heart immediately. You will come to know everything important within a week. (230-28, 1992.4.15)

Later on, when you go to the spirit world, what will you say before God, who has guided the history of restoration and who toiled until this day in search of one Adam? Did He not search for the perfected person of Adam from the time of creation to this day? Now you all know the Principle. This is your weapon to save thousands and tens of thousands of people.

To this day, God could not teach humankind. To replace God's anguish over having to guide the providence in the dark, we should do greater things than He can do on this earth. We have the path to enlighten and bring hundreds and thousands of Adams through the Principle. Think about it. Where can we find a task greater than this? (231-128, 1992.4.15)

How many sons and daughters did you create, whom you can take to the Kingdom of Heaven? There is nothing else for you to do. Even if you have hundreds of millions of dollars and live in riches, it all will pass away. You have to invest all your materials, knowledge, and your very life -- yes, even the life of your fallen self -- into this task. You have to invest everything at once. As your entire investment adds up, its value will increase in proportion. (230-28, 1992.4.15)

Heaven is an infinite world, so there should be bridges to connect people through a heart of love. Consequently, if the people you have witnessed to are spread widely across the world, you will have more paths on which to come and go, covering a wider area within the spirit world. Everyone will want to relate to you and form ties with you. They will be interconnected through learning our teaching while on earth, and this sphere of relationships will center on you. (230-25, 1992.4.15)

The internal core of love within a person will enlarge with the more children they raise. When such a person goes to heaven, this core will go too. Nothing else will go. Money, fame, and wealth in this world are not a blessing. When you raise children, if you create a world based on the four seasons and four directions of human characteristics, its land will adjust to you and come into balance. The more freely you are able to give to the north, south, east, and west, in all directions, the more you will be fulfilled. However, if you cannot stand in this position, you will always be uni-directional. (235-247, 1992.5.1)

This earth is the endless producer of the people of heaven. No one has known this. The life course of the original couple living on the earth is one in which they give birth to children as the people of the Kingdom of Heaven, and raise them to become perfected people. Therefore, when a baby is born, you should come before God and offer that baby as a gift to Him. Without this gift, you cannot hold your head up proudly.

When you go back to your hometown, what is it you will be most proud of and want to show your parents? You will take pride in how well you raised your children. It is the same in the spirit world. When you go before God, there is no greater gift than bringing God's children, the people of heaven, whom you have raised on this earth. Money, power, and knowledge are not important. (119-15, 1992.4.9)

Parents with many children have extensive experience in relationships of love. Therefore, when they go to the spirit world, they can freely meet anyone in all directions. Among women who have given birth to true children, not one was evil. Why is this so? It is because each has the mind of a mother who loves her children and always compares and thinks about others as her own sons and daughters. Each naturally ascends to the stage of love in the realm of daily life. Those who have raised many children are, therefore, in the highest realm in the spirit world. (239-156, 1992.11.24)

As tribal messiahs, all of you should create many citizens of heaven before you pass away. This is the most valuable thing, the most valuable wish you can make in your life. This ownership is your treasure. There has never been a person like this in the spirit world. Therefore, you must bring more than a hundred, even a thousand people to the kingdom, so that, later, many of your friends can appear around you in the spirit world as soon as you call them. (227-208, 1992.2.11)

All of you should raise your children well on this earth before leaving them behind when you go to the spirit world. In the future, your children will all go to the spirit world as well. Once there, they will become the citizens of heaven. When you think about how many people you offered as the citizens of heaven, you realize that although it may have been a laborious task, in the eternal world it will turn out to have been the path of noble glory. (21?-319, 1991.8.22)

3.4. Our earthly life is recorded in detail

Both your spirit self and physical self should be as clear as crystal during your life. You will then have no problems in the spirit world. You cannot enter heaven if there is any kind of flaw. How you live your life on earth is so important. You live in the spirit world as you have lived on this earth. No one is an exception to this. Your entire being is transparently on view. (294-26, 1998.6.5)

In the spirit world, suppose there is a man named Kim. If the code for this Kim is entered, his life history will appear in an instant. Your intuition will quickly perceive this phenomenon because the spirit world transcends time and space. There is no way to avoid this. Consequently, your conscience is an instrument to record your earthly life for the sake of when you go to the eternal world. As if by a computer, everything is recorded in an orderly way. Everything is entered into the record without fail. (275-36, 1995.10.3.11)

Each action, each expression you make is recorded, as if on a videotape. Can you hide these things in the spirit world? You cannot hide this record, just as you cannot hide what is in your mind. The spirit world is more clearly apparent than the mind and is a place where everything is exposed. There is no use for excuses. You cannot make excuses. The more you open your mouth, the closer your shame before the universe approaches you. You cannot advance in that world. There is only retreat. A fearful age is coming. (205-37, 1990.1.15)

The conscience knows everything. As long as the conscience knows, it is recorded in the computer of the spirit world, in the original palace of the world of conscience. When someone is called, the record of that person's ancestors will appear. All the things that person's mother or father did, whether good or bad, will be revealed. All that you did in your life is disclosed in an instant. It does not take long. It is revealed in an instant. You will know in the blink of an eye. You are entering a human world that has expanded to this extent. (263-127, 1994.8.21)

When you go to the spirit world you will find that your life has been completely recorded in the computer there. It will all be revealed. The conscience is like a computer that is exhibited in the eternal world. Everything is in that file. With the click of a button, all the details of your lifetime, from your time as a baby being held and breastfed by your mother, will be known through the images of your mind. Every day that world is creating a record of your life in order to carry out a complete appraisal of your being. The day for this comes when you die. No one can tell a lie in the presence of that powerful computer that appraises people. The images in the spirit world appear as if in a mirror. Everything is being recorded. (116-188, 1993.1.16)

Your conscience knows everything about what you did in your lifetime. It knows everything about you. This knowledge is transferred intact into the computer in the spirit world. It goes there without fail. You will know when you enter the spirit world: (258-63, 1994.3.16)

Conceited people commit adultery -- and do all kinds of things. They cannot go to heaven. As I searched in the spirit world, I uncovered things and came to know the facts. So many times I thought, "Oh! It would have been better not to have known these things!" There are endless ranges of mountains. God is suffering as if He were in a prison under eternal siege because of the love lost to Satan. (290-17, 1998.2.2)

Don't you think that your mind -- even your fallen mind -- knows what you have done in your life? Do you or do you not know what kind of person you are? You cannot deceive yourself. Each of you knows what you are really like. You should not think too highly of yourself.

Everything will be totally revealed in the spirit world. Your misdeeds will be revealed first. You have to first clear up your misdeeds before entering the spirit world. Without doing so, you cannot enter the heavenly spirit world. Even if you close your eyes, your misdeeds will be revealed and punishment demanded. Consequently; you must be educated until you rid yourself of that misbehavior. You have to receive training. You have to undergo intense training. The spirit world as a whole is now being trained and is creating an education system guided by Heung-jin. (187-203, 1997.10.30)

The conscience does not lie. It records everything about you as if on a videotape. In the spirit world, how you have lived your life will be seen according to the number you are assigned. Someone who already knows the scale of the brightness of your spirit will take you where you receive a number. If your number is eighteen, then when someone presses the number eighteen, everything about you will be known in an instant. From the time of your birth to that moment, everything will be revealed. There is no way to avoid this. Your conscience will weep bitterly. You are not aware that the good and bad you have done determines which side of the boundary between heaven and hell you end up on. The spirit world does not move at random. It is a mathematical world. It moves according to logic. God is the King of scientists. Heaven does not move in any way it likes. (284-23, 1997.4.13)

Habits can last for eternity; they are so difficult to change. Nonetheless, they can be corrected while you live on earth. You can clear away your old habits by overriding them with new ones. You should do this 100%. If you do not, you will have problems when you enter the spirit world. Once there, you will find yourself caught. (289-208, 1998.1.2)

When shedding its skin, a snake will move along until it finds a crevice in which its tail gets caught. It will then wind its body around a tree and use all its strength to rub against it, even bleeding in an effort to cast off its skin. Only after passing through the illogical unprincipled course can you go through the logical principled course. Even if you recognize that you are fallen, all human beings must go through this inevitable formula course, which is unprincipled. Those who unite the mind and body, become a couple, and become parents in accordance with principled logic will not have to go through the illogical unprincipled course.

In the spirit world, you can be dragged away in reverse based on your wrongful acts and others' accusations. Consider a tree that is to be transplanted. If it is properly handled, the transplant will go smoothly, but if it is pulled out by the branches and dragged away violently, it will be damaged. It then becomes more difficult to replant successfully. This is exactly how it is in the restoration course. (255-74, 1997.1.21)

There is no forgiveness in the spirit world. Lies will not work. You have all seen videotapes. If you laughed, that laughter appears just as it was. An ordinary video cannot go beyond the limitations of time and space, but the spiritual video transcends time and space.

Just with one click, your entire life, all your past years, are projected. When it is turned on, no one will tell you where to go. Each person finds where he is to go by him or herself, and so will you. You are pushed along without knowing how. Something pushes you. You may expect to end up in a good place, but you are constantly pushed along beyond your will. Finally, you end up in a limited zone, which you cannot leave. Do you think you would heave a big sigh? I am teaching you and doing these things because I know the spirit world. These phenomena happen on entering the spirit world. Do you realize how fortunate you are? (163-308, 1987.5.1)

When you come to know how life after death is closely related with the life in this world, you will be more careful about how you live because your present life tells you what to expect in the next life. (294-9, 1998.6.3)

You have to be aware of how fearful the consequences of life on earth are. People live as they please because they do not know that their life on earth has a direct influence on the circumstances of their eternal life. (295.127, 1998.8.19)

You have to do well in your earthly life. You should devote yourselves and reflect many times a day to see how your life compares to the principled standard. To do this, I am earnestly asking that from morning, noon, and until the evening, twenty-four hours a day, you live in a way that you do not transgress the heavenly law. (114-26, 1998.6.3)

When you go before God, after clearing up everything you did on earth, you should not just report what you did well. You should first report what you did wrong, and then report what you did right later. It is the other way around in this world. When asked, "What did you do?" people usually say, "I did this," and hide their misdeeds. The spirit world is not like this. In the spirit world, you should first report your misdeeds. This is the order of things. When you are asked what you did, it all appears as if on television. You should report first what you did wrong. Why? Cain should come first. Bad things happen first and bad things are reported first. Then why does the good come afterwards? The Abel-type things come second. If, when compared to the first, the Abel side has more good things for a given person, then that person can be educated. From that point, they will be taught about the spirit world. (196-283, 1990.1.2)

3.5. Sins committed in the flesh should be indemnified on earth

Whatever you bind on earth should be released on earth. If you pass on to the spirit world without doing so, you will face serious consequences. By rousing yourself into action, you should avoid this situation. If you do not do it on earth, you will fall into hell for eternity. (129-27, 1992.4.9)

Whether human beings like it or not, as the fallen descendants they are destined to surmount the steep pass of indemnity from now, even unto death. No one can deny this. You must traverse this path. If you pass to the spirit world without overcoming this in your lifetime, there is no way to know how many millions of years it will take you in the spirit world.

There is no payment of indemnity in the spirit world. It is a liberated realm of perfection filled with the waves of love, so the possibility of indemnity or re-creation does not exist. There is no reproduction either. Since there is no mechanism to stimulate these processes, once you are fixed in a position, it is permanent. This is a serious problem. Knowing these things, God sent the Messiah to the earth. (229-243, 1992.4.12)

Does the snake grow or shrink in size when it sheds its skin? If you can shed your sinfulness ten times a day, you should do so. This would gradually eliminate the burden of your past sins. In the spirit world, there is nothing to stimulate this process to take place. There is no such mechanism. No matter how much you wish to return to this earth and clear up your transgressions, it is impossible. Once you pass away, you cannot freely return. (242.305, 1993.1.2)

In the spirit world, you can find stimulating elements of love, but you cannot offer indemnity in order to remove your sins. Thus, it takes a very long time to indemnify your sins in the spirit world. Since I knew of these things, I laid all the foundations in forty years. I lived not knowing day and night. I usually ate but one meal, in the morning or evening, each day. That is how I lived. (243-177, 1993.1.3)

Although it is challenging to do so, there are many ways to embrace one another during your physical life, weeping together and moving people's hearts. However, from the spirit world it is much more difficult to move the hearts of people on earth. (250-112, 1993.10.12)

How important is life on this earth? It only comes to you once. It is but an instant and it comes only once. Earthly life is but a dot compared to eternal life. It is too short. However, this is not the important point. What is important is that you use the short time you have in your physical life to prepare for the spirit world. With this kind of core thinking, you must be able to stand in the center and control and subdue everything. Without doing so, you cannot perfect yourself. (207-99, 1990.11.1)

The things most detested in the spirit world are the customs and habits of the fallen realm. Habits arise from customs. What is the favorite dish for a Japanese person born in Japan? It would be soup and rice. Americans like hamburgers and Koreans like kochujang and kimchi. If you live confined by customs, you will never be able to eliminate your habits.

Then, how will you eliminate these habits? If it is this difficult to rid yourselves of everyday habits on earth, then how much more difficult will your situation be in the spirit world if you go there with a hardened fallen nature and stubborn habits. You need to resolve these things on the earth. This is very difficult to do when you go to the spirit world. Therefore, a spouse is not the main concern. Children are not the main concern. Only after you remedy all your bad habits should you think about finding a husband or wife and having children. (228-114, 1992.1.26)

[If you try to] release things in the spirit world, you will be disappointed to find that it is difficult to solve your problems there. You will not find any villains opposing you or any realm opposing your goodness there. Similarly, if something is wrong, instead of going against it, you will try to deflect it on its way. You should try to disassociate from it completely. (256-28, 1994.3.12)

In the spirit world you will have to live in a restricted environment. You have to wait there for thousands of years. In the future, even blessed people will be in this situation. All your sons and daughters would be upset and cry out, "Mother, why did you bring me into this world as someone like this? Why did you drag me into this place?" Do you not think your children would be agitated? The levels of your families are all different. You go to the place that is consistent with your level and stay there for a long time. Then, your ancestors and your children will accuse you saying, "Why did you do that? Why did you not do better? What is this?" You will have to stay in that place to the extent that corresponds to the degree of accusation. It is not an easy thing. This is why you have to deal with this on the earth. You have to do everything I tell you to do. (207-99, 1990.11.1)

You have not yet become true families, have you? When you pass into the spirit world you will all be divided. People who never fell and created heavenly families are destined to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Ultimately, you are all bound to enter the spirit world for eternity. Problems that arise on the earth can be solved within seventy to eighty years, but in the spirit world, where you will reside eternally, the path is difficult even after you have followed it for millions of years. You have to settle all your misdeeds while you are on earth. The Bible says that what is released on earth is released in heaven, and what is bound on earth is bound in heaven. If you lose something on this earth, you have to find it on this earth. (283-184, 1997.4.12)

If you control your body, striking it for three years or longer, you will then enter the realm of the completion stage of the growth period. Is this not so? If you make more of the physical side, the spiritual side diminishes. If you get rid of the physical side, the spiritual side will be elevated. Therefore, for the same reason, when you ignore the superficial things and attach importance to the deeper aspects of life, the spirit world will come closer to you. Then, when you are engrafted to the original standard of conscience there will be a great surge like that in an electrical power plant when positive and negative interact. Consequently, changes occur in heaven and earth. You should be aware that you need to have such spiritual experiences. (282.308, 1997.4.7)

In the Bible it says, "What is bound on earth is bound in heaven. What is released on earth will be released in heaven." This logic can be understood through understanding the unity of the dual structure. Human beings today should know how valuable their physical lifetime truly is. The conclusion is that the period of their life on earth is the only time when they can liberate God, revive this universe, and unite all heaven and earth. God and creation combined together could not equal the value of the physical world. Why is this so? God and this universe combined, without human beings in the flesh, cannot be perfected. Thus, they have to understand how important the human body is, while they are alive on earth. How great this is! (91-191, 1977.2.13)

If there were two paths, one that goes to heaven and another to hell, on which path would there be more people? There would be more people going to hell. What must God's heart be like seeing this? How bitter He must feel! How appalled God is to see His sons and daughters, who were supposed to come to heaven, all going to hell. They were to have become the people of a vast nation living together with God in love and with no relation to hell. Think about how it would be if your children had to go to the place of death. All of you will ultimately come to know these things when you pass on to the spirit world. (244-25, 1993.?.29)

You will be challenged about everything in the spirit world in the same way that True Parents' teachings challenge you. Did you pass or fail with regard to this standard? Did you strive to align yourself to this standard by uniting your physical and spiritual live senses?" What do you think? Heaven is not a place you can deal with freely, as you please. It is not a place tolerant of those who lived a haphazard life and then received the Blessing. It is a place of gathering for people who took God's will seriously. You all should be more serious than True Father. (246-191, 1993.4.16)

When you pass to the spirit world, who is the first person you would like to meet? Whom would you want to meet? Have you ever thought about this? You cannot meet your mother no matter how much you wish to do so. You cannot meet her until True Parents liberate her. No matter how much you love someone, you will not be able to meet him or her. You will only be able to see that person from a distance; you will not be able to meet them up close. (285-125, 1997.4.21)

When human beings register into the heavenly spirit world, they should take with them a certificate that confirms the details of their life on earth. I am talking about a certificate of your entire life with which you can say, "This is how I lived. This is what I did." You are not the one who writes this kind of certificate. Satan should first write it for you. You should first receive the certificate from Satan and then receive Jesus' certificate. Then you should receive God's certificate. (299-77, 1999.2.4)

In the future, you all will have to write your autobiography. You have to write honestly about your life after joining the Unification Church. When you enter the spirit world, you should be able to weep over your autobiography, saying, "Was I really able to do such works?" You have to write this on the earth and then, when you are about to enter the heavenly kingdom, you have to get in line and pass through 160, 240 and 360 spiritual guards. If you lie, you will be struck by lightning on the spot. You cannot deceive them. (297-120, 1998.11.19)

When you pass on to the spirit world, a recording of your entire life can be accessed with the press of a button. Is this not terrifying? If True Father forgives all the evil that you have done) the recording of that evil will be completely erased. Did you know this? (165-90, 1987.5.20)

3.6. To live in harmony with nature is precious

A person who works with nature is usually more religious. The world of religion is a world without ostentation. The earth and nature do not lie. If you invest your utmost effort, the results of that effort will he brought to you. There is no speculation. You will not make a fortune without effort. There is no inclination to gamble. When you become fifty years old, you return to nature. There is no better preparation for your way to the spirit world than living a life of faith immersed in nature. (244-322, 1993.3.1)

In the future, I will build a farm here and bring all the members from around the world. When you reach the age of sixty or seventy, you will grow things in nature, deeply experiencing the same heart as when raising children and deeply experiencing the realm of God's heart at the time of the Creation. Then, when you go to the spirit world, you can ascend to a higher level. Therefore, for those undergoing hardships in the Unification Church, I am planning to bring them to a farm in their later years and let them live in self-sufficiency in a country house. This is the ideal homeland. This is my plan. (246.216, 1993.4.16)

When you pass the age of sixty, you should retire from public life, return to the farm village in your hometown, cultivate the earth and prepare to go to the spirit world. You will be busy preparing for the spirit world. For this reason, you should devote yourself sincerely and deeply involve yourself in a farming village, taking responsibility to guide its people the way I would.

You should not go to the spirit world until you have accomplished something in the leisure industry and in your hobbies. Only then, can you go to a higher level in the spirit world, become a person with deep emotions, and be able to make good use of the great arena of the spirit world. What do you think? (289-193, 1993.1.2)

You work until the age of sixty. After working until that age, you are freed from your period of public mission. Then you work publicly for three more years without pay. In order to prepare to go to the spirit world, you should not want anything in return. This is a training period. If you have good results, it may be extended to seven years. Then how old will you be? To make the foundation to go to the spirit world you can work until the age of sixty-seven -- working until the age of sixty and then seven years more. When this is done, you can be proud of yourself wherever you go.

When you go to the spirit world with the Unification Church foundation, people might receive you as my representative saying, "Welcome, worthy subject." If you think about going to the spirit world on the basis of having lived for others, you know that you will have the requisite maturity. Amen! (289.195, 1998.1.2)

It is better to go to the spirit world after having experienced travel on land, in the water, and in space. This is why I am planning a project that will allow people to live under the sea. I am conducting research on a submarine that will enable five people to live freely underwater. You begin your travels after having established your life on earth. Ideally, you go to the spirit world after traveling on land, undersea, and in space. (279-200, 1996.8.4)

You can raise animals, like deer, and release them, raise fish and release them. Now I can apply new technology to develop crops and other natural resources, and whatever else is needed to improve the environment. How wonderful that will be! You can reproduce whatever God originally created. You can think of God as you gaze upon your creation, and harmonize with nature. All people will live in cooperation with one another while they enjoy their hobbies. When they grow old, they will eventually pass to the spirit world. Through this, it is possible to decentralize the urbanized world. Do you understand? (252-210, 1993.12.30)

Have you thought about God's desire for the future family system? In light of this, True Father has thought about the hobby industry and the world of leisure. In the future, what kind of communal system should you create in each nation? You should build a "condominium system," and train people within that system where four families live together in unity. They should earn money together, eat together, educate their children together, and live as one family. If they fail to live together in harmony, those families will be pushed into a restrictive environment in the spirit world. There, they will not be able to live with others in harmony. (27?-327, 1996.6.23)

The leisure or hobby culture exists everywhere. From the time of creation to the time of restoration and perfection, life on earth and in the spirit world was made to be interesting. It does not make sense that Americans should be the only ones living in affluence. Do Africans want a better life? How about letting the poorest person in Africa live in the house of the richest person in America for a month? If you cannot do this, I will do it. (278-123, 1996.5.1)

When you settle in your original homeland, all of heaven and earth become your hometown. Since everything from heaven and earth is provided, there is no need to bring anything when you go there. You should just leave everything behind. You can still form a spiritual connection to those things. You can recreate the things of the earthly world in the spirit world. There, you can recreate the same house you lived in on earth and make it your own. Do you need to carry it when you go or not? (289-144, 1998.1.1)

If you have a boat, you can use it to go and meditate by yourself. You can even put up a small tent and sleep inside it. You can go sightseeing. It is like heaven! In order to be immersed in nature and go sightseeing in this way, you need a boat. You absolutely need a boat. Do you think this is the case or not? If not, then you need to realize that it is so. (262 270, 1994.8.1)

The spirit world is a world where you can have plenty of energy without sleeping or eating. You can commute a tremendous distance in an instant. You can include the entire universe within the radius of your activity. If you are interested in exploring nature, you should consider the special and unique trees and birds in South America. You would find them very interesting and exciting. A while ago, I caught a large snake with yellowish-brown skin, about eight meters in length. Would it not be exciting for you to catch a snake like that? It would be great to catch an even longer one. (276-77, 1996.2.4)

Throughout your life, your daily life and leisure activities should harmonize with history and the ideal human lifestyle, bringing it into relation with the spirit world. They should be connected to a world of happiness through nature. (278-123, 1996.5.1)

Nature’s artistry is displayed more vividly through a variety of weather, than a succession of fine days. When you feel loved in that environment, you can make clouds or fog appear in the clear sky of the spirit world just by wishing it. You can become a person with a special ability to create all kinds of manifestations of the mind through love. For this reason, all of the spirit world will take an interest in you. Everyone would say, "Hey, being with this person is fun." (201-102, 1990.3.11)

When I go to the mountain and see a meadow, I know what is edible. When buds sprout, they are mostly edible. Young calves and lambs all graze on sprouts. Even poisonous herbs are edible, as they do not contain poison at that stage. I taught myself this. There are many things to eat in the mountains.

It is great to take a nap in an overgrown place. How wonderful it is to uncover your belly and lie down in a cool place during the hot and humid summer! Even if it rains, it just feels cool and refreshing.

If a Buddhist nun, passing by, were to see a man laying out like this, spreadeagled happily under a wisteria, breaking wind, and snoring as he sleeps, she would say, "How sweet!" Why? Because his state of being is wonderful. She is not a stone statue of Buddha. Do you understand what I am saying? A woman who would not feel anything from such a scene would be devoid of human emotion. She would be unable to give birth to children and unable even to get married. On the contrary, if this Buddhist nun gazes upon that man and exclaims "How sweet!" and her breasts and hips are stimulated, then she is elevated one dimension higher. It is true. It is like this in the spirit world. A Buddhist monk or nun who does not know conjugal love is sadly disqualified from the kingdom.

It is no use saying that you will go to Heaven by believing in Jesus. I searched every corner of the spirit world. Do you know where Kim Hwal-lan is now in the spirit world? She is in a world of turmoil. (202-231, 1990.5.24) 

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