Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Blessed Family Should be a Good Example

Blessed families should feel the mission to determine the future of the whole. A couple and children are in a family. The family should not become a slave of habit. The family is the starting point of the four position foundation. Oneness of husband and wife is absolutely needed here. You should unite with the original standard which God desires.

In establishing a family-level foundation, when a wife fits into the husband, when a husband fits into the wife, and when the children become one, the family will be blessed. Now is the age of family salvation. We should restore the family; there's no better witnessing than that. A couple should pray in tears holding the children's hands at the break of day, so that the children sing songs of yearning for their parents when they are away from home.

From now on, we should anathematize things worthy of cutting with a dagger. You are not supposed to do it on your own. The Unification Church is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven; that's why we are to look for the family, not an individual. Do you under stand? The family department will be the most important post in our church. A person who cannot be a good example in family life will receive worldwide and cosmic blame.

The Blessing is precious after fulfilling the condition of responsibility. Men shouldn't create fist fights and women should be careful with their mouths. They should not use the abusive language of the secular world. They should be different in some way. The family is the micro-church; it should be the agency of heaven. It should be the family that God wants to visit. At least three families should run one household. First, a family should be the place where many people can come and go; the harmony among men is most important. Second, heavenly families should be united into one. At least a trinity of families should be completely one.

We center on the family, not on the individual. This doesn't mean that everything is to be cut off centering upon a family; rather, the whole should be linked up centering upon a family. The effort to cultivate a solitary moral life is not enough. You should determine to make several times more effort than before.

We are apt to be tired and retreat from the life of challenging evil. After having a family, you should make several times more effort than you did when you were single.

The family is the axis for fixing the focus. We cannot escape this reality. The relationship of "front and rear," "right and left, and up and down" should be established in a family.

The form of faith that you had in the past is not enough, nor is your former one-sided attitude of faith enough.

Individual prayer worked when you were single; but if there's even one opposing person in a family, the family has to penetrate the problem together, shouldering the cross of disunity until the original standard is met. An individual is like a railroad car and a family is like a locomotive. It is simple to restore an individual mistake but the mistake of a family leads directly to rupture.

The family is important. If one partner fails, no relationship can be made. When a virgin and a bachelor are in love, they usually forget all their ideals. The starting point of everything for us is the family. When you fight insisting on your own opinions, the nation and Heaven and earth will perish. The family is the hole through which we can breathe.

Individual faith can grow well when one meets a good leader; but in a family, everybody should be the leader to one another. For whom and for what a family exists is the problem.

The nest of Sabbath for children is the love and pride that they have toward their parents.

We need a foundation of complete unity between parents and children in a family. But what will it be worth if there's no nation, even though you have many children? Nothing will be useful if there's no nation.

When the loyal subjects a long time ago received something good, they offered it to the king of the nation first. That was the regulation of the life of loyalty in Korea.

In that perspective, Korean courtesy has heavenly contents which are not found in any other nation. The Confucianists follow Confucianism and there are quite a lot of manners prescribed in Confucian teachings which are similar to heavenly law.

You should make your descendants perform a sacrificial rite for you. So far, the regulations of life and the procedure for holding a funeral have not been established centering upon the Principle; but from the time the standard is set up, you shouldn't behave on your own. You should develop and keep the vitality of life to survive and grow no matter what kind of storm comes, overcoming your environment and taking root deeply centering upon the mind that God is always with us in every situation. If you become like that, heavenly law will not be a big problem; but if you don't become like that, problems will arise.

Don't treat your ancestors as real ancestors. There were good forefathers among the ancestors born after Adam, but anyway they were unfaithful to God -- that's why you shouldn't treat them as your ancestors. Then who is our ancestor? Our fallen ancestors cannot be considered as such. But among them, there were outstanding chosen ancestors. We have focused upon Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus in the Bible in order to honor their hard work for God. So centering upon such faithful ancestors, we are to unite. Let's serve and attend the Father whom they were calling, whom they were attending and whom they were living for, as our Father.

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