Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) Establishment of the Blessing Based on the Historical Sacrifice

When we look at the history of restoration, we can see that God is really wise. Unless you give very close attention, you cannot understand. Here, 777 couples are gathered. Do you know what the Blessing is? Between your understanding of the Blessing and what I know about the Blessing, there is the difference of heaven and earth.

Receiving the Holy Blessing is a fearful thing. If we took at it from the providential viewpoint, God's central ideology started from the family of Adam and Eve. God wanted that family to be the model to multiply the same families. By making one form and providing the supplies, within a short time many tens of thousands could have been produced. Teacher has been suffering until now in order to make that form. If that form is broken, we cannot do anything.

God's providence based on the central ideology is to make the Messiah's family, the restored Adam and Eve's family, the family victorious over the satanic sovereignty. Therefore, the central ideology of humanity shows how to jump from the satanic sovereignty to the victorious sovereignty of God and to establish one family centering on love. The completion of Adam's family is the beginning point of the family-level completion and also the beginning point of the tribe, clan and nation. The beginning point of the kingdom of heaven, you are the center of your family, standing on the edge of fulfilling the mission to restore the authority of the tribe and the authority of the clan. The Teacher has the universal mission but his central point is the same as yours.

Jesus did not have the tribal foundation and he could not get married. You must know this fact clearly. Centering on Joseph's family and Zechariah's and John the Baptist's family, the tribal foundation could have been established and Jesus could have built the Kingdom of Heaven without himself witnessing at all. He did not need to continue with those unbelieving crowds and making noise and trouble doing those activities. If the four position foundation centering on the family is established, automatically the entire mission will be accomplished. Centering on the four position foundation and explaining the historical contents of indemnity, step by step the foundation would have been made. He did not have to face the way of death. If he had had the family foundation and children, Christianity would have been different today. The world would have been ruled through Jesus' direct lineage. However, neither this nor that foundation was ever accomplished.

For fallen people to get the blessing from God is unthinkable, even in dreams. In order to have that day, God has been furthering the providence through religion until today. God chose the people of Israel and taught the doctrine of the Messiah. Through the Israelites, God wanted to restore the victorious national authority, but because of their ignorance and betrayal, this failed. Therefore, Christianity became the second Israel.

Judaism, on the national foundation, should have taken the central world mission, but because Jesus was crucified, Judaism lost the authority on earth. Therefore, Christianity pioneered for two thousand years and there was bloodshed in order to establish the spiritual Heavenly Kingdom. Israel shed blood externally and Christianity has been shedding blood internally.

Now at the time of welcoming the Second Coming, it is time to engraft the spiritual foundation to the external foundation. It is the time for Christianity to welcome the Second Coming of Christ. The Unification Church started with that central providential Will.

Through the Blessing, the vertical history came to the point that it could pay indemnity horizontally.

God has been working continuously through a long history in order to recover the moment for fallen people to receive the Blessing. During this period, of course, individuals, families, tribes, nations, thousands and tens of thousands of people have been sacrificed. However, they could not come to the level to receive the Blessing centering on God. It is a surprising fact that the Unification Church has this goal and has spread to Japan, America and throughout the world.

Before you get the Blessing, you must know that you are standing upon the hard work of the historical foundation. All the sacrifices made during God's thousands of years of history until today were for your salvation. The countless prophets and saints became offerings, and many religions walked the sacrificial way for you, one by one, to be victors in the love of God.

The history of the Unification Church is the same. I suffered in order to pioneer the way for myself and at the same time to open the way to extend the Blessing to all people. Eventually, you must know God worked so hard for you for so long, and you must give thanks to God. But even if you give your life to God, you must know you cannot pay back what you owe to God. Even if you offer your life to God, you cannot make God rejoice. However, when you offer everything, God will welcome you, as a victor, from the eternal, victorious world, which is the glorious world. Therefore, you must understand that you have the historical burden and also the present world's burden. Presently, four billion lives must receive salvation through you. Your life is directly connected to the whole world. God taught us to sacrifice in order that we become a valuable existence, and each religion made effort to do that. Although sacrifice was taught historically, when receiving that benefit each person is different. You must know as a fact that you have the central mission.

I worked hard for forty years in order to find the family. In order to establish the day of the Blessing, there were countless sacrifices paid. Finding Jesus and the Holy Spirit requires exactly that.

To be born from the fallen lineage and yet receive the Blessing was never possible in history, and it is a very honorable and valuable fact that it happened to you. The content of restoration was never exposed with clarity, and the Blessing was never given until now. Living in this age on earth, with the Blessing being given for the first time, means that we arrived at an unbelievably fortunate moment.

The fall is to marry centering on Satan. Today, in the Unification Church, it is a truly surprising fact that you can get the Blessing centering on God and the True Parents. From the separated, opposite positions, everything makes pairs and comes forth. In this process, if there is the smallest opening, Satan will attack. Because Reverend Moon knew this and prepared every detail without a gap, the fallen world will be destroyed.

Today, what is your position? It represents six thousand years of countless saints and sages being pleased, God being pleased and the next one generation of the Teacher being pleased. In order for the Teacher to be in this place, three generations of my ancestors were prepared. Until today, no one in the Unification Church knew about this fact. I'm telling you workshop students for the first time. Because it is the time that I could tell you, this history must be over. Not doing this is against historical restoration through indemnity. It has to be just right. It has to be right inside and out. Otherwise, you cannot receive salvation from God.

You know that there are the foundation of faith, foundation of substance and foundation for the Messiah. Now we are removing the original sin and climbing up. This is the formula. God suffered six thousand years to have this one chance. And after Jesus, for two thousand years, many people of different nations have been following this way. Today, it is surprising grace that you can sit here and know this fact in a short time. It is a surprising fact that centering on Korea in Asia, a victorious organization can bear fruit like this. It is a surprising fact that centering on the will of God, the world-people from many different countries-are coming to Korea and getting married.

How difficult is the Blessing? Although the ceremony is short, the work afterward is incredibly hard. Without going through this historical course, it cannot happen. If God laughs, the whole world can laugh: this standard is the Blessing standard. If something is lacking, it has to be mended in order to establish God's hope in the husband-wife relationship. There is a lack of cognition in the family. Man and woman were born to represent heaven and earth.

Do you know, actually, how difficult the Blessing is? In order for Heaven (God) to find the one family through the course of history, how many individuals, families, classes and nations were sacrificed? By making those sacrifices, the blessed family was established.

There is internal longing and absolute hope to realize the Blessing, centering on our land of Korea. In the Unification organization, it is not just a national event but a world affair. Even one man and one woman who are standing on the world stage ready for the one day of Blessing in this historical time are people possessing incredible value, aren't they? In other words, they are representing the lost Adam who lacks nothing in response to God's calling and the lost Eve who has no shame to be called by God.

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