Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) God's Purpose for Creating Adam and Eve

In Genesis 1: 27, it is written that when God created man in His own image, He created them male and female. As such, we can conclude by inductive reasoning that God is a Being of united masculinity and femininity.

God, as a Being of this nature, could not live alone. Needing an object partner, He created the world. Therefore, God created one man and one woman.

God's internal nature consists of masculine character, God as Father, and feminine character, God as Mother. Therefore, one can describe human beings and the universe created from God as embodying the God of dual characteristics, of masculinity and femininity.

God created Adam and Eve first in order to become embodied, and second to perfect His love. If Adam and Eve had become perfected embodiments of love, God would have dwelt in them and they would have become the perfect parents of love for all humankind. God's image would then have been manifest as Adam and Eve, the incarnate Parents. Next, Adam and Eve were to have multiplied their children and established an ideal world. The ideal world established by human beings would have connected the spirit world and the physical world. This was another reason why God created human beings.

Therefore, centering on love, God was to have dwelt in Adam and Eve, becoming the incarnate True Parent to all humankind. After Adam and Eve went to the spirit world, God would have continued to manifest as the divine Parent, clothed in the image of Adam and Eve. However, you must understand that because of the fall of Adam and Eve, God could not realize these intentions.

God created man and woman with the purpose that the two love each other and become one. God did not create Adam for Adam's sake or Eve for Eve's sake. God created Adam for Eve and Eve for Adam. Likewise, God created Adam and Eve for His own love and His own joy. God did not create Adam and Eve for the sake of knowledge, power or money. The omnipotent God does not need knowledge, power or money; He only needs love.

God did not create Adam and Eve for the purpose of giving them knowledge, power, or many treasures to live a good life. God's purpose was to raise Adam and Eve as the embodiments of love.

God purposed that human beings establish a foundation for love through the family. The world without love is hell; even God's existence loses its meaning. Understand the absolute law of creation: love is human beings' God-given purpose.

Why did God create the universe, and Adam and Eve? We must know the reason. God created because it was good. God wanted to enjoy His good creation.

God wanted to enter and dwell in Adam to become the incorporeal Father, and He wanted Adam to become the corporeal father. Thus, Adam should have become God in the flesh. Why does God need a body of flesh? Because the incorporeal God can not have dominion over the corporeal world that He created, God needs an incarnation of God.

Therefore, God created Adam and Eve to be the incarnations of God. This required that Adam and Eve become one with God. Likewise, Jesus came to become one with God. Adam was supposed to become one with God, but he failed; he screwed up God's plan. Therefore, Jesus had to come to straighten it out. I use a vulgar expression, "he screwed up," but I believe it is not out of place. Jesus probably would like this expression. It gives a more realistic feeling than some euphemistic phrase such as "he made a mistake."

God is an invisible being. To have a form of flesh, the incorporeal God created Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve, with God dwelling in them, had attained maturity, married and had children, then God would have become the internal Father and Adam the external father. Adam then would have completely resembled God.

Thus resembling God, Adam and Eve were to become the father and mother of humankind. Had this happened, then throughout history people would have always acknowledged the existence of God. No one would doubt the reality of God. If human beings had not fallen, we would be able to see God anytime and God would respond to us whenever we call Him. Who, then, would deny the existence of God? No one would deny it, even if the whole world opposed them.

Watching Adam and Eve loving each other, God would not have been a lonely being. God would have felt matching joy, thinking how strong His own inborn love nature was flowing.

For God, Eve was His future wife. This is because Adam, becoming one with God, was to become God himself. Satan seduced God's wife. Satan is God's enemy and our enemy.

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