The Words of the Selig Family

International Security Council

William Selig
April 1985

Guests at the CAUSA/ISC conference in Paris, France.

One hundred twenty-four strategists and high-ranking retired military and naval officers from 24 nations gathered at the Hotel Meridien in Paris, France, on February 17-22 for a conference of the newly developed CAUSA International Security Council (ISC). These international leaders met to discuss "The Caribbean Basin and Global Security: Strategic Implications of the Soviet Threat." This two-day discussion was followed by a two-day presentation of the CAUSA Worldview, Godism.

Father has spoken about the importance of senior military officers in terms of their patriotism and superior understanding of communism. With the assistance of Dr. Joseph Churba, a well-known geopolitical expert, invitations were sent throughout the world.

It is hoped that the International Security Council will become one of the highest authorities in the world and a major influential force in Western foreign policy. ISC was designed to bring together statesmen, former diplomats, senior military officers, political scientists, economists, and historians. The council engages in a range of educational activities to raise public awareness and understanding of the Soviet drive for global domination. ISC briefings have been held in Washington DC on a monthly basis since September 1984, to examine issues of international strategic importance.

At the opening session of the ISC conference, Dr. Bo Hi Pak warmly welcomed the guests and made it clear that the success of the seminar would depend on how much each participant invested himself.

Working group sessions were organized in which the participants contributed their broad experience and expertise. They examined the growing threat to regional security, and U.S. commitments to the defense of its allies in Europe and Asia.

The working sessions were characterized by insight and sharp discussion. At the final plenary sessions the committee chairmen presented the group's conclusions and recommendations.

Group I discussed threats to free world alliances; group II, U.S. defense posture; and group HI, how the nations of the Western hemisphere can cooperate to ensure their future security. The moderator was newly appointed CAUSA-USA President Phillip V. Sanchez, former ambassador to Honduras and Colombia and director of the Office of Economic Opportunity.

A press conference was held the first day by a select steering committee of the ISC seminar. Representatives from all 'of the leading media attended; articles appeared the following day in L' Humanite, Liberation, La Quotidien, Le Monde, and the TV evening news. According to the French family the news was generally positive and was some of the best publicity they had ever received.

The two-day CAUSA conference gave the ideological element so sorely needed by these military specialists. They had all known war and had seen the face of communism, but the CAUSA lectures made it clear that only by working in conjunction with the most powerful force in the universe can communism be stopped. The lectures were given by our brothers Dr. Pak, Thomas Ward and William Lay, and were clearly well received. Many participants left Paris with a desire to know more about the Unification movement and Father's life.

The participants were asked to sign a "Proclamation of Free and God-loving People" as an affirmation of our brotherhood in the family of God and our desire to eliminate communism from the world. Of the 85 guests who remained until the end of the seminar, about 40 signed the proclamation, including one of the most vocally critical. It is hoped that eventually 70 million will sign the proclamation in the future. 

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