Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Special Emphasis on Spiritual Liberation

Excerpts of a speech from Dae Mo Nim at the 503th Workshop, February 3, 2002, at Cheong Pyeong Lake.

God has a been a Father unable to give blessings and heal His sick children. But from January 1st, 2002, in the second year of Cheon Il Guk, He said He will descend and heal the disease of our mind and body; even if He, through love, has to use a rod. He will give blessings to His children.

But who are the children God will bless? They are the ones who have become one in heart with True Parents and God Himself. So, you have to be ambitious. The ambition of love; you should entertain the ambition of the Good. You should have the heart of becoming one in the realm of True Parents and God and there receive the blessings -- heaps of them.

Our situation is different as compared to the old days. If you go towards the direction of evil, it will be impossible to receive blessings, since this era sees the development of Goodness. Just be alive to see what will happen is special. Gradually you'll feel that, "Ah, it's no good if I don't attend God and True Parents in my family, within myself!" This is an era that is gradually taking shape.

Therefore, it is an era one cannot but discard the old, misguided way of life and personal traits that related to the realm of heart devoid of God and True Parents. Why? Because this is not an era in which Satan's characteristics and dominion can prevail.

Hence, what is it that God is looking for? An era in which He'll welcome not only our blessed families, but the whole humankind, and the whole spirit world. So, as we greet the solar and lunar New Year of 2002, we are to witness the beginning of this very history.

So, what period is it that we are emphasizing? What is it that we are stressing in order to create such a world? From today on, it'd be wonderful if you could see Heaven. This is a period of special focus.

God said, "Although this Holy Place is not big enough, it would be good if all blessed families came here, even if they had to trickle inside. This is a period in which more spirits are cast away, even more than during the 40 and 120-day workshops."

So, it'd be better that you know this, and I'd ask you that you sincerely attend it. Those who are on a 40 workshop now are lucky -- blessed. Those who are coming for the weekend workshop, there has been no chance like this one in the seven years of Chung Pyung Providence.

I think so, too. This morning I thought, "It'd be very good if the family members who haven't been able to establish 4-position foundation, or those who have faced serious spiritual obstacles could gather here."

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