Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim's Speech At The Liberation Ceremony For Ancestors Up To The 7th Generation

Dae Mo Nim
February 14, 1999
Translation by Soon-Ja Richardson
Unofficial notes by Mark Bramwell


There are two types of ancestors being liberated this time:

1. For those prepared for this occasion, 7 generations will be liberated.
2. For those who are unprepared, pray for the "troublemaker" ancestors. These too can be liberated.

There are three categories of ancestors:

1. Resentful ancestors, who are dwelling in others' bodies
2. Evil ancestors, who are trapped by other spirits
3. Wandering spirits

The first generation of ancestors refers to your parents, the second to your grandparents, and so on. Dae Mo Nim has been praying all night to prepare for this ceremony. Your ancestors will get liberated by looking at your name. Pray strongly and desperately, calling the ancestors to come here. Do not stop praying, but focus and focus with a repentant and grateful heart. Therefore, invest every ounce of energy.

Dae Mo Nim:

I have been happy to do many things in recent days. I am happy to tell you that I have found your ancestors! I started searching yesterday, but was very nervous. However, until daybreak I found them all! (Applause). It was the first time for me to call up 7 generations, so I was very nervous. But now I am confident I can do it without any problems (Applause).

I am grateful to Heavenly Father, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. I was so nervous when True Father asked me to liberate up to 7 generations. You do not know in detail how this is done. For those who did not write any names, finding them is very difficult. Therefore, I asked good spirits and angels to check and match up the ancestors and descendants. I became so nervous in case someone denied being related. Not one said that this is not his descendant! (Applause)

Up to now, we thought it is a difficult path in the Unification Church, but this liberation is an expression of the never-ending love of God and True Parents. For some people, there are great difficulties for their ancestors to be liberated. The descendant has done so much, but the ancestor has committed such great sin. They had to do this or that condition while the resentful spirits were being liberated. If Lucifer had not been restored, this would not have been possible. I could only cry when I see God's love for the most sinful people. Lucifer said: "Some day I knew you would be here to see me. True Parents' love is great". We must be truly filial children toward God and True Parents.

You cannot imagine how strong and resentful the evil spirits are who are with you. Therefore, the liberation of ancestors is not easy. But True Parents have shed blood, sweat and tears to make this possible. All this work should have been done some time ago, then all this suffering would not have been necessary. We must always be grateful to True Parents and not be tested by struggles. Money and arrogance are the things that allow Satan to come in. When Judas thought he was smartest and best, Satan invaded him. Now Judas always says. "Never put yourself at the center, thinking you are the best, but live for others." Judas came and asked for his sin to be forgiven. At this last Blessing he was blessed. He was so grateful. He has wisdom and ability and wants to help the Chung-Pyung providence.

Good subjects, kings and righteous people are being blessed. Some outstanding figures were blessed, and they will be working here, helping you. From now on, the Chung-Pyung providence will develop at an amazing pace. Multitudes of people will come here after the completion of our hospital. Many people suffering from mental disease, cancer and other diseases will come here to be cured. There are so many mental hospitals and patients, but centering on Korea I want to close down the mental hospitals and work for the mental and physical healing of people. By getting rid of evil spirits, restoring ancestors, and getting rid of all traces of the fall, we can clear up everything.

I take responsibility for you. Now go back home and be filial sons and daughters. Witness to the people around you. Most important of all, we must be changed in order to go back to the original way. Do not talk too much. Speak of love. Do pledge, tithing and take care of leaders. The ancestors are here. They are outside the door. I will let them come in and sit beside you. They will line up on your right. They are wearing white uniforms of the heavenly Army. In future they will come to you in white robes on special days. For 100 days they will be listening to Divine Principle. They are dirty spiritually, but to be cleaned up your prayer is necessary. They will become blessed couples after 40 days blessed couples workshop. I will let you know the day they will come down. These ancestors know Divine Principle well and how to live as blessed couples, so now you must live carefully! If you live right, you can be successful. During the liberation prayer, talk to them, sharing your wishes and problems. They will come to you immediately we start the liberation prayer.

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