Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim's Report on the Blessing

Released by Chungpyung Training Center Staff, December 29. 1997. This report comes from Chungpyung, and is for the benefit of the worldwide membership.

The November 29 Spirit World Blessing

First, we would like to congratulate all of those members who have come to Chung Pyung Lake Training Center in the past. All of the spirits who were liberated and sent to Heung Jin Nim in the period preceding November 25, 1997, received the Blessing in the spirit world at the same time as the WCSF III Blessing of 39.6 million couples in Washington DC on November 29. True Father said that those spirit people who received the Blessing are the spiritual children of the people who liberated them at Chung Pyung by sending them to Heung Jin Nim in the spiritual world.

Also, True Father has said repeatedly that this liberation work should have already been done a long time ago. He said that it is very wonderful because when we go to the spiritual world these couples will be welcoming us there. Many more spirit people would receive the Blessing in the future so that our church have more spiritual power.

The True Parents gave a special benediction prayer allowing Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim to give the Blessing to spirit world couples at Chung Pyung (The photo of this benediction scene is available.) True Father desires that these Blessings be ongoing at regular intervals rather than waiting for the next major Blessing to occur.

Dae Mo Nimís report about the Spirit World Blessing

On November 28 at 11 PM, the spirit world Blessing Candidates participated in a Holy Wine Ceremony. On November 29, Dae Mo Nim arrived early at RFK stadium to prepare. The blessing of the spirit world couples took place at the same time as the main Blessing Ceremony. First, the angels came in and then those couples who were Blessed on the earth during their physical lives. (They served as the ushers. Next, those many, many millions of spirit world people who passed through Chung Pyung came in wearing beautiful white gowns. According to Dae Mo Nim they were so beautiful, clean and pure looking.

Then True Father (physically) and Heung Jin Nim (spiritually) came into the stadium. Some of the people participating were True Fatherís ancestors up to seven generations, the founder of the four great religions, the founders of other religions, and those other spirits who went through liberation at the Chung Pyung workshops and special Chung liberations. Heung Jin Nim matched all those spirits who were married before and went as singles through Chung Pyung. They received the single Blessing and will be waiting until their spouses come later into the spirit world.

When resentful spirits were leaving Chung Pyung they looked so ugly and scary, but when they came into the Blessing site Dae Mo Nim was so surprised because she saw that they looked so beautiful. After main Blessing Ceremony all the spirits went to 3rd level of the stadium and occupied the area where there were empty seats.

Since the time of the holy spirit world Blessing of three couples was done at Han Nam Dong on August 24, 1995 for Chung Mo Nimís couples (True Fatherís Parents), Dae Hung Nimís couples (True Fatherís elder brother and his wife) and Dae Mo Nimís couple, this was first time that spirit world people have received the Blessing. True Father directed that after 40 days of the November 29 Blessing, the newly blessed spirit world couples should come down to the earth to help the Blessed couples who sent them to Heung Jin Nim. True Father asked that when they come down they should work to show some kinds of signs to that people can recognize that they are there. Also, they are now so gentle and good natured that they must be trained to be strong and tough.

Up until this time Dae Mo Nim has worked to help us take off evil and resentful spirits, but from now on, once a month, she will also be giving us the chance to have ancestral liberation done as well. This is an amazing change.

A note from the staff at Chung Pyung: The above report is not absolutely complete. We apologize for that, but we want to emphasize how important we feel it is for our brothers and sisters in True Parents to allow God, and the spirit world to help us in our life of faith. True Father has said that all the members should use this opportunity in the Providence to go through the 40 day workshop (also the three and ten day workshops) at Chung Pyung, so that all the members can receive these wonderful blessings.
God Bless.

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