Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

To: All Region 3 Members
From: Rev. Phillip Schanker
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999
RE: Details concerning Dae Mo Nim's visit to Washington, DC

Dae Mo Nim arrived safely in California, meeting with some 1500 members in San Francisco yesterday, 4/20. The state leader expressed how warm it felt to be in Dae Mo Nim's presence, and how humble, sweet and unassuming she and her staff were. The members, especially many of our youth, were inspired by the joyful singing and deep guidance, while Dae Mo Nim expressed pleasant surprise at the bright and responsive spirit of the members during singing and unison prayer (the time of liberation). Besides the simple ceremony and a tour of important places in the San Francisco area, she was deeply concerned to visit places related to the heritage of American Indians and Black Americans, and make conditions there. Dae Mo Nim mentioned that she had not intended to request much of a financial offering for this liberation, but Father strongly indicated it was necessary for the fulfillment of this condition.

In connection with this, please note the following important points:

1. Do not forget to prepare FM receivers. If you want to purchase them from the church (for $9. Or $10. each, batteries included) call the office and order them immediately, or we will not be able to guarantee that we have them for you. These sets, and a few extra for purchase, will be available at the church on Friday evening, or at the ceremony on Saturday morning. Walmart, K-mart and other such stores also have inexpensive sets for purchase.

2. On Friday night, please have your children there by 7:00 p.m., and seated no later than 7:30. Parents who are present can listen to the translation of Dae Mo Nim's talk, and we need some volunteers to help assemble lunches for our out-of-town guests for the following day.

3. On Saturday morning, please arrive by 7:30 a.m., but not much before. Parking is close, easily accessible and free. Please forgive us, but to keep the atmosphere of the ceremony focused, we cannot allow cameras or video recorders in the room. Please leave them at home or with the ushers. We will have 1 official videographer and 1 cameraman for the event.

4. POLICY REGARDING CHILDREN: The focus of this event is upon our ancestors, not our descendants. The Friday evening meeting is for youth 3rd grade and up, and may include guidance and some spiritual effort to cleanse and separate the 2nd generation from Satan. If you bring a child who may become restless during a 1 or 2 hour meeting, you need to take care of them. For Saturday, it is most important that you be able to focus and connect with Dae Mo Nim's heart and words. If you can arrange babysitting for younger children, it is recommended. If you decide to bring your younger children to the Saturday event, we are preparing a separate room with a video hook-up (in California, Dae Mo Nim visited this room during the event). Older children who attended the night before are not required to come, but those who want to can join in the main room to experience the high spirit of the liberation ceremony.

5. SONGLEADERS / "CHEER" LEADERS: Those who have attended Chung Pyung workshop, and would be able to help guide and encourage singing throughout the room, we will meet at Holy Ground Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights to pray, prepare and practice. We ask songleaders to wear a white shirt or blouse and comfortable black or dark pants.

6. Please pay the registration fee of $100. per family by cash, or check. Liberation offerings in the amount you choose may be paid by cash, check or credit card, and over a 2-3 month time period, with some representative amount given this Saturday with a pledge for the remainder.

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