The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Experience with Dae Mo Nim in New York

September 6, 1999

The day before the Blessing and Liberation ceremony, I felt a sense of Joy and anticipation in me that was stronger than all the difficulties I was facing that day.

On Sunday when we got to the Manhattan center it took us one hour in line before we got in. Seeing all of these brothers and sisters with their children, I was reminded again how many people True Parents have touched and affected their life so deeply. I wish one day I have the love who can touch other people lives.

When we were inside and I was looking at all these different couples, each one unique and special, and all connected to one source, I was quite humbled by the magnitude of what was happening. Is there an other place on earth like that?

The ceremony was beautiful and deep. I did not have any spiritual experience per se. Only at the end after the exchange of rings when everything was sealed, I had the realization about my ancestors as couples for the first time. For me before they were like individual stars in the sky.

Now they were like a large strand of hair weaved as a braid. Then I realize I am suppose to be the head carrying this braid. I felt that more responsibility were added on to me. These ancestors are looking to me for direction and example. Now every time I am about to make a mistake, I have to think about the consequences on them. They can be a source of protection.

When the MC mentioned that in 40 days these blessed ancestors will be able to act on earth, I realized that in exactly 40 days, on October 16th I will visit my mother in France and bring with me my father who was just blessed. This timing is an interesting coincidence that took me by surprise.

Ann Pickard's song was so beautiful. I was in Heaven.

During the second ceremony for the liberation of the 8 to 14th generation ancestors I found myself back in Chung Pyung Lake. I was not as focused and it was a much lighter feeling. I did not feel a connection to these new ancestors but I tried to welcome them. They are still like stars in the sky.

I did not have problem with the meaning of the financial offering. I feel like God has been cheated for so long and that Satan took almost everything. Every day in this world I feel that money which I would like to use for a higher purpose is being extorted from me. Giving money to God for his providence is a liberation in itself for me.

I wish Jesus could get a 5% royalty for every Christmas gift that was given. God cannot be the miserable God anymore. I feel a great debt to Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, God and True Parents. The fact that they accept this limited financial offering in order to multiply the Blessing is fine with me.

In the eastern world people are more used to give offerings to their ancestors. Beside flowers and a prayer, that is all my upbringing taught me.

During this day, I also carried a certain feeling of sadness due to the fact that most of us have not become life giving persons who have the confidence to share successfully what we cherish for ourselves and our family.

There are blockages in ourselves as individuals, families or as communities which stop us from multiplying this treasure we have. I feel like a salt shaker that True Parents are trying to unclog. These liberations based on the heart and foundation of Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim are another example of their desire to free us until we feel and understand God's Heart enough.

Heavenly Father is trying to break up this gridlock. We cannot keep this blessing to ourselves. I am eternally grateful and hope to become worthy. 

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