The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Seven Ancestors' Liberation Ceremony

Dae Mo Nim
August 3, 1999
Camberg, Germany

Dae Mon Nim (through Mrs. Hyo-Nam Kim) visited Europe at the beginning of August in order to conduct liberation ceremonies for the seven generations of ancestors closest to our members (immediate parents, grandparents, etc.). She held two ceremonies in Germany and the Czech Republic on the 3rd and 4th August respectively. The following speech was given to European members who had traveled for the ceremony in Camberg, Germany.
This English translation was taken from a tape recording of the live interpretation made by Mrs. Soon-Ja Richardson. Due to technical difficulties there were a number of short breaks in the recording. This means that some very small parts of the speech are missing and that some short sentences were added to improve the flow of the text in these areas. The numbering of the points for our daily lives were reinterpreted for clarity.

You have to understand that ancestral liberation is such difficult work. I have to constantly pray to God whilst looking for your ancestors - especially during the time when I see the terrible situation they are in, how they are looking and much they are suffering. They are really dwelling in such miserable and suffering places. If only our members could understand this reality.

Our ancestors have such incredible gratitude towards God and True Parents for bringing them out of such terrible places. It is really important for our members to understand the kind of places that our ancestors have been living in, and what they really looked like. You should really have a determination to try to see and imagine how they have been existing for such a long time. You should try to see this with your own eyes. The seven generations who have already been liberated in Chung Pyung have been telling everyone that they do not understand the spiritual world. We think that we know about the spiritual world through our understanding of the Divine Principle, but our understanding is far away from the reality. We think that we know well about Satan, but we don't really understand.

When I came here last year I explained that spiritual pollution is a much, much more serious problem than environmental pollution. Satan is using evil spirits to pollute our ancestors. Satan is working through evil spirits, our ancestors and other spirits. He has been using them and they have been trapped as though in prison.

Our ancestors have been dwelling in such miserable places

When I go down to the spiritual world to find your ancestors I don't go to the higher or middle places, I have to go down to some very difficult places. Whenever I conduct the ancestral liberation in Chung Pyung, I am always thinking, "Could I ever come back here again? Could I ever be able to bring back all the ancestors to work again in such a place?" This feeling comes to me so strong before each ancestral liberation ceremony. This is because the places I have to go are such miserable scary places. When I go down, I take the list of names, which you have given me.

To explain it simply, I find most of your ancestors in something that looks like a large muddy bed. Your ancestors have been kept down by a complete mixture of their sins: Collective sins, fallen nature . . .etc. Many have their heads sticking up out of the mud and are looking around. These ancestors are somehow OK, but some of the ancestors have their heads buried inside the mud. Some of them are completely immersed in the mud so that they can not even be seen.

When I go through the list of your ancestors I can see that they are all so miserable and in so much pain. Some ancestors who are not on the list, whose descendants never came to Chung Pyung even come to me. They come to me begging: "My descendant is a Blessed couple too, so you should also take me. They beg and cry, grabbing onto me and not letting go. Some spirits whose descendants are not in the church, come to me and tell me: "If you just save me today, I will take responsibility for my descendants to join the church." Such spirits try to bring all of their ancestors together with them and block my work in such a terrible way. This is what I have to face when I bring your ancestors out of this scary hell to be saved.

After arriving here in Germany and after spending some time with the list of your ancestors, I can say that I have been able to find all of your ancestors. After you have fulfilled your conditions they will be sent to Heung Jin Nim's workshop site for one hundred days training.

100-Day Heung Jin Nim Workshop

The first thing that Heung Jin Nim does in the workshop is to let your ancestors know what they look like. You may think that they can see themselves, but that is not so. Up until now, these ancestors were living in such difficult scary and awful places. They didn't even have the freedom or time to look at themselves. They are all so shocked to see what they look like.

Heung Jin Nim then takes them to places where they can go, if they do well during the workshop. At the same time he shows them the places they belong to according to sins they committed in their lives on earth. From your understanding of the Divine Principle, you know that spirits will go to places according to their reality. If they lived good lives on earth they would have grown as good spirits and be able to live in the good part of the spiritual world. If they had done many evil things and committed many sins, they will have become evil spirits and go to a correspondingly evil realm in the spiritual world. It is not God who determines where they go in the spiritual realm, but they themselves through their actions. Sprits, who can see their own reality, know where they belong. After going to the spiritual world, many people are often shocked to find out their reality. Throughout your life, you gain certain colors according to the sins, which you commit, no one can hide from the sins that they commit, everything will be clearly shown.

Heung Jin Nim tells your ancestors that they have one hundred days to completely change and transform themselves. Heung Jin Nim explains about the Divine Principle in detail from Adam and Eve to True Parents. He explains about how True Parents are working and about how Blessed couples ought to be. He explains to them about the spiritual world and about goodness.

You may think that spirits know everything about the spiritual world, but the spiritual world is not like that. Just like a baby inside its mother's womb, they know nothing of the world to come. They know nothing about the birth to come, and the step by step developments of becoming an adult. In a similar manner, the spirits in the spiritual world have to learn how to live and grow step by step. However, up until now they have not been able to have the incredible grace and benefit of receiving such an education. Evil spirits have been preventing other spirits from being free to do things on their own and have only been free to do what Satan wanted them to do. Our ancestors have been living in ignorance, knowing and understanding so little about the world in which they are living. During the one hundred-day workshops they come to study everything and start to change and grow towards becoming good spirits.

Heung Jin Nim explains to each of the ancestors about the sins which they committed according their color. He explains that they need to remember every sin that they committed on the earth. They have to understand clearly what they did wrong, repent and start cleaning up and restoring these sins one by one. They have to clean and clean and clean, over and over again. They then study the Divine Principle. They study about heavenly tradition in order to change and be good spirits. They have to really work very hard to restore all the mistakes they made in their physical lives. Through constant repentance and cleansing, they can step by step restore themselves until they eventually become good spirits.

After successful completion of the one hundred-day workshop, our ancestors have the opportunity to come down to the physical realm and receive the Blessing from our True Parents through Holy Wine and Holy Water. After this they return to the spiritual world for a further forty-day workshop in which they learn about true family life. They are then ready to come down to the earth and support our work.

Through these ancestral liberation ceremonies, I have truly come to understand how great is the love of our True Parents.

When you write the name and nationality of your ancestors, many things are often incorrect. When I search for these ancestors I often find many inaccuracies. For example, someone wrote they were German, but I found that after just a few generations, his ancestors were from another country. Many cases were different from what was written down on the paper. Another example, which was quite common, was that a man and a woman should have been living together, but in reality they were not.

Have you made enough conditions according to my directions to liberate your ancestors? Perhaps not enough! Whenever I go to liberate your ancestors and I look at your list, I can see how many conditions you have made. God's expectation is that you give one hundred percent, but the reality is that you have only given fifty percent. In such cases I have to make up for the remaining percentage before I can go down to search for your ancestors. Before I went to look for your ancestors this morning, I could see that only sixty percent of the proper conditions had been made. I therefore had to make up the remaining forty percent by doing Kyung Bae (bowing). After this, I went down in the spiritual world to look for your ancestors.

I have to be honest and explain that this ancestral liberation was not so easy. I can not explain in detail but one big problem was that the number of your ancestors was constantly increasing. Originally only one man and one woman should have established a family, but the reality was that many men and women had many different relationships. For example, one grandfather may have effectively been married ten or twelve times, however he should be Blessed to his first wife. However another wife may come during the ancestral liberation and demand to be Blessed to that husband. You will understand this reality when you go to the spiritual world. You will understand that those people who led the most sexually corrupt lives are the ones who go to the deepest kind of hell. Now I have to go down to such low places to liberate such people, you can perhaps begin to understand how difficult my work really is.

You can not see in such a dark place in the spiritual world, even I am in the spiritual world I can not see where I am going. In the past our ancestors were so sexually corrupt, much more than you could ever imagine. I have to go down to such a low-level scary hell to find your ancestors who are trapped together with so many scary, scary evil spirits. The more sexually corrupt, the lower they are. They are really in the lowest place in the bottom of hell and I have to bring them out of such a place. It is so complicated that you can never truly imagine what it is really like in such a place.

Father has asked me to liberate up to one hundred and twenty generations. After one hundred and twenty generations, nothing will be impossible for you, as your entire spiritual background will have been cleaned up.

The most blessed point of the seven-generation liberation is that our ancestors will be given the honor of ushering our True Parents in the spiritual world.

The most blessed point of the seven-generation liberation is that our ancestors will be given the honor of ushering our True Parents in the spiritual world. On the day that True Parents go to the spiritual world to open up the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, these seven-generation ancestors will be the ones to welcome True Parents. When True Parents have finally built the Kingdom of Heaven and open the gates, our seven-generation ancestors will be the first ones able to enter. You need to understand that the seven-generation ancestral liberation more precious than any other ceremony, it is truly a precious ceremony.

The Blessing can now be given to spirits in the spiritual world because of the incredible victorious foundation that our True Parents have established. We have had ancestral liberation ceremonies in our church in the past, but this is the first time that our ancestors have the opportunity to really change and become absolutely unchangeably good spirits. Our ancestors will also be able to receive the Blessing. You should understand that such things were impossible in the past.

Our ancestors are not able to come down to the earth to live and work together with us. Many spirits are now coming to the earth. You don't know it, but they are beside you, they even come to try and talk to you. You don't know whether they are trying to talk to you or not, but they are there! The seven-generation ancestors are trained so that they know when they are besides you. You can even have a skin touch experience. When you speak to them they will be able to hear you. This is how they are being educated. When our ancestors finally come down to the earth, our lives will improve. We will experience such incredible things, but it will also be a scary time - a time of judgment. However, if we live according to absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, these ancestors will bring such incredible blessing.

You have been asked to pay a donation and to make certain conditions for this liberation ceremony. Father has said that these conditions will allow your seven-generations of ancestors to bring down the power of God and give it you as their descendants. This can only take place after your ancestors have successfully completed all of their education and only after we ourselves live our lives according to the Divine Principle, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. If we are not living in this way, our ancestors will be pushing us to do so. In other words, we really have to be living as a proper Blessed family after this seven-generation liberation ceremony.

If we do not live properly according to our True Parents education, we may have some difficult or even scary experiences. Father has said that the time is coming when our ancestors will make us sick and then try to revive us afterwards. I don't want you to have to go through such difficult experiences, but I want you all to understand that such things are possible. Therefore I want to sincerely ask that you have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience and live in accordance with the Divine Principle.

Only because of True Parents is this work possible, no one could build the foundation for such miracles to take place. There are spirits all around us - even inside our bodies. So many spirits exist. In order to liberate your ancestors, I really have to go down to the bottom of hell. It is such a difficult place to go. I have to go down to such dark places and grab your ancestors and pull them up out of hell.

Only because of our True Parents incredible foundation is such work possible

There are so many religious leaders. There are so many spiritual mediums in this world. But unless they understand one hundred percent about the spiritual world, they could never go down to such places and do such work. Only because of our True Parents incredible foundation is such work possible. Only because of our True Parents I am able to go down to the bottom of hell to find your ancestors. You have been thinking that your ancestors were in the middle or higher levels of the spiritual world, but that is not so. They have been in such a scary, scary place. You can not imagine such a terrible place. It is as though they have been trapped underneath a huge stone. I have to use all of my energy to push this huge stone away, so that I can start to work to bring your ancestors out. Your ancestors will come to you later at the end of the ceremony. Some of you might be able to see them. They are not good spirits from the higher or middle realms, but are mainly spirits who have been stuck in the mud of the lower levels of the spiritual world. They look so dirty; they have been bleeding and look very miserable. They will be coming to you later tonight and you need to understand this reality.

I never cry whilst going down to hell to liberate your ancestors. It is such a scary place and I can not get involved emotionally. It is such scary place. I can see all of the sins which these spirits committed. Some spirit may come to me and say, "Please take me out, my descendant is a Blessed couple." To reach some spirits I even have to go inside the mud and swim! It is impossible to breathe in such an atmosphere. A lot of our ancestors are living in such places. A lot of our ancestors have no idea about where they are. Some people in Korea do fishing in the mud and it is similar to this. It is so difficult and very scary.

Many of you here this evening have traveled a very long way in order to attend this meeting. You may have been struggling about the inconvenience of such a long journey. However, I think that looking for your ancestors is much more difficult. You may think that life in this physical world is difficult, but your hardships are nothing compared to the life of your ancestors who are stuck in such a miserable hell. You can never make such comparisons. They have been waiting to be saved waiting for such a long time.

Since 12th February this year, we could start the seven-generation liberation ceremonies based upon our True Parents incredible grace and love. After this we will start to hold liberation ceremonies for the eighth to fourteenth generations and then later for the fifteenth to twenty-first generations. We will continue to liberate seven generations at a time. The spiritual world is filled with the crying of spirits trapped in such terrible places. Your ancestors are waiting and hoping for a special privilege, a special time when they can be saved. They are so desperate for their descendants to save them.

I really wish that all of our Blessed couples could have come here today for this ceremony. Even this morning, I could see many ancestors of Blessed couples who were crying and crying. Some were crying from joy, but others were crying because their descendants are not attending this meeting. I cried together with them before I could attend this meeting here today.

I sincerely hope that you really change your attitude after this liberation ceremony. I am working with such a scary reality. It is very important that you understand the seriousness of your lives as Blessed couples. From now on you must live with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You must have a sincere desire to live for the sake of God and True Parents who have saved your ancestors from such a miserable hell. You must be able to think beyond the level of yourselves, or just your own families.

You may think that you will be able to save your ancestors later when you go to the Kingdom of Heaven, but you have to understand that you can only save them when you are here on earth as they can only restore themselves through their descendants on earth. Only you can save your ancestors from such a dark, miserable and stinky place, only you can give them hope. This providence is only possible at this time because of True Parents' special grace. You really have to be so grateful to our True Parents for making this seven-generation liberation ceremony possible. We must be filial sons and daughters in front of our True Parents.

Evil spirits are running through your bloodstream and even infesting your bone marrow

You can not see the evil spirits inside of you, but the more I look at you, the more I can see them. Many of you have so many evil spirits attached to you - even the same number as the number of cells in your body! These evil spirits are running through your bloodstream and even infesting your bone marrow. When I first saw such things in our Blessed couples I had a very difficult time. I complained to religious people and religious leaders asking why they haven't seen these evil spirits and why they didn't know about this reality.

These spirits are not good spirits, they have resentment, they are resentful, evil spirits and they are completely determined to remain inside our bodies until they make us sick. They want to make us miserable, they want to dominate and take control of our bodies until we finally become sick. Therefore it is important that at least one percent of the spirits in our bodies are good spirits who can fight and protect us.

We have inherited everything from our sinful ancestors - all the way back to the Fall of Adam and Eve. We are the result of our ancestors. We were born as a result of all of the sins of our ancestors. All sickness and misery are a direct result of our ancestors' sins.

The grace of the Chung Pyung providence is that we are able to free ourselves from these evil and resentful spirits, then we can really clean ourselves up and give the evil spirits a chance to change themselves into absolute good spirits. To do this we really have to be living with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

When we truly live correctly, we can separate ourselves from these spirits through this kind of meeting. When I watched you singing Holy Songs before, I could see how those of you have been working hard and sacrificing for God's providence could liberate yourselves from many spirits. However, I could also see that those of you who have only been living in a self centered way, who have been living in a self-centered way for just yourselves or your families, could only liberate just a few spirits.

If you don't change, you will develop many sicknesses

You must have a strong determination that after today you will be working hard for God and True Parents. You must have a strong determination so that many spirits can be liberated through you. If you are not liberated from these spirits, you will become sick. Many of our members are now getting sicknesses that can not be cured in hospital - diseases such as mental disease, cancer and even Down Syndrome. All of these diseases have spiritual causes. We should understand that our ancestors made mistakes, that there is no one with completely clean ancestors. The results of our ancestors sins are manifested in their descendants sickness and suffering. That is why we urgently need to clean everything up. We need to get rid of the evil spirits in our bodies and we need to clear up the sin of our ancestors. After cleansing ourselves from evil spirits, we can be free from the sicknesses I just mentioned. I can see that some of you are developing such sicknesses. You can't see it or feel it, so you don't believe that you have a problem coming. You probably think that you are OK, but I can see that sicknesses are developing inside many of you. Looking spiritually I can see much more quickly than the doctors can. I told some members that they were going to have heart problems - that they would have this or that problem. Some of them believed me and some did not. Some went to the doctors, but the doctor could not see because it was too early. But some time later the predicted diseases began to show.

The Chung Pyung providence continues and we are now up to our 343rd session. More and more problems are solved through the cleansing which is taking place at Chung Pyung. Members are continuously coming because they can see the good results. Unless you liberate yourselves from these resentful spirits, there is no way to avoid such sicknesses later on.

You will have many difficulties when you go to the spiritual world. When you die, the spirit body separates itself from the physical body. The spirits which were attached to your physical body do not remain with it when it is buried, but instead hold on to your spirit body, preventing it from going to the spiritual world. They then go and invade the physical body of the person that was closest to you - this is normally one of your children. The spirits that invade the child cause the same illness as that of the parent. What is considered as hereditary illness, is often carried through the lineage in such a way. Liberating the spirits that are causing the disease is the only way to stop the cycle of such illnesses.

So many evil and resentful spirits can be liberated through our liberation sessions. You've already had a chance to liberate evil spirits from your body through the singing and clapping session earlier on and we will have another session later this evening. Through these sessions, the evil spirits are separated from our bodies and are sent to Heung Jin Nim's workshop. Through Heung Jin Nim's workshop they can change and become good spirits who will return to us after a period of education to help and support us in our missions. We have to help to liberate those spirits that still remain in our bodies. However, when we have more good spirits in our bodies than evil spirits, our ascension to the spiritual world will be easier and our descendants will have a more prosperous life.

These evil spirits affect all people. They are trying to control people's lives. People have been inheriting evil nature since the Fall of Adam and Eve. We will never be able to overcome our fallen nature if we can not separate ourselves from these evil spirits. We can never clear up our personal sins or change bad habits, if these evil spirits remain inside of us. We will never be able to build the Kingdom of Heaven with such spirits inside of us. We need to rid our bodies of evil, but we can only do this through the Chung Pyung providence. We have to live with absolute faith, love and obedience. We have to completely unite with True Parents so that we can quickly liberate ourselves from these evil spirits.

You have to commit your lives to God and True Parents. You have to create an environment here in Europe to which I can quickly return. I think that you have been living in a better way than when I was here last year and this is why I could come here today. You have to work hard in your missions; you have to work hard in fundraising and witnessing. I will return to you before the end of the year, but you must have a strong desire to clean up your evil spirits, you must determine yourselves to change one hundred percent. I can only return if you have the determination to live for God and True Parents with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

I have now traveled to the USA, Russia, South America and Europe. From now on I will continue my world tour through continuing to visit one continent each month. After visiting the USA, Russia and South America, they have started to go out and witness. I will return to the USA because they have been working hard in witnessing and fundraising. This is a good foundation for us to liberate evil and resentful spirits. I will make a seven-generation ancestral liberation ceremony for the new members to whom they have just witnessed, and I will make an eight to fourteen-generation liberation ceremony for the rest of the American members. Afterwards I will go to South America, Russia . . . etc. Therefore you should work hard so that I can quickly return.

We are living at such an incredible time in history

You need to understand that 1999 is such an incredible year. It is the time to prepare for the new millennium. It is the settlement of a new era. Now is the time to prepare for that new era. Our mottoes for 1997 and 1998 were concerned with being proud of our True Parents. We were to go out to teach and proclaim the truth to the world about our True Parents. The motto for 1998 told us to love God and now in 1999 we have to prepare for the year 2000. We must go out and give all that we have during this time. During this time, we have to make a success of the 400 Million Couples' Blessing. You should repay our True Parents for this seven-generation ancestral liberation by making a big success of the Blessing. True Parents have paid so much indemnity; they have sacrificed everything right down to their very bones in order to save our ancestors from hell, in order to liberate them to become absolute good spirits and give them the Blessing. Even though I know you worked hard in the past, you now have to work harder than ever before to repay our True Parents for all that they have done for you.

One member recently told me in Chung Pyung, "Up until now I've been thinking that True Parents owe me something." For more than thirty years since the joined the church, he had only worked in public missions. He really felt that True Parents owed him something. However, after attending the seven-generation liberation ceremony, he came to realize that it was not True Parents, who owed him, but that he owed something to True Parents. You have been working very hard for God and True Parents up until now, but compared with the incredible blessing of the seven-generation liberation ceremony, your effort has been very small. If you could really understand the misery of the spiritual world where your ancestors have been living, you would be ashamed of having compared your suffering to that which our True Parents have made in order to make this liberation possible. We must pay something for what we have received. When you go to the spiritual world you will know for sure the amount of blessing you and your family have received.

The year of 1999 is such an important year. It would be truly shameful if we are not able to fulfill the 400 Million couples' Blessing. If we fail, we will not be able to lift up our heads in front of True Parents out of shame.

The door of the Kingdom of Heaven has not yet been opened, as our True Parents have not yet gone to the spiritual world. However, I have been able to see the Kingdom of Heaven; I have been able to see how beautiful it really is. I have seen the beauty of the Kingdom of Heaven and I have been down to the very bottom of hell. No matter how good somebody lived their life on earth, no matter how great someone was as a religious leader, unless that person is able to clean up his or her original sin through receiving the Messiah in the Blessing, they can never ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to clean up and restore all of the terrible things that have taken place since the time of Adam and Eve, but we can only restore the original sin through the Blessing, which we receive from the Messiah. We can only reach perfection after receiving the Blessing. No one can reach perfection without removing the original sin. Therefore we must unite with True Parents.

In the bible, Jesus said that he would return. There was one person who was to prepare the way for the Second Coming who stood in the position of John the Baptist. This person was supposed to educate people to receive the Messiah through the Blessing. However, this person failed in this mission. So True Parents had to start from the very bottom. They had to raise us up to the level at which we could receive the Blessing. They had to educate us and show us the way to reach perfection. We must be completely united with True Parents.

We must never forget that we owe True Parents so much for the incredible love and grace which we have received from them.

The Divine Principle tells us how Adam and Eve Fell, it explains the providence of restoration. We have to live our lives totally centered on the Divine Principle; we have to live our lives totally centered on goodness. However, Satan and the evil spirit world have been pushing us down step by step. We want to reach perfection, but in reality these evil spirits have been blocking us. Originally, Blessed couples were not supposed to have evil spirits inside of them. It is wrong that we Blessed couples have evil spirits inside of us. Our body should have only been living centered on True Parents and the Divine Principle. Our bodies should have developed as bodies of goodness which can reach perfection, but we have not be living our lives centered one hundred percent on the Divine Principle. As a result, we have been collecting so many evil and resentful spirits. We are not qualified to be Blessed, but True Parents have made special indemnity conditions in order to give us the Blessing. True Parents have forgiven our original sin and have shown us a way to reach perfection and go to the Kingdom of Heaven. We have been given the right to grow and mature so that we can be qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore we must be so grateful to True Parents; we must save our ancestors. We must never forget that we owe True Parents so much for the incredible love and grace which we have received from them. This is very small when we think about all that they have done for us.

When I was here in Europe last year, I looked around spiritually to see how you were feeling. At that time I felt that your strongest feeling was, "I have done so much in the past, I don't need to do so much anymore." I feel that the European members feel more strongly like this than in any other continent. You feel that you sacrificed a lot in the past and that you can now settle down and live for your families and yourselves. If you think like this then Satan will invade you, evil spirits will dominate you and you will become sicker and have many difficulties in many different ways. I have to warn you and tell you that this seven-generation liberation ceremony is your last chance. You must use the rest of this year to work for God's providence and to change yourselves. I truly hope that you can change your attitude; otherwise it will be very difficult to clear up the evil spirits inside of you.

It will be more difficult to liberate eight to fourteen generations unless you make the proper conditions. If you do not change, I will not be able to come here because God will stop me. I can only come here on the foundation of the conditions that you have laid. If you make the proper conditions I can freely come at any time. Therefore I want to ask you to sacrifice your personal time, to sacrifice the time that you spend eating, to sacrifice the time you spend with your family and to go out and unite with our True Parents direction to witness and work for the 400 Million couples' Blessing. True Parents are already grandparents. 1999 is our last chance to bring success. We have to go out and witness. We have to do it this year.

If we can not do this we are being very bad children of our True Parents. In the spiritual world, God says that True Parents are his only truly filial children because they are the only ones who understand His heart. When Father looks at God's eyes, he knows what God needs, he can tell without even asking. In the past God had to tell the central figures everything that they should do. Only Father can work it out, only Father can know what God needs without even asking. Only Father has been the one to establish conditions to protect God from Satanic attack. This is why Father is the filial son of filial sons. This is why God has such a strong desire to accomplish His Will whilst Father is on the earth. Only Father can understand His heart.

Before coming here I prepared two spiritual couples to give to each of your families. They were single spirits who were just recently matched and Blessed. I give these couples to you so that they can help you in your witnessing. This means that when you go home tonight, you will be taking four spiritual people together with your family. These spirits will help you in your witnessing. They don't have a physical body and can not talk and witness to people in the physical world. Instead they want to use your body for this purpose. These spirits have only just received the Blessing and they desperately want to go out to witness. If you just stay at home and don't work for God's providence, they will become very disappointed and frustrated.

God now has so many good spirits to work with for the first time in history

Something else, which you should understand, is that there have been no absolutely good spirits since the time of the Fall of Adam and Eve. However, this has changed since the beginning of the Chung Pyung providence. Through Heung Jin Nim's workshop we could change and educate 70 Billion good spirits. This is why God is saying that now is the time to work. God has started moving. God was by Himself up until now, He did not have any absolutely good spirits to work together with, and He had to work alone. However, now that God has 70 Billion absolutely good spirits to work with, He can begin to work freely. These spirits can also work together with us. This is really the time to work for God's providence. Now is different from the past, it is even different from more recent times. In the past when we have some problems we would ask: "Heavenly Father what can I do?" God would always respond and give you guidance. However, now that 70 Billion spirits have been liberated and are working for God's providence, God can say: "I am God, I am here, I am going to show you that I am here, I going to show you that I am almighty God.

Now is the time to clean up all the sins and mistakes made in history since the Fall of Adam and Eve. The responsibility for building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is in our hands - just as with the building of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. The responsibility lies with those who understand the Divine Principle and know that the Messiah is on the earth.

When you have an individual problem or a family problem, you try to turn away from True Parents. But when you turn away from True Parents, your problems begin to get bigger, and the things that you should be doing for True Parents become more and more prolonged. I am now traveling throughout the world to help you to change your reality so that you can begin to work again for God and True Parents.

We have now completed 343 sessions in Chung Pyung. I have been working day and night to help our members liberate themselves from evil spirits who have been causing them so much misery and sickness. Evil spirits are everywhere, in all of mankind. I can see them very clearly. We can never build the Kingdom of Heaven with such spirits inside of us, we can never reach perfection without first liberating ourselves from these evil spirits. It is so serious; I have had no time to rest. You have to understand the seriousness of this work. This is why I am here today.

Pres. Sa explained to you that there were 4,500 people in Chung Pyung last week. I came here to visit you immediately after this workshop. I could never come here with simply a humanistic motivation. However, I understand that you can not all come to Chung Pyung because you don't have the time and money. That is why I have come to you today.

The Chung Pyung providence can only continue to progress if I work with a heart of sacrifice, love and service, without a selfish motivation for fame, money or personal comfort

The Chung Pyung is continuously progressing. This is only possible because I am working with a heart of sacrifice, love and service, without a selfish motivation for fame, power, money or personal comfort. I am sincerely sacrificing and serving to save our members. Only if I work with this motivation can the Chung Pyung providence stand above Satan's accusation. This is the only way for us to move forward, this is the only way that the Chung Pyung providence can progress. You can come and see how much the Chung Pyung providence is progressing. It is important to understand that such work is only possible through the grace and sacrifice of God and our True Parents.

All of you European members must unite together. All of you must unite your minds and bodies and go out to this world to declare the victory of our True Parents. You have to boast about our True Parents to the people of the world. This is our responsibility. You have to go out and teach the truth to people. You have been given a great blessing, but with that blessing comes a responsibility. If you do not work for God's providence whilst you are here on the earth, you will have nothing when you go to the spiritual world. You may think that you have done enough to achieve your liberation, but you will have nothing to talk about when you face your ancestors and descendants in the future. If you fulfill your responsibilities, your descendants will automatically live happily in a blessed way.

It is up to you whether you work hard or not from now on, but you should remember that you will be determining whether your descendants live well or not in the future. You will be determining whether or not you will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. After going to the spiritual world, you will have to lift up your heads in front of God and True Parents - whether you can do this with a clear conscience or not will be your judgment!

You should work hard after this seven-generation liberation ceremony; otherwise you will regret what I have done for you. If you don't work hard, I will not return for the eight to fourteen generation liberation ceremony. If True Parents did not open up the way for the Chung Pyung providence we would have no way of solving our problems, we would become sick and even die. We are becoming sick because we have not been living according to the Divine Principle way; we have not being living according to our True Parents guidance. If it were not for the Chung Pyung providence, many of us would develop mental diseases, develop cancers or some similar disease. Do you just want to sit around and wait for such diseases to develop inside of you or do you want to work hard for God and True Parents in gratitude for what they have done for you and your ancestors?

You have to understand the spiritual world is not such an easy place. I have seen all the different places in the spiritual world and I know the reality. This is why I am working so hard. I know only too well about the existence of Satan and how evil he is. It is very difficult for you to work hard when you can not see this reality, but I am teaching you about it and I am asking you to believe me. You are ignorant about the spiritual world, which is why I am talking to you this evening. You should be grateful to know the truth and you should believe that what I say is true.

You need to know about Satan and the reality of the spiritual world

You must work hard while you are on this physical earth so that you can become absolutely good spirits. The ancestors who have already been liberated are working so hard day and night. We have such a short time here on the earth; we have to use this time to clean up everything within ourselves. We must clean up everything; we must clean up our personal sins, our collective sins and our ancestors' sins. You need to understand that you have to take responsibility for all of these sins. You need to know about Satan and the reality of the spiritual world. Life on earth is very, very short. We spend nine months in our mother's womb and perhaps one hundred years on the earth. The spiritual world is very different; it is the eternal world where we will live forever. The place that we go to in the spiritual world is determined by what we do during our time here on the earth. When we get to the spiritual world and discover our reality, it will be too late to change things. Your only hope would be to give more burdens to your descendants. You would have no hope to go to the Kingdom of Heaven without your descendants. You have to understand that you are working for God and True Parents, your families exist for the sake of God and True Parents. I really hope that you can understand what I am saying. Maybe you can just understand fifty percent, but I really hope that it is enough for you to change yourselves and begin to work hard. I hope that you can work hard and that I can return here soon.

The Chung Pyung providence is truly amazing. If you rid yourselves of evil spirits, you will automatically start to take the proper path. You will live well and you will be prosperous. I am very grateful that our True Parents have laid such a foundation for this work to take place. Our True Parents have sacrificed so much for this providence; they had to pay such an enormous price. The more and more time goes by, the more I come to realize the immense value of the foundation which our True Parents have laid.

Guidance for our daily lives

After discussing with God and Heung Jin Nim, I want to share with you a few points that you must keep in your daily lives.

1. You have to build a True Family in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. None of us can go there individually.

You can only go to the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple. Therefore the way that you treat each other as a couple is very important. Husbands who treat their wives badly look so bad. Couples who dislike or even hate each other must change their attitudes. You have to love each other in order to be an ideal couple, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I have met many Blessed couples. Spiritually, when I look at the list during the liberation ceremonies, I can see that seventy-five percent of couples have been matched between enemy families. This means that you may not easily have a good relationship, but if you live with absolute faith, love and obedience, you can overcome these historical difficulties and create beautiful and harmonious families. Husbands must give absolute and unconditional love to their wives and vice versa.

Lucifer could only be restored through God giving absolute love to him. The entire world is more than eighty percent controlled by Lucifer, but when God met with Lucifer He said, "How much you must have suffered, you have been working so hard, it is good that you came to me, it is good that you came to see me." God cried and cried. God's love is so great that it can even embrace such a tyrant as Lucifer. Through this experience Lucifer could how great God's love really is, and because he could understand, he could be restored. Therefore you should go out and give True Love to this world; it has the power to melt anyone.

The husband as the subject must love his wife unconditionally. The wife should return beauty to her husband as his object. Sometimes couples come to me in Chung Pyung and explain to me all of the problems (financial or other) which they have. In many cases I can see that the wife is much stronger than the husband. A family can not prosper when the wife is stronger than the husband. In such cases, the fortune of the husband will be chased away. Nothing will work properly. Even the children will be unable to prosper. The wife must never, never be stronger than the husband. However, if the husband receives absolute obedience from his wife, he should return greater love to her and not look down at her, complain or accuse her. In other words, husbands should give unconditional love to their wives whilst wives return absolute obedience to them. True Families can only be created centered on True Love. I hope that you can understand what I am saying.

2. You have to get rid of your fallen nature. The feelings of jealousy, anger, hate, greed, self-centeredness and arrogance are all rooted in the Fall of Adam and Eve. We have to rid ourselves from all of these fallen emotions otherwise we will never be able to work. We often think that we are the ones who know ourselves best, but that is not so. We are not able to look at ourselves objectively. We are not able to understand how much fallen nature we have. We have to be able to look at ourselves honestly and be able to look objectively so that we can get rid of our fallen nation once and for all. All fallen nature comes from Satan; therefore we can never perfect ourselves unless we are able to completely eliminate our fallen nature. It is important to understand this point.

3. We must not drink and smoke. Our mind and body do not belong to us, they belong to God. Our body is God's temple. With all of our fallen nature, we are not open to freely receive God's love. You must live with a sanctified mind and body, you must become a holy temple of God, otherwise we will become a temple of Satan. Through drinking and smoking, we are inviting Satan into our bodies. Evil spirits area able to enter deep inside our bodies when we drink and smoke. We must never allow Satan to enter our bodies in this way.

4. We must keep our purity, we must not look, and we must not touch members of the opposite sex other than our own spouse. We can only love our husband or wife. When I look at the members, I see that even though they have a husband or wife, some do look and touch members of the opposite sex. We must live totally pure and transparent lives.

We must not do anything that makes us want to hide from our spouse. If you commit sexual sin and try to hide it from your loving husband or wife, they will find out when you go to the spiritual world. They will be so disappointed. Therefore we must live our lives carefully. You must always keep the same attitude whether you are together with your family or someplace outside. If you pretend to be faithful at home, but are doing things against the principle outside, you will create incredible problems. Your husband (or wife) may think of you only as someone good, but if you are being unfaithful, your spirit will start to grow in an evil way. Finally when you both go the spiritual world, your husband will not even be able to recognize you as his wife (or vice versa).

When I go down in the spiritual world to look for your ancestors, I see their faces. Their faces are like pictures. The lower I go in the spiritual world the more different or distorted the faces of your ancestors look, because they are covered with sin. You must have no secrets; you must have no sin. If you are clean in this way, you will easily be able to recognize each other. You should be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven hand in hand. Therefore you absolutely must not look, touch or eat the fruit of good and evil. I sincerely hope that you understand the importance of this and the importance it has for your future lives in the spiritual world.

5. You have to fear public money, especially when you are living a public life. It is often easy to take public money when you are living a public life. It is easy to make excuses for using public money, so it is easy to use that public money for yourselves or for your family. You absolutely must pay that public money back. If you don't pay back public money, your descendants will have to pay many times the amount of money than the money you originally took or misused. It is important to pay back all of your public debts while you are still on the earth, otherwise you will face many troubles.

6. You must not hurt other people's feelings. We must work hard to become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven have to live lives of goodness through only giving love to others. You must never, never hurt anybody's feelings. You must never talk about other people's mistakes, you must never say things that hurt other people, and you must only use words of love. You must be very careful what you say when you talk about other people.

When I look at you, I can see that many of you have chased your fortune away through making such mistakes. Through such mistakes you are inviting Satan to invade you. You can easily loose fortune if you misuse your mouth. Some members are doing a lot of good public work, but they are loosing all of the merit which they have built up through talking carelessly about others. What you say is so important. In order to become citizens of the Kingdom of Heave we must only utter words of love; we must only care about others. You must never say things that other people may not like. We are all children of our True Parents; we are all brothers and sisters. Therefore we must be united; we must only utter words of heart, and words of love and respect toward one another.

Satan is trying so hard to divide us through our mouths and through our words. Our Blessed couples are brothers and sisters, if somebody comes and speaks about someone's mistakes, you should feel that Satan is watching you, you should be careful about how you react. It is important to protect yourselves from satanic accusation, it is important to care for one another. We must never hurt our brothers and sisters. In the ideal world of heart, Blessed couples should only utter words of love and kindness to each other, we must never, never hurt others through our words.

7. We must offer pledge on the first day of new each month, on Sundays and Holy Days. We must offer ourselves in pledge as people who know about the Divine Principle. We should also make kyung-bae (bow) before our True Parents every day. The minimum that I want to ask is that you at least make pledge on the first day of new each month, on Sundays and Holy Days. You absolutely must keep at least this standard.

Sunday is God's day. We have six days a week in which to do our everyday things, but the seventh day is for God. All of us must attend Sunday service on Sunday.

We must tithe one tenth of our income. You must unite with God. Life will be more exciting if you unite with God. You will prosper much more when you give your tithing to God. If you don't give tithing, your children will have problems. We are not aware of the spiritual reality, but you have to understand that you must do tithing. God can bless you much more if you give tithing.

When I receive your donation in Chung Pyung, I always pray that God can accept it. It doesn't matter how much you give; God always receives whatever you are able to offer very seriously and with much gratitude. He always tells the angels and good spirits to give these people more blessing. God and True Parents remember what you offer to them, and always give many blessings in return. Therefore it is important to give tithing properly and to keep this tradition.

8. As I explained before, evil spirits dominate more than sixty percent of this world. It is therefore impossible for our Blessed couples to live comfortably in such an environment. This is why it important that we absolutely live a Divine Principle centered life. If we do not live absolutely centered on the Divine Principle, Satan can easily pull us away - this is the environment in which we are now living.

Every morning before we leave our homes to go out into society, you have to bow before God and True Parents saying, "I am going out now and hope to return safely." It doesn't have to be a long prayer - just a simple report. When you arrive home, you should bow before God, thanking Him for your safe return. It is important to develop such habits. You often spend the whole of your day in the midst of this satanic world and it is easy for you to forget about God and True Parents, but they will never forget about you. You don't know when Satan will try to invade you, so you should continuously report to God and True Parents throughout the day, saying: "I am here, I am going here, I am doing this or that . . .etc." You must live your lives with such an undivided attitude towards God and True Parents.

We have to respect our leaders as being in the position of God. You must take your leaders' words seriously - as though their words are coming from God. You must unite with your leaders, otherwise nothing will work. I want you to understand this deeply.

After I finish speaking we will have a thirty-minute singing and clapping session. I want you to work hard during this session. I have brought many angels and good spirits to support you during this time. When you sing and clap you wake up many of the spirits inside of you. Many of these spirits have been embedded in your bodies; they have been hiding in closed shells inside your body. Through singing and clapping you have to work hard so that these shells start to crack open so that the spirits can escape through the cracks. While you are singing, the good angels will go into your bodies and work hard to crack open the shells and to pull the evil spirits out. I really want to ask that you invest everything during these thirty minutes. When the evil spirits that are inside of you come out, your ancestors who have been liberated today, will then be freer to come to you. I have asked them wait outside until the end of the clapping session because I don't want them to come into conflict with the evil and resentful spirits in your bodies.

After the clapping and singing session, we will all begin to pray with a big shout of "Aboji." Your ancestors will them come into the hall and sit on your right hand side. As soon as they come in they will start to cry. Your ancestors are so grateful to you because you have enabled them to be liberated. They will embrace you and tell you how incredibly grateful they are that you helped them. They will want to talk to you and ask you many questions.

I hope that you can understand the importance of what I have been saying this evening. I hope that you will understand the importance and significance of this ceremony and especially the importance of working hard at this very crucial time in God's providence. I trust that we can meet each other soon.

Thank you.

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