Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

The Chyung Pyung Providence

Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Kim)
Cleeve House
September 18, 1998

At this time the reason that I came here is because True parents asked me to go all around the world and visit six continents. This is the first time that I came to Europe. I was in Germany yesterday and the day before and I now I have arrived here, in England. The Chung Pyung Providence is to liberate the evil resentful spirits that we have inside of us and to get rid of our fallen natures and go back to the original world, to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is what I am doing.

In our bodies there are so many spirits. You may, until today, have thought that we only have our own spirit inside of us but this is not the case. You have an unimaginably large number of evil resentful spirits with you, inside of your flesh, your bloodstream, even in the bone marrow.

While we live our everyday life we suffer from sickness. All of this pain comes from the work of these evil resentful spirits. The spirits which we have inside of our body are evil spirits which came through ancestral sin. The spirits which were hurt by our ancestors are in us and truly there are so many -- like the number of grains in a sand-dune -- dominating us and controlling us.

We did not know until now that we have so many. We thought we only had our own spirit. We get problems because our ancestors have gone to the wrong place. The spirits in us are evil and resentful, as we learn in the Chung Pyung Providence. This providence started in 1995 and we are up to our 290th. session where we have 3-day workshops for the spirits inside of us. They are sent to Heung Jin Nim and there they get a 100-day Divine Principle education, not just studying every day, sitting down. While on the earth they were only focusing on resolving their resentment, they did not know that Heung Jin Nim could help them see what they look like, so that they could see where they are to go. You may think that the Spiritual World is made up of just two places, Heaven and Hell, but I have been there and there are many other places and levels, just like our personalities are different our sins are different and the Spiritual World is divided accordingly starting from the Kingdom of Heaven above right down to Hell below. Thus the evil resentful spirits see what their spirit looks like and come to know where they belong in the Spiritual World. By studying continuously everyday they become purer and cleaner spiritually and come over to the good side and can go to a good place. After 100 days they can come down (to earth) and receive the Blessing, not just a simple prayer but also a Holy Wine ceremony and a Holy Water ceremony. After the Blessing they become a Blessed Family after going through a 40-day blessed family education.

So far we have had 16 billion spirits blessed. By November 29th 1997 we had 3.2 billion persons and by March 20th 1998 we had 3.6 billion more. The Chung Pyung Providence started in 1995. The three years 1995 -- 1997, brought 3.2 billion; 3.6 billion more came by March 20th (in 4 months). The reason why we could increase the numbers so drastically is that between 1995 and 1997 the angels had been working to separate the evil resentful spirits but after November 29th, when the good spirits came down, they came into our bodies to start helping to separate those evil resentful spirits. This is why we could do so many more.

In Chuntil Chin we get 9.2 billion blessed. When I went to New York I took 5 billion of those spirits to be blessed but Father said that we needed to reach 16 billion. I had to add 4.2 billion more. As you know, on June 13th, we had 33 central figures of the past blessed and other spirits blessed, at the same time, who were with them.

These spirits came from a 40-day workshop at Chung Pyung and spirits also called in from the street, so altogether I made 9.2 billion. In total I finished liberating 16 billion spirits and on October first. I am going to give a Blessing to another 5 billion.

I am here in Europe and while you were singing the Holy Songs you were liberating those evil spirits who will receive Blessing on October first. Until now we have had these evil resentful spirits in us but we did not know this. This is surely a sad situation but True Father knew that we have these spirits in us and wanted to have this work done in the early 70ís, shedding his own tears and blood to make Chung Pyung the restored Garden of Eden, to make the gate to go to the Spiritual World, to make the training center to go to the Kingdom of Heaven

At Chung Pyung we continuously have 3-day workshops, 10-day workshops and 40-day workshops. So many members are coming to liberate their evil resentful spirits to be able to stop suffering and stop their fallen natures, clearing up all their sins: ancestral sins, collective sins, so that they can go to the Kingdom of Heaven when they go to the Spiritual World.

Father sent me to come to Europe at this time because many of you do not have the time or the money to go to Chung Pyung. I am going around to help to liberate those evil resentful spirits which you have, to help you to take off your fallen natures, and allow you to go to that original world. This is why True Parents have sent me here and we should be grateful to True Parents. The children must be kept quiet! There is not just you sitting here but there are also many spirits here out of your bodies yelling and screaming at me. They are focusing on resolving their resentment. When I get spirits out with the help of angels they try and come to plead their case; there are so many now out in front of me yelling and screaming, talking to me. How resentful they are, they need to resolve their resentment. I am talking in a double way now -- I am talking to you but also to the spirits at the same time. The children are making so much noise; I having a difficult time talking to you. Those of you with children who make noise: please calm them down or take them out.

We have been living a religious life and felt very difficult. We have been saying these things up to now but even in the midst of these difficulties still we are together with the Messiah -- we should be grateful. There are many religious groups and religions still waiting for the Messiah to come, or their Central Figure to come again, but we already have True Parents cleaning up our Original Sin and giving us the Blessing, after which we are supposed to grow and reach individual perfection to fulfil Godís Purpose of Creation and create the Kingdom of Heaven If we can unite completely with God and True Parents with Absolute Love, Absolute Faith and Absolute Obedience, every day, then we will be able to bring all mankind to God and True Parents.

True Parents have been reaching us in many ways, since they know that this world is such an evil world with no Godís Will, no purpose of God here. When we live the wrong way we cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven, we can only live in this hellish world, living with evil. Knowing this they told us to do many things, although it is difficult, and gave us many responsibilities. We are living together with the True Parents and know who True Parents are. We must be living according to what they say and must give all of our effort to restore this world. We must fulfil Godís Will 100 % while True Parents are on the earth -- we should have this kind of determination while living our everyday life.

Therefore, while True Parents are on earth we should be completely able to establish the Kingdom of Heaven but the way we now live absolutely cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven The spirits inside of us, fallen natures and personal sins, are still there because we do not live completely united with God, True Parents and the Divine Principle way. We cannot make it (to the Kingdom of Heaven in the Spiritual World) we must separate from these evil spirits and separate from fallen nature, separate from personal sins with absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience.

Make complete unity with God and True Parents. If you do not do this you can never go back to the original way of life. To go to the Kingdom of Heaven in the Spiritual World we need to know about the Spiritual World in the right way, otherwise we cannot live the way God wants us to while we are living on the earth. The Spiritual World is not so easy -- it is not sent by someone. We go there ourselves as a result of how we lived here on earth, how we have progressed. It already says in the Divine Principle book that if we live according to Divine Principle, following goodness, the spirit can grow in a good way and if we live in an evil way then the spirit will grow in an evil way. So we will live in the Spirit World according to the result of our life works; the spirit is growing according to every action we take -- we need to know this clearly and then we can live with absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience and be able to unite completely with God and True Parents. We will go to the place in accordance with how we look spiritually.

I want to tell you clearly that when we live in a good way we will grow to be good spirits and when we live an evil way we will grow to be evil spirits. You are now so ignorant spiritually that you cannot see your own spirit. At the moment that our spirit and body separates, that is when we die, we will finally be able see what we are like spiritually, and, as I said, there are so many different levels in the Spiritual World, and according to what I look like, I go to the place where they look just like me.

We did not know this. We thought there was just the Kingdom of Heaven in the Spiritual World and Hell and that we would go to the Kingdom of Heaven because we have received the Blessing. We lived carelessly and thought that we will automatically be going to the Kingdom of Heaven, because there are only these two places, Kingdom of Heaven and Hell. We thought that because we received the Blessing we are in a Parent and Child relationship and will go to the Kingdom of Heaven, but this is not true.

I wanted you to know this -- to repeat: the way we lived on earth dictates the place we go to in the Spiritual World.

We will receive spiritual blessing when we perfect ourselves at the time that the Messiah comes; when he comes he will give the Blessing but in order to receive the Blessing we should have taken away our Personal Sins, Collective Sins, Ancestral Sins and have reached perfection. It is at that moment that the Messiah will come and give us the Blessing. We did not receive it in that way because we were not prepared and we did not know who True Parents were. One day we were guided by someone and came to receive the Blessing. We had not reached perfection and we received the Blessing without being prepared. Therefore, I want to come to you clearly.

Because of the Fall of Adam and Eve, mankind came into the fallen position so we came down from the world of goodness all the way down into the evil world. Therefore, Father said, when talking about the Blessing, that if you are told to reach perfection under the dominion of Satan it is very difficult. Originally the Blessing should have been given to a perfected individual but as Adam and Eve fell, more and more and more evil developed, and it is well established now, so to get out of that and move up into the Perfection Level is extremely difficult. True Father gave us the Blessing, moving us from being evil to being in a good position, and then we can grow through Perfection from there but at first Father moves us from the evil condition to the good condition through the Blessing. We have to grow to individual perfection so we must be working very hard to unite with God and True Parents, living a principled life every day. We should have been living that way; we were told everything about what good and evil is, what the fruit of good and evil is, what the purpose of creation is and after learning what good and evil is and listening to True Parents words we should have understood this and worked then really hard, while living in the evil world, to move into the area of goodness.

The whole world is now completely dominated by Satan and covered by evil resentful spirits so we should not have been living separately from Divine Principle but our life, instead, should have been completely like that of True Parents, every day, but we did not do this.

Up to now we lived with Fallen Nature and, although we know Divine Principle, we did not live that way and went our own humanistic way. We have looked at Divine Principle and then committed sins. Therefore, there are so many evil spirits inside of us who are clearly evil spirits. They are dominating our body and are moving and controlling us. The spirits are doing things to stop us from uniting with God and True Parents and are making us resemble Satan, moving our mind. This mind is Fallen Nature. Fallen Nature is a mind full of jealousy, anger, dishonesty, self-centredness and arrogance. Sometimes we forget about God and True Parents and only think about ourselves and our family, living centering on material things, living according to a humanistic standard. We knew that there is a Spiritual World which is the eternal world; earthly life is so short -- this is only a preparation period to be able to go to the Spiritual World. We knew from Divine Principle that the way we live on earth dictates where we go to in the Spiritual World; we knew that this a preparation period we are in for the eternal world. We should have thought about what that place is. You should have known this earlier, not like now when you didnít know how the Spiritual World is, what we look like in the Spiritual World -- not knowing these things is so wrong! We go to the Spiritual World exactly as we were when we lived on the earth but all of us thought we had accomplished already because we received the Blessing. Thus we did not pay much attention about how we will live in the Spiritual World and we did not check ourselves about whether this is the way that True Parents want and that all of mankind needs to be born again.

We need to repent before True Parents. I met Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus in the Spiritual World but God said about Father that he is truly the Filial Son of all Filial Sons.

Why? With Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus everything was told to them about what they should be doing; they were centering on themselves and God had to show everything through the light and the word and worked with them. They still failed at the time that evil had settled so much in the world but True Father is the Filial Son of God, he knew Godís Will, the Purpose of Creation and the evil spirits in the Satanic world. He made all of the indemnity conditions where Satan could not accuse and since the evil since the Fall of Adam and Eve has settled inside of people God wants now to teach but cannot even do that. Father approached this kind of situation in many different ways. It is so difficult to teach; True Parents have prayed and knew what God wants and have made indemnity conditions even before God said anything. In this way they were able to give us the Blessing. When True Father gave us the Blessing we didnít know the value of the Blessing because we did not know Godís Will. True Father, who knew, had to make so many indemnity conditions in order to be able to give us that Blessing. Therefore God wants to accomplish His Will while True Parents are on earth -- this is what He said.

God is so nervous now because the whole world is getting more and more evil and the evil world is getting stronger and stronger and the huge numbers of spirits inside members try to separate them from God, taking us more and more into the Satanic world. God is so nervous -- I know this because I have seen His situation.

God has found us for the first time after 6,000 years of restoration. Seeing Blessed Couples, God wants to come and live with us, to come into us and love us, wants to live for us, wants to give us the Blessing. God is working so hard to give us the Blessing but when we donít live according to Divine Principle Satan comes. Whenever God wanted to give us a Blessing Satan is accusing so this is why God cannot give it.

When the Blessed Couples wanted to receive something from me I would go there to give to the family, to the children. When they live together with Satan he will accuse and I could not give this but had to take it back. God said that we can imagine how He felt. If God can come to me or not -- I must check myself inside as to whether He came to me and cried. God brought the Blessing but He could not give anything and had to take it back.

We have to think about this situation. We must repent for our sins. If we had lived according to the way of goodness, the Divine Principle way, we would not have so many resentful evil spirits. Satan works through evil spirits, through the people who have evil spirits in them, so as religious people, the children of True Parents, as Blessed Couples we should be living in a straight good way where Satan cannot accuse us or evil spirits cannot come into us. Therefore, we must determine to clean ourselves of evil spirits so that we can change to become original people before the Fall of Adam and Eve. Satan will go away after looking at us and we should be wanting to live with God from our own desire -- we should be living like this.

True Parents are older than us and at 80 years old are still working in the front line. You can imagine what kind of indemnity conditions they have made. Yesterday, today, tomorrow they will continue to work. When I look at Father he is like a grandfather. After knowing Father, how long did I offer my life for. We must work so hard for God and True Parents but when we didnít see the result we got sad; God doesnít like to be indebted so when He sees this He will give the Blessing more than what you have done for Him. He will never just take it and do nothing. This not the kind of God He is.

Now, centering on True Parents, some of you are working so hard. You have done all of this work, sacrificing yourself, completely dedicating for God and True Parents. We must check ourselves as to whether we did it for ourselves or for God. Evil has settled in so much that even now we may not receive the blessing for what we have done for God.

God will give the blessing to our children, to our descendants. Therefore we must live with a grateful heart, everyday thanking God. When you go to the Spiritual World you will see those who did not receive the Blessing and you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without receiving the Blessing. It does not matter how much someone lived for God while on earth or lived a good life, if they didnít receive the blessing they cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven We received the Blessing unconditionally, then this Blessing is in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. True Father wanted to clear up our Original Sin and we have a chance to grow into perfection -- we need to know this. Therefore, no matter what True Parents ask us to do we should still be grateful to have the chance to go to the Kingdom of Heaven We should be willing to die for God.

While True Parents are on the earth we must determine to establish the Kingdom of Heaven -- we must do this. When we were called but didnít see any result we betrayed God. This is how we are. We need to look at ourselves and repent. We have been careless about our life. We cannot live carelessly and need to know that clearly. Do you understand?

When I was in the Spiritual World I found out about everything honestly. I felt I wanted to go around with a microphone like a crazy person yelling and screaming: Messiah is here, True Parents are here, letís live for True Parents, honestly. We have so many evil resentful spirits self-committed sins, fallen natures, when we donít live in the right way and we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven -- I wanted to go round and yell and scream this. This is how I felt.

Until now, while we are living on the earth we were so ignorant, did not know about True Parents and did not know about the Spiritual World and did not know about the value of the Blessing. We did not know where we were spiritually -- we did not know this. We must know this. All of you, if you go to the Spiritual World now, will go to another place than the Kingdom of Heaven to a place of suffering, an evil place. You are going to cry and can only cry if you go now to the Spiritual World. In this evil world, there are good people and evil people and so many live together in one place. It is not that difficult, but if you go to the Spiritual World you are going as you are: if you have been stealing things then thieves live together in the same place; for those who has murdered someone, murderers live together in the same place; those of you who have been angry at people go to a place where all angry people live together. Therefore, all those who are the same live together. It is a very scary world since the way I live dictates how I go to the Spiritual World. Those who live in this world in a good way happily, beautifully, go to the Kingdom of Heaven So we must live for the sake of others in True Love according to the True Parentís teaching. We must check ourselves against the Divine Principle about how we look now and honestly speaking, I am sorry to say, when looking at you, that not one can go to the Kingdom of Heaven Looking at your spirits not one qualifies and the reason is that we have fallen nature and evil resentful spirits, self-committed sins and, therefore, our spirit has been growing the wrong way. You will only go to the Kingdom of Heaven after your spirit has grown beautifully in a good way, otherwise you can only go to another place than the Kingdom of Heaven You need to know this clearly. Our life on earth is very short but life in the Spiritual World is eternal; my spirit needs to grow properly -- the way we are dictates the place we go to when we die.

We cannot change in the Spiritual World. All of you, including myself, listen carefully.

The spirits inside of us, the fallen natures we have, the personal sins we have! We now have our spirit and body together but at the moment we die the spirit and the body separate, so what will happen to the spirits that stayed in our body -- where will they go? As my spirit leaves my body the other spirits leave my body and hang onto my spirit. They get into my spirit and then it is very difficult to go to the Kingdom of Heaven The Spiritual World is a very difficult place to go to -- we need to know this. To think that our spirit will go to the Spiritual World automatically, just because it comes out of our body, is wrong!

Do you understand? I want you to understand this because if you can understand this you can be completely liberated in Absolute Love, Absolute Faith and Absolute Obedience so we can unite completely with God and True Parents and build the Kingdom of Heaven. also in heaven. Who is going to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth -- only those living centering on God and True Parents.

The Unification members are the only ones who can do this since we are the only ones who received the Blessing. Only we can build the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth and in heaven. In order to do this we must absolutely live in a principled way. We know this in our head but our body is living in a way Satan likes. We must live exactly in the Divine Principle way otherwise we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth and in heaven. All of us need to know this clearly.

If I had time I would like to tell you a lot but I donít have time, therefore I want to tell you that we need to change in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven -- we need to change centering on goodness and love, centering on God. Fallen Nature is evil; get away from it so that we can be engrafted to True Parents and God in everyday life. The spirits in us are making us more and more mentally ill and creating more atopy patients. More and more cancers are hurting us -- there are so many evil resentful spirits inside. Originally, even if one spirit came into our body we should be able to recognize this. The weight of our body and spirit is the same so when another spirit came in we should be able to recognize this -- but we are so ignorant. We do not feel this. It is just like ant eggs filling the whole body. We live without knowing this and only when we get a serious sickness do we begin to search for what is wrong with us.

I am telling you clearly to try to help you so that we do not have to live with pain. We can take off our Fallen Natures and live in a way in which evil spirits cannot come to us.

In the year 2000 Father will be 80 years old. When can think that True Father is young but he is a grandfather. Grandfathers go to the Spiritual World. When we live continuously like this we cannot be forgiven. After Father goes to the Spiritual World and we continue to live like this we can only go to Hell. Work really hard while True Parents are on the earth. Brag (proclaim) about our Father, brag about our Holy Wine, brag about the Blessing. We should be doing this without Father asking us to do this. Father tells that we should be bragging about and loving True Parents simply because we are not doing that. We donít love True Parents, we donít love. This is why this yearís motto is to love God and brag about True Parents. We must completely cut off Satanís blood lineage. We do not take this seriously -- it is just a motto for the year -- but we must understand how painful this is for God and True Parents so it is time that I came and through this workshop I want you to work through 1998 and 1999. Truly do everything to make up all of those things we did not do until now. We did not brag about True Parents, Holy Wine and the Blessing. I want you to do all the things you didnít do until now.

This is my wish. Do you understand.

The spirits who came out of our body attended a workshop, got blessed and became good spirits and then came back into our body. They learn that we are Blessed Couples and, after they come back, they work so hard to separate out spirits who are inside of our body. Those good spirits are wishing that we will live a Divine Principle way of life before God and True Parents. If they look at us not living according to Divine Principle they are so sad. They feel pain. So all of you must change your lifestyle. In the past evil people were prosperous but now is the time for good people to prosper; we have angels and we have good spirits with us, so although people may not recognize that we are doing goodness, we must do it because we will receive blessings according to what we do. Now God is not even going to wait for us to fulfil our five percent responsibility but is going to use these angels and good spirits is going to show us all that He is almighty and alive. Now is the time that He wants to show Satan that He is alive and, therefore, we must know that good people live well so we should live in a good way and be engrafted into God and True Parents. Do you understand? I donít have much time so that is why I have talk so fast.

I will be coming back after going through the continents. You must be looking different when I come back. You should be changed in a way that God can come and love us -- we must be changed, to look like the original model, spirits who can go to the Kingdom of Heaven You will go to the Spiritual World and meet me and you will remember this meeting about Absolute Love, Absolute Faith and Absolute Obedience. When you live in this way you will remember this day. If I hadnít taught you where will you be going -- to Hell -- you will know this and you will be grateful to me. We must go to the Kingdom of Heaven, we cannot go to Hell; we must live with God and True Parents and remember this day. I hope that all of us can join together and live happily there together.

This session is number 209 and I have taught at every one of them about how we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven because I have to do this; I will teach you and you must listen carefully. There are a few points we need to keep otherwise we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven After the workshop some people will come to talk to me individually because there is a serious problem between husband and wife.

You are maybe not in this situation but you have to take what I say really seriously in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven I will tell you about the points we must keep.

1) We have to build a true family in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven God gave the Blessing through True Parents in order that we could have a true family, to have a good life by growing well and receiving blessings and being able to live well. This is why True Parents gave the Blessing but after receiving it we have not built true families, some of you may have but many of you have not. The husband must give absolute unconditional love -- the wife must return beauty and obedience to the husband. Why? -- to go to the Kingdom of Heaven! We should have been preparing to receive the Blessing. Father did not make all of the conditions for this.

We need to know the value of the Blessing and build a true family. We must really dedicate ourselves for this goal and if you donít like your wife or husband you need to really make an effort not to have give and take with such thoughts but to find a way to love each other.

God gave us the Blessing to be able to live together well.

Satan is continuously working to destroy these families so we must be continuously striving to build true families according to Godís desire, otherwise we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

2) Take command of your Fallen Natures. These are jealousy, anger, dishonesty, arrogance. This personality comes from Satan not God. If we still have that inside how can we expect to go to the Kingdom of Heaven If we have Satanic nature we have to go to where Satan is so from now on if we come to the point where we want to be angry and yell at someone we must stop there and digest the situation with love. We can only express love otherwise we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven -- do you understand? Blessed Couples must be beautiful and smell like perfume; they must look beautiful and radiate goodness. If you have Fallen Nature you donít look like a good person, inside or outside, so we must take command of our Fallen Natures. I sincerely ask you to do this.

3) You cannot drink or smoke. No alcoholic beverages or smoking, no matter what. You must be pure and clean. In other words mind and body are Godís temple and we cannot even go to God like that so we must not smoke or drink. I sincerely ask you -- do you understand?

You cannot drink or smoke.

4) You cannot fall! Adam and Eve fell by eating the fruit of good and evil. True Parents taught us what the fruit of good and evil is. When you look at the Satanic world, when True Parents give this truth God will not live alone but Father put us to the level where Satan could not touch us and taught us not to eat of the fruit of good and evil. We cannot eat the fruit of good and evil. You cannot touch apart from your husband or wife -- another man or another woman should never be looked at as the opposite sex. We absolutely must not look and touch and eat the fruit of good and evil. Adam and Eve fell because of sexual problems because we inherited it from generation to generation so all of us have the tendency. When we have a reason then we all will do (the wrong thing) -- we all have the tendency. So donít look, donít touch and donít ever get close to a man or woman other than your husband or wife. Never.

Whenever I see the Western world I see that many of you have homosexual problems. You cannot do this! Even with the same sex you cannot look, cannot touch, cannot fall. You are spiritually so ignorant, you donít know what you look like; this is why you donít even know. When I look at people coming to Chung Pyung I see really scary looking spirit persons. Those of you who have sexual problems the sexual organs are huge, swollen, big; those of you who have spoken carelessly, that is evil words instead of loving words have a huge, swollen mouth; those who have taken money from other people or the ancestors have stolen a lot, have stomach looks like a swollen balloon; those who did not live according to Divine Principle /went wrong in a point of Principle have swollen legs.

You look like monsters and when I see this I am so sad that I determined that no matter what I do I will make any kind of conditions to help members -- this my desire and determination so whether someone is watching you or not you must be aware that your spirit is growing accordingly so you must not look, must not touch, must not eat the fruit.

When you have little second generation children you should begin to teach them even while they are in the womb, when they begin to walk, that when we go to the Spiritual World that it is the world of the mind so when I look at you and want to know how you are I can know -- this is how Spiritual World is. In the Spiritual World you know how the other person lived on earth.

We must have a beautiful clean life, not look, not touch, not eat of the fruit of good and evil. When parents are not able to teach the child properly and child ate of the fruit of good and evil and the let the child get married outside -- how sad. Never let them get married outside. Wait and wait until True Father forgives. Then you must re-educate the children to live the Divine Principle way. How can Blessed Couples who have second generation children living outside -- go to the Spiritual World and face True Parents. How can we live with that?

When second generation children fall how can we face God and True Parents in the spiritual world. It is a very scary sin so absolutely do not eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. I see many second generation children here -- you cannot, cannot fall. Outside friends may have a boyfriend or girlfriend but you cannot have that. We must absolutely keep ourselves pure and clean as children of God, we must even not have long fingernails or put make-up on. Keep ourselves clean of Satanic ways.

I see people wearing shirts so short that they are showing their belly buttons and trousers so long that they drag on the floor -- our second generation should not do such things -- we should look neat and clean. God is clean and pure and God is a beautiful God so we must keep ourselves clean and neat. So boys, young men should not have long hair, Satan likes that a lot. Also no earrings on the ears. You should make yourself look neat and clean so that God can love you. Do you understand? We must be clean and beautiful for God, going back to the position before the Fall of Adam and Eve and then receive the Blessing.

5) You must have a feeling for public money. Do not misuse public money, have a feeling for other peopleís money and do not misuse / steal it. Those who are working for a public mission may excuse themselves thinking "I am working for God so I can spend this money" but if you have taken (unauthorized) public money for personal use please clear up this point before going to the Spiritual World; if the parents have taken money the children will have to pay later and suffer for this. Therefore, do not touch church money for your own use.

6) You must not hurt other peoplesí feelings. Do not talk carelessly to other people or make them suffer and kill them spiritually. We are Blessed Couple and Families who are living with God and must only utter words of love; only these kinds of words make other people happy. We must become pure and clean since this is the only way to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

7) We must do Pledge on Sundays and the first of the month. On Sundays we should attend the church service. We can live in our home for six days in the week but one day must be offered to God. We must go to the church on Sunday; if you did not go to the church on Sunday you must start going. You should not miss going to the Kingdom of Heaven in the Spiritual World because of that.

You must also do your tithing. True Parents are now talking about a 30% tithing of income which should be offered to God and I hope you can be in a position to do it; some of the Korean members are doing this. I wish you could tithe this way; you think you will lose out but you donít. It somehow goes another way; suddenly your children get sick and unexpectedly you have to pay money to the doctor, but by donating money you donít get sick. You might have an accident which you otherwise wouldnít have had. So in your life of faith you must exercise tradition and ensure so that you develop yourself.

From now on do tithing to the last penny and serve and attend your leaders to be God. We must lift the leaders up so that they can give us love and when they do that then we can be united and come to accomplish Godís Will. If you do not have your spiritual eyes open you can go around the world not being scared, but when your spiritual eyes are open you will see that the spiritual pollution is worse than the natural pollution. The spirits should be living in the Spiritual World separated from the earth-world but now there are no spirits in the Spiritual World since they are all down here on the earth. So this world is a very scary world and it is so difficult to survive in it. When we go to work or school we should Chum Be before we leave our house, reporting to God that we are leaving just like we greet parents and after we greet God He will be looking after us; when we come home we should thank Him for bringing us home safely. Wherever we go we should report to God "I am here, I am there, Heavenly Father, I am doing this and that". This how we should connect to God every day and this is the kind of life we should have so that we donít unite with Satan. Do you understand?

We can go to the Kingdom of Heaven when we keep these points. Can you do it? It is very difficult, not as easy as you answer. As soon as you leave this place, while you are going home and you see something wrong you should not get angry and fight. You could be fighting at the door just as you leave. You could hate someone, be greedy, it is not so easy to practice so you must take it seriously and keep this way of life. Thus, if someone asks me what the most difficult task is I will say that it is the way to go to the Kingdom of Heaven -- this is the most difficult thing to do. Even if I do ten things right and one wrong I cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is how difficult it is. So live every day centering on what I told you tonight. Do you understand?

We want to do this so that all of us can go to that original world happily and enjoy that life. We all should go there. I am doing four 3-day workshops per month but I am not reducing any of that while I am going around. I might be able to come back here more quickly when I am doing the four 3-day workshops per month. It was not easy to come here but I could come again and then, I want you to live in the meantime more beautifully and let your spirit be more beautiful, in a better state. As I said before we must work really hard in the next one year and four months until the end of 1999 so that in the year 2000, when True Parents celebrate their birthday, we can feel satisfied ourselves about making God and True Parents satisfied so that they can be established (settled) in the universe. I want you to really work hard. Do you understand?

You will live better after this day and brag about True Parents and True Love. We will brag about the Blessing and Holy Wine. You made the Pledge and I believe in you.

I will pray for you, when I go back to Chung Pyung, that you live better. I will work hard for you too. I will not forget and I will pray for you so do not forget all of the things that I have told you and live beautifully. I am very happy to meet with you. I am so busy at Chung Pyung that I couldnít even think of coming here but because of the love of True Parents I was able to come and see you and am very happy to do that. I wish I could communicate with you but my heart is one with you.

I will pray harder and make more conditions for you so until I see you again I wish Godís Love, True Parentís Love and God and True Parentís Blessing can be with you. I will pray and make conditions for you -- I promise to do this.

Thank you very much.

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