The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The First and Final Great Pardon

Dae Mo Nim
December 29, 2006
Edited by the Office of Planning & Education, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Note: Dec. 29, 2006, Dae Mo Nim spoke to the participants of the '10th Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families'' at the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace (Heavenly Palace). In her speech, Dae Mo Nim emphasized that all Blessed Families around the world should take part in this Workshop that True Parents have specially granted.


The period of the 'Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families' is a time of great pardon. You should understand that this is a valuable opportunity in which each and every Blessed Family should participate, without exception. There may be some who think, 'The Workshop period will be extended,' but from my viewpoint, this is a truly important and precious workshop, that will not be repeated again. Please know this, so that everyone tries to take part. Since 1995, when the Chung Pyung Works first started, I had been thinking, 'There must be a grace of pardon!'

The reason why we lead a life of faith and received the Blessing, is to ultimately perfect our character, and go to Heaven. Life on earth, when seen from the spirit world, is smaller than a hole in a needle, but if we do not live beautifully on earth, we will not be able to go to a beautiful place in the spirit world, which is an eternal world. Thus, we must consider, 'What kind of state are we in now?' Today, are we living on the side of good, or of evil? Even if it's a small sin that we may commit, we are still living on the side of evil.

We, who carry hereditary sin, collective sin, personal sin and fallen nature, we who were unprepared, were granted the Blessing by True Parents. They sorted out for us the original sin, the greatest among all sins, and gave us our Blessing.

In history of over 6000 years, Satan had embraced humankind thus far, as sons and daughters who listened well to what he said. So, how mortified and in tears he must have been to see Blessed Families move to Heaven's side! That is why Satan placed within us spirits who were victimized by our ancestors, so that we would once again return to his fold.

We Blessed Families ought to have become One Heart, One Body, and One mindset, centered on True Parents to live within that environment, and yet, we began to go back to past life habits, and became one with Satan and evil. If we continue to live in that way, we will not be able to perfect our character here on earth, nor go to Heaven. None of you have an idea what a miserable place Hell is. If I hadn't been to Hell, and didn't know about Satan and evil, I probably would not have recommended this Pardon to True Parents this time.

That is because in order to wrest the members back from Satan again, countless conditions are needed. As the Opening Ceremony of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum took place, and the World Peace Tour by three generations of the True Family was completed victoriously, I thought that these would be sufficient. However, Satan and the evil side demanded even greater conditions.

For a history of over 6000 years, God had worked to restore us from Satan. He sent the True Parents, who are the Messiah to this earth to set indemnity conditions. He said with pride and confidence, 'Blessed Families whom I love have now been created,' and even though we were still stained with sin, He embraced us, saying, 'You are my Children.' And God opened a way for us to separate sin ourselves, if we would only live with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience, in the bosom of our True Parents.

God did not call us owners of Cheon Il Guk because that is what we are, but rather opened the way that enables us to become owners. It is the same with Ideal Families. God did not allow us to report because we are qualified to report to Him, but opened the way that enables us to do so. He opened the path, so that we can become beings who can live in joy and happiness, and can live in the name of 'Aju.' He had truly given us many blessings indeed.

Yet, we who had been living unprincipled lives, with fallen nature, could not receive the blessings. And watching us, Satan was delighted. He drew us to him, rubbing his cheek on ours and saying, 'Oh, you missed me so much, you've come back!' and created a character of greater evil. He makes us fight often, and go towards a life of greater fallen nature.

I continued to struggle about these problems.

'True Parents, please pardon us. Please pardon our realm of mistaken life and all mistaken aspects. If True Parents do not pardon us, we will never be able to become beings of perfected character. If you cannot pardon us, we cannot become citizens of Heaven, nor even enter Heaven.'

If we cannot go to Heaven, we must truly be sorry before God and True Parents.

When I visited Hell, I always made a determination in Hell, 'No Blessed Family should ever come here. Whatever conditions that takes, they must never come to the world of evil in Hell.' This is what I pledged, every day.

The important thing is, after the Holy Wine Ceremony, how much can we change to perfect our character? .Can we become people who can enter Heaven?' I am convinced that you can become perfected beings. In the past, there were no Absolute Good Spirits, but only evil spirits. The evil spirits entered us, dominating our mind and body. However, today, through the Ancestor Liberation and Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies, a lineage of absolute goodness exists. These Ceremonies are spiritual works in which all of the wrong content of our ancestors lives are cut off.

Each and every member should take part in this historical Special Pardon. You should take part in the works of the 300 billion Absolute Good Spirits and angels, who will cut away all of the past mistakes. And the wrong content must be completely erased through the Holy Burning and Holy Wine Ceremonies. Everyone must take part at this time when evil will be cut away; we will be cleanly bathed and changed into new clothes. Can you understand?

Following the Holy Wine Ceremony, if all of you can live according to the 'Path to Heaven,' that we must adhere to, we will all be able to enter Heaven. I have confidence. After this period of pardon, starting March 2007, an era will come in which God can live in us, and we can live within God. During this period, we must become children who can promise before God, 'Father, pardon us. We thank you so much, and from now on, we will fulfill the true way of filial sons and daughters, of holy children.'

Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center loves and respects all of the members of the world. I will sort out the difficult problems with you. I ask that all of you can become Families who can move heavenly fortune, and be precious members who can fulfill the true way of filial sons and daughters, of holy children, before our True Parents.


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