The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Ancestor Liberation Ceremony Should Be Attended By All Members Of The Family

Dae Mo Nim
August 27, 2006
Edited by the Office of Planning and Education, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

On August 27, 2006, at the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for 1- 126 Generations (791st Chung Pyung Special Workshop), Dae Mo Nim said all members of the family must attend the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony in order to separate all of the fallen natures and sins that has descended from our ancestors.

We are living in a time when the spirits in the spirit world are re-created into Absolute Good Spirits through the privileges given by True Parents' victory based on many indemnity conditions.

When we first conducted the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for 1-7 Generations, more time was necessary for a process similar to a DNA test. It was very difficult to look for the spirits who were being liberated because the only information available was the members' names. There was no information on the names or facial features of the spirits themselves. Now, when I look for the 127th generation ancestor, I can ask the 126th generation ancestor "Which one is your father? Is this your father?" and quickly confirm in this way.

Have the Heart of Devotion for your Ancestors

Those ancestors you are going to liberate today have gathered under the Tree of Love now. These ancestors will purify their sins for 100 days in the spirit world training center. There is a specific agenda everyday for purification. For example, one day, they will purify their adulterous sins and the next day, they will purify sins of anger.

As time passes, the spirits become more and more worried and desperate that they may not be able to purify everything in 100 days. If the blessed families on earth make sincere devotion, these ancestors will be able to purify their sins more quickly. However, if the descendants live without that kind of awareness, it will be difficult for them to cleanse themselves.

Please don't think that it is over after the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, but make sincere devotion for the ancestors until they come down for the Ancestor Blessing. Even when you are walking or washing dishes, if you think "I hope the ancestors can cleanse their sins quickly," this heart will be conveyed and the purification process will become easier. Please always keep this in mind.

In Korea, there is a saying "Blood is thicker than water." Out of all the angels and the Absolute Good Spirits, the absolute good ancestors are the ones who will help you the most. The Absolute Good Spirits will only tell the spirits to go out during the Holy Song Sessions, but the absolute good ancestors will grab the spirits and shake them. Just like one has to shake a radish that's deeply rooted in the soil to pull it out, the ancestors shake these spirits shedding sweat. You have no idea how strong a lineal relationship is.

The Mistakes of the Ancestors Descend on All Members of the Family

You must understand how wonderful the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony is. Just as the fetus is connected to the mother by its umbilical cord, all of us are connected in entangled lineages back to Adam and Eve. That is why we have sickness and pain. Unless we cut this off, there is no way to heal our sicknesses, lustfulness, personalities and bad habits. The Ancestor Liberation Ceremony cuts off the mistakes that we have inherited from our ancestors.

Don't think that your family doesn't have to come because your elder sister attends the Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies. If there are five brothers, all five of them must come. In a lineage, one brother may have inherited the financial difficulties, and the others, sicknesses and adulterous sins. The mistakes of the ancestors are connected to all five brothers and therefore, all of them must liberate their ancestors.

Even though you may not liberate your ancestors in your name, all of the brothers must set conditions together for the liberation, and come once a month, in order for the mistakes inherited by each individual to be severed. If you just leave it up to your elder sister to do this, then only your elder sister will be cut off from those mistakes and only your sister's life will improve.

True Father said "The entire family should come." I recommend that you bring your sons and daughters with you. It is because if the problems are not sorted out in the first generation, they are inherited by second and third generations.

Five Months to Sort Out

I have cut off the spirits of all the children who participated in this workshop. All you have to do now is to separate them. Do the Ancestor Liberation step by step (7 generations each time) and separate the evil spirits for five months. We will start liberating the 127-133 generations in October. After you cut off the evil spirits, you have to come for five months and separate them. There are some who do not know this and liberate many generations at once during a 'Additional' Ancestor Liberation Ceremony like today.

Please understand the value of the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony and do not neglect these facts about ancestor liberation. It is essential for you to liberate and bless your ancestors, seven generations at a time, as soon as possible, and live with the help of the Absolute Good Spirits. Since this is a time when Satan and the evil spirits are doing everything to multiply sickness and pain, we must obtain the help of our absolute good ancestors. Please make it a habit to come and do the ancestor liberations as quickly as possible. If there are members around you who have not done it yet, please encourage them to do so. There is always a possibility that your children or your descendants may be matched to each other. So inform them of the value of the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony.

Brothers and sisters, you must be able to feel happy that the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center exists. Are you happy? ("Yes!" Applause) I know that you, as Blessed Families go through many struggles. But that time has passed. We must open a path for our descendants to live happy lives. Please don't wear yourself out, or look back. We are living in an age when we can live a life fit for the value of the Blessing. Please stay strong, brothers and sisters, in this age of Heavenly Fortune, when the Absolute Good Spirits exist and the True Parents still residing on this earth with us. I close with the hope that you will offer sincere devotion with a joyful heart.


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