The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Beautiful Life Of The Seonghwa Students

Dae Mo Nim
August 19, 2006

On August 19, 2006, in the Small Hall of the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace, Dae Mo Nim spoke about the lifestyle that leads to Heaven, to the 371 Japanese junior high and high school students who were attending the "Special 14-day Chung Pyung Workshop for Seonghwa Students," and the 278 Japanese elementary school students who were participating in the "2006 Summer School."


Are you enjoying the workshops? Here in Chung Pyung, the workshops are all centered on the content of the spirit world. Just as we have a mind that is invisible, there is a spirit world that is invisible. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, we would have been living in a world where we can see the spirit world while on this physical plane, and also see our spirit selves. However, humanity became spiritually ignorant with the fall of Adam and Eve.

The Importance of Our Life in the Physical World

Our life in the physical world is very important. Our earthly life is very short. The average life span of a person who is born on this earth is about 80 years. Whether a person's spirit self will go to a good place in the spirit world or not, depends on the extent to which this person lived a beautiful and good life on this earth. A person who goes to a bad spirit world is someone who lived a thoughtless life on this earth. The good place in the spirit world is what we call Heaven, and the bad place in the spirit world is what we call Hell.

We must know very well how good our life on this earth must be, in order to go to Heaven. True Parents, who are our Messiah, have taught us many things in order to make us into Heavenly people. Despite our responsibilities to practice the Word and do exactly as True Parents asked us, we could not live accordingly. For the Seonghwa Students who are attending this workshop, the lecturers are teaching you what a good and a bad life is, and how to live a good life, right? But it is very difficult for all of us who hear these lectures to live a beautiful life, isn't it? Even though it was necessary for us to live exactly as we were taught, in order for us to create the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, we have not been able to do so.

If we look at our personalities, we are very similar to our ancestors who have passed them on to us through our blood lineage. That is why it is not easy for us to change our bad habits into good ones. The only way you can change yourself, is by understanding the Principle, and educating yourself with that Word. You must make an effort to throw away your bad habits and accept your good habits. For example, some people have short tempers and are unaware of it. That is a bad character. It is not something that God approves of. You must discard that character because it is Satan's character.

Do Not See, Touch, or Eat

Another concern at your age is sexuality. It is good to accept beautiful sex. It is good to accept the beautiful life of a husband and wife after receiving the Blessing.

But you must not see, touch, or eat any of the pornographic things of this world. We know that we must not watch or read pornographic videos or magazines. But sometimes we do it without even intending to. This is the result of the life that our ancestors lived. Because we have inherited some of the lives of these licentious ancestors, we unconsciously read and watch pornographic books and videos with lustful minds, and begin to approach lustful people. The lineage is the very cause of this.

Therefore, we must uphold the Principle, and never see or touch a pornographic magazine. You must have such strong determination and awareness, and educate yourself with the Principle. If you don't educate yourself, an accident may occur. When I gave counseling to college and high school students, I found that some have become lustful in spite of themselves. They often told me that they started drinking and smoking, and rebelling against their parents, without really intending to.

You will always regret it after you do an evil act because you know the Principle. But you must know that if you make a mistake, then you must go through a very difficult course after that. That is why we must live our lives centered on the absolute Principle, educate ourselves with the Principle, and live upholding the Principle. In that way, we will be able to create Heaven on Earth and true families.

God said that Second Generation is the flower of all flowers. They are the flower of all flowers that were born without original sin. He said that "the Second Generation is the life of all lives. They are the love of all loves and the jewel of all jewels." In order for our lifestyle to become the flower of all flowers, we must become one mind, one body, and one mindset with God and True Parents. In order for us to become one mind, one body and one mindset, we must lead an absolute life of faith.

The Lifestyle of Attending True Parents

In order to lead an absolute life of faith, we must attend True Parents in our daily life. How do we do this? When we wake up in the morning, we must always bow in front of True Parents. They are our parents, so naturally, we should say "Good morning," and then "I'm leaving" to go to school, "I'm home" when back from school, "Good night" before going to bed, "Thank you for the food" before dinner, and "I'll study diligently, Father and Mother!" when studying at school. In this way, True Parents should always be within our hearts and a part of our lives. If we constantly attend True Parents in our daily life, we will be able to live a beautiful life.

The Lifestyle of Attending Your Parents

True Parents have taught us to form true families in order to go to Heaven. They taught us to create a family where parents and children become one centered on true love. I feel sorry that your parents did not have time to take care of you, because their country was most passionate in witnessing and missionary activities. You may have felt resentment toward your parents at some point. Because of the mistakes made by our ancestors, humanity is doomed to live with sickness and struggles. However, your children will be able to live happily because your parents laid the indemnity conditions.

It is first necessary to digest the feelings of loneliness and discontent towards your parents, before you can receive God and True Parents in your hearts. You must also remove your fallen nature. In order to go to Heaven, you have to remove your fallen nature. You must rid yourself of jealousy, anger, resentment, falsehood, greed, selfishness, arrogance and complaints. Only when we discard all of those fallen natures, can God and True Parents come into our hearts and us into God and True Parents' hearts. That is why you must make effort to remove your fallen nature.

Regardless of what the young people of this world do, you must never drink, smoke or use drugs. Drinking, smoking, and using drugs lead to lust. It will make you unhappy. It will create fallen nature, prevent you from forming true families, and create sickness. Therefore, do not drink, smoke or do drugs under any circumstances.

You must never have illicit sexual relationships so that you will be able to receive the Blessing filled with beautiful love. The Seonghwa Students must be able to speak beautiful words. Please have absolute faith and attend True Parents, who are the Messiah, in your daily life. That is how our character will mature.

When we become Heavenly people, there will be joy and happiness. We will be able to live with only love in our hearts. In order for you to mature into a happy person, every aspect of your life must be beautiful. Start with changing the expressions of your face and heart. If you laugh charmingly, your heart and your face will laugh too. You must be transformed so that when you go home and look into the mirror, you will see your heart and your face laughing.

You must also maintain yourself clean and keep yourself beautiful from head to toe, including your clothes. If you don't, Satan will come near you. If you are always clean and refreshed, God will be with you. Do you understand? Can you do this? I believe that you can do this.

When you go home, you have to take on more hardships. You should study hard, diligently go to church, and attend your parents well. Your parents are going through many struggles because they are working hard for God. That is why you must attend your parents well. When you come home from school, you should do your homework and study, then clean the house, and do the laundry too. If you can do this and climb over the mountain together, you will be able to live happily in the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. Please take on more hardships with this knowledge.

Please be grateful for the fact that the good spirit world loves you and is always concerned for you and is protecting you, and make effort to create a happy self and a happy family with a heart of gratitude. Please spread the message to the others so that when next summer vacation comes, more second generation will be able to participate in the Chung Pyung workshops, where we can study the Principle, join the Holy Song Sessions, separate the evil spirits, and move and inherit heavenly fortune.

Chung Pyung loves you all. I pray that your life will become such a beautiful life. Gamsahamnida.

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