The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

'The Path to Heaven' For Second Generations

Dae Mo Nim
July 30, 2006
Edited by the Office of Planning & Education, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

On July 30, 2006, at the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for generations 120~126 (786th Chung Pyung Special Workshop), Dae Mo Nim spoke on the topic of 'The Path to Heaven', and gave guidelines on how to conduct our lives, to over 350 second and third generations from Korea and abroad, who were participating in the workshop during their summer vacations.

Annyeonghaseyo! All second generation boys and girls, are you enjoying the workshop? ('Yes') I asked all of you to sit in the front because I wanted to see you up close. Is that OK? ('Yes') I will talk about 'The Path to Heaven' today, especially for our second generation.

In the process of Adam and Eve's growth, they were to have received God's blessing and then consummated both physical and spiritual love. Instead, they consummated the physical and spiritual love without the blessing, and this became the original sin. Consequently, humans came into existence with original sin. True Parents, who are the Messiah, made indemnity conditions and removed the original sin from your parents. You were born into this world without original sin. Therefore, if you make a determination to live a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, you will have no problem doing so. You must understand the significance of being second and third generations through studying the Divine Principle. When you go to the spirit world, you will understand the value of the second generation, and even a greater value of the third generation.

When God spoke to me about the second and third generations, this is what He said. 'Second generation is like the love of all loves. They are the jewel of all jewels and the flower of all flowers. However, because they were not educated properly, an environment has been created today in which they could make mistakes. They were trusted to the point where they were left alone in the world, that many of the second generation today are making mistakes.'

That is why I am going to talk to you about how to become Heavenly people. I also want to teach you the way to Heaven, because in spite of the spirit world being 80% dominated by evil, if you live with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, you will be able to re-create the evil world into the good world. Up until now, Satan and evil have directly dominated and manipulated us. However, since we are now living in a time when the evil spirits can be made into Absolute Good Spirits through the Chung Pyung Providence, we can re-create ourselves into good people of true love and re-create the evil world into a good world. Do you believe that? ('Yes') (Applause)

We are living in an evil world. But since we cannot avoid living in this world, I will teach you a few things that you should never do, and I ask you to abide by these guidelines starting today. Please don't forget that we must all mature into good people, and re-create the evil world into the good world where ultimately everyone will be able to go to Heaven.

We must first form a true family. In a true family, the husband who is the subject and the wife who is the object, give and take love and beauty. True love that lives for the sake of others, and absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, exist in this relationship. In a true family, all of the family members live in joy. Our beloved second and third generations have the most important role to play today. The world should be following your lifestyle, but instead, some second generation children want to follow the world. This is a mistake.

God also said 'In order to form true families, you must remove your fallen natures. Jealousy, anger, resentment, falsehood, greed, selfishness, and arrogance must be removed.' Human history has been a history of fallen nature, and we too have lived this kind of life, unaware of the fallen natures that filled our bodies. Therefore, please make the best effort to separate the evil spirits during your Holy Song Sessions. If you pray for forgiveness from the bottom of your hearts in the Jeongshim Won, before the separation of spirits, you will be able to live a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, because you don't have original sin.

In order to form a true family, you must not drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs. Our beloved second generation would not do that, right? ('No!') Even though you may be tempted by the environment when you become a university student, you must promise today, that you will never do these things under any circumstances. Your body grows when you eat food, right? Your spirit self will grow and become bad if you live a bad life, and become good when you lead a good life. Everything you do in your life will be recorded in your spirit self like a picture. If you drink or smoke, it will first be recorded in your spirit self. Then your physical body will begin to deteriorate and eventually, you will be led to fornication. I ask you never to drink, smoke, or do drugs, which are the very things that Satan and the evil world so loves.

You must not become involved in an illicit sexual relationship. Adam and Eve saw, touched and ate, creating hell and Satan, and the world today which is 80% dominated by evil. You must understand that if a second generation who has no original sin falls, the evil world will prosper even more. In order to avoid falling, you must avoid creating a cause. You must never read or watch pornographic magazines or videos, and you must avoid being alone with someone of the other sex.

You must not abuse public money. 30% tithing is public money. It is probably difficult for you to do the 30% tithing because you don't work, but in order to mature into a faith of absolute faith, you must do it with the allowances that your parents give you. Please tell your parents to trust you with a whole month's allowance. Then, you can prepare the 30% tithing and offer it at the church.

You must not abuse other people's hearts. You must speak good words, only about things you are 100% sure of, and words that live for the sake of others. If you excessively talk of things you don't know well, Satan will be with you. God tries to unite everyone because he is a God of true love and lives for the sake of others. However, Satan tries to bring division everywhere. You must only speak words that are good and beautiful as part of your good actions.

You must bow to True Parents and do Hoon Dok Hae every morning. Are you attending Pledge Service on Ahn Shi Il? If you're not, you must do so. In order for us to live a life of absolute faith, we must bow and say 'good morning' when we wake up, 'I'm leaving' when we go to school, 'I'm home' when we come home, and 'good night' when we go to sleep.

You must also go to church. Even if it is during your finals, you have to go to church and pray to God. You should pray, 'God, please be with me tomorrow, because I have a test.' You must attend your parents, elders, and your elder brothers and sisters, and love your younger brothers and sisters. The above and below must become one. A person who unites the above and below is the Heavenly Citizen and this person will go to Heaven.

From now on, the lifestyle of second generation must change. Do you understand? ('Yes!') I ask that many second generation youths come to Chung Pyung and separate the spirits that may mislead them.

Please don't forget that True Parents, the absolute good world, and your parents all love you. I trust that you will live a principled life, a life that God and True Parents would like for you to live. I promise to pray abundantly for you, so that you will be able to live such a life. Gamsahamnida.

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