The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Greetings at the Dedication and Entrance Ceremony of the Chungshim Kindergarten and Nursery

Dae Mo Nim
July 23, 2006

Annyeong-haseyo! I congratulate you from my heart, for entering the kindergarten / nursery.

I always had the thought to build educational institutions as a priority, in order to help all people develop their character. In constructing the educational institutions at this Chung Pyung Holy Ground, I wanted to build a kindergarten first and foremost. After various circumstances, today we are finally able to open the kindergarten.

Of course, I intend to educate the Chungshim Kindergarten students with love but I also think that at times, strict education is necessary. This is because habits formed when we are young are very important. In Korea, they say, "The habit of a 3-year-old lasts until age 80." However, having viewed the entire spirit world, I have seen that the habit of a 3-year-old lasts for eternity. This is why infant education is extremely important.

The parents and guardians gathered here should not leave education only to the kindergarten teacher. When human beings are born, they must first receive education from the family.

When I toured a certain kindergarten in Japan, on a rainy day, the children were putting away their umbrellas and raincoats in their own storage space in an orderly manner. They kept the space they used tidy, while also playing to their hearts' content. Of course, they were trained by the kindergarten to do this, but I believe this was a result of having been trained at home first.

The children must also be kept neat and clean. After returning from the kindergarten, they should wash up (hands, etc.), and change their clothes. They should then prepare the texts and materials instructed by the teacher correctly.

Of course the principal will be there, but from now on, all of you are the owners. We should create a beautiful and outstanding kindergarten.

What we need is passion as parents. Please don't think I just need to send the child to the kindergarten every day. Please become parents who are well aware of "What the children learned today," and "What they will study tomorrow," so that you can also be prepared. Is that clear? [Yes!]

I also have a deep interest in the future of the kindergarten/nursery. Please become parents who can educate the children to develop wonderful life habits from infancy. I close my greetings, grateful that you have trusted us and sent your children to this kindergarten. (Link to Chungshim Kindergarten Dedication Ceremony)

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