The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Special Ancestor Blessing Ceremony Commemorating True Parents' Entrance into the Original Palace

Dae Mo Nim
May 16, 2006

It has become the last day of 'Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune in Chung Pyung' on May 7, 2006. Fortunately, the rain had stopped the day before and this morning many members were breathless of the view from the holy ground looking over the Chungseong Wanglim Palace (Heavenly Palace).

For the Holy Song Session we had to not only open the main hall of Heavenly Palace, but open the small hall as well as the 2nd Floor of Chinhwa Educational Hall. This was due to the many members arriving the day before to register in either the 'Special Ancestor Blessing Ceremony' and or the 'Registration Blessing Ceremony'. So many members were seen in the corridors and stairs separating evil spirits, while the Holy song Session.

As soon as the morning Holy song Session ended, members quickly changed into their Holy Robes and scuffled of to their halls. The 'Special Ancestor Blessing Ceremony commemorating True Parents' Entrance into the Original Palace (Generations 1 119)' was held in the main hall and 'The 34th Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony' in the Chinhwa Educational Hall.

Both started in their respected halls at the same time from 10 a.m. President of FFWPU-Korea Mr. and Mrs. Rev. Sun-jo Hwang spoke the value of the 'Special Ancestor Blessing Ceremony commemorating True Parents' Entrance into the Original Palace'.

Those Absolute Good Spirits born to this day and those ancestors who will become Absolute Good Spirits on the upcoming 'Special Ancestor Blessing Ceremony', held on May 20 22 and June 10 12, will have the grace to enter the Original Palace with True Parents.

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