The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The 'Purification Azalea Festival'

Dae Mo Nim
May 4, 2006

The speech was spoken for the 104th Chung Pyung 40-Day Workshop trainees, 25th Chung Pyung Special Workshop for Blessed Wives, 34th 21-Day Registration Workshop, 18th 8-Day Special Workshop for Blessed Husbands, and the 772nd Chung Pyung 2-Day Workshop trainees participating at 'Purification Azalea Festival'.

From now on, I plan to hold this Purification Azalea Festival along with the Purification Ceremony at this time each year. The reason I planted so many azaleas in Chung Pyung was that when I opened the gates of Heaven and entered, the flowers that caught my eye first were azaleas.

True Parents said that this place is "the restored and completed Garden of Eden." Having visited and seen many things in Heaven, I am making this place like Heaven.

Aim of the Purification Azalea Festival

The greatest reason why this 'Purification Azalea Festival' came to be held is for all of us to become citizens of Heaven, and the second reason is to separate from all sin. For this special event, I have continuously offered devotions, and received many responses from God.

The Grace of Five Angels Purifying Our Spirit Bodies

I asked God, "God, I am full of gratitude toward the members who have come today at this time. Aren't you also very grateful?" To this, God laughed out of happiness.

I also said, "God, please grant blessings to the members who will participate from May 3-7 this time." I reported, "For those members who will sincerely participate in the special works this time from May 3-7, please send angels to separate their resentful spirits and sins. Please purify their spirit bodies in accordance with their devotion. Will you please do this, God?" and God laughed again. (Applause) I believe there is no greater blessing than this.

This time, I have given each of the five angels something like a scrubbing brush (showing the wet towel at the podium) so that they can enter you and separate the spirits. Do you understand? (Yes!)

The Grace of the Works to Clear Fallen Nature

Please offer praise in earnest during the Holy Song Session. This is a time through which we can become children whom God and True Parents can recognize, and hear God say "You are my true child," and have give and take interaction. Please know that the Holy Song Sessions are a time in which the absolutely good spirit world, centered on God and the True Parents, clean up your spirit bodies, and work hard to separate spirits from your head to the tip of your toes.

Now, we have many evil elements within us owing to our inherited lineal sins and collective sins. In other words, all of history since the fall of Adam and Eve have settled completely within us, and is displayed like a picture.

Thus, please separate the spirits, hoping to clear up these evil elements, and repenting for your usual lifestyle and character centered on fallen nature. You are all living in the same way your ancestors lived. Therefore, if you diagnose yourselves, repent and mend your ways, your individual content as well as the mistakes of your ancestors, and your collective sins will all be cleared. Please attend the Holy Song Sessions with the thought of trying to restore your fallen life habits.

Devotion period in which we can be forgiven 100%

This time, before True Parents enter into the Original Palace, we will do a 21-day breakfast fast, separate all spirits here from May 3-7, and we will hold a Holy Wine Ceremony once again. You must know that this Holy Wine Ceremony will be an amazing spiritual work in which all sins, of families who have committed sins before or after the Registration Blessing, will be forgiven 100%. Thus, I ask you to become members who can offer the utmost devotion, shedding more tears than before, during this Holy Song Session.

After True Parents enter into the Original Palace, things will completely follow the Heavenly Law. Then, True Parents will not be able to pardon mistakes, so this final time, we must receive forgiveness completely.

Please become citizens of Heaven with minds and bodies as beautiful as azaleas. In the Heavenly Kingdom, you must become your true, good selves. You should have a smile on your face, too. In Heaven, the flowers are a truly bright color. This time around, you should all make effort to look at the azaleas and become like them. Try smiling in this way, smiling in that way, smiling with your whole face. Your heart must also be smiling. Your heart should also be joyous. During this period, if you can look at the azaleas, and create beautiful minds and bodies, you can become completed humans, in other words, citizens of Heaven. Do you think you can do this? (Yes!)

The Grace of the Commemorative Events for Entrance into the Original Palace

From June 6-13, events for entrance into the Original Palace will be held. They will be held here mainly from June 6-12. At that time, there will be Holy Song Sessions as well. During this period, I hope that all members can take part in the events for the entrance into the Original Palace.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve, a residence for God and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity has been built for the first time on earth. Until today, we have continued to commit sins as sinners. However, after the True Parents enter into the Original Palace, we must discard the word 'sinner.' Thus, this period is one that allows us to live internally as well, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

In order to take part in the Commemorative Events for Entrance into the Original Palace, we must offer our sincere devotions in advance. Also, we must be cleanly bathed, with women wearing white and men wearing navy suits. We cannot take part unless we do this, so please remember.

From now on, please become members who can live with the mind that we are children who can become object partners to God and True Parents, and are citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

From May 6-7 and 20-21 (as well as June 10-11), a Special Ancestors Blessing Ceremony Commemorating the Entrance into the Original Palace will be held. Those who have not been able to bless their ancestors until now, please take part.

Among all human beings of the past, the fact that our ancestors can be restored to the position of Adam and Eve before the fall, and enter into the Original Palace, together with God and True Parents, is truly an amazing spiritual work. Can all of you truly feel this? It is an incredible spiritual work.

To put it another way, this will be the day to resolve the [han] (regret) of God and True Parents. God's providential history of restoration since the fall of Adam and Eve was all for the purpose of creating ideal beings. We cannot imagine how grateful we should be that such spirit people have been created, who will enter the Original Palace together this time when True Parents do.

Brothers and Sisters, you should be truly grateful for this amazing work in which the five angels will help you purify your spirit bodies, be grateful for God and True Parents, grateful for the True Children in the spirit world centered on Heung Jin Nim, and for the world of absolute goodness. I ask that all of you can offer much devotion during this period, and can separate many evil spirits.

I ask that you can make much preparation to become children of God and True Parents, knowing that such grace and blessing have been granted to you, and become precious members who attend this special works with all your heart. Please understand that behind the Chung Pyung Providence is the spirit and love of making you all citizens of Heaven at all cost and sending you to Heaven. I pray that this can become a precious hour in which all of you will take part in the special works with all of your mind and body.

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