The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

People Who Will Enter The Palace With True Parents

Dae Mo Nim
March 12, 2006
(Edited by Office of Education and Planning, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

The below speech was spoken on March 12, 2006 by Dae Mo Nim on the 763rd Chung Pyung 2 Day Workshop. Dae Mo Nim spoke that we must create many Absolute Good Spirits until True Parents Enter the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum.

True Parents have now become the King of Universal Unification and Peace. They will soon be entering the Original Palace, but there is a great shortage of the citizens of God. Thus, recently True Parents have emphasized, "Now, at this time, we must witness."

In order to witness to many and bless them, True Parents have asked us to carry out Tongban-gyeokpa (the Regional Witnessing Program) and Home Church activities, and have raised us up as tribal and national messiahs. Having done so, they have expressed their earnest desire for 400 million blessed families to be born. This is God's will, expressed through True Parents to fulfill this number of 400 million couples 100%.

Thus, now in Korea the 1,000,000 Rally, and in Japan and the Philippines, the 50,000 Rallies are being prepared. True Parents said, "Following the Rallies, the participants must be guided and educated to become citizens of God."

Ancestor Blessing Ceremony to Create Citizens of God

True Parents stated, "As there are so few blessed families that can be recognized as people of God, we will enter into the Original Palace bringing with us the 280 billion Absolute Good Spirits as the people of God." They also said, "If blessed families from all over the world can bless their ancestors up to the 119th generation, these absolute good ancestors up to the 119th generation will be recognized as the people of God."

Today is March 12. Those ancestors who were liberated today will not be able to complete the 100-day workshop in the spirit world and be blessed by the time True Parents enter the Palace (in June 13). Originally, ancestors are reborn into Absolute Good Spirits through the 100-day workshop. However, I have made a determination that "this time I must offer whatever devotions are needed to create Absolute Good Spirits. I must help ancestors who can offer the condition of having entered the Palace together with True Parents," and I am making preparations for this.

Therefore, this time, by bringing together our devotion and the devotion of the spirit people in the spirit world, I intend to make it possible to shorten the 100-day period to separate from sin, so that the Ancestors Blessing Ceremony can be held worldwide in order for all ancestors to enter into the Palace together.

Activity of the Absolute Good Spirits in the "Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship

I'd like to explain the situation at the time when the "Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship" (Jan 13, 2001) was held. On that day, I saw Heung Jin Nim, the blessed families who had passed into the spirit world, angels, ancestors from generations 1-7, 8-14, 15-21, and so on in that order. They surrounded and were attending God in many layers, descending from the spirit world into the Main Hall of the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace (Heavenly Palace).

The spirit people who exited our bodies and became Absolute Good Spirits were covering and protecting even the outer area of the Heavenly Palace, so that Satan and evil spirits could not enter. In addition, Absolute Good Spirits were protecting each one of us participating there, so that evil spirits could not exit our bodies. Until that time, God had appeared as a light, but this time He manifested his body for the first time. That is why the Absolute Good Spirits covered the entire Heavenly Palace to protect the event.

More Activity by Absolute Good Spirits Needed at the Entrance Ceremony of the Original Palace

It is True Parents' hope that members from all over the world will come for the Entrance Ceremony. The 280 billion Absolute Good Spirits who will attend when True Parents enter the Original Palace will not be enough. Furthermore, there is a big shortage of Absolute Good Spirits to protect the occasion so that Satan and the evil spirits can not enter into the Original Palace.

Therefore, at May 6-7, I intended to hold an Ancestor Blessing Ceremony during the 'Purification Azalea Festival'. I request all of you to offer devotions so that you will be able to produce Absolute Good Spirits by that time also. I will also multiply my efforts and devotion so that we can have as many Absolute Spirits as possible within a brief period of time. If all of you offer much devotion, and conditions, it will be possible. Thus, please bless your ancestors by the time our True Parents enter the Palace, so that they can enter the Palace together.

1,000,000 Rally to be Connected to Witnessing

Once the One Million Rally in Korea this time and the 50,000 Rallies in Japan are over, all of you please educate the participants and connect them to witnessing. True Parents have said, "There is a certain number of the people of Heaven, whom I have promised with God. I must produce that number of blessed families that I have promised, before I go to the spirit world. You should spread God's words on witnessing at Chung Pyung as well, and all members should try to witness three hours a day."

As Lucifer has been restored, Satan and the evil spirits are being restored. Please believe this deeply, and that our ancestors have been liberated and blessed, and I pray that you will strive to witness with your whole heart.

True Parents are waiting with longing for the day to enter into the Original Palace. I hope that all of you will always hold an interest, and offer devotions.

Gamsahamnida (Thank you very much)

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