The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Dae Mo Nim Speaks in North Nagano

Dae Mo Nim
March 3, 2006

(These are my notes from a translation of a translation, and are not official but hopefully inspirational! In mid-February Dae Mo Nim visited N. Nagano and held a ceremony. These are notes from her message. - Robin)

North Nagano of Japan reached the donation goal last year before other prefectures.

Don't be too proud of that – be humble, or Satan will invade. In Spirit World Noah told me we shouldn't have a concept of ourselves but should be selfless. After the flood, Noah was proud of himself for having built the ark, because of which only he and his family were saved. But then Satan invaded his beloved son, Ham. Dae Mo Nim always begs God for forgiveness. Heavenly Father always said all of His will must be done not by human ability but by His absolute power. Victory comes from God, not from our own effort. Always be grateful for God's help, then Satan can't invade you and even greater victory will come. Always thank God and ask Him to give you a greater mission and more responsibility. Then Heavenly Father will be willing to work with you and you can become His channel. Heavenly Father needs the Cheon Il Guk, the Original Palace and the citizens of the Cheon Il Guk. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have built the Original Palace (OP) in Heaven and on Earth.

Be grateful to live in this special time during which we can help True Parents by building the Original Palace. When True Parents have moved into the OP, the spiritual atmosphere on Earth will be completely changed. Now TP are trying to gather heavenly people. We have received great blessing, so it's our mission to spread it to all humanity. Without the assistance of the spirits of absolute goodness we would suffer from many diseases and misfortune. Satan enjoys watching us suffer. God thinks of all people as His beloved children, and when He sees anyone suffering, His heart aches. Heavenly Father always tried to visit His children, but when the doors of our heart are closed He can't visit us and He feels sad. In God's place we should visit all people and tell them that they are God's children. We must work at least 3 hours a day for Heaven. Through doing this we can restore spiritual children. If we neglect our portion of responsibility God feels pain. Even after we reach our goal, we shouldn't just be happy but think of what more we can do to ease God's pain.

While waiting for the ceremony to begin I had a terrible headache. Even in the flowers before me on the table an evil spirit was sitting. In the bouquet there was a lovely fragrant rose, but when I smelled the rose I found an evil spirit in that beautiful flower. I asked him "Why are you here?" and he replied, "You know the reason!" After my ceremonies evil spirits leave the bodies of our members. In the bathroom when I tried to flush the toilet I found an evil spirit in the water. I am trying to liberate people from evil spirits. Many members are sick – this is caused by evil spirits. Evil spirits try to keep people away from the church and prevent them from working for God on the grounds of people's arrogance. I skipped lunch because when I prayed before lunch I found an evil spirit in the food who greeted me in Korean: "Anyaung haseyo!"

We should always be grateful with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. When you are grateful then Satan can never invade you. (My note: Dae Mo Nim often uses a word that comes through translation as "Satan". We know that the original Satan, Lucifer, has been restored. As I understand it, the term "Satan" refers to evil spirits and the force of evil.) Let's work at least three hours a day for God with gratitude.

When I first came here the church was an old warehouse, but it is a great church building now. Be proud of God and True Parents (not yourselves). True Parents gave us the Fulfillment of Wishes Papers to give us blessings and love. God wants to live with us here. I came here to tell you that fact. If you have not reached the Original Palace donation goal yet, please reach it by the new deadline. The Original Palace in the Spirit World will also have a name list. True Father is getting old. I am worried about his health. If he can't go to every corner of the Original Palace it will be very terrible. I cannot complete the building without your help. I gain power from you.

Now I am determined to complete the palace soon. At the time of today's ceremony I will send many absolute good spirits to help you. There are particularly many evil spirits in the center of your chest, so please concentrate on that area when you do ansu. Then the absolute good spirits will make the evil spirits go out. The important thing is your heart of gratitude. If you are really grateful, when you hit yourself once here, all the evil spirits will leave you. I came here just for Nagano brothers and sisters, but it you invite me, I'll visit other regions too. I'd like to share all the blessings with everyone, even people outside of the Unification Church.

Mrs. Yamaguchi (Fujin Bucho of N. Niigata):

Our gratitude is insufficient. The Original Palace has such meaning. DMN said that the OP is the center for the heavenly providence, and that God's words will expand from that point. Even if you have already gained victory you should try to do more. The grateful heart is the key. Last week only a few leaders were able to go to Nagano, now we could share that blessing with you. The N. Niigata leader and I participated and received a lot of blessing. N. Nagano always has great result, but they are still working so hard. Even though they are victorious, DMN warned them not to be proud. DMN knows how hard they worked. Leaders there always work really hard. At the ceremony, three of my ancestors appeared and comforted and did ansu to me. Then I really felt true love. I watched DMN focus on one particular sister – she embraced her, concentrated on her spiritually and gave ansu to her.

I watched them and tears came to my eyes. We should always be humble and try to become instruments of Heaven. When you are victorious, be grateful. When you don't reach your goals and face a time of trial, you should also be grateful. Gratitude is needed as a spiritual foundation.

Three keys to our success are:

1. Unity with Central Figure
2. 3 hours of public work per day
3. Gratitude

That third point is very crucial. Whatever comes, be grateful. The base of our faith is a grateful heart. If you reach your goal, have a grateful heart and try to do more. Let's become one and go forward. If Rev. Nouda were here, he would tell you the same thing. Thank you for staying awake and listening!

Rev. Miyakoshi, Sunday, February 26th

Recently Father led a 12-hour Hoon Dok Hae reading his 100-city tour speech with no breaks. Father has read it over 800 times. That speech contains the essence of all of his speeches. We can carry that with us, even though our Holy Scripture book is too heavy to carry. Christians witness from the Bible directly. Our way has been to first sell people something. Now we're starting Hoon Dok Church in which we can read Father's speech to our guests. Divine Principle is the pillar of our foundation. When "spiritual (breakaway) groups" try to expand their membership they use DP in the wrong way, but many UC members who listen to them become confused. A correct understanding of DP is crucial. In her Nagano speech, DMN said sometimes our sincere effort does not bear fruit. When our effort is not greater than our ancestors' effort we can't bear fruit because we're influenced by the spirits of our ancestors. DMN said the spirits in Nagano are very good. Father once said our sincerity is ours and no one can deprive us of it. Noah was chosen as CF on the foundation of Abel's faith. We receive the merit of the age, the sincere efforts made by the people who lived before us.

We also stand on the foundation of TP' victory. TP and TC made conditions for us. Compared to their victory our effort is relatively minimal and is not just for us but is basically public and will bear fruit for the whole – our family, tribe, country, etc. Finally we will receive blessing individually. What's our sincere offering? There are many ways to make an offering: fasting, cold shower, serving, doing good things, etc. But in terms of restoration of heart, dedicating love, giving love, is the best way/offering. Our goal is usually a donation goal, but without shimjung, donation alone can't be a great condition. Father said the greatest condition is loving our enemies by sacrificing our loved ones. Father loved his enemies and sacrificed his family. Who are the enemies of Father? Fallen people, and we are fallen people, therefore Father sacrificed his family to save us… (to be continued) 

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