The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Families that Nurture Love

Dae Mo Nim
January 8, 2006

On January 8, 2006, Dae Mo Nim spoke at the 755th Chung Pyung 2 Day Workshop, held at the Chinhwa Hall of Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. Dae Mo Nim asked that "We must build true families through absolute love centering on God and True Parents." The following is an edited version of this message. (Edited by the Department of Education and Planning at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Traini ng Center)


The Absolute Good Spirits, who resemble God, possess only love. However, we today unfortunately possess more evil than good. The evil spirits are full of fallen nature, but then, how about us, who are supposedly living, centered on the words of God? If we observe ourselves, we find that we also have more evil fallen nature than goodness.

Love Begins from the Family

This is why as we begin the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk, we must make further effort to lead a life with absolute love. We should each be aware of "How much evil fallen nature I have!" and strive to bring more good love within ourselves, to remove fallen nature.

Love must begin with the family. I often speak to the students and teachers of the Chungshim Graduate School of Theology, saying "School Education is not of first importance, it is Family Education."

For instance, we say in general, "Pregnant women should have good womb training so that good babies will be born." Yet, what is more important than womb training? It is to offer devotions before conception, so that a beautiful sperm and a beautiful egg can meet. This is very important.

When a sperm and an egg that has received Heavenly Fortune meet; the fetus grows happily within the mother's womb, is then born on earth and after have lived their life with a beautiful heart and spirit, goes to a beautiful place (the spiritual world). That is the ideal life of a human being.

Just because the mother has done womb training, it doesn't necessary mean that a beautiful child is born. Even if the mother offers devotions all day long, if the father acts in a wrong way, her efforts will be useless.

Only when the family as a whole, offers devotions together, can a beautiful child grow within the mother's womb.

In that way, when the child is born, you should teach him/her about God and True Parents and educate him/her to become a good human being.

Importance of Educating the Second and Third Generation

There are some cases where a second or third generation child carries many problems. Haven't they become like that because the parents did not discipline them enough? Just because they are "Second or third generation" doesn't mean you can't spank or discipline them. When they make a mistake, you must teach them also with the whip of love.

God and True Parents have said about the second and third generation, that "They have the brains to be among the top five in the whole school." Nevertheless, if the children have not been educated to meet the standard that God and True Parents wish for, it is the responsibility of the parents.

When they are supposed to be studying, they should be made to study. If a child leaves the room in a big mess, or is seated before the computer or TV all day long, you must not leave them alone.

Some parents, although on a Sunday, do not take the children to church, saying, "Tomorrow you have a test, so you should study today." You mustn't do this, but go to church together with the child, and report: "God, my child will take a test tomorrow." The children should be educated so that they can also report to God themselves.

Since childhood, they should be educated to live an orderly life. For example, if they take their clothes off, they should be taught to fold them before going to bed; if they take their socks off, they should put them in the laundry.

Moreover, for children to be educated properly, the parents must first love each other. From 2006 onward, if a husband and wife fight each other, Satan and evil will rejoice all the more.

In the summer, insects gather around a lamp in the garden, don't they? In the same way, blessed families are like a light in this dark world of evil. Starting 2006, if they lead a life that is not principled, Satan and evil will swarm around like bugs.

Thus, you must always live a principled life, in which husband and wife love each other.

Physical Bodies Must Become One

For a couple to fulfill true love, their bodies must unite first. When there is a distance between the physical bodies, a distance develops between the hearts also.

Thus, wherever you go, you should hold hands. This is the same also when going to bed. The husbands here, do you pillow your wife's head on your arms? You should do this.

I will teach you how to make an arm pillow that doesn't hurt your arm. If you stretch out your arm along a pillow, your arm comes under the wife's neck and the heavy part of the head goes on the pillow. But this doesn't work well with a big pillow. The traditional Korean pillow [cylindrical] would be better.

The husband makes his arm a pillow for the wife, and you can fall asleep holding hands. If you have your backs toward each other, facing different directions, your hearts will also be distanced from each other.

Husbands, while you work outside, if you come across a place with a really good atmosphere, you should take your wife there and enjoy a cup of coffee. Or, if you go to a park and share time together on a swing, you can have a beautiful conversation.

It is the same with the wife. The wife represents 'Beauty.' Are you all taking care of yourselves? That does not necessarily cost money. If you have the will and interest, you can do a lot for yourself.

Wives who are loved by their husbands do not receive love without any effort. Because they make effort, they are loved. Husbands come to love their wives through 'Beauty.' This is principled.

It is the wife's role for the husband to have and gain confidence. The man works, and moves the world; however, it is the wife who moves the man. When the wife believes in the husband, he gains the confidence to go out into the world to work.

When the love of the husband and wife becomes one, that family, together with the children, can create a beautiful Ideal Family. Can you do that? (Yes!) You really must do that.

I asked one middle-aged woman member, "Have you ever taken a shower with your husband?" She was very surprised, and said she'd never thought of it. For the heart and heart to unite, the body and body must also become one.

Only when we can create families that will not be divided, even if Satan and evil spirits attack, will we be able to complete the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Our True Parents as Husband and Wife

When True Mother chooses True Father's clothing, for formal occasions, of course she considers that Father is the Father of all people, but for ordinary wear, she chooses bright-colored clothing that makes him look young.

I was recently called by True Parents to come to Switzerland. True Father and we climbed to the top of Mt. Pilatus, and Father took his coat off at the top. Under his coat, Father was wearing a gorgeous red sweater.

So I said, "Father, you look very good in that sweater," to which Mother said, "That sweater is actually mine." (Laughter) True Father was wearing True Mother's true red sweater! (Laughter)

Father said that he wore it to become better friends with Mother. True Father having a cup of tea atop Mt. Pilatus, wearing a bright red sweater, was indeed a very young man. (Applause)

All of you husbands here too, starting from the year 2006, you should give to your wives, at times, love like a father, love like a big brother, love like a friend, and love like a kid brother.

Make Many Beautiful Memories on Earth

In the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world if you say, "I'd like a cup of coffee," angels will bring one to you. There, you will have much time to spend together as husband and wife.

Thus, if a couple holding hands, say, "Let's look at how you and I lived together on earth," then scenes of the two singing together, for instance, will appear. Or a scene in which the two of you were at a coffee shop, listening to music together will appear. In that way, it would be good if only scenes filled with love would appear.

The Book Café at the Chungshim Youth Training Center is very nice. This time, when True Parents were here at the beginning of the year, they visited the Book Café several times.

Also, the coffee shop at the Chungshim Village (Retirement Home) has a very good atmosphere. And I think most of you have already visited the coffee shop (the Angel Shop) in the Chungshim Hospital. These shops were all built very nicely in each of the facilities.

The reason for having these shops is so that all of you can relax there, listen to music, or read, thus couples can share their love.

We should all make many memories. Heaven is a place where we live on these memories, created on earth. Therefore, in 2006, let's make wonderful memories! Can you do that? [Yes!] (Applause)

In 2006, please know that God is trying to come closer to your families. Remember well the contents of today's talk, and I pray that you can create families together, that God, True Parents and the Absolute Good Spirits will always stay with.

I also ask that until we welcome True Parents into the Original Palace, you can become precious members who will offer prayers and devotions, internally and externally.

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