Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation - The 8 Points For Living A Life With God And True Parents

Dae Mo Nim
December 29, 2005

I.                You can enter Heaven only through building a True Family

a.     Let us become one body with God, True Parents and our Parents
b.     Let us thoroughly live life of thorough reporting
c.      Outside marriage is absolutely out of the question

II.              Don't eat the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Don't fall)

a.      The thing that God and True Parents dislike the most is sexual sin
b.      "I absolutely won't look, won't touch and won't eat"
c.       Sexual matters are poisonous, something that kills us.
d.      Don't forget that before eating the fruit, Satan will strongly influence you, making you want to see the opposite sex like crazy. But, after falling, your heart will ache like crazy due to guilty conscience.
e.      Absolutely don't be together in pairs of male and female in the same room.
f.       The part (sexual organ) where you act in a non-principled way becomes extremely wicked.
g.      To eat the fruit is something that Satan does.
h.      Before receiving the Blessing you must watch your behavior.
i.       Don't watch lewd videos, read lewd books or comics, visit lewd internet sites, visit video rooms, listen to lewd music, go to lewd movies, etc.
j.       Be sure to put sexual matters in correct order.
k.      Let's dress properly and neatly.

III.            Get rid of fallen nature

a.     Let's please God by leading a life of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.
b.     Let's discard our fallen nature of hatred, envy, jealousy, pride, greed, impetuosity, falsehood and deception. Satan loves fallen nature.

IV.            Don't injure the hearts of others

a.     Don't hurt your friends by speaking carelessly about them.
b.     Use language of goodness, love, support and sweetness.
c.      It is Satan's way of thinking that it is not our fault but somebody else's responsibility alone.
d.     Before saying something, think first from the other person's point of view.

V.              Fear public money

a.     Consider tithes to be public money.
b.    Anybody that misuses public money will receive heavenly punishment.
c.     To use God's money as your own personal money is the same thing as taking poison.
d.    Be aware that you can't pay any money back in the spirit world. Your descendants must do it in your place.
e.     True Father said that if we misuse public money, our children will become ill and suffer.

VI.            Don't smoke and don't drink

a.     Your body is God's temple. You absolutely must not defile your body by using alcohol  and cigarettes.
b.     If you drink or smoke, Satan is with you. Alcohol and cigarettes are absolutely forbidden.
c.      If you drink and smoke, you end up living under the control of evil spirits.
d.     If you gamble, your fallen nature becomes stronger.

VII.          Lead a life of worship

a.     God is happy when you remember to greet Him politely whenever you leave your house and return.
b.     You need to lead a life of unity with God. You need a life of sharing with God at all times, and a life of reporting "God, I am doing this and that here and there".

VIII.        Attend our church services

a.     Sunday is God's day.
b.     Lead a life of attending our church services without fail.
c.      Lead a life of faith of becoming one with God and True Parents.
d.     Understand that your church leader is a representative of God and True Parents.

Attitude of the 2nd Gen toward Life ' the importance of Earthly Life

God created Adam and Eve and all things and said that it was good. They are good because He created them as objects of joy and love. However, by falling, Adam and Eve lost the realm of God's direct dominion and the position of being able to love all things of the creation.

We need to understand that the way of faith is to make our body surrender to our mind by subjugating our body so that we can act according to our mind's desire. The life of our physical self is very short. Therefore, within that limited time, we have to live always thinking of what kind of merit we should accumulate in front of God and True Parents.

We need to know that the world we live in is not a world where the physical world and the spirit world are separate, but a world where the two worlds are one. We have to grow a beautiful spirit body during our earthly life. After passing into the spirit world, we live eternally within the love of God and True Parents. Thus, our goal is to live our earthly life beautiful in order to be ready to go to the eternal world.

After our nine-month growing period in our mother's womb, we are born on this earth and given substantial form through God's love and the love of parents. Your spirit body grows through earthly life striving to attain oneness with God by becoming one with True Parents. Our spirit body becomes good and later goes to live in heaven in the spirit world. If we live centered on Satan, we go as an evil spirit to live in a dark area of the spirit world. The whole content of our earthly life is recorded as on a videotape. We are given marks based on our life's deeds. When we pass away, we go to a level in the spirit world that reflects the merits we have received in our earthly life.

Among the many levels, the place where our Blessed Families are meant to dwell is the most beautiful. How regretful it would be if a Blessed Family isn't able to live according to the Principle and ends up going to another area of the spirit world. Second Gen need to know how precious and beautiful our physical self is. Because our physical self is a beautiful temple in which God can dwell, we have to live realizing that our physical life is a priceless treasure.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a beautiful place. People who say they will go there and live an unprincipled life on earth err in thinking that they will go there. It is wrong, greedy and fallen to want to go to heaven after living a dirty and evil life. However, after living a life of goodness, it is not greedy to want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven because that is what God wants.

If we lead a life of goodness, our spirit bodies grow to become good. But, if we adopt evil, our spirit bodies become evil. Because we do both good and evil deeds, and live this way without a center, our spiritual bodies become neither good nor evil and we can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, in order to go to heaven, we have to struggle to lead a life of goodness. If you feel you had not go to a certain place or do a certain thing, you really must not. Furthermore, when a friend wants to go with you somewhere, pray to God first, saying "God! Is it ok for me to go there?" After your prayer, if you come to think that it is against your conscience and against the Principle, you must not go.

Develop the habit of doing everything with God. Become accustomed to being with God before we go to the spirit world. Believe that God dwells on your right and Satan dwells of your left side.

Become one with one another as 2nd Gen. You have to live thinking of God and True Parents from now on. Furthermore, you have to make a clear distinction between yourselves and secular youngsters and live separately from them. Your appearance should be better than theirs and your mind more cheerful.

We have to live centered on goodness. By praying everyday to God and True Parents and by acting not as our body directs, but as our conscience directs. God and True Parents always want to be right beside us.

Lead a life of attendance to True Parents. They have taught us God's will, love and heart through numerous speeches and the Principle. Therefore, you have to know that it is absolute life and our path to lead a life of real attendance to True Parents who have come as the lord and a life of pursuing the Principle and goodness.

In our homes we attend True Parents picture. That means that God and T.P. dwell with us in our homes. God and T.P. always dwell spiritually in our homes and right beside us if we avoid our fallen nature by living centered on the word and the Principle given by True Parents. Only then will God and True Parents come to dwell beside us and we will become a true family that can go to heaven, our original homeland and original world.

Hoon Mo Nim