The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Dae Mo Nim in Chung Pyung

Dae Mo Nim
April 18, 2005
Unofficial notes by Barbara Stacey

When I talked with True Parents (in America) the only thing on their mind is how they can make us happy, help us, and clean our sins. How can they take us to the Kingdom of Heaven? This is Their focus whenever They talk with me. So I talked about the reality of the spiritual world and physical world. After They had left I was sitting there alone thinking how lucky we are! But again, we have to go the way of filial piety, the way of saints and sages.

Once I asked a person in the spirit world: "Have you known about the spirit world when you lived on the earth? ; "I didn't know!" was the answer. "You are living like this here, did you know this?. He said - "I did not know at all!"

Nobody has ever thought about how they would live in the spirit world after they die. Do YOU think when and where you would be or live and what you should in the spirit world? Especially in daily life, at work, and in the society? Actually, we are not thinking what we should be doing.

I asked an elderly lady:" Do you accept the fact that you are here?" "No! I did this and this and that. I can't understand why I am here." I explained to her and showed her the content of her life in order to resolve her resentment, even though she was not a member. She and her neighbour were both poor. One day this woman made some porridge and shared it with her neighbour. She was so proud of herself, thinking "I've done something good for others". I asked her: " Grandma; when you gave the porridge to the person next door was it because she was hungry or did you give it thinking how you were going to brag about it? She realized that when she was giving it she thought about her own pride not caring about the neighbour. She wanted to be proud of herself. In reality it is greed. She thought that she would be able to brag about giving things away. I said to her: "It was not your love. I saw that it was more to do with your greed (selfishness?)". She was shocked because she never thought about that.

In your daily life you may think that you live such and such lifestyle, I do this and that in the church and you may say that you do many things well; that you are good. But we have to think how we have been living in our families - Do I genuinely express sacrificial heart, do I have the heart of a Mother or Father? What is our motivation when we do things for the society sacrificing ourselves for others? Is it greed (selfishness?). When we give unconditionally then we truly experience joy. If you do things with sacrificial heart you feel happy. But if you do things for others thinking that you will get something in return then it is hard. I experienced it myself. We must understand this. Think of all the things you do - what do you do with genuine, sacrificial heart for others?

Who is creating happiness? - Myself. Some people have a thousand dollars and feel rich. Others don't even care - a thousand dollars is nothing - they need a million dollars to be happy. Someone confessed to me (She was mediating the spirit world.) that she started this work with a prayer that she needed a house in order to do a good job. "I'll attend you and will work hard for you if I get a house" So one day she got a house but felt it was not enough to have just a house. She needed a big income to be able to attend God. She prayed again:" In order for me to focus on helping all the people who come asking me for my service, I need a building (to work in) so that I do not have to worry about every day living. God is a God of love and gave her the building to make her happy. She came to God in prayer again: Oh, God, you gave me the house and the building. But I feel that it is not enough. Please, Heavenly Father, make my husband get a job and make my children do well at school. At the moment I pay so much attention to them that I cannot focus on my work for You!" And what happened? Was her payer from a happy or unhappy heart? She was praying with the feeling of lack of fulfilment. Did God listen? No, no more. Once or twice was O.K. A third and fourth time it became a habit to ask. God knew that this person would just take it for granted and will ask for more as a habit. So God took away the house and the building from her - she had lost them completely and cannot do the work anymore. She shared her experience with me as Chung Pyung providence started and she asked me to forgive her mistake and pray for her.

Some people are happy even though they do not have a house. Others own buildings and have everything they need but are not satisfied, still wish to have more - never ending greed. Blessed wives be grateful for what you have at this point. We should have a grateful heart, this attitude is very important.

Some people blame their ancestors if something goes wrong. Someone told me he had so many problems in his family and asked me if his ancestors had done something wrong. Yes, there was something wrong with the ancestors but also with his own life. We should think of our own lives sometimes. This is what I told him: "Have you worked really hard or have you been careless? Have you thought that you are the only one who is important?" This man said, "Yes, it is my way of thinking. Someone said I would make a lot of money so I borrowed a lot of money and invested and soon lost it all. I did the same thing again - borrowed, invested and lost it." And he is blaming his ancestors for that. Was it the ancestors' greed or should he rather have checked carefully if his business was going to be prosperous or not? He did not check if the papers were OK; did not even get any receipts! And now he is not thinking of his own mistakes but just blaming his ancestors.

Know your own mistake s, your children's mistakes. Think: What am I? What am I living for? The lives of those who want to know their present mistakes are the best people.

Blessed wives, when you have some troubles in your family, don't blame everybody else: ancestors, husband, and children. No! First you have to look at yourselves. The same applies to husbands. Let's look at ourselves first, before we blame everybody else.

Look at yourselves; do not blame your family. In relationship of husband and wife - husband cannot take off the sins of his wife. The same applies to a wife. You are asked to look at yourself, focus on yourself during this time - check where you stand, where the things are now. And we should be grateful for everything.

Someone has told me about her husband who is in business that involves many, many people coming to their home. The wife complains wishing she would not have to cook for all those people. She continuously complains - it's too much for me. One day she got arthritis in both hands and could not work anymore. She was not able to move her hands, could not cook at all. She came to me saying: "It was actually good when I was able to cook for all those guests. I was happier then. Now I can't do anything, other people wash me and help me get dressed; I feel so uncomfortable." I said to her: "You can still find happiness in the present situation. You cannot do external things but what would you do if you got a cancer? Or a bad stomach? If you had to lie down and do nothing at all? Please work on self-development and be grateful. I explained to her what she could do.

(Blessed wives) Find happiness in every situation. Do not blame. Do not look at the past. You should be happy with what you have - this is happiness. Do you understand? Those who are unhappy - you are creating your own unhappiness.

I am grateful for my work here. I talked to Father and he said: "You are a miserable person because you don't have your own personal life at all, and you have to work to save spiritual world." I said: "The most miserable is Dae Mo Nim. Father - I am happy." "Why?" - asked Father. "I am happy - I said - Everyone else is blind but I can see. I can pull out the evil spirits I know how I can change the evil spirit to be absolutely good. So I am happy." Father said: "If you think like this you will be blessed."

So as I work here I am grateful that I am able to do this. Yesterday I called all the Japanese women who live in Korea. Why? Because I can see that I can help resolve their problems. They came trusting me. I can help them because they trust me. I am able to remove more evil spirits, which they are not able to see. I gave them grains (of soya beans). God told me that if you take them for one year you would get healthy. You can continuously multiply them and eat for one year, and your health will improve. This was blessing from God.

You yourself create your own happiness and also your own misery. The most important is to be grateful for everything. Satan and evil spirits like fallen natures most: jealousy, complaints. What Satan hates most is when people have a grateful heart and love. So we have to have a grateful loving heart and unite. Then Satan can't come near and evil spirits can't attack us

Some members make a lot of conditions. When people look at them they see their devoted heart. But when I looked at one person who did a lot of conditions I was not convinced that this person had a great faith. Even a person does fasting conditions, bowing and praying all night but if during the day this person complains, is selfish and arrogant, cannot communicate with others - this is greed (selfishness). It is no good if everyday life is filled with complaint. Such a person is not a person of great faith because such a person has no heart of gratitude.

We should make a lot of conditions, every day, even when we do dishes think why you are doing this job. Or think every day what you can do for your family. Think - what should I do for Heavenly Father?

During the workshop time you must really report, communicate with God, not with other people. You can't trust that someone telling you something sweet will not change to be totally the opposite way. I am not saying that you need to distance yourself from other people. Your relationships with others should be centred on love, relate to the others with the heart of gratitude. But when you have a complaint share it with God and absolute good spirits - you can do it in the prayer hall. I would talk to God: "Heavenly Father, you know this and that". But when I go outdoors I smile. I am the happiest person when I share my heart with God and True Parents. God knows my heart and tells me: ""I'll help you, I know your heart." But when I have difficult feelings and talk to other people about them, they don't understand and I might share with people who might be changeable and turn untrustworthy. When you tell God, then you can be sure He's leading you absolutely correct way, and True Parents comfort me and love me. They blessed me and they fill me up with love - "You trust me - I will have to help you". This is our Heavenly Father and True Parents. In the period of restoration it is love that changes one's heart and this is how the providence of restoration can go on. When we live with jealousy, complaining, with arrogant mind - then the providence of restoration cannot go on.

Have you repented in the prayer hall? Last night I was checking how long you were going to stay there. Some fell asleep there, some were doing bows, some were crying and crying, reporting about their family situation; some just went to sleep and did not even come to pray. Personally I do not worry how many hours of sleep I get. What is important for me is how much I can clear the way for my descendants. I cannot sleep very well.

When I went to America I called a few people and told them: "You may think you end your life as you die. But everything you experienced goes down to your descendants. Those who love their children most are the ones living with grateful heart and determination to clean up their sins so that (the sins) are not inherited by their descendants. These are the happiest people - those who love and do goodness - not the ones with money or fame.

I met a person whom I told to come to 40 days a year ago. I saw that there was something wrong with that person since the time she was in her mother's womb, there was something wrong spiritually. Her mother said: " I knew about it before she was born; it became embarrassing when she got to the middle school age. That girl needs to clean and clean herself spiritually in Chung Pyung. If she has the determination to leave the legacy of goodness then she is a wise person.

I am so grateful, so happy that we have this place. We have Chongshim - the place to go to talk to God. Recently I have visited one of the Buddhist temples. It was time before Buddha's birthday - lines of special lamps and people praying as I stood there. When coming out of that temple I asked one person: Why have you been praying like that? And what for? - "Because I have problems in my family" - she said. She had to pray for a 100 days and that was her 50th day. I asked if it worked and she replied:" I believe that Buddha will do for me what I pray for". However, no matter how people may pray there is no power to help them to be good. You need absolute good spirits to help you - miracles do not occur. This is the present situation of the spirit world. We should be grateful to have a place like this.

We are here to clean up our mind and our body. Hoon Dok Hae is not the time to let fly by. You should catch every word - it is your spiritual food! A person who was a famous lecturer and is now in the spirit world told me (when I asked him about Divine Principle) - "I am in this situation here because the words I received did not become my flesh and bone. Hoon Dok Hae (God's word) has to be embodied - take it seriously and connect to it in your daily life".

We need to change during this workshop - become the ones who attend God and True Parents. God goes to those with whom He can communicate, to families He can communicate with. We should become a person/family God can come to. We have some beautiful flowers here. Do you like that? The azaleas will soon be in bloom. There is n o other place that has planted so many azaleas. The people who sell them are even going to come to see them because they wonder. "What kind of place is that?" I told them that I am building/creating the perfected Garden of Eden. From next year I want to have an azalea festival each year. The path up to the Original Palace will have a lot of plants. I will plant a lot of azaleas so that people will come to take some pictures with the flowers in the background and they'll be able to see the Original Palace, the Graduate school (of Theology), high and middle schools, the youth centre. And I will do the wish paper ceremony all the time.

I know you have difficulties. I am determined to help you resolve your problems. I am working with absolute good spirits, educating them every day. I teach them how to help you resolve your problems. Please understand that you CAN communicate with God, please report to God and have gratitude towards God and True Parents everywhere here - at the Holy Song sessions, in the prayer hall, at the Holy Ground. Be careful what you say. It is not good to talk too much. Be more with yourself and say good things. You don't need to talk and talk to people - it is better to go and clean the bathroom. Picking up dirt (cleaning) helps you more than sitting around and chatting. Write letters to other people to encourage them to come here. I will come to talk to you whenever I can and I hope to see you more. I want you to feel loved by God and True Parents.

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