The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Value of the Prayer-Wish Papers for the Special Purification Offering"-Dae Mo Nim's words at the 678th 2-day workshop

Dae Mo Nim
November 14, 2004

The Value of the Prayer-Wish Papers for the Special Purification Offering

- According to the instructions of True Parents, the Special Purification Offering was held four times during the months of September and October, under the guidance of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. After the successful conclusion of the first Special Purification Offering on September 15th, Dae Mo Nim explained the significance of the prayer-wish papers for the "Special Purification Offering for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune" to the participants of the 678th 2-day workshop on September 23rd.-

True Father came to Chung Pyung on July 28th and said, "Conduct the Special Purification Offerings and let people write prayer-wish papers." The prayer-wish papers we had written for the Special Wish Prayer Gatherings from late March to late May were to comfort our ancestors. In particular, those members who had not had a chance to take part in the liberation of their ancestors could finally comfort their ancestors through the prayer-wish papers. So this time, when True Parents had instructed us, "Conduct the Special Purification Offerings and let people write prayer-wish papers," at first I thought it strange that True Parents would tell us to do this again, when it was enough for the members to come to Chung Pyung and to participate in ancestor liberation and blessing ceremonies.

However, the prayer-wish papers for the Special Purification Offering was the answer to what I had been worrying about and had been researching over the past years. For years I had been concerned about the fact that, though the members worked hard to separate the evil spirits from their bodies, there were some cases where it took a very long time for their problems to be resolved. This is because their ancestors had committed so many sins, to such an extent that it would be impossible to remove the spirits quickly. In order to solve this problem, the member in question has to set many conditions of devotion, such as fasting, prayer vigils, bowing, and so on.

For example, if this hand hurts, you must set a condition to make this hand better. However, there is not one member who can set a condition one hundred percent, without a single particle of worldly thought in it. If the member is carrying out a seven-day fast as the condition, he has to be ready to think of nothing else, even for a minute or a second, except solving this problem. However, a part of the member is constantly thinking, "Oh, Iím so hungry. Once this fast is over, Iíll eat to my heartís content." If you fast with such thoughts in your minds and hearts, it cannot be called devotion. And when you are doing late-night prayers, you must put your heart and soul into it, connected in heart with Godís heart; so if you doze for even a second, it cannot be called offering devotion. It is the same for offering bows. Out of the devotions you have offered to God, those that can actually be received by God are such a small part of the whole, and that is why it takes years to fully offer ones heart and devotion to God. So whenever I meet members, I tell them, "While separate the evil spirits from your bodies, you must also offer acts of devotion as well."

When True Parents said, "let people write prayer-wish papers," their words were meant for those members who have trouble setting conditions such as late-night prayers, bows, and fasts. One prayer-wish paper would take care of this many problems, two would solve twice that much, and three would solve even moreÖ Since it is difficult to solve all problems with just one prayer-wish paper, True Parents instructed us, "Let them write as many as is needed, until all problems are solved."

For instance, there are spirits in us that cause mental illnesses. One such spirit, who had been wronged by someone while alive, lived inside that someoneís descendent for eighty years and made him suffer from mental illnesses for eighty years, finally killing him. When you calculate the duration of time that this single spirit made him suffer, you can see that it is a lot. The context of how the spirit made the descendent suffer is bundled into blocks, one hour of suffering forming a single block, and these hours forming one month, and these blocks forming a year, and so on and so forth. These blocks are stuck together like a concrete wall. The prayer-wish papers are for opening that concrete wall and for cleansing all the spiritual problems and fallen nature. When you write one prayer-wish paper, one of these walls can be opened, and when you write another one another wall can be opened. In this way, the prayer-wish papers will solve all the problems in the history of the ancestors who are residing in us. In other words, the prayer-wish papers will open up and get rid of all bad elements that are in our bodies. Therefore, it follows that the prayer-wish papers are not just for one person alone, but also for the personís family as well.

The need to have absolute faith

When the members wrote the prayer-wish papers for the Special Wish Prayer Gatherings that were held from late March to late May, the result was truly tremendous. The spirit world and the physical world were united in the belief that everything will turn out right, and the result reflected their beliefs. However, the second time you were asked to write the papers, you said, "What? We have to do it again? Why?" and so it ended in failure. The prayer-wish papers can only work when the spirit world works in accord with the physical world, but that did not happen. As a result, not only the members but also the absolute good spirit world centered on God and True Parents suffered damages. That is why all of us need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Nothing can come right if you interpret everything according to your ideas and try to take the direction that you think is right.

The 200 billion absolute good spirits expressed their regret that they could have done so much more during the Special Wish Prayer Gatherings if the spirit world and the physical world had united into one. So on September 15th, at the holy song session held in Hokkaido, Japan, many spiritual miracles were performed to show the members that it was genuine. Whenever a spiritual miracle is wrought, God allows at least one person to witness it, and this time a church leader captured it on his digital camera phone.

We must all become members who can create a world of absolute goodness by separating as many evil spirits from our bodies as possible. When we do so, the evil spirits in our bodies part from us and we will no longer suffer from diseases, pain and agony. And God, along with heavenly fortune, will be able to reside in us and we can reside in God.

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