The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Original Palace for the Attendance of True Parents

Dae Mo Nim
February 8, 2004

(Dae Mo Nim spoke about the Original Palace during the speech she gave on February 8th 2004, saying that the time had come for us, as True Parents' children, to offer our devotion to God.)

When True Parents are enthroned as the king of kings at the Original Palace, they will then be able to stand together with God.

I have received letters from some of the members who have asked me, "Why are you building the palace on a difficult site?" There is some truth in this remark. But the site we are building on is connected to the Kingdom of Heaven. Past the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven are the world of nature and then the palace of heaven. True Parents are present in this palace. The site for the Original Palace is connected in a straight line to where True Parents are. That is why we are building the palace there. Once the Original Palace is built, God and True Parents will be able to go from the spirit world to the physical world, and vice versa, every day. This means that they will be able to bestow greater blessings upon us. As it is, God and True Parents are already preparing the blessings they are going give us once the construction of the Original Palace is completed.

That is why we should all try to perfect ourselves as much as possible before True God's Day of the year 2006. On the day True Parents enter the Original Palace, we should be ready to show ourselves in front of God and True Parents. On the day of God's and True Parents' entry into the Original Palace, we should be able to show ourselves completely, and not cower away and hide ourselves from their gaze because of the sins we have committed. There isn't much time left.

Even a few days ago, True Father reminded me, "We should enter the Original Palace by True God's day of 2006, no matter what it takes." And I answered him, "It will be as you say." (Applause)

The time for us to offer our devotion

That is why I am devoting myself, heart and soul, to make sure that the palace is put down in history though the conditions I have to fulfill are not easy. It is in fact very difficult, but I'm doing everything I can to make sure that the Original Palace will make our future generations, indeed all humanity, proud.

We are also preparing to engrave on the building all the names of the brothers and sisters who have helped with the construction in any way. That is why all of us, both in the spirit world and the physical world should put our hearts and our devotion together to construct the Original Palace for God and True Parents. We must offer many acts of devotion with utmost sincerity.

Since we are carrying out these works together with the absolute, good world, I convey this content to you with confidence. My fellow members! At this time we should all become the children of God and True Parents who can show true patriotism, filial piety, and complete devotion to True Parents.

Thus I hope that we will all lead better lives, so that we put True Parents' minds at ease while they are still here on earth.

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